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can you draw asian people face?

i cant for shit and dont try anime style

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I almost exclusively draw Oriental people lol... I got so sick of rarely ever seeing a real ??? in anime, so I figured the best way to change that was with myself. I still need to improve, but I think its decent at least. I try a variety of coloring styles as well. I'll post a few, please let me know if they're any good.

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Another style and face.

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Ok, here it is

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What’s the method?

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Is that Sid James?

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speaking of which, do you guys have that pic of some french artist saying something along the lines of "why habe a perfect copy when you can have the real thing?"

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>it's still batman
into the trash

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At least I wasn't drawing that ridiculous Batman v superman shit movie. Jeez

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this. it's essentially paint-by-numbers but to the pixel level.

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that was Hitchcock

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Just saw this and was surprised to see how much it managed to raise in such a short amount of type.
What do you think? would you use this kind of stuff? It's tracing all the way.
Is there any software you use for reference? I know of Daz and DesignDoll but I'm curious to see what else is there.

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there's mb-lab (https://mblab.dev/) which is a Free and Open Source plugin for Blender.

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3D models in CSP

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>traces a fucking 3d model
>still fucks up the mouth
this is your brain on anime

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How many here work in multiple styles for their work? As a sequential artists many of my stories require different approaches some ranging from stylizes cartoons to realism, to inbetween. Though I wonder if this doesn't hurt the overall work? To me style is a set of choices but there is some inherent elements that are my own, and other artist have done the same, such as Wallace Wood, Moebius, Takehiko Inoue and Shinichi Sakamoto(earlier work). What do you guys think?

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>How many here work in multiple styles for their work?
I strive for it. Versatility is very important to me—which is why I study various sources (from anatomy manuals to cartooning books).
>Though I wonder if this doesn't hurt the overall work?
Not at all, it should make one a stronger artist. And no matter what the approach, an artist's work has a distinctive fingerprint.
Wallace Wood was the epitome of this. He was extremely versatile and could traverse various genres and styles, from high realism to big foot cartooning. Yet all of his work was distinctively Wood.

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Experiment and draw what you want. Don't try to pigeonhole yourself into some ideal of what your style is. Your style will develop naturally as you get more experienced, a combination of what you like to create and how you like to do it.
Dave Rapoza is a good example of this. His "style" changes with almost every piece he does, but there is still the overall theme that it is mostly fanart.

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How is this possible?

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OMG! Someone sent a pm linking this page, I can't believe there were so many people talking about me, you are all awesome and I'm sorry that I looked I was bragging my success. I was just trying to reach others big studios by mentioning my past work. Thank you for everyone in here supporting my work!

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this thread is a fucking sad disaster lmaoo

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Is this real?

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don't be sorry and ignore these losers lmao. Keep up the great work!

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>Many paintings took many months to make

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>I am improving rather quickly as an artist
>Faces are starting to become less anime as I am improving

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middle up reminds me of Lotte from LWA

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anime heads aren't. hard, now draw the rest of the body

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I did, first time trying to play with proportions after watching a video on character design and shapes. How I did?

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poses are good but
shoulders are kind of fucked
proportions need work
designs need a little extra zest but are serviceable depending on your story

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work on your general proportions and you'll see big gains in no time.

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Highly recommend this course to begs. Its pretty amazing, its like they took all the best artist of the time period created an avengers squad and made the ultimate art book / mini school.

Seriously, some of the best instruction ive seen. So pick up the pdfs they even give you instructions on what and how you should be studying.

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post the link then bitch

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You can find all the lessons in the most recent ic mega link.

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I don't get why vilppu is important and why I should do his gestures. Can I just skip him and follow someone else?

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gmi mindset, unironically

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Are you sure it's all bullshit?

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Bullshit in the sense that it's all just some artist's made-up technique they find personally useful when dealing with a specific challenge. Might be useful to you too, but also might not. There are hundreds of ways to construct a head or do gestures, but all you have to do is find the one that clicks with you. And if none do, create your own. Villpu himself says "No rules, just tools" Don't like the tool, find another.

