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what are you supposed to do when you're too depressed to draw?

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>muh deprezhun
J___ D___

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seek for medical help, idiot.

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You cant be too depressed to pick up a pencil and make marks on a piece of paper bro

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if you are just sad, just draw anything that you find fun. but if you mean real depression you need to treat it first. because even if you draw it will not be really productive.

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Force yourself to draw

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Just post some doodles people

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Do you think tracing is wrong? Why or why not?

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this. since this is ic op must meant the latter. if you want validation for tracing then gtfo.

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I think if you trace someone else’s art and credit the original artist, it’s not that bad either. (As long as you don’t claim it as your own art)
I used to trace others in the past and when asked if I drew it myself, I always said it’s not mine and heavily referenced. Kinda helped me improve with time.

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why yes I trace and make money off your stuff

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It's heavily detrimental to learning, but can be fine to use in your own work depending on where and how you use it.

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One thread at a fucking time.

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why is anatomy such a learning curve to overcome when it comes to /beg/s despite having done Fwap or keys to drawing?

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Anatomy comes after you can draw in 3d/perspective, not after keys to drawing.

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Read Loomis

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How do you create iconic character designs?

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By being a smart and educated person.
Considering your stupid question, you possess none of those qualities. Sorry for breaking it up to you.

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You steal the idea from your subconscious or, failing that, another creator

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Good that you asked OP
You analyze your character’s personality traits and pick colors, outfits and details that suit the character best. If it’s a humanization, pick objects and details that relate to to object/thing you’re humanizing.

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by asking in shitholes like /ic/

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If you don't care about a career, or social media, then what's the fastest/best way to learn to draw cute girls? I want to draw purely for fun, so I don't really care for the advanced shit and learning to shade realistically, etc. Maybe, even if it's inefficient, this will help spark my passion and eventually I can learn more professionally.

I'm thinking something like forms and dexterity (since that is the basis of everything), and then going straight into proportion, and gesture. After getting those down, maybe very basic anatomy but again nothing insane. I don't need to memorize the name of every muscle inside of someone. Lastly, learning to draw faces/facial features (and LOOMIS). Somewhere in between/throughout would be like studying from artists you like, copying their style and figuring out what you want to do for yourself. Is this a decent plan? Could always throw in some dynamic sketching somewhere in between so you can actually texture the clothes or something and make it look nice.

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oh yeah forgot about anatomy. Based anon ty

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shit i mean perspective

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Buy five stacks of copier paper and draw cute girls.

That was my method for getting good.

You can also start digital but only if you have a really good device (cintiq, s7+, ipad). I would never have learned to properly draw with the shitty wobbly digitiser I have on my surface pro. It destroys any subtle hand to eye coordination. Luckily I started with paper and pencil.

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long time since i was this pleased with an exercise

When was the last time you were happy with your work artnon? You were happy with it at one moment right?

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>tfw no sangheili pet

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Quoted By: >>5130628

Oh nice! A few questions:
-do you take commissions
-if so, do you do nsfw
-are you okay with furry?

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I don't take coms at the moment

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I draw absolute trash with no regard for perspective, shading or anything but I'm always happy about it. I learned to stop giving a shit before I learned how to hold a pencil.

If I did I'd just be bitching on /vent/ all day instead of at least trying to get better.

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i made this for a friend's birthday and it's probably the last time i was genuinely happy with something i drew
these caught my eye. great stuff

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just got my copy
unironically what do they mean by this?

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It's a copy of the original and a disclaimer to outdated ideas in some of the language.

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where's the art

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>unironically what do they mean by this?
unironically, are you retarded?

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This is a true story

>be me
>on field trip
>at Philly Art Museum
>with pals
>wandering around
>get idea
>begin asking curators if they can show us where the world-famous 'Ricotta' is by Galbani
>curators don't get it
>begin handing us off to one another because they don't know where it is
>end up getting taken to the main desk
>head curator begins searching the computer database
>she can't find it
>finally something clicks in her head
>get reported and escorted back to our teacher

The Philly school system must be fucked

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top kek

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Quoted By: >>5126983


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Quoted By: >>5127365

In what numeral system?

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the one with numbers in it

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I grinned.

