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What do you do in this situation?

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I knew a retard like this on highschool, she pulled shit like that. I let it happen.

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File a lawsuit for sexual harrasement

>> No.192055491

there are definite turnoffs to sluts

>> No.192055756

more like the final fantasy summon hehehe

>> No.192055848

>pull my cock out
>proceed to Powerfuck her mouth and come with the force of a thousand suns

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Quoted By: >>192052983

>Hey what if Za Warudo had ten seconds of precognition?

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Quoted By: >>192052937

>While we are at it, no one can counteract what he does in his ten seconds of time stop

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>cept piano theme stands

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>Diavolo uses timeskip
>Spin in a circle with a sword
It's that simple. Turtle man almost killed him in a wheelchair. Every other time Diavolo timeskips, he goes right up to the person he attacks, but for some reason he kept his distance that one time.

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Quoted By: >>192054666

What manga are you reading at the moment /a/? I just started Tokyo Ghoul

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Quoted By: >>192054539

he means that he went into the doujin expecting one thing but was disappointing with what the actual product was

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They have cute butts though

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Quoted By: >>192056454

It had nothing other than them displaying their penos and vago to the classmates. Utter disappointments

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Really? I thought I remember them fucking...

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Let the series-war continue in the other thread.

Shigaraki's planning on killing himself eventually I tell you. It's the only thing left to do when destroying other stuff has finally satisfied him.

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>this entire thread
It doesn't take much to impress nu/a/ it seems.

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I'm still mad about one's justice. I want a MhA game made by cyberconnect2 or someone else who's competent.

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>way more cliche
cite 3 shonen manga where the mc's father is the big bad

>> No.192070548

>getting endgame powers after one month
Because that's how a good writer develops characters

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Quoted By: >>192069516

>Looks like a Neet
>Goes to college because she want to learn but doesn't like to be in college
>Only can talk with small kids
>Police thinks she's a creep
>Her friends know that she's a creep yet they encourage her

How many of you are like Mya-nee?

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literally me

>> No.192066891

she should move to the countryside and raise an army on a little farm.

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My wife

>> No.192069516

No one is based and chad as mya-nee though. Especially not permavirgin anon

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How the fuck are you supposed to differentiate people in his manga?

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You realise people were being ironic right?

>> No.192055765

Seek help.

>> No.192055944

I want to FUCK Zero-Two

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Since we’re still miserable, have this:

“Uh... why are you looking me that way, 02?”

“Your lips look a bit dried up. Would you like some moisture on them.”

(‘I’m not a Christmas decoration, you pesky demon!’ - papa)

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Terrible show.

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Goodnight /a/!

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based Nyaos.

>> No.192055097

goodnight kaos

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>Letting the cat sleep next to you on the bed
I swear, some people are just disgusting.

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Fuck off fool i've been researching and evaluating chemicals with formulas in my laboratory the whole week,last thing i need is a zoomer trying to tell me what to do.

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Black literally found Jesus, anon

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>have one of the most important tasks in the story
>be one of the main villain’s most trusted and competent henchman
>only get about 30 pages before you’re killed

>> No.192057469

Its a really fucking cool 30 pages though

>> No.192057888

Same for Mike but he doesn't look as cool
Honestly it's kinda OoC for Valentine to not bring AU Blackmore and Mike to keep an eye on The World Diego

>> No.192058974

If the Blackmore Section was twice as long, he'd be better. As is he has some stellar moments, but his development and plot feels rushed to say the least.

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I found it's harder for me to enjoy other series after watching/reading Attack on Titan. MHA, KnY, One Piece, just feel like too weak comparing to AoT, it is sad.

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>MHA, KnY, One Piece
Those shows are actually garbage for mentally handicapped folks anyways. Watch Claymore or something.

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Quoted By: >>192054281

That's because you named Shonen that is relatively aimed at younger audiences and targets mass appeal and huge profits. Try reading/watching less popular manga and anime, especially anything that's not in the shonen genre.

>> No.192054209
Quoted By: >>192054314

I’m sad for you

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Literally the greatest literary and cinematic works mankind has ever produced are shounen

Literally human history is shounen.
Its men doing things and it inspires the next generation.

>> No.192054314

>I’m sad
That's a given you gigantic faggot

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Quoted By: >>192052486

name 1 bigger jobber

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>> No.192052368


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Quoted By: >>192053346

(any) Lancer

>> No.192052486

Sadly, a Doggy

>> No.192053346

Fionn won the HGW in apocrypha
and was killed by a demon boar in FGO but that doesn't count

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I'm about 200 episodes into this series. When does the orange mc faggot finally sit down for a minute and try to figure things out? Seems like he's always going and rushing into everything.

>> No.192051992

Bleach is a "keep the fights back to back so no one pays attention to the background" sorta series

>> No.192052078

You are aware this is a shounen battle anime right?

>> No.192052389

unironically never and it just gets worse but i still love every bit of it

>> No.192052498

Sit down to figure what out? Be more especific

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Are you lost?

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Forehead never changes

>> No.192051801
Quoted By: >>192051920

made for ntr

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>> No.192052002

danbe is apparently Hokkaido slang for vagina/pussy

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It's so rare to see pretty nail designs in anime. Why is that?

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>> No.192053348
Quoted By: >>192056722

Because it's ugly and stupid

>> No.192053550

Most moe 4koma adaptations and other not-shoujo you see people talk about here rarely have actual girl talk regarding hair/makeup/nails since they're either written by or for dudes. Closest they get is dumb shit like accessories since they're obnoxious enough for autist writers to have actually noticed when they were actually in school

>> No.192053896

Because people need to eat, and each paint nail is 1 less meal for the animator.
Wrong and wrong.

