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>Last Thread >>5077629

>Older Threads

> Rules:
- No binary art, pixel art only
- Porn is fine
- Don't feed schizoposter

> Resources
How do I learn pixel art ?
Where do I learn those things?
What software do I use ?
Where can I share my work ?

Check this out





This is the nth edition of this general. There have been many across /ic/'s history and the old threads are generals from the past which contain links to older generals. Have fun exploring.
Feel free to submit feedback and any ideas on what to add to the pastebin, I'll make sure to include it in the next edition.

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Quoted By: >>5136953

I disagree completely. It may feel more natural to draw using other tools if you started there, but if it's proper pixel art there should be no resolution/size that excludes individual pixels from having significant effects.
The whole concept of something 'feeling natural' is entirely contrived as it's what you learned anyways; if you only ever made art in aseprite trying to draw something by hand then scan in it as a base would be a ridiculous proposition.
Here's an example, using the one I linked. I've changed a total of only a couple hundred (~0.1%) pixels, in ways that I think are totally natural for 'normal'/traditional drawing (and hopefully with enough unaltered similar areas to see the changes easily), but heavily clash with pixel art. Sure, an individual pixel poorly placed in an image with a quarter million won't always be spotted. But if the techniques aren't correct, it'll show even with a very low percentage of 'bad' pixels. Taking away even just small portions of manual anti-aliasing, or not using a pixel-perfect line, or not carefully dithering between colors all creates weird little details. These details stick out, especially if they're prevalent throughout a piece.

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Quoted By: >>5136966

I don't think there's any disagreement here, unless I'm misunderstanding you. I'm just arguing for using this method for the initial process for sketching out the main areas of the piece. Literally just the start. After that's done that's where you do all the autistic manual hard pixel labor, and obviously you can't just rely on dithering algorithms to not fuck up and place random sloppy pixels.

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Quoted By: >>5136978

The biggest thing I took issue with was the 'natural' bit. If you started on a tablet, that will feel the most natural. If you started with a pencil, that'll feel the most natural. Or whatever you use the most possibly.
I think the easiest example is to see if someone prefers a pencil or pen to write with, and which type in each case. Obviously anyone who can write should be able to write with a standard #2 pencil, various flavors of mechanical pencils and all kinds of pens. But most people have strong preferences for their chosen writing utensil. Obviously the end result (the written letter or whatever) isn't drastically changed by what it was written in, it's primarily dictated by the ideas the glyphs represent.
Saying the 'natural' method to form those glyphs is a ballpoint pen implies someone who choses to use rollerball pen or pencil is somehow going about it wrong or inefficiently. However, in reality, it's not relevant how the glyphs are formed, and one's choice of writing utensil will probably be dictated by comfort and availability. I can have the opinion that rollerball pens are the best choice, but it's just that--an opinion.

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That's why I said "to me (...) doesn't feel natural." I don't think I conveyed it very well since I added another caveat between that statement so the meaning became lost. Yes it is subjective, I was just giving my subjective experience on it, so it might be helpful if you feel the same way. I wasn't making an objective statement as the order of things should be and how people should be drawing, everyone is very different.
Appealing to nature itself is sort of a fallacy, but it's hard to convey the meaning unless I add another paragraph, so I just used that word.

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What's the Capcom method? Gotta be more specific.

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Hey so what do you think about my art?

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All you did was edit some other's work, that's not your art.

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more proof the right can't art

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Looks like you just stole it from someone else and added your own touch of political autism

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Political autists will destroy this earth
also fuck catpcha and jannies

>> No.5126207

He did, the artist was a guy that used to go in, /i/ years back.
Now people in this thread are bashing him because they fell for OPs bullshit.

