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Could someone please redline where the vanishing point(s) are that the stairs converge too? How would I break this down?

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I don’t get why spiral stairs confuse perspectivelets. It’s a fuckin tube

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Based helpful anon

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People have a hard time thinking in 3D I think. I would've struggled harder with perspective if I hadn't taken a math class that forced me to constantly think about movement in 3D space

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The horizon is easy to identify: locate where we transition from looking at the tops of the stairs to the bottoms.

To identify the vanishing lines, locate where the step connects to the cylinder/post in the middle of the image. Now locate the edge opposite this point, and find its midpoint (bisect the step into two triangles). Now draw a line from this midpoint through the point at the cylinder to the horizon line.

Keep in mind the other edges of the step will not actually go to the horizon. They stop at the line going through the midpoints.

>>5129410 did it perfectly.

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it's not cheating to use blender or some other 3D software to make sense of things

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Watch sakimi-sama free tutorial on youtube download them before they delete sakimi is really kinda of posting them for us
<say something nice about her

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Also if you want to watch them full join to the YouTube telegram

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>sakimichan tutorials

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Why not? her voice is so comfy

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Shit meant >>5129097

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I'm fucked at this point, /ic/ . Don't know what to do.

I wanna draw, but I can't draw without reference. I have all kinds of ideas, but I can't find a single perfect reference. Never the right combination of pose, facial expression, hairstyle, lighting. I always have to frankenstein a million references together and it looks botched. Like a frankenstein abomination of different parts.

One of my biggest dillemas is faces. I'm an imaginative realism painter, I need a believable face but I can't just make up a realistic face from my imagination, I need to take that face from someone. But since I'm totally reliant on photo references I find online it's a struggle to find a model with the right face, at the right angle, and in the right expression, with the right lighting. But then it also has to be attached to a body that's POSED in the right way that I envisioned for my composition. I try to frakenstein but it always looks terrible. I often find references that look right, but they're low as fuck resolution so they don't have enough information and my characters end up looking flat as a result.

Every professional hires models and has their own studio complete with lighting and own a high-quality camera. Even if I got a model I have absolutely nowhere to take photos of them, my house is tiny and inefficient as a studio. What am I supposed to do? I need models, but I can't get them, and photo references online are too unreliable unless I want to spend an eternity finding just the right refs.

Vid related, this is the process a professional goes through. This chick has the luxury of a big open space in her house and studio lighting and cameras and can hire a model or get a friend. I'm a loner and have nobody to pose for me : /


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Take your own pics for reference. That's what I do.

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>Every professional hires models and has their own studio complete with lighting and own a high-quality camera.
In what world do you live lmao

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>another vent thread

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>First thing: You can use reference for details, rendering etc.
>Second thing: You can copy, but can't draw from imagination. Guess fucking what? Loomis. Unironically. Learn construction and also get a mannequin.
>You can't draw from imagination without having a good visual library first

I've spent at least a year doing studies, and yet it seems I never fucking internalized anything because I can't draw from my head very well. I'll spend several hours a day drawing loomis or doing gestures or studying anatomy from photos, hell I even did life drawing classes for a while, and still, it's like almost none of it is being absorbed. Maybe because I listen to streams while I do so and it's diastracting my mind.

So the solution is to learn to draw from imagination unironically and not be so reliant upon reference?

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>i want to draw but i wont

wah wah.

get a 3d pose program.

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Thoughts on vewn?

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I like her
There's a a japanese artist with a similar style, Tsukumizu but it's more "logical" and "Correct" then Vewn.

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>He doesn't understand mood and German expressionism
go fuck yourself faggot

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shouldve been wiped off the map in 1945 just like their military influence

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Imagine being retarded.

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Art Supplies General

>What did you buy recently?
>What do you want to buy?
>What have you actually been using?
>What did you buy that has just been sitting unused?
>What should everyone else buy?

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Just free hand them

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Shipping anything to west africa cost a ton. Better put your art stuff on hold until you're out of that hell hole

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Why no Chinese company that mass produces then on the cheap

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How expensive is it?

Since I'm going to the director of a Gambian division of an import/export company I'll just ask the guys over in Europe to add in some of my art stuff whenever a new container is shipped out to Gambia.

Would be much easier to order it through mail though.

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Correction: Since I'm going to be the director*

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What are the true primary colors?

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The only true primary colors.

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>The argument provided isn't good enough, because I say so
No, because the existing body of knowledge of color theory says so.
You are claiming red, green and blue were selected as the primary colors arbitrarily.
You have to provide proof of this claim.
I do not have to provide proof that your claim is baseless, because that is self-evident if you do not provide said basis yourself.

