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There's a thread for handsome/masculine looking girls over on /c/ so I thought why not a thread for pretty feminine boys here?

bonus if crossdressing

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>implying Griffith = #1 manwhore

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Once you go Falcon bareback, you never go back.

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>tfw berserk ends with beast!guts barebacking Griffith to death
>princess Charlotte is informed her husbando is dead bc a beast humped him to death

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>a fellow saint seiyafag
What a strange find

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Hey guys im a young gay man looking for a serious relationship please contact me on 07936758146

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Why is he insanely cute and hot?

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Love how Trixie hugs him. She's so happy

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He is ugly af

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I find them attractive

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thread was started 7 days ago but i'll help him out

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Continued from: >>3488169

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If only it had cloud getting double penetrated by zack and sephiroth with sora and riku joining in

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New thread: >>3522987

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Is this the bara ideal? A mentally challenged muscle mech?

Big Hero 6 thread I guess

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5-6 images to start the thread

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post 5 - 6 images to start the thread OP

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What do you guys think, cute or total frog

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hello anons! Holidays are coming :)
post your favorite boy and tell me how you're doing

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read the sticky, retard

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Hi Yato anon! Happy to see you again and still having that kind thoughtfulness for others. I'm doing alright I guess. Just graduated from a program last week and I really missed working there. Now I'm adjusting at home and seriously need to get my driver's license even though I'm still struggling to pass the permit test for the last few years. Must focus on that before taking on another job. I just don't want to be a nuisance to my family for taking me to places or not bringing any income home. Being 22 I feel really stupid and embarrassed for still not driving and having no license while most people I know already have especially my younger sibling. On a nicer side note, I got into the Yakuza series some time ago and I really really love Majima.

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Previous Thread: >>3501451

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Can you link it? I can't find it

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Don't bump the old thread, faggot.

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Anyone know when the new

> " Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 theatrical masterpiece "
is being released ?
[ let's be fair : it's long overdue ]

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Old thread got wiped.
The one before that was >>3502205

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It's cute and I need to know though.

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I know it is

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Stop bumping dead threads, you subhuman mongrels.

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Let's enjoy the road to S2 and celebrate the best boys.

Previous thread: >>3494834

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I didn't know this was a thing until today

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What pics would you chose on your wall-calendar? One month = one pic.


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I forgot the name of the manga where the protagonists are: a policeman whos obsessed with a specific type of male underwear, who also loves cats, has a sister and a well built body. And the other protagonist is a dancer who also makes masks and tea, looks like a twink, has a twin whos also an assasin like him. And hes involved in a series of murders/mysteries they both solve. Aside from the group of assasins who are searching for him/his body.

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After 2020 cleaning off is a good idea...

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Found it, adekan
Febrary since spring brings flowers

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July cause hot.

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Post pictures of boys from any Yoko Taro's videogame(like the Drakengard series, Nier series and SinoAlice).

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>Admitting you're a minor in here.
Dude you just earned an ban.
Just how fucking retarded are you?

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Ever got diagnosed with a developmental disability by the way?
I would worry about that more if I were you.
See you in another year.

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I get diagnosed with 128 I.Q then I've any disability

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Do mods not ban underages anymore or...?

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It’s been a while.

And the fandom it’s quite coming alive again.

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Such language

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Happy new year

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Damn that's hotter than Diluc's ulti

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Post boys in traditional or historical clothing from around the world

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Frankish and Byzantine

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Cute Vtubers?

Junii Hejjiko

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Quoted By: >>3505229

kagami kira

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?? ? / Fuwa Minato

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Quoted By: >>3505234

there is already one thread for vtubers


>> No.3505234

ah thanks, I tried (f) searching for a bit but could find it.

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general thread for all KoF boys
Send em

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Quoted By: >>3525180

It's out. They went out of their way to backtrack from Kyo's XIV design, which I don't think anyone liked.

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zero risks this time around, i see

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I thought about just posting in the kemonomimi thread but figured why not try making a new one. There's plenty of male characters to go along with the harem of girls, especially in the newer games.

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Not sure what you're implying, the character is canonically male. Apparently the brown shota from the mobage could theoretically be a reverse trap instead but that's the only question mark

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Quoted By: >>3505008

What's the most cliché BL manga you can think of, /cm/?

(and also general recommendation thread, but keep it Japanese, please.)

>> No.3505008

There's a general BL thread on /y/ go there if you wanna be a beggar.

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cute mallys here

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kot Edition is kot

Previous: >>3502205

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The render was way too realistic.

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1-1-0-9 sounds kind of like "good regu" in Japanese. A bit of a stretch but it works.
I think allowing any 3d stuff at all is seen by the mods as a kind of slippery slope. A shame because it was just a game trailer clip and that anon was probably just fishing for 2d art such as >>3505555

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