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Quoted By: >>5125803

How possible is it to live off of art without doing porn or industry work? By “industry” I mean pre-production for whatever pipeline, concept art, storyboards and the like, things that exist to serve a short term purpose and be discarded, not book illustrations and the like that actually reach people.
I just happened to be looking at Proko’s paintings and found him selling them, and these prices depressed me. Even worse (though I suppose this might just be a technical fuckup, though I doubt it, since there were occasional special offer notices), web archive shows the exact same page all the way to 2015, meaning he hasn’t sold (or possibly painted) a fucking thing in at least 5 years, and he’s pretty much the face of the art instruction scene.
Is this why everyone is trying to make themselves a teaching brand?

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sup, brian

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Quoted By: >>5125473

>muh boomers had it so much easier meme
this isn't an excuse to not be social anon

>> No.5125473

nah in all seriousness though how many times do you think someone successfully tries to pitch art commissions to a restaurant? Are you genuinely saying that’s a realistic recommendation as a career option? Cause it’s just not. My comment wasn’t even about boomers having it easier, but it’s very boomerish to have this idea that you can just be successful in whatever you want if you try hard enough. Not because it was easier for them, but because they were dumb enough to believe it.

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I have chosen to keep my art entirely for myself and pursue a career that isn't as economically retarded and possibly unethical toward people. I only have to get in the mindset and I'll start to work in advertising. Advertising pays much better than art, and you get to make people stressed over stupid shit they didn't want to think about before or cheat them into digging themselves into some glorified scam. I want to embrace this sociopath aspect of advertising and act like an immoral piece of shit because as it turns out, people like you better and pay you more if you do that, while they don't give a fuck if you want to give them your fucking heart and soul. And I fucking swear this is the one and only thing the world will have from me. Ads and cancer. I just have to learn.

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Anyone else feeling like they get better by not drawing? I haven't drawn in 2 weeks and don't feel like putting in effort today beyond doodles, but I think my powerlevel is steadily rising just by resting. Complex things look easy in my imagination now.

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yep. happens to me from time to time not always though.

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Quoted By: >>5125638

This. It's not that you're getting better, it's just that you're returning from a break without much pressure or expectations from yourself and starting to draw again within your comfort zone. Thus it seems like you're doing better than you did before. But when you warmed up a bit and filling adventurous, you're starting to venture outside of your comfort zone, and this is where your own expectations regarding your art hit a hard and cold truth head on. You immediately cave under pressure and go on break again. Rinse and repeat.

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Huh wtf you're right
I still haven't finished this from Dicember 14th, and later at December 20th I tried an even more complex drawing so I just went into break.
My brain just short-fuses trying to draw complex details... and even worse, when I try to do lineart AND clean coloring. I shiver.

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fuck you battler
fuck you daisuke ono

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ITT: post your drawing rules or philosophies you abide by

>if you can't draw it with pen on paper from imagination, you can't draw it at all

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Good or bad, beautiful or ugly, it doesn’t matter. Because you’re not gonna make it

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art is for the rich

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build a catalog of different parts, use reference to create 20 noses, when you want to draw a nose, just pick one of your remembered noses.
make your symbol drawings more complex.

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Life is a waste

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you're NGMI unless you try

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Quoted By: >>5126270 >>5126638

What makes a criticism really constructive? How do I make a critique that actually helps somebody to improve their art skills?
Also, what has been the best bit of advice given to you?

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>Be wary of people asking for criticism, when they are actually looking for validation.
Every time.

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Quoted By: >>5126271

I prefer someone to show me what would look better rather than telling me, since i'm a very visual learner. So anytime someone has drawn over my work to show what could be improved has helped a lot, people telling me that something looks off doesn't help me at all.

