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that's the only one that I don't know how to get to

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Maybe Vegapunk did reasearch on it initially, and then refused once he realized the shady shit he’d have to do, giving Caesar an in because the WG didn’t want Vegapunk steaming.

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I absolutely cannot wait until this doesn't happen and CHADoei CHADniCHADtion's CHADnon CHADnime CHADsigns of the CHADdrats show up. I await your tears with childlike eagerness.

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buy them lady condoms

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I want shows like this but I don't know how to describe or find them. I am pretty sick of the directionless SoL or endless adventure pseudo fantasy we get every season

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And she was never heard from again

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>getting endgame powers after one month
Because that's how a good writer develops characters

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Support my waifu at the TI!

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harmless posts are somehow worst than two literal autist calling everything in thread EH shit?
Its literally obession at this point

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>one of their members literally looks like a delinquent Vivio
I guess she looks like Vivio of that one porn artist, but actually doesn't look bad.

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I want to slap shinji’s ass

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She looks like she has hairy legs in the thumbnail.

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Unless the drag out the part where Tanjirou got kick around by kanao or something i find it hard to believe that nex tep wont end at the pillar meeting

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You don't get to see the delicious brown in the manga

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How about this for a bad ending for an AGK! VN?
>Esdeath captures Mine and Tatsumi and puts them into the forced sex champer/bedroom.
>Sometimes Esdese have sex with Tats while forcing Mine to watch
>Sometimes Esdese will give herself a ice dick to have sex with Mine with while forcing Tatsumi to watch
>Sometimes Esdese forcing Tatsumi and Mine to have vaginal sex 24/7 especially when Esdese is not around to fuck tatsumi
>Sometimes Esdese fucks them both at the same time while also making them have sex
>She gives them both a drug to make them addict to sex with each other
>Esdese implants her own eggs into mine's womb so Mine is force to be pregnant with Esdese's children just so Esdese's can keep fighting
>Esdese implants her eggs into Mine even when Mine is pregnant with Tatsumi's kids
>Esdese still forces Tatsumi and Mine to have vaginal sex 24/7 even while Mine is pregnant no matter how far along she is
>Even when Mine goes into labor She still forces Mine and Tatsumi to have vaginal pregnancy sex to prolong labor and pregnancy for 5 months longer until Mine is moments from giving birth and unable to hold the babies in anymore then Esdese fucks Tatsumi in front of Mine as she gives birth
>if any of Esdese eggs get fertilized she just puts them into Mine.
>because of this there is never a time were Mine was not pregnant
>This Mine continues to be impregnated until both Esdeath and Mine runs out of eggs.

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Why wasn't Kairi and Mordred the MCs of Apocrypha?

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come on, brother. this was in the collage

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I want to punch her tits for some reason.

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