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After shotachan shut down most of the remaining users moved to ATF and the staff made some changes to accommodate them better. Some users created Shota World and Shota Ninja, two shota-centric forums cover the empty spot left by Shotachan. These forums are smaller than ATF, but they still are worth checking. Similarly with Shotachan, you need to make accounts to view the content of these forums, although ATF's booru is visible to everyone.

Regarding imageboards, I only know of one available at 8ch.moe, a 8ch spin-off created by a couple of former board owners after 8kun banned loli/shota porn to pander more to Qfags. Direct links to the board are disabled for security, but you can find it on the front page (look for /sm/). That site has two loli boards (one for anime and another for cartoon), by the way.

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