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It's more like you don't have to use Villpu if you don't want to, no matter how many people spout it here. If it doesn't click with you and someone else's tutorials do then just use those.

Hell you can mix and match even instead of just sticking with one person.

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This. Absolutely this.

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How do you autists expect to make it as artists if you suck at connecting with people?

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Most people don’t have artistic skill and like any art and are easily impressed

Connectivity is important because it opens you to people in your field that can help you in terms of profession or learning

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in fairness, the plague makes practising this skill difficult these days

i like his art... enough people liked his art it reshaped 1950s cartoons entirely....youre just gay lol

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good idea, just make art so it can be flipped in money laundering schemes 600 years in the future.

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precisely that.

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What does being autistic have to do with having an incapability to make appealing art? Normies arent the only community out there

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What are your thoughts on the psychology of shapes in character design?
Circles - used for characters that are kind,friendly,innocent,naive ,cowardly.
Squares - used for characters that are disciplined,hard-working,stubborn,strong,reliable.
Triangles - used for characters that are cunning,devious,intimidating,sassy,eccentric.

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You sound like you’re ngmi.

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The point is they used character design to lul the watcher into a false sense of security you numb nuts.

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Its sarcasm you retard

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But her head is literally a giant triangle I dont understand what you're talking about?

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Not yet

I thought about a backpack or a scabbard but I kinda like the simplicity, It's hard to add details and at the same time keep it simple
I like the bandaid idea!

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post coomer refs.

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why do you hate porn so much? are you a feminist?

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women spend so much money on plastic surgery when there are guys here losing their minds over photos of the sort of dumpy plain janes you can find in any walmart
we truly live in a society

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Quoted By: >>5138534

a womans beauty standards are set by other women. they already know men will fuck any breathing thing with a vagina

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Women don't get hot for men, they get hot to outdo other women.

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the best thing about painting is enjoying the delicious choclate milk after you finish

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Triangles and teardrops

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More folds = more swag

prove me wrong

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wtf no her dress looks like a salad

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your dress looks like a sadad REEE

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it messed up the eyes fucking kek

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>bottom right one

>> No.5150418

hes joking you fucking autistic sperg

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Bottom right looks like a slav-italian mix

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i shiggy

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how would this be as a method of practice?

>download sakuga-tier anime scene
>draw main features of frame 1, draw main features of frame 5, draw frame 10 etc.
>you will end up with several drawings, if you put them together it should look like a rough animatic of the scene. If it looks wrong, go back and readjust your shapes perspective etc. until it looks accurate

i could see learning a FUCK ton doing this but wdy all think?

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If it works for you it works for you
Try it out and come back with a post about how well it went
It doesn't sound like a bad approach, just make you're doing things to learn so you don't waste time

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has being on this board actually made any of you better artists?

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All I learned is anime gets likes and realism doesn't. Fucking weebs.

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harsh criticism from here really encourages me to do better
I learned that "kys" is simply a shorthand for "you have to try again"

>> No.5141090

This board supplied me with the resources necessary to grow and the knowledge that I am shit and need to grow.
It didn't do much besides that, though.
Threads are terrible.

>> No.5141124

I cant say I've really received a lot of critique the few times I have posted, however I think just being here has made me aware of art fundamentals and shit thats pretty much never discussed on any other social media, at least like this.
so yeah thanks ic

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My wife left me because I use /ic/. She wouldn’t let me call our baby loomis. I called her a fucking crab and told her she’s ngmi. I don’t even care she’s a fucking begshitter anyway. She kept telling me I had to go to work so I’d just hit her back with a pyw. That really makes her seethe. She just calls me a terrible dad but fuck her ive got a streak of over 300 days. She’s fucked up my life, she gave my kid 0 Asian genes. Obviously the day he was born the first thing I checked was his ligameme. Literally no ligameme, I was heartbroken. I had hoped because he was a boy it would be a high testwomb but I was wrong the little bitch does nothing but cry. He doesn’t take crit well at all. What should I do?