>> No.192054900

Hard to animate

>> No.192056722

You're ugly and stupid.

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Time for some underwater activity. Let's go.

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>> No.192067854

There's never enough love for the lolis.

>> No.192067902

Such a shame the anime didn't include these early face faults...

>> No.192069392

Dumb shipper

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Quoted By: >>192069752

>suika makes her a matching fruit helmet
I need some loli bonding adventures one day.

>> No.192069752

But her hair already looks like a pumpkin

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Quoted By: >>192052792

>24/7 the show tried to make you belive she was gona lose
>At the last episode she wins the MC bowl AND the Mc is not even some beta faggot

If my waifu wasn't there I would have almost become weak for Inaba.

>> No.192051753

This show was a total piece of shit but it was extremely obvious that she would end up with the MC

>> No.192052792

>It's pity win
the main girl gives up the MCbowl so she win by default

File: 91KiB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou - 05.5 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.46_[2019.08.16_22.21.13].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>192052651

>it's a recap episode
For what reason?

>> No.192051446
Quoted By: >>192051690

The series is having production difficulty.

>> No.192051510


They should just quit and start again later. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN MERICA

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Quoted By: >>192053543

How could that be? It looks like a PS1 game.

>> No.192052651

They're so cheap they needed the animators to man the Arifureta booth at C96.

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That whole fucking episode

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Quoted By: >>192053936

Why is this so unique in a sea full of shit? Why can't the other LN hacks just be good writers like this guy

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>> No.192053936

Probably because he's married and can write an actual romance story with actual good characters instead of just dishing out generic incel wish-fullfillment harem isekai LN.

>> No.192054156
Quoted By: >>192054212

You can find em on Ebay dummy Its funny, there were actually some copies floating for super cheap in some Taobao boutique

>> No.192054212

And I mean were

>> No.192054432

Agreed I stopped reading it once I realised nothing was going to happen.

Who gives a shit about some faggoty bones and narwhal? Either have Holo stop being a spiteful cunt and help Lawrence crash more markets and make some gold or advance the plot where the characters have to actually state their feelings instead of being wishy washy 10 year olds.

>> No.192054467

Manga is better than the LNs. Prove me wrong.

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Quoted By: >>192051459

Why we like "all girls anime" that much?

>> No.192051459

Stop using asuka for shit thread making, ESL.

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Quoted By: >>192051677

Fuck it, i'll be the one to say it.

This is pretty blatant, no? A "unisex" multigender, with classic "mommy and daddy" problems? Really? You faggots will bitch about "muh representation", but IMO this is just a way to shoehorn muh gender equality into my animu and you can fuck right off with this trash.

Plenty of you faggots are totally ok with passable traps and transgenders, but is this really the path we're taking? Some traps / transitioning males are VERY attractive, but that's not the fucking point here.

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>> No.192051647 [DELETED]

INB4 Discord trannies bombard this thread with reports and faggotry.

>> No.192051677

it's a plot written by copy and pasting from various hollywood movies. what did you expect? of course hollywood """"kikery"""" is gonna shine through, even if only by accident, because the author is a fucking hack.

>> No.192051685

kill yourself poltard

>> No.192051909

Did they honestly think we'd all be in shock and awe at this revelation?

Do they not fucking know or realize there are thousands of examples of grey areas of sexuality in anime? no need to make it blatant and in our face and make it part of the fucking plot. Funny, the only normal kid on this survival escapade gets stuck with the tranny, as if to say that's the best any of you will ever get. The whole plot is full of cliches, left right and centre, basic anime tropes, hopeful "my friends will help me survive!" moments, and fine, that's par for the course but yeah
And I doubt anyone actually fucking cares, either, that's the funniest part. There guys, you got your representation, in a cliche "FRIENDSHIP / MURDER MYSTERY" survival anime.

>> No.192052133

The worst part is, is this anime is actually good. The stories are touching, and there are intense moments, but fuck that episode keeps making me reconsider any of the drama because its starting to seem fucking forced.

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>Can handle the arrow
>Operates Remotely
>Ability operates to both kill or give power
>Appearance resembles Silver Chariot Requiem
>Polpo was clearly experimenting with the arrow

Would close some questions in the canon and make for an interesting foreshadowing.

Also, can someone explain how GER wasnt activated in this panel?

>> No.192051289
File: 110KiB, 388x488, 1488566742161.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Also, can someone explain how GER wasnt activated in this panel?
different arrow

>> No.192051336

Polpo's arrow is different then the beetle arrow. That's the only one that's shown to induce requiem.
Hope this helps speed-kun

>> No.192053210
Quoted By: >>192055720

Well Black Sabbath could manipulate souls like a Requiem would, but that'd a weakass Requiem if that was the case

>> No.192053447

Did Polnareff's arrow have the Requiem power exclusively? If so, then do the arrows hold a will of their wielder, similar to a Stand?

>> No.192055720

How does GER manipulate souls, I've never understood that. His power just resets shit to "zero"

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Quoted By: >>192054898

When will this hack do more chapters?

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>> No.192053029
Quoted By: >>192056930

Huntercucks will defend this lmao

>> No.192053082
File: 2MiB, 1440x1080, CCSTomoyoTop2.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Maybe next year, hunterchads

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>> No.192056707

>hot wife

>> No.192056930

>words = bad

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