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>The existing body of knowledge backs me up because I say so

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Still no concrete reasoning from you, just bickering and avoidance.

No one is stopping you from explaining what that "existing body of knowledge" is. But you have no skill for describing things in an understandable way, unlike everyone else here. Nor do you have any courage to submit your case to the possibly negative judgment of others. Unlike everyone else here.

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You can look it up yourself

Do you seriously not comprehend a concept as simple as burden of proof?

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4 MONTHS, that's how much I've been drawing and I still haven't improved, I'm a talentlet, I'll never improve no matter how much I draw, this is my destiny, to never improve

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Kill yourself you whiney faggot.

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stop phishing

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i dont know who you are, i've never seen your previous work, but i'll tell you this. that drawing looks fucking good, and you're a whiny bitch

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That's the spirit! Instead of tackling your weaknesses, just complain on 4chan!

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>"what's the matter? You can't stand the sight of a strong nord woman?"

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why is he such a successful artist?

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hes a bold extrovert who does more than endless anatomy grinds

this but unironically

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Anyone else just feel sorry for Chris-chan?

Watched a video clip of him as a kid and I can't help but think that if he had better parents growing up he could have easily avoided his current fate.

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I'm going through the multi part youtube documentary that's 30-40 minutes per video and Chris' parents did love him, but didn't understand anything. Chris' bigger problem was the culture and time period he was in, the fact that he was born in the early 80s, the 80s-90s where the last decades in which public schools didn't know what to do with people mental disabilities, many schools were starting to understand this stuff more, but barely the place CWC lived in. If Chris Chan was a late era millenial or zoomer, he would've gotten more help in adapting with society. I know all this because I'm on the low end of the autism spectrum and had to deal with loads of extra help, special needs and monthly teacher interviews to the point that at the end of junior year I pretty much said no to all that crap and now go to college with zero extra accommodation

>> No.5130021

Hey man, thanks for your insight.

I did choose my words poorly though as I didn't mean to imply that they didn't care about him, although I'm sure they got frustrated their fair share.

I meant more along the lines of general guidance and support. Restricting the negative influences in his life during the formative years and all that.

But like you said, they were older people and given the time period it's not surprising that they weren't able to provide for him the way that they should of.

Not trying to throw the blame on them or anything but it's just a little disheartening to know how differently he could have turned out if there were more positive influences and support in his life.

Either way, his situation is a fascinating one. I'm surprised no one has tried to approach him about making a legit docu-series about him.

Just think of all that tugboat dosh that would come in.

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I don't think he's really "successful" but he has motivation like crazy. He is truly in love with his Sonichu shit, to create hundreds of hand-made, colored comic pages, then upload them online. I don't know when (if?) I've ever felt so passionate about anything
He also has pushed past all the criticism, all the hate, etc and continued to be who he wants to be and continue posting online. Someone on /ic/ told me my art looks pathetic recently and I didn't want to pick up a pencil again for a few days
I know Chris-chan is mocked at and a meme type person at this point, but goddamn, so many people have killed themselves for way less shit than he gets on an hourly basis

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think about how the body is shaped

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Cause the concave bend of the waist is at the back, not the front. Folds bunch towards the concave side.

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you made this thread last month, faggot

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Diaper folds

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Previous thread >>5095377

>What is /fag/?
This is the Furry Art General thread, here we post everything related to kemono, furry and animals alike.

>Rules & Guidelines
Please refrain from flaming, causing drama or replying/feeding those who cause such.
This is a SFW thread only, please take caution so you don't get BANNED for posting NSFW art.
This general is NOT and NEVER will be affiliated with any discord servers, DO NOT click any of the discord links that are spammed here!
As always, don't be afraid to ask for critique!


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Furry porn outside /b/ is a global rule. When this thread was started a few months it was understood that if the threads were gonna be up, that it should be done with respect to the rest of the board and keep the notorious aspects of furry stuff like the fetish and sexual stuff to a minimum if at all. Also there's genuinely talented and skilled drawfags that have posted in these threads.
Just censor it.

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You're doing great in the silhoutette deparment, your drawing it'srather easy to read from far away, with that said that dragon looks a bit more like a kobold in my opinion, partly due to the lack of wings and prominent horns and partly because it resembles a lizard way more, personally I think you should try to buff him up a little, add a bit more of muscular tone, because he kind of looks a bit too slim, then again I am a different kind of beg so.

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Anon, have you tried making copies of artist like aruurara and such? your drawings are improving but they are not quite there yet, though I have faith in you!.

