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How do you go from gray to color?
I watched ctrl+paint tutorial on the subject but he just fucks around with sliders in Gradient tab and it looks like shit as a result(well he made it work eventually but I couldn't).

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>If you're good, you can block in the shapes of a scene with color from the go, while juggling values at the same time. This is good if you don't like starting with rigid lineart.
Good advice, but it's just as useful with fixed lineart.

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Take any photo or painting and convert it to greyscale. Then bring it back into color using only overlay. This is the only way to learn how to do it for yourself.

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>a thread on /ic/ about color
oh boy

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Take note of both the simplicity and sloppiness of the overlay layer. In terms of painting, values do the heavy lifting.

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Nice technique. It saves a lot of time, I learned to paint color by doing direct coloring. Do you always use this method or can you only do direct color?

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Anybody else make toys/games?
(I didn't make the house or furniture in pic, just dolls and accessories)
I'm working on a tabletop rpg. when I'm done I will imagine the frens I wish I had to play with and then hang self (jk will not kms don't shit up the thread).

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not yet, but i'm really interested in making stuff with sculpey. i've seen a lot of process vids on youtube that look interesting.

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These are cute.

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Hahaha I tell myself I'm not interested in the ultra detailed (i.e. skilled at sculpting) aesthetic, just because that shit is incredible and I can't imagine getting that good. But the few times I've watched those videos I've picked up a lot of techniques. People go HARD on their mini food, I saw a korean girl make a roast beef the size of a grape with a bone (marrow included), pink centre and translucent slices of fat, photorealistic. Amazing.

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Tell me everything you love and hate about Wyeth's Helga paintings

Do you know if they had a deeper meaning also?

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duuudee deep meaning haha look at this cavern with nude woman n shit haha xdd its literally means loneliness in my head or somethimg haha xdd im so mature for my age xd i wish I was in a secret cult x) I would be the artist with my deep symbolism paintings x)

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I’d like to get deep inside her dark cavern if you know my meaning

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Do people who take commissions care where their work is used? Do I need to tell them "yo bro this goes right in a right wing gay porno no homo"? Assuming, of course, that they already agreed to give you the right to use and profit from their work.

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tbqh they did exploit the kid. with the kid's agreement, but still.

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Stop being hysterical. No one cares if you are a nazi roastie

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Get a commissioned piece by some commie cunt and tell them you're going to put it in your Trump Shrine front and center and see how quickly you'll get cancelled and accused to emotional terrorism

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I'm also like this. I've drawn things from kid's coloring book cartoon characters to Pokemon porn. Sadly, my art ain't good enough to make a proper living out of either.

>> No.5130545

That's not going to happen, and I still have enough dignity left to prevent me from financially supporting communists.. Willingly anyways.

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Reminder that if you can't spell you're NGMI

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Good choice a words there mate did you also passed youre english test?? NICE

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You’ren’t even trying its pronounced as two since your using it as a preposition

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How to increase visual memory as well as mental visual clarity?

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Go read.

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you're either female or just retarded to fall for bait like that, well, not like it matters anyway, both those things are synonymous with each other.

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In life drawing, is there a sexual agenda?
Thoughts on this anons?

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it doesnt have it

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Ask me out first big boy

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for thos who seek to chang the world, but are not polotitions art is a consoltation prize
you are a communist the crystfags are a branch of communism you fucks created reddit an icecream store witch sells wahtever intrist you have in that flavor of communism.
you allwasy skeem and fucking richet shit up
fucking snow nigger

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there should be
whoever does the best life drawing gets a BJ from the model

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How do i get better at drawing buff girls?

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god, I'm gonna vomit
cover up those muscles

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Thank you.

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is that your work?
idk anything bout muscles but work on your faces man, looks too masculine

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OP, two names:
Dairoku Tenmaou Great & the anthology series Neo-Queendom. You're welcome.

Thank you hungry skeleton!

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So what are the fundamental sakimichan used in her old art? I want to draw like pic related

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the funny thing about this, is if you study most of her compositions, she doesn't actually use rule of thirds, she uses proper dynamic symmetry.
sakimichan just has very solid fundamentals - not necessarily /ic/'s idea of fundamentals( anatomy, perspective), but real fundamentals: she groups values well, she runs gamuts, she uses dynamic symmetry and sets up strong planar structures. also, not a fundamental, but she's very good at using arabesques to lead the eye.