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I don't get it
I can understand almost every fundamental skill in art, but I just don't get construction
The most basic one
How can I practice? Loomis is no good for me
How are you supposed to "Simplify to the basic shape" correctly?
It feels so... nothing, so obvious that I don't feel I'm learning anything
What am I missing?
No crab allowed, serious answers please

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I will try to push that "block" back
Maybe having 3D models will help me visualize better those shapes
Sketchfab is a nice place for 3D reference

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the only way to understand perspective is by practicing
20% Theory
80% Practice
My recommendation:
1st- DrawABox ONLY Lesson 1 with the 250 Boxes(will help you think in 3D)
2nd 1994 Perspective Drawing Series
3rd- How To Draw By Scott Robertson (CHAPTER 1-6 if you only want to draw human figure)
The book is a little bit dense, but if you did step 1-2, you will have no problem understanding the book, also the book come with some videos.
Use these Playlists as a reference if you have any questions about the techniques.
also pyw your boxes
>I also did Peter Han's dynamic
Skip 1-2 step
If you did DS, you shouldn't have no problem understanding perspective/construction
Pyw your Dynamic Sketchings
may you have Dunning-Kruger

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terrible advice.

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Quoted By: >>5126681

Oh there are too many pages and I haven't taken any pictures of them
I never got if I had to do 6 pages (for example) each week or day, so I did 6 pages daily

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Pyw your 4 best and 4 worst DS

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Have you ever had your IQ measured? do you believe it relates to how well you draw? to all talent deniers, I have never drawn decently in my life despite picking it up as a hobby like 15 years ago and my IQ is 89.

Now see how people that go for Art studies in the west do it so because they can't stand math as opposed to Japs who do it because they like it but are perfectly capable of succeeding in STEM shit.

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What is like to be a retard?

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Quoted By: >>5127762

when I was a kid I had a test with like 120 done
I was good in school until I got to further education and couldnt rely on winging it anymore and had to actually study which I wasnt used to
Im bad at drawing so either I lost a whole bunch of points or it doesnt really correlate to your skills

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Quoted By: >>5127770

Are you me?

>> No.5127770

no but it seems to be pretty common for "gifted" kids, its all easy until you spiral out of control when it suddenly isnt anymore

>> No.5127786

Serious question: how would you even begin to measure drawing ability

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does anyone else here do art just for the money or is it just me?

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She’s a biological girl.

>> No.5127235

How did you go pro?

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no, i'm actually want to make it

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As evidence by the fact that I don't actually do any art for myself, that I can't really bring myself to do "personal" or "passion projects", basically yes.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I almost never have something in my head that I need to get out. I am not a very naturally creative person at the best of times, so without any sort of design brief, I flounder. These days, basically any time I pick up my pen it's because I'm being paid to.

The problem is, I've also basically lost almost every job I've ever had for one reason or another, mostly because I'm shit, so as bad as I am at art I'm apparently even more useless in the real world. So I guess it's either do this, or just be homeless, which seems likely anyway.

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This show’s pilot just came out. What do you think?
There’s some minor animation errors but nothing too big from what I see. I love the colors and designs.

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This ain't /co/ fren

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>> No.5129096

Kys. This is indie animation completely /ic/ related. >>5128238
Yeah it is. I think the guy is the voice of Jack Spicer.
Honestly it’s pretty smooth. Some parts show they couldn’t give it all the love but it is hand drawn with minor puppeting in or tweening.

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This thread was moved to >>>/co/120258798

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You can thank communism for that. There's a reason why you will rarely see this happen with Taiwanese or overseas Chinese.

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I'm confused half of the people i know say copying is what all great artists steal from other artists and make great things with it.
The other half says stealing is terrible and shows how bad you are as an artist and you should be original.

>> No.5129571

I'm so sick of people taking that quote out of context or mangling it. "Great artists steal" means to go beyond what your inspirations can do.
We're all influenced by someone, if you can match the skill of your favorite artist, you're a 'good artist'. If you take that and somehow make it your own that makes people say "I know that's anon's work", you're a 'great artist'.

>> No.5129581

Copying isn't tracing.

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Thoughts on Squigglydigg’s works?

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Quoted By: >>5131122

who the fuck is squigglydigg

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How can you imply color using ONLY grayscale?

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You don't
Most people don't. Some do.

>> No.5126236

white is a color
so you imply it's white by making it white

>> No.5126363

For some it can be a bit of a cheat, but use cold and warm grays, I do it that way

>> No.5126366


>> No.5126388

Read old manga.

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Quoted By: >>5131482

Has anyone here gone full NEET and committed to the meme?
Did it work?