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you're a rare gem, anon

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>What makes a criticism really constructive?
Taking into account what the artist is going for. Ask him if he has a reference, from real world or derivative works. Then tell him what sort of mistakes he's making, and most importantly tell him to fucking draw
>How do I make a critique that actually helps somebody to improve their art skills?
Drawing is closer to sports than literature imo. Just tell em to enjoy the process and do different studies. One thing that's fuels my motivation is that there's literally endless subjects, composition, rendering techniques to do, there's always something new.
>Also, what has been the best bit of advice given to you?
None, i get depressed at times but i pick myself up and feel better

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Quoted By: >>5125782

Does a pdf or something of Erik Olsen's Perspective Diagrams exist? I am following along with them but there's so many of them and would be nice to have them all in one area

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Quoted By: >>5125311

he looks like russel crowe’s more alcoholic cousin

>> No.5125311

fucking kek

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Quoted By: >>5134431

Im talking about ANIME art.

Western way of learning art is more suited to developing your own style. Thats why any anime art produced by westerners never truly look anime. Now I know anime itself is a style but when you see these artworks by asian artists you know its anime instead of ripoffs by westerners. Even with an artist's inherent style it never deviates from that anime look.

You almost never see any pure white artist make it big, check the pixiv rankings or top anime artists on twitter. Even the ones that do make it from the west are mixed ethnicity usually asian or they have a second languages usually chinese,korean, or japanese.

Think about it, all you know about art are from english resources, ever thought about how asians learn art? Not saying they have their secrets but they only seem to be secrets because their language is alien to us english speakers.

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People who think its a style to get right think about it too narrowly, it's a collection of shared priorities and approaches, within it you have endless freedom. I think especially with what you posted you have what it takes to draw anime.
Don't let some loser who gave up on his art journey sway you from your own. You don't need to be asian to draw anime.

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i wish i could draw anime like before

>> No.5134305

This drawing looks completely anime. Thin line helps you. Don't fuck up geometry so much as in center figure and you OK. May I know your Pixiv ID?

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Quoted By: >>5134440

>can draw anime
Bros am I a mongol???

>> No.5134440

Dunno check your squat

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Quoted By: >>5129113 >>5129144

Could women be considered works of art?

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Of course not. you SIMP.

>> No.5129144

God designed the greatest form known to man, ty God

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Repulsive. Any indication of fake emotion completely turns me off. I say this sincerely.

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i will train my brain, when you start training your immortal spirit

>> No.5130336

The topic of the thread, moron.
>I like ____ does that mean ____ is art????
No, learn what the word 'art' means.

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I really love the dynamic poses from Soul Eater so I tried to copy one. took like 40min

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Quoted By: >>5125147 >>5125162

What are some examples of artwork created by verified idiots?

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>> No.5125162

this thread

>> No.5125169

This board

>> No.5125174

This continent

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I bought it since its too hard to find online

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Quoted By: >>5125246

Before you start drawing you must have some idea of where to put the lines on the paper. Presimbuly this occurs inside the artists mind. Can someone explain to me how to do this? How do I plan the drawing in my mind before I start making the marks on the paper? This is the part I am struggling most with.

>> No.5125109

Loomis. Get out his books and copy them 1:1 and read the text. You'll know how to draw after that.

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Quoted By: >>5125163

Start with practicing contour drawings: trace the outline of an object, immediately turning a 3d object into 2d. You are forced to ignore shading and only draw the outline.

You can also start by looking at the object as shapes first. "this cat is made up of a circle-shaped head, an egg-shaped body, cylinder legs, all attached together. You can sketch these shapes out lightly before making the outline.

>> No.5125163

I'm not sure why I said "trace the outline", do not trace an image or copy exactly. This exercise is to strengthen the connection between the eye and the hand.

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It’s called construction. Learn to simplify 3D forms and construct them. To be able to create the illusion of 3D space and realistically construct things in it you need to understand perspective too.

Watch a perspective course of your choice (Marshall vandruff if you’re normal, Erik Olson if you’re autistic) and watch dynamic sketching 1 (Peter Han)

>> No.5125246

Stop whining. Draw a thousand pictures and you won't have those stupid questions any longer. Don't be a boring intellectual.

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Quoted By: >>5124997

how do i learn to draw like this?

