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>talent is just a me-

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Still not as good as that one 14 year old girl

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>"Past clients included Netflix"
>Paid money by Netflix
>To produce art for Netflix
>Which was featured in a show on Netflix

Are you okay, buddy?

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And how good are you?

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This guy is clearly joking about how important his role was.

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Why the fuck is this thread still up?

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Bow your head, /ic/. Kneel before the alpha female.

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because op is probably a fucking janny

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those two words are complete opposites

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Anon, I know artists downplay their efforts and overplay their achievements to seem effortlessly talented all the time, but her statement isn’t incorrect at all; even if it was for just a prop, Netflix still contracted and paid her for her work. The onus is on you for being misled.

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I love drawing what it sucks is that im invisible to others so i feel down sometimes

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>highschooler who worked for netflix and DreamWorks
yes and remember frens my uncle works at nintendo

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women are better at drawing because they spend their teens drawing yaoi instead of playing video games

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imagine melting down over this

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I can tell you are shit at art kek.

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How is that cope you colossal gaywad?
Yes, we are not all created equal.
Some people are smarter than you.
Some people are stronger than others.
Some are more attractive.
And some people are just born to be better artists.

People are born with advantages over others, it's not fucking science fiction.

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so this is the power of talent?

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Why do you faggots obsessed over endless threads like;
>Ooo blu blu why do these young people draw so much better than me
>if your not born with artistic talent, you will never make it

who the fuck cares? getting good isn't a race, and if you're so obsessed with how much better everyone else is than you, instead of ACTUALLY ENJOYING THE ACT OF DRAWING
then maybe you should find another hobby

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women are only good at pleasing dick and nothing else. if she's good at anything else other than that, she's likely trans (mtf) because only men can be good at anything else

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Do your parents know you're up this late using 4chan?

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I miss her anime styled work does anyone have some saved?

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nigga at least my parents still alive not dead in the grave like your eaten by worms LMAO

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So that's a yes then

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Blaming your lack of skill on not being born with special abilities is very clearly cope.

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I agree, sort of. I believe talent exists, but most of /ic/ doesn’t draw more than an hour per day from what we’ve seen on board polls. A lot of the talentcope herr comes from legitimately lazy people who want to excuse their lack of responsibility (some of it from people who might even have true talent, ironically enough).

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whatever helps you cope

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>be artist
>get paid by Netflix for your own artwork
so you're telling me you wouldn't use Netflix in your portfolio is you were contracted by them? you fucking coping autist

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I've lost all hope in this board

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not only would i not use it in my portofolio, i'd straight up turn them down. saying you did work for such a subhuman company as netflix is a shitstain for your portofolio. you retards would unironicaly sell yourselves out to anyone nowadays if you know it's about to get you money or some sort of recognition.

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nice bait

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women are better at drawing because people are more willing to help them and support their intersts
plus lets not forget older artists who end up simping
men need to work for a living

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same. but anon, you are mature and independent and not a genZer slave to social media follow counts and disney properties. I believe in you anon and your quest for pure self expression :)

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>be 12
>always draw since childhood
>discover books that actually teach this stuff and go full nerd
>fast forward, be 16
>be really good and set up profile somewhere, apply for freelance jobs
>fast forward, be 18
>have built a name, get freelance jobs from good companies

wow, le talent meme, what will I do without talent, I shidded and farted, oh my god why does my left toe hurt
If you cunts would just draw instead of whining on an indo-european bell beaking forum you could be there in no time, with no time being 3-4 years. But noooo, I need to POST and COOM and POST STUFF ON FACEBOOK and BE A RETARDED CUNT

fuck off

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cope, post work. or are you an underage who just started drawing?

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no you're literally retarded and probably delusional as well, not just you but this thread seems to be a cesspool attracting incels who need to make up convenient excuses for themselves as to not feel threatened by a highschool girl and her meme popularity/success with tumblr art.

>she could just be more transparent about everything but nah fuck being humble, everyone must know how "smart" i am.
see nowhere did she say any of that, it's just you who automatically turned the narrative towards it beglet
She's a runnynose kid who said she's in highschool... and that's it, you're acting like she made dozens of public statements where she shit's on your ego and proclaims to be the best and most talented upcoming artiste

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uhh schizo

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you can make it up by working harder, sometimes 1 year with genuine dedication and focus can be more effective than 5 years of daily studies and automated drawing sessions

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Is that her mouth? Damn

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no one really assumed that a random girl with white hair is tracing lmao

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her stuff is actually not that impressive. i believe her

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And you're very clearly retarded.
" talent" encompasses many different factors involving IQ, upbringing, mental health and even wether or not you're rich or poor.

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>everything i don't agree with is incel
bro go get fucked in the mouth, you can't argue anything without immediately backing down onto using buzzwords like the subhuman you are. all i said is exactly what she behaves like, everything from the way she words things and advertises her shitty tumblr art style makes her sound like some obnoxious piece of shit trying to show off for validation. you're a subhuman lacking in any sort of observation skill

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You're obviously describing yourself there incel

read it again >>5131846 for more self reflection and stop blaming others for being an obnoxious beglet

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based anon, very based

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Bitch is 18-19 and people probably have like 15 in mind

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>vendetta thread
>no one report it
just make more thread bros, jannies are on our side.

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