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>> No.5131482

I hope not, because it's a stupid idea to commit 16hours a day to any one thing, be it working out or drawing, cus you're just going to burn yourself out after a week

3-5 hours a day is a much more realistic way of "getting good"

>> No.5131501

No not accurately.

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i want her milky breasts on my table

>> No.5131601

Actual great analogy, have a (you)

>> No.5133573

if don't know how you even do this schedule do Olsen's Perspective course and try to finish it in less than 2 weeks

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Take your time, you can do it.
Previous Thread: >>5123065

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i think I figured it out now

>> No.5129394

study your weakest point until it is not your weakest point, then study your new weakest point. that is how I do it.

>> No.5129407

if you drew you avatarfaging thing you would whine and get some gains at the same time, think about it.

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Nearly every professional sketch I see goes absolutely ham with thin lines and and seems to find a shape and detail in them. I tend to use colossally thick lines and then carve the detail in with the eraser tool. I think this is the result of moving to almost exclusively digital drawing rather than relying / being used to the thin tip of a pencil on paper. I'm completely comfortable doing this, but my digital sketches tend to look quite different from other people's and I'm wondering if I might be hampering my progress like this somehow? Does anyone else do this or have come across a reason not to (obviously beyond having different sketching methods for paper and digital)? I suppose I end up erasing some of my workings in the process

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Quoted By: >>5125997 >>5126002

you legit saved my life, I’m gonna get so much drawing done with your technique
pic related, how I sketched
why the fuck isn’t this in the sticky?

>> No.5125997

Doesn’t....doesn’t everyone do this?

>> No.5126002
Quoted By: >>5126027


I dunno how you managed to misinterpret what I meant, bro - your square doesn't even look to my one

>> No.5126024

just draw

>> No.5126027

When I said doesn’t everyone do this I meant how OP described, as in draw square B in the OP pic and erase the excess to achieve square A

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What are your art goals for this year?
What are your plans for making it happen?

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Hey bub, don’t worry about me, I know how to work for myself in my art, only posted to give anon some ideas about concepts and a semblance of a drawing plan to go ahead with instead of that real shoddy plan he’d posted, ie perspective, drawing techniques, proportions, etc

>> No.5132532

i have an idea for a wimmelbilder that i want to take from concept to finished

i'm going to work in tiny units, kind of like the connected map thread, and work a tile at a time. but before i even get to that stage, i am going to make a few smaller prototypes.

>> No.5132771

thanks, I'll tweak the plans around then

>> No.5132814

Gross. Get help.

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Goal - start drawing, get a SM following big enough to earn enough money to move out
Plan - ???
will update if works

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What is this style called?

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this is called you being a dumbass asking stupid questions.

>> No.5126409


>> No.5126798

I don't think that's really a style but someone intermediate at drawing

yeah no

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>> No.5126917

Anime but worse

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how do i draw trannies?

>> No.5125711

Draw a man, put some malformed tits on it, give it long hair.

>> No.5125717

just draw an ugly woman with broad shoulders and a cock

>> No.5125719

I honestly didn't know people could look like that.

>> No.5125752

use yourself as reference

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Quoted By: >>5127396


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Quoted By: >>5127389 >>5127396


>> No.5125875
File: 2KiB, 187x206, it.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.5127389

okay, now the other one.

>> No.5127396


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File: 4KiB, 187x206, Tite.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>5132508 >>5132548

I'm going to put a warning out to all of you guys that freelancing sucks dick when people are paying to be your friend instead of paying you to draw.
I don't imagine any of you to be exceptionally sweet and friendly, but its important to put up boundaries at all costs.
People pay you to listen to their problems, hit on you, try to get too close to you, be friends, call you at odd hours, open up about their transgenderism, their life story, their big boobs, it goes on and on. I'm dedicating the next two years to putting 5000 degrees of separation between me and the people paying for my work.
Can separating the art from the artist even be achievable these days?
At all costs, don't sell your personality or your life story in order to make it. DO NOT DO THIS. it is a WARNING.

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>> No.5132508
Quoted By: >>5132524

Trannies are like that in general, even if you are just trying to develop software, be kind irl but really, avoid these people as much as you can.

>> No.5132522

Just don't be nice to trannies and dudes when they are over the line, say hey, this is obly for work or "I'm busy" and block them

>> No.5132524

OP is an actual tranny scroll up

>> No.5132548

Most followers will be very well intentioned but they can act horribly familiar at times. Keep it professional and impersonal, limit communication to e-mail, no discord/twitter/whatever.

>> No.5132554


no blog. no social media. i post here once in a while.

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