>> No.5124997

jesus fuck, its ugly. I mean, on a technical level its functional, but fuck me it looks shallow in all the worst ways possible.

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File: 233KiB, 1000x537, 0112FC87-8653-4D3C-8CFC-2E222DDDB50F.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>be art teacher for a living
>still can't produce an excellent piece of art
Holy fuck, pic related is Hampton. I know Proko, Marshall and even Vilppu falls into this category as well.
Why are the supposed good art teachers learning away when they themselves can't produce good art? I am shocked.
Is Loomis the only art teacher that actually knows what the fuck he's talking about?

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Too much exposure to the coombrains

>> No.5125084

Loomis is a shit teacher. But he is the only one among the recommended who produced amazing work and sketches.

>> No.5125152

anatomy-obsessed figure artists can name every muscle and fiber in a human hand but can't draw anything appealing to save their life. take what knowledge you can squeeze from them and run for the hills

>> No.5125292

Uhm Hampton bros??? What the fuck is this shit

>> No.5125318

When you turn into an art teacher it's difficult to have time for your personal art and your own work will typically suffer. According to the book Art & Fear this is a very common problem

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Quoted By: >>5125006


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>> No.5124987

Funny because a hole gives you more attention and privileges than your art will ever give you. No matter how “smart” or how well you draw, you’re just a talking hole. Once you hit the wall after 30 years of riding the cock carousel you won’t even have that.

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Quoted By: >>5125024

Thread derailed by two über embarrassing anons.

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File: 9KiB, 203x248, 13584651349524.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

actually three, i made the most cliche joke possible and retards immediately started barking at each other without further encouragement
really shows how this place is

>> No.5125034

lets be honest, this thread was never going to go anywhere anyway

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Quoted By: >>5128574 >>5128605

Why the fuck are wacom pen nibs so absolutely trash. They have a maximum life of two weeks (being generous) before they become a shank. I’m not even pressing down hard and it just dies. What the fuck wacom.

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>> No.5128574

I've had the same nib for 4 years, and it's one of the felt ones, not plastic.
This nig gets it.

>> No.5128605
File: 289KiB, 1500x1499, universal trimmer line.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Buy a roll of nylon trimmer line, 0.065" ~ .070" thickness. Cut to size. If the hold is a little loose, lightly flatten the end going into the pen with pliers.
This is the same material as the official nibs, slightly less brittle. I bought a 275-foot roll of this stuff a decade ago for 10 bucks. 10 years later, I've used less than 4 inches of it.

>> No.5129416

Something has to wear down with all the friction, I'd hope you'd want it to be the cheap nips and not your expensive tablet.

>> No.5129453

screen protector and adjust your flow. If you can't do that return to pencil and paper you fucking retard.

>> No.5129702

I put a sheet of clear laminating paper on my tablet, because the surface seems rough. I think they designed that on purpose so the nibs get worn out super fast.

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Quoted By: >>5127297 >>5127435

Begins to destructively criticize your works without knowing that you are in the crowd, what do you do?
Also, have you had any confrontation with an art critic?

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File: 133KiB, 1500x1000, maninthearena-min.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.5127250

Do you really need a video?

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File: 521KiB, 826x423, Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 10.02.02 AM.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


but this guys actually entertaining

idc about critics honestly everybody obsesses over something to an autist level

take anthony fantano for example

dude listens to a lot of music, and is a music critic.

thats HIS art form in a sense

if he wants to be known for that, thats fine by me, and frankly, i am curious to see what a person who sits down and actually listens to a lot of genres critically thinks about shit like macintosh plus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0D9IyyeEEU
yeah he shits all over it, doesn't make me like floral shoppe less.

Honestly part of being a good artist is being a good critic or an "esteemed umpire of taste" i think is, looking at your own work and going, thats shit, thats great, and why or why not.