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you need to do some work on those shoulder/arm connections... for his right arm you can see too much of his armpit given the perspective (unless thats webbing or something and not his armpit), on his other arm the connection just looks off entirely, too far to the left

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draw contour lines

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I draw in a sort of anime style but not totally. I don't know how to draw noses though. I don't like the thing people do where they draw like make two lines and call it a nose,but when I go more detailed it doesn't fit. Any examples of anime noses that don't fit the typical way they're drawn?

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'97 berserk

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Oda Non

>> No.5129369

his bodies are godtier, but his faces are all the same

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Anyone like to critique/roast my ship ?

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That's getting touched up . The white is primer . Why mask twice when once with the final colour will do ?

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Quoted By: >>5128633

That's early american ? Looks greek to me

>> No.5128633

ship is phoenician

>> No.5128657

needs more greebles

>> No.5128663

you should weather it, otherwise it looks cool

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Who said there is no boob pouch?

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Male coombrain doesn't care about fashion, male coombrain cares about dimensions. Or more specifically, the only fashion that matters is what defines the dimensions. Hasty garbage thrown together office clothing gives it a lived in look while visible tightness and literal boobpouch design gives the impression of "bursting at seams."

As to why it's overreacted to so heavily, that would be because /ic/ has made a big push to be more like /s/ during the covid pandemic. People who would normally never click on the latter board find themselves with limited human contact and more time to spend with their reference folders, resulting in a higher coomer conversion rate than normal. You're hard pressed to find a serious thread among all this shit nowadays, and they really need to do another bout of janny applications.

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Bless thee almighty King COOM.

>> No.5134895

Fun fact:

Women are sexual creatures
Women are attracted to men, much like how men are attracted to women
Just because you'd never fuck yourself or another guy you see doesn't mean some woman wouldn't
Nearly every person on the planet is a result of consensual sex between a man and a woman

Have faith, you just live in a bubble. Someday it will pop, if you're only pretending to be autistic.

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I was there, when it was made... it was laughed at... things weren't really this bad, these were just the ravings of a puritan... oh god... we didn't listen...

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ITT: pen, pencil, ink inspo

Digital is also fine if it's something that can be recreated on paper with the above tools, like monochrome sketches, unrendered lineart, etc

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>> No.5135874

Great sendup of the old school. Great mullet too.

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Frank Godwin

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ITT: Redlines

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Quoted By: >>5128417

Wow this is pretty messed
How would you like it of you were burned by Irish and someone on the internet made fun of you?

>> No.5128417
Quoted By: >>5128476

Would I get Deadpool's powers?

>> No.5128457

image makes me kek every time

>> No.5128476
Quoted By: >>5128479

I don't think so. You are already cancer

>> No.5128479

And I'm in your body growing up

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It Is just me or are westerners better at designing male characters that japanese artists in general?
>Indiana Jones
>Mad Max
>Han Solo
>Duke Nukem
>Dr. Manhattan
>Every class in TF2
>Corto Maltese
>Flash Gordon
>Geralt Of Rivia
>The Nameless One
Are there any shonen or JRPG protagonist that can compete or they're all effeminate with low test like Cloud?

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You know what they say about tiny islands

>> No.5132095


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Quoted By: >>5132100

>Looks like he listens to Phil Collins
is that meant to be a diss against kenshiro cuz to me that just makes him even more awesome honestly

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>even some in mainstream stuff like miyazaki

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Quoted By: >>5130597 >>5132225

Have you ever used artists conk?

>> No.5130597


>> No.5130787

apparently you have to get them fresh to use them and i don't live near any. interesting folk art though, i've seen some in curio shops that were comfy.

>> No.5132225
Quoted By: >>5132228

TIL a new word

>> No.5132228

Suck my fat sweaty conk

>> No.5132238

Absolutely love mine, now I can't paint or even sketch without one. I heard about them from a leaflet that came with my fingerbox

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Previous thread: >>5117547

What is /SALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post all sexual works, from pinups with exaggerated proportions to pornography, then this is the right general for you. Both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully here.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others.
(2) Please resize your images below 1000x1000 before posting.
(3) Share your knowledge and
(4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique.
5) Remember all GB3 related content such as lolicon, shotacon, furry pornography, furry and bestiality are banned on ALL boards, including red boards, except /b and /trash.

Most importantly I encourage you to keep discussion at a civil level, but you're more than welcome to share your opinions.

>Community Resources
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #art
FellowBro's Book Collection
Tutorial & Reference Collection
Japanese Tutorials & Documentary

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I went and tried again. It's not perfect but it feels like an improvement. I'm not done colouring yet though so still plenty of time to make it worse.

>> No.5137639
Quoted By: >>5137656

But they're making steps in the right direction, so why not? They understand fundamentals, as shown by their choices in perspective, its just proportional/flow things that hold it back.

