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Get in here

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Happy anniversary!

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Ichigo got a glowup, nice new cape plus big fat titties now, I’m very happy.

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can't believe they actually made the game run at a bearable speed now after 6 years

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Ichi nii’s fat tits, he worked out while he was away.

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this nigga straight up got penis armour and wing sleeves

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He looks he came straight out of GBF.

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so im not the only one who thinks that, good to know

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Imagine wearing this and suddenly feeling the urge to pee.

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that's a lot of bling

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6th anniversary sword art by official sword artists coming through

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>Tfw have all the swords but Nikkou
Maybe I'll just another Azuki since I can never smith him for some reason anyway.

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Yagen’s artist has really come a long way, I wonder how his initial and kiwame would have looked if he was drawn more recently.

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This is all I can find for now. Happy 6th year of sword /sword/!

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Damn does no one care about Ichigo?

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No, not even his own artist. He didn’t even get the hat.

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Hand covering titties

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I believe there’s some lore reason in his letters why he doesn’t have a hat, why are people talking so much about that anyway? Why were they expecting a hat, it wouldn’t even look good on him. Just look at Atsushi and Akita

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Hakusan as well, everyone available I have at ranbu level 2 or higher, and Hakusan is the only smith event one. But also, it seems fitting to pick the healer for 2021.

More reasons to like Suishishi, thank you.

Legs2stick, can't fap to this.

Hizen, baby, just accept how cosy it is and stay indoors.

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Suishishi kiwame when?

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Someone, give this sword a burger.

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Sweet potatoes from the potato god

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Less like a houseki no kuni OC I guess.

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You pull from the chain and the blinds go up

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But he must maintain his flight weight or he'll be grounded.

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The dick armor has a hidden pee container, that's why he has it

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Gotta go fast (asleep)!

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Adorable fluffy sord

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New official piece by Honami Tsuda
The family reunited

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Today is #?????

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