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Quoted By: >>5135434

Alright, I see you disregarded everything I wrote then.
Sakimichan is better than you, better than all of us. You really shouldn't look down on her.

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never do a paint over ever again lmao, you somehow made it worse with a manface and embarrassing anatomy errors

>> No.5134491

embarrassing, especially the take on the face

>> No.5135434

I'll look down on anyone who's not constructing the figure before drawing. You can coat it with lasso and sparkles as much as you can, it'll still be a poor doodle.

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whats so based about hard round brushes?

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Hard round brushes are Clutch and Based because they're is nothing else than Hard Round Brushes, Soft airy brushes and Texture brushes litterally the only ones u can paint with

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keyed thread

>> No.5127989

nothing, its beg trap

use texture brushes

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When painting traditionnally,you can't change the values just by pressing your brush.
Also you can avoid that muddy looking brushwork.

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all those losers that buy brushes lol

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Unironically, are her Patreon tutorials any good?

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She's like someone who learned to play the guitar by sound and feel and only has a vague idea of notes. The only thing you'll really be able to learn from her videos is how she makes things appealing to the masses.

>> No.5129975

here's your (you), now stop shitting up queen Sakimi's threads.

>> No.5129984

>The only thing you'll really be able to learn from her videos is how she makes things appealing to the masses.
Good thing that's the only thing you need to make it.

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Quoted By: >>5130170

>that shitty rendering
look bro, go back to grinding.

>> No.5130170

Softbrush over a lasso selection is not rendering

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show me your most encouraging fan messages and cute stories

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>implying anyone wants fake, pity replies from you randos

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Quoted By: >>5129559

at least it'll get him some clicks faggot

>> No.5129541
Quoted By: >>5129559

I can tell you to kys, if you want

>> No.5129559

you will never pass

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Basic shapes
Anatomy and construction
Light and value

These are the fundamentals of drawing. Recommend me a video course for each one.

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Good question, I suppose some of the fundamentals mentioned still apply.

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Quoted By: >>5135905

basic shapes, light and perspective
well honestly you can just throw basic shapes out of the window, you cant be drawing and not know basic shapes already
so shadows and perspective is all you need

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Just draw if from life.
Perspective if from imagination.

>> No.5135905

But then that means anatomy can't be a fundamental, if it's not applicable to all forms of drawing. So shape, perspective, composition, value, gesture? (Some would argue that things like clouds, plants, water have gesture), mark making?

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Gesture is really important.
It's like "Rock-on bro!", "halt citizen!" and "Good job m8"

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Whats your endgame /ic/?

If I go ahead and draw proffesionally, the chances of me getting a job in the industry are basically nothing due to all the competition. But its still a chance none the less.

If I draw furry shit. I get a shit load of followers, but I wont be able to work in the industry with that kind of reputation. The only way to make a living is through jew sites like patreon.

I mean, are these the only options? I draw for myself most of the time and I really have fun studing fundies and anatomy, but is this it??

Even if I make it online, What does that actually do? Is it even enough for a living? And even if we "make it" on socials or professionally, will it even be enough for a retirement plan?

on a side note, shit like this >>5122878
scares me. I feel like the only way to make it online is by drawing degenerate shit.

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For me OP, my endgame is to get a job in the career i studied in that honors my MBA, I love art, and would do it on the side, but for my circumstance I can't risk my family sustainability, my parents had worked too hard to get to where we are today, and I wouldn't throw it away by being selfish and do just art. However, I my art does in fact kick off, I know that I still need a career outside of it because we all have to retire at some point, and at some point we all need to be taken cared of or we just die in our homes without no one knowing of old age.

Right now, I'm hoping to solidify training myself in drawing and digital techniques so that I can become better at art this year, and work on my writing, I at least want to start making a presence when I know that my art is acceptable and good. But it will have to remain as a side passion outside of work and family.

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>Keep making art, preferably find a job in that feild wheter it be, Animation/game studio, freelancing whatever. or have another job and make art on the side. no matter what happens i'm going to be making art till the day i die.

I am the same bro, started on drawing on /ic/ and got a studio job. Still drawing for fun on my days off, keep it up.

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I write stories almost entirely tailored to my own tastes so I'm pretty sure they're either objectively bad or not worth uploading
My current idea I'm playing around with started with the prompt "isekai but not entirely shit" and now the main character is an amnesiac and the reader doesn't know it's an isekai. It's pretty much a normal fantasy story but since it was based on isekai I'm having a hard time writing a character with flaws that are actually flaws

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Drawing a webtoon
That's about it
Also art is good and wether I like it or not I'm still going to be reading webtoons/manwha when I'm 30, which is like in 12 years so I might as well try to get good at it.