When drawing pussy, you want to avoid connecting all your lines. Suggest the creases with the lines by leaving some of them open. Keeps it soft looking. Also applies to drawing appealing dick heads/frenulums too.

>> No.5137642


>> No.5137656


Forgot to mention, her inner labia seems to be absent.
Also, you could add more ... squish?? I want to say, to the gaping. It looks like its being held open by speculums/some invisible thing inserted in there rather than being spread by her fingers because the vaginal opening is so perfectly round. When I come from work I can demonstrate what I mean.

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>hur dur you are a crab just because you aren't on /ic/ 24/7
Unlike you crabs i enjoy spending my free time with drawing and going out.

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How do you nurture and grow drawing talent?

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>> No.5132865

Yea, nice rack tho

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Quoted By: >>5134230

It's a her not a he

>> No.5134230
Quoted By: >>5134240

post vag or lies

>> No.5134240
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Quoted By: >>5134351


>> No.5134351

i want to punch her in the diaphragm and watch it spasm haha

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Quoted By: >>5131897 >>5132586

Does anybody else have trouble maintaining realism? The thumbnail shows that the values are pretty spot on but when you look at the expanded painting it looses a lot of its realism.

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>> No.5129933

what a fucking faggot

>> No.5131897

Your half tones are too close together.

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Quoted By: >>5132594

Your values are fine, but your anatomy is shit. The only thing I did is liquify. Learn to draw a skull.

>> No.5132594

Oh no anon...

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Quoted By: >>5128490 >>5128523

Terra-cotta mechanics but compositionally organic?

Hah! Yeah right...

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machines and rust buckets in a gay pride parade

>> No.5128523

Brian, either take your meds or ventilate your workspace better, you are getting really fucking loopy.

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Quoted By: >>5128674 >>5128689

For those that have already read Hampton, how do I get the most out of his book?
Should I keep trying to copy the diagrams he has drawn, or is it a waste of time?
Stop shitposting for a second, and join me in my Hampton studies, /ic/!
Let us share and discuss our studies together! LET US GET SOME ART GAINS TOGETHER!!

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Quoted By: >>5128677

yes, he draws beautiful necks

>> No.5128674

its not hard to piece it together that you're supposed to use the shit the book teaches you to draw real people when the book tells you that's what you're supposed to do from the very beginning
you study the methods and the diagrams he shows you, you apply that to drawing real people, then you use same method to draw figures from imagination. that's how you get the most out of the book. spend most of your time doing the second step.

>> No.5128677

>not replying to the post
you're so petty its funny

>> No.5128689

anybody got videos from him not from youtube.

>> No.5128691
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Quoted By: >>5128116

>I love your style

Mfw I don’t even know what my style is and can’t articulate why my work is different from other artists.

What is style? How do you develop it?

>> No.5128116
Quoted By: >>5128119

just draw

>> No.5128119

I do.

>> No.5129973
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lad, here is how i sorted that out for myself.
2 things you can do.
1) get an instagram. follow artists you like. share artworks you like in our stories. at the end of the month or every few months count them up, see which artists you shared the most. make a top 10 or 15 list or whatever.

2) make a pinterest. depending what mediums you like. i have one board that is just for female anime characters and another one for just males and another for both. i have found anime and manga i never heard of.

it doesn't take long before you can really start narrowing things down to a few specific examples.

i did the same for motorcycles and cars. i used to say i liked boxy 80s cars. now i could give you a list of 10 or 15, and i dont need more than that.

When i go to draw a car and i dont want to copy one that exists, there are only a few that i actually pull up to reference.

It's such a relief because i feel like i really honed in on my style. you can always expand any of it if you want to. you dont have to limit it, but for me it really helps to put things in boxes and have lists and folders of concrete examples.

Maybe you don't like anime, maybe you like western comics. Maybe you like 18th century french oil paintings, of cubism or 90s graffiti. whatever it is. the internet has it.

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Has anybody picked this up and if so is it worth it?

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>> No.5128837
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He doesn’t do that shit anymore so he doesn’t need to mention the time he drew concepts for a Need for Speed video game on his bio LOL. He talks about that specifically in one of his interviews which I thought was pretty funny. It does say he was doing all his freelance work during the 90s

>> No.5128948

This. Just the photographs are more than enough, though in my opinion studying from an artistic anatomy book is much better for Bridgman.

>> No.5129034
Quoted By: >>5129060

So he hasn't produced relevant professional art for a quarter of a century?

>> No.5129060

damn this nigga is coping

>> No.5129121

Still the best video on Bridgman, neither Marshall Vandruff nor Watts seem to understand him

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