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for me it's boys with green eyes

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god that looked bizarre in the thumbnail. looked like a guy wearing a turtle suit or some shit.

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Unsure if there's any demand for these boys but I've got dump these QTs somewhere

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4242 Theresa Way lilburn Georgia

^cute kid lives in the RV. As far as in the house goes...there’s some trans 16 year old I think.


^thats the kid living in the RV

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So much shotas on the board atm :)

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Previous thread: >>3514289

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They may be old-fashioned and used as visual joke (i.e. old man being half naked), but some artists knows how to make them cute or attractive.

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Is there even any place left for shota lewds though, feels like all the previous boards died

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Stop bumping this image limit thread you stupid fucking newfag

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8ch.moe has a shota board (/sm/). You need to search it on the board list, otherwise you'll get a (fake) 404 message.

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last thread >>3514289

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This shota thread was posted before the other one and it wasn't started by a retard who puts the subject in the name field so I'll be posting here.

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nya bacchus u dummy

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Pic below is the new you.

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Are those threads legal?

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so many underage here

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CLAMPS is definitely the cutest CLAMP boy

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any more syaoran?

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Sure! ;)

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Post what you consider to be perfect examples of male beauty.

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Buff but cute

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Eyebags or eye creases aren't hot by themselves, but put them on a face that's at least average and they magnify their hotness by a hundred.

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Tfw no oniric surreal fascist bf

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Urban decay

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Last thread >>3508562

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new thread: >>3519621

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Song Machine Live is upon us! And almanac is finally getting shipped. Previous thread >>3496201

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the animation looks great. Love how they all look sad/scared, it seems like it’s gonna be them reliving their plastic beach memories. Hope we get some acknowledgment that it was Murdoc’s fault, like the other 3 giving him looks, etc- especially 2D as he was the most miserable there.

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Oh shit pic limit already? It's only been a week

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New thread >>3518232

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Previous thread >>3514258

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New thread >>3516848

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Post agrarian blonde boys

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blonde cuties in overalls are my kryptonite

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You probably should take anons advice if you post wamen here

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I love Raidou

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Would you have sex with me?

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Sweet. I'd be your tiny slave worshiper.

>> No.3514802

I could be persuaded

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Sorry if that's weird or anything but you'd make a great giant.

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can I step on you?

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Yes master. I'd accept whatever treatment and punishment you inflict upon me.

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Forgot one

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Detected to the true perfect being

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>> No.3515478

5-6 images required to start a thread OP
Read the sticky

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Previous thread: >>3504493

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cutey showing his sensitive side

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Quoted By: >>3515603 >>3515612

Previous thread: >>3512549

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Trolling outside of /b/
Low quality posting

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you could claim that about any post
those are just throwaway rules to allow mods to delete any post they don't like

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If it makes your ass hurt less they do the same in most threads too, imagedump board and all that.
By the way, sage your shit, don't be a bumpfag.

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Quoted By: >>3515858

don't worry
all shota threads will be deleted soon

>> No.3515858

Thank God.

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Quoted By: >>3514968

Previous thread >>3512948

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New thread >>3514968

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Previous Thread >>3512923

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Yeah, around then. I'll be checking twitter pretty frequently to see what nips say. Even if there isn't anything today I'm sure we'll get something soon.

>> No.3517843

New thread: >>3517842

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Same. If nothing else maybe we'll learn what Kaworu smells like.

>> No.3517851
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He better smell like roses or my Shoujo loving ass will be very disappointed.

>> No.3517854

Roses are for Anworu. Qworu would smell like iron and brimsto-- forget-me-nots. Yes. So like nothing at all, but you know, it's the thought that counts.

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Previous Thread >>3512923

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