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Are they friends?

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I hate the shit out of you and wish you misery, but I also can't live without you. What the fuck kind of sick relationship is this?

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...and where do you think YOU'RE going?

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Featuring tapioca Lull

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So probably pillar meeting next week

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I love Giyuu!

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Aparently there will be another special broadcast before the anime (August 30th). So there will reveal each pillar seiyuu.

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Why does modern anime feels lifeless and sick especially shounen ? The only thing that appeals to many NEETS and pseudo fags is just moes, waifu faggotry, fanservice, over realistic animation, isekai garbage and self insert protagonists while calling old anime with much better stories, much more well developed characters, well designed animations, and much better protagnists garbage, you need to stop watching modern crap and actually watch well written old shows and actually appreciate it instead of bawwwing over moetrash, isekai trash or shounen trash

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Too many anime that rely on fanservice rather than anything else, which is why you have the seasonal waifu shit that is forgotten after two-three months.
and then there's the isekai shit which is just typical D&D shit. I don't remember any isekai that did an actually original setting since Digimon

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Who cares as long as it's entertaining. And being simple and shorter makes it easier to follow several series on weekly basis.

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She sold out Kawamatsu, didn't she?
What is she planning?

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Hiyori and Kyoshiro are scheming to take over Wano.

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Do you know what a Calendar is, Anon?

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Everyone lived in the sky and space before the void century

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When's S3 coming?

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S2 was a bust.

S3 never.

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Can I say something amazing?

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did yamai really manipulate Waseda into giving her sweets for a worthless rock?

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Why not?

It's super amazing

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Shit-tier girl is shit-tier.

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only if it's about poop

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No need to say anything amazing. Baka by herself fulfills that role. She just exudes big dick energy.

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He will reign this Fall.

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Confirmed, these two are the series endgame, say something nice about them.

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wow new record, 8 minute only 4 reply.

finally the party is over.

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How so? If anything this gives them even more power since they will have time to develop their quint. Fear the 5.

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Yeah no

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>Was the setting of making the heroines quintuplets decided since making the "name" ?
>Yes, for haruba sensei the thought of making the protagonist meet his first love in the past but if the girl was a quintuplet the protagonist won't recognize which girl he met was interesting and was probably his initial idea so romance with them was his best way of expressing this idea. The series was born in this way.

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45 are both metagirls you faggot.

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The only Fateshit worth a damm.

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They were so lovable.

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Can we agree that the antagonists in part 6 and 7 were not villains? They did literally nothing wrong. They had far better motives than the protagonists

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No he just wanted to overcome the sun that was all.

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>Pucci wanted to and almost did manipulate the universe

For the greater good

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Kars murdered pillar-lolis.

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For his own dick

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Self defense

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Why are lolibabas so beautiful?

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>Doesn't get punished for real
>Doesn't learn anything
>Gets a name change
Oh yeah, such karma

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Okay you just opened my eyes

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Sounds alright to me

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The most unrealistic thing in that anime is the fact that a loli virgin slave was the cheapest he had to offer

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She was also stripped from any and all succession rights and married off to a dude who literally fucks his wives to death

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The slave shop owner is an associate of the queen and he just assumed Raphtalia wasn't a virgin.

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Who is your favorite vampire and why is it Shinobu?

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She comes in many sizes

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Thats Lady Yupiel to you

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That's not DIO

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30 minutes until episode 7. The actual LN content starts here,

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Why wasn't Kairi and Mordred the MCs of Apocrypha?

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Two men are each other's best friend and don't realize it. One hears the other trying to impress a female and gets upset over it. This leads to a fight and the two part ways, because neither of them know how to manage or discuss their emotions. This separation leads to the Eclipse and has world-altering consequences.

Is Berserk just a story about toxic masculinity?

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no it's a story about causality and fighting fate, fuck off

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No, it's "hell hath no fury like a homo scorned".

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Learn the difference.

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But neither of them are smart.

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Building a mcguffin isn't the same as being smart. I guess Hakase from Nichijou is a smart character because she's capable of building Nano despite being a bratty child.

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>Steins Gate is literally rick and morty-tier "character is smart just because the show says they're smart despite them not doing anything smart" shit
Imagine saying this while being a stonefag

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Anime of the thinking man.

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Posting this pasta because it's relevant
Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men is a smartly written smart character. When Chigurh kills a hotel room full of three people he books to room next door so he can examine it, finding which walls he can shoot through, where the light switch is, what sort of cover is there etc. This is a smart thing to do because Chigurh is a smart person who is written by another smart person who understands how smart people think.
Were Sherlock Holmes to kill a hotel room full of three people. He'd enter using a secret door in the hotel that he read about in a book ten years ago. He'd throw peanuts at one guy causing him to go into anaphylactic shock, as he had deduced from a dartboard with a picture of George Washington carver on it pinned to the wall that the man had a severe peanut allergy. The second man would then kill himself just according to plan as Sherlock had earlier deduced that him and the first man were homosexual lovers who couldn't live without eachother due to a faint scent of penis on each man's breath and a slight dilation of their pupils whenever they looked at each other. As for the third man, why Sherlock doesn't kill him at all. The third man removes his sunglasses and wig to reveal he actually WAS Sherlock the entire time. But Sherlock just entered through the Secret door and killed two people, how can there be two of him? The first Sherlock removes his mask to reveal he's actually Moriarty attempting to frame Sherlock for two murders. Sherlock however anticipated this, the two dead men stand up, they're undercover police officers, it was all a ruse. "But Sherlock!" Moriarty cries "That police officer blew his own head off, look at it, there's skull fragments on the wall, how is he fine now? How did you fake that?". Sherlock just winks at the screen, the end.
This is retarded because Sherlock is a smart person written by a stupid person to whom smart people are indistinguishable from wizards.

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Why aren't there more stories about healing emotionally damaged lolis
Those first few episodes were actually decent

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people don't care about that

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What anime does /a/ put on in the background to keep things comfy?

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Lupin part 1.

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Don't believe any other anime.
The REAL secret to getting thin is to be a disgusting otaku who weebs out on your favorite stuff.

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Excuse you?

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This is Iris, Sister of the eighth Fire Force Brigade. Say something nice about her

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This is sister Hibana.

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Pleb status: Filtered

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And this is a dumb gorilla cyclops

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Cute dork.

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>Say something nice about her
Are you such a fucking drone, you can't start a thread without this years old flow chart meme?

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