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helloween enema team

how r u bones rustlin tonite?


ur friendly skeleton

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Token : MASK (BSC)
Website: https://anonymousmask.finance
Contract : 0x9FaF937bB5C46952bb8395cb2A837cb49422528d
Telegram : https://t.me/AnonymousMaskFinance

AnonymousMask.Finance is the first mineable anonymous mask NFT and a yield farming project on Binance Smart Chain.

The farming of MASK will be started on Oct 30th, 2 PM UTC.

Buy MASK: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x9faf937bb5c46952bb8395cb2a837cb49422528d&outputCurrency=0xbb4cdb9cbd36b01bd1cbaebf2de08d9173bc095c

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post cute FPA and galactic empire boys, i need more of them

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>muller and kesler completely absent in dnt

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>ketchup and mustard

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Previous: >>3462762

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DoS soon

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I gotta stop forgetting this exists

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Popmas is very cute, can't wait for it to come out and have all our boys in an actually good game.

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Previous thread >>3501545

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Shotas cannot be killed edition

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New thread is >>3505723
pls go easy on the jannies this time.

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Quoted By: >>3508915

>>3502655 : nice dubs ;

> " I miss cropfag.... " ;
Thanks for saying so ;
and, likewise, I miss coming here,
but I (mostly) can't be arsed wasting my time returning here (very often) if the Mods / Jannies
or moronic /cm/ regulars :

choose to arbitrarily delete my well considered (and meticulously composed) posts, for frivolous reasons, that DEFINITELY never infringed any Global (or /cm/ Board Specific) Rules

> " Let me guess, he'd crop the porn bits? " ;
No, I never did, nor did I ever post images ...
( with or without cropping )
... that could be deemed to be "pornographic" per se.

>>3502664 : lissenup; quote :
> "... he'd post images in a stupid way ..." ;

on the contrary, I never did that :
they always had an intellectually sound reason for being posted, as they were presented.

> "... like adding random asymmetrical transparent borders ... " ;
wrong :
the transparent borders were ALWAYS symmetrical, both horizontally & vertically,
in order to precisely centre the posted image within the maximum
(1920x1080) High Definition space
available in the
( vast majority of )
posts to 4chan(nel) image boards.

> "... He'd also respond to people in needlessly long paragraphs ..." ;
ludicrous - they were always composed in order to emphasise the ineptitude, of the individual they were responding to, with the optimal number of invidious alphanumeric characters
( including the mandatorily inserted & very irritating punctuation marks).

> "... in a retarded way that overused quotes ..." ;
wtf are you banging on about ?

Cropfag™ posts only ever used the
quotes, punctuation marks, & English vernacular that were necessary to hammer home the point that he was intending to make.

> "... He'd also bump old threads that were at the image limit. ..." ;
I guess ((you)) mean (something) like I'm doing now.

> "... Oh and he posted gifs that were like jumpscares " ;
Yes, indeed !
and maybe l'll post some more if the occasion merits the opportunity.


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nice deleted post

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Len is cute

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Now 50% scarier.
Previous Thread: >>3498918

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Post cute actor boys here!

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imagine paying for porn in 20 fucking 20

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Shaquille O'Neal has just confirmed he is in a relationship with inmate Joe Exotic. They have been keeping the relationship a secret until now.

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make this hot male anime dude. Give him nice face and big hands.

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Jujutsu Kaisen thread

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What about Sukuna/Megumi/Yuuji sandwitch?

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Shit taste.

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I'm honestly just a SukunaFag kek.

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Made a new thread with proper subject this time kek >>3507084

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The Doom Slayer is cute. Post the moody immortal demon grinder on legs.

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Quoted By: >>3502275

Previous thread >>3500609

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whats /cm/ thoughts on Christianity

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who cares

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Beautiful art and mythology pre second testamento. Lucifer best boy.

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Spooktober 3.0 Edition
Previous Thread: >>3497831

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Do they even do gay marriage in Japan?

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Nope, but Kaworu's nationality is unknown so depending on what it is it could still work. Well but if he doesn't have documents he can't legally get married, gay or not.

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New: >>3505769

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Quoted By: >>3501318

>> No.3501316


>> No.3501318

hes great but its high time to find new husbands

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post pictures of cute south park boys

previous thread: >>3496041

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>> No.3509422

new thread >>3509416

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Quoted By: >>3509874

learn how to sage you nigger

>> No.3509874 [DELETED]

sage is not a down-vote
also, you are not allowed to announce " sage "
(in all fields, or otherwise).

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Has anyone ever pointed out how there are not 8 characters in this, even if you ignore whitespace and special characters?

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people should post more often here tbf

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the real gilgamesh has a beard and isn't some fop faggot

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General question, is it bad that I want Cinderace in Smash?

I didnt before, and I dont think we need more Pokemon at that, but he's really grown on me since the leak stage of Sword and Shield

Plus, I feel like he could have a lot to offer if they do his koveset right

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Femboy/CD Server. Just starting up so i would appreciate it if people joined!

Sorry, Im kinda shy >.<

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