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>I'm sure the aesthetics guy can probably show you some in-game models of our players
Models are being revamped for this cup with massively improved optimization and shader settings, and the old stadium converted. To be honest, the current stuff isn't a great advertisement for the team. Here's the stadium in PES17 (it'll look exactly the same in the current version).

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I'm not sure if there's time to port our stadium (I don't even know if other teams will do the same), but this is what it looks like from previous versions of PES. It's Karasuno Gymnasium from Haikyuu!.

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Here's the stadium that /cm/ uses for home games: Karasuno from Haikyuu!

Once I've got that out there I'll resume posting cute boys as usual to keep this whole thing board-friendly.

Anyway, I know /cm/ didn't do too hot in the last time we got our team going last Autumn, but it turns out the teams that made it to Winter both stayed up... so maybe we just got unlucky and paired with two really strong teams. And the good thing about the Cup is that really, every team always has a chance as long as they're on the pitch. I mean -- the best team in the cup right now, /gd/, is a slow board just like /cm/, so why not us?

So, in summary: anyone want to see /cm/ get another chance? If we still have interest, just say the word, and I'll help move this along. If you have any other questions about the whole thing, don't hesitate to ask!

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Lastly: did you know /cm/ has its own fully-custom stadium in-game? We modded a model of Karasuno from Haikyuu, and /cm/ plays there for all its home games!

So, yeah. This is an example of all the stuff we already have and potentially could have, and I'd hate to see all the hard work already put into this team go to waste.

The only other thing I might add is, you can also suggest ideas for anthems (plays during pre-match intros), goalhorns (plays when we score), althorns (plays when a particular, important player scores), or victory anthems (plays >if >we >win). That's pretty much it. The deadline to keep teams alive is the 29th of this month, so once suggestions stop trickling in or we have enough to work with, I'll maybe put up a poll and finalize the roster results by the 27th or 28th if that sounds good.

After this I'm posting as many cute boys from my folders as I can, now that I'm out of cup-related stuff that needs showing off. Feel free to share whatever you want too.

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