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That's what I've been noticing from certain Kogifags, they're only interested in him because of Jiji and his shipping potential with Jiji, not because of his own merits, which really sucks because he has a whole bunch of interesting history on him.

I really liked how Hanamaru and the myus gave him more focus by exploring origins and his connections to Inari. His duet song with Jiji in Atsukashiyama 2018 still makes me diamonds to this day.

TKRB's presence in the western hemisphere has always been pitifully small, not helping is its obscurity and supposed high gate of entry because of all the /his/ or being "too Japanese", save for a few pockets of people who watched Hanamaru and Katsugeki.

>Anons seem dismissive whenever they're released
I really haven't been paying much attention to the new swords released this year. Maybe it's just me but they really weren't that interesting outside of their looks and personality quirks.

>the live musicals forcing them to be stupid moe idols
And this is the one thing in the myus I still can't watch with a straight face. You have fighting dudes being relegated to Backstreet Boys duty for the pleasure of bunch of lonely women and it's ridiculous.

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