Look its called "ARTWORK/CRITIQUE" for a reason, its not enough to just do do do, you gotta roll with the punches man, find the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and separate it from the crab apples or you won't grow.

Don't delude yourself, you aren't making art for yourself or your "SOUL" ultimately like:

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


If a painter paints a painting, and doesn't show anybody it, is it really the best painting ever?

>> No.5127297


>> No.5127435


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Quoted By: >>5124810

Is screenshot editing based or cringe?

>> No.5124810

Do what you want, no one gives a shit

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Quoted By: >>5124795

I'm really proud of this one. Tell me if it's shit and if yes why/where

>> No.5124795
Quoted By: >>5125003

Nice work OP. Exciting pose and good use of perspective. I might work on drapery a bit. And the shoe in the foreground is kind of hard to read.

>> No.5125003

thx for nice words anon

cloth is the bane of my existence. So many tutorials watched, articles read, studies done and I still have to bullshit my way through by guessing, lol. Also yeah, the shoe even started as a wholly 2d shape, I had trouble giving it any form

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how do I get this gud?

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>> No.5127423

if you can't produce something like this within a week of drawing, ngmi

>> No.5127515

the ayy face is so ugly.

>> No.5127526

why is her ear glowing red? her hand should block any light from shining through.

>> No.5127722
Quoted By: >>5128367

>keeping toothpaste by her bath and not at the fucking sink where you brush your fucking teeth.
>disgusting protruding tiles that will gather gross bacteria and shit in the cracks
>and what the fuck is the bucket for.
anyway thats really nice, inspiring too since i am trying to study hard on rendering and colours since i've neglected it for the past 8 years of drawing, very nice.

>> No.5128367

>keeping toothpaste by her bath and not at the fucking sink where you brush your fucking teeth.
Maybe she brushes her teeth while showering.
>disgusting protruding tiles that will gather gross bacteria and shit in the cracks
so long as you aren't a lazy piece of shit that shouldn't be a problem, just clean it regularly.
>and what the fuck is the bucket for.
For when she has to clean the bathtub and the tiles?

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Is using a grid cheating?

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>> No.5124753

no, it helps you understand proportions. use grids, and after a few times you won't even need them anymore

>> No.5124760

I don’t get this shit
I’ve tried it and it does not help

>> No.5124762

bullshit. grid is like training wheels, tracing is literally turning your brain off and just blindly copying what's underneath. grids do train your eyes

>> No.5124767

Grid is extremely helpful and I cannot recommend it enough for begs

>> No.5124776

Not cheating but it will do you no good if you want to eventually be able to draw from imagination.

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Anybody knows some resources for painting in that classic 80s fantasy illustration style? Traditional of course.

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>> No.5124811

I'd like to know as well, both for traditional and digital. Everything online is identical lasso tool shit and not actual painting.

>> No.5124876

Is that Might & Magic 6?

>> No.5124928

look Ciruelo Cabral art work's

>> No.5125397

Color and Light and Imaginative Realism by Gurney.

>> No.5126601

detail everything at the same level and give everything the same edges, don't imply anything, spell it all out, avoid atmospheric perspective, don't bother to render materials properly, make the figures stiff.

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How do I become a nude art model?

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>> No.5124845
Quoted By: >>5124862

No an overweight feminist lol
An atleast average girl close to my age (23)

>> No.5124850

if you have a local model's guild near you, you can join it and they'll connect you with opportunities to model for figure drawing, though they will take a cut

>> No.5124862

pay a hooker to do it, pervert

>> No.5124865
Quoted By: >>5125546

do... do you think they see you naked, become aroused then fall in love with you? it probably will not work that way

also thats kind of a dead zone atm with covid. i'd ask life drawing groups close to you on facebook if they want a new potential model. your local art shop may be able to point you to a group.

i definitely dont wanna see you naked kek

>> No.5125546

what do you mean it won’t make them fall in love with my sexy body??

that's not fair

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