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my endgame is drawing what i want and be satisfied with the result

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holy shit.

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Quoted By: >>5127621


>> No.5127621 [DELETED]

it's okay. I'll still always enjoy his art.

>> No.5127626

>noah bradley
old news

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I hate drawing why am I so bad at it

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>> No.5127711

if that's yours then you're actually pretty good, I like your loose forms.

>> No.5127743


>> No.5127779

Need booba

>> No.5128163

Low IQ is the reason.
All other answers are wrong.


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what does /ic/ actually stand for, i assume the /c/ is critique but what is the i

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Quoted By: >>5129741

Internet Celebrities since that’s what all these smarmy cunts seem to gossip about all day.

>> No.5129741

You mean insufferable cunts?

>> No.5132413

That's disappointing

>> No.5132553

I see


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Quoted By: >>5127721

Does this picture look wonky to any one else? Is it the perspective on the face? This was drawn by an artist called Plague of Gripes.

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>> No.5127663

I also feel like the nose bridge would be slightly overlapping the left eye ,though from the distance the POV is at I think its not too bad.

>> No.5127721

not really proportionate and the foreshortening is off

>> No.5127726

This is way too western/comic inspired to even be pseudo anime.

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Quoted By: >>5128662

Honestly, this might be the worst one.

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Please give me your honest review

>> No.5127577

open gimp, desaturate, up the brightness and contrast by like 20% and it'll look like a scan

as for art itself the right shoulder and arm should be a lot bigger if you're going for a perspective like that. Also give some indicator of scale. Looking at it I can't tell if the planes are supposed to be toy sized or the man giant sized.

>> No.5127669
Quoted By: >>5127674

did you copy that or what?

>> No.5127674

No drew it from imagination thats why the planes look so bad

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Quoted By: >>5127528 >>5127605

Why you still try?

>> No.5127473


>> No.5127528

I just got commissioned in a bulk.
But you plaese keep posting shit threads and circlejerk that's less competition for me.

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Quoted By: >>5127628 >>5127642

I paint over AIs work

>> No.5127628

Ahegao loomis

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Quoted By: >>5127654

can you please share you instagram page anon?

I know you're good. you don't have to be shy about it. Just please, senpai.

>> No.5127472

Let me think about it

>> No.5127491

hang on let me check

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File: 400KiB, 1024x576, mucnh time.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Instagram? I'm not black.

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Quoted By: >>5135185

>he draws anime
>it's too realistic and turns uncanny

who are some artists that do that?

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>> No.5135179

Based Wa

>> No.5135185
Quoted By: >>5135446 >>5135459

Nobody is gonna talk about how the texture of the high-thighs is done?

>> No.5135446

Seriously, I was wondering just this. Is this a texture brush? Fucking great.

>> No.5135459

My best guest is a separate texture that you warp with a layer on multiply

>> No.5137063

I sure hope they don't drag me back to their lair and make me their rape-slave.

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Quoted By: >>5129321 >>5129417

I made a! Something? Im not quite sure what it is but i'd like to share it with you anyway.

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>> No.5129321

what the hell is this anon

>> No.5129417

looks like you have a cognitive deficit and/or you're high

>> No.5129424


>> No.5131555

I like the mountain

>> No.5131558

Oh no it’s ugly

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what type of artists are a must-follow for you?

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>> No.5128938
Quoted By: >>5129387

Yeah I usually don't follow if they've got them in the bio.

>> No.5129363

>actually a relevant thread
>no id rather reeeee about politics instead

>> No.5129387

You can complain about them but they're great for this reason, you can tell who's not worth bothering with right away.

>> No.5129547

a fail in perspective, or a really long and broken arm

>> No.5129554

depends, a lot of new age fags follow you only if you're part of their lgbt demographic

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Quoted By: >>5132857

How can I feel the form?

12 posts omitted.
>> No.5130763

bad advice. He should NOT masturbate. After some days his balls are going to be so full he's going to imagine himself feeling those curves with his hands.

>> No.5130884

Take up 3D modelling, that clears up a LOT of drawing fundies, perspective, form, construction, lighting all become very obvious

>> No.5131823
Quoted By: >>5132852

No that's a little girl

>> No.5132852

No that's a drawing

>> No.5132857

OP's pic reminds me of my boyfriend

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