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How do you guys that work 40 hour work weeks make sure you get your daily drawings in? What's your schedule? [spoiler:lit]How are you going to escape wage slavery?[/spoiler:lit]

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1 hour concentrated study in the morning and 1 hour easy going study in the evening, I try to do one type of a study per week or a month so like if i'm doing value studies I'm doing them for a month instead of doing frantic shit where I switch from one type of study to another, I also try to allign studies with the type of work I get the most right now or the weakest parts of my skills
6 hours for commissions on week days and I spend saturday fully to do art that I want for myself
luckily drawing and painting is also fun as fuck so you can sketch and fuck around inbetween
I try to rest on sundays fully, it also helps absorb knowledge more

>> No.5139209

draw a bit before work
draw a bit after work

>> No.5139373

Straight outta Kharé
Hope you brought silver arrows /beg/

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It‘s called time management, even if you work 10 hours a day you can draw enough and do other stuff. Just learn how to use your time efficently

>> No.5139417

It's really not difficult unless you have kids. All you need is discipline. Decide the time frame for drawing in your daily schedule and stick to it. There's no real secret to this, only your will.

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Does anyone have any of these by RetroSupply? I have their Mid-Century Brush Pack but not these.

The Mid-Century Liner Brush Pack for Procreate
The Mid-Century Dry Brush Pack for Procreate
The Mid-Century Texture Brush Pack for Procreate

Happy to split the cost with anyone who might be interested.

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Quoted By: >>5138862

His parents just announced on his twitter that he died in June. An accident at work or something. I thought people would like to know.


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no one will mourn you when you die because your personality is awful

>> No.5137931

Literally who's that loser

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Very interesting style.

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you wont get more people at your funeral than (you)s on this comment

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i dont get it can someone explain why in these stylized faces the right eye from our perspective is placed so far away from the bridge of the nose than the left one?

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you ignored my question
>Simplification of forms
Yes, simplification of WHAT forms though?
you cant just add random stuff. There's anatomy to the nose.
What forms of the the nose anatomy is taken into account here?

>> No.5138885

It's an abstraction of the nose. If you want to take it further, lines themselves are abstractions of reality, a form of language. The fidelity and accuracy of the line takes a back seat to the meaning that line conveys to the viewer. Most people will read that as representing the tip of the nose, or the overlap of the nose over the face, or the cast shadow of the nose. If you can't see it, that's on you.

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Quoted By: >>5138888

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Quoted By: >>5138889

cute face bro

>> No.5138889

not me, google image. thank you though bro <3

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This is a drawing exercise that I do myself every once in a while. I want to see others try it out. This is an exercise in thinking about space 3d objects, please refrain from looking up references or trying to 3d model it. it may seem simple, but it can be tricky.

The problem
>You are to draw two cubes intersecting in a specific way
>On the left you can see the cubes from the side view, one is sitting parallel to the floor, the other has been lifted up to half the first's height, turned to the side 45 degrees, and tilted from the corner 45 degrees.
>on the right is the first cube from a different perspective
>your challenge is to draw what I described (you have the left for reference) from the perspective of the cube on the right.
cubes intersecting at 45 degrees, Draw it from a 3 point perspective.
The biggest challenge is to get it just right and to make sure all your bases are covered.
I will share my best attempt at this later on.

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Quoted By: >>5137559

The problem is that if i go by the silhouette on the right, then the cube becomes very isometric which is pretty far from the 3-point perspective drawing you're requesting.

>> No.5137556

The challenge is specifically that angle, because that angle provides a clear view of the intersection and a couple more challenging obstacles.
Also, please make sure the final cubes are opaque. pardon if this is something I should have put in the OP.

>> No.5137559

Oh? my bad. yeah. Isometric that is. Sorry, my terminology failed me.

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>> No.5138994

I don't feel like necrobumping this.
If you are interested in doing it have fun, here is my own attempt.

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Quoted By: >>5137506

>be this guy
>be as good as Alke
>be around longer than alke
>get 10% of the attention Alke gets
why does this happen?

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>> No.5137493

what do they mean by this?

>> No.5137495

Because I’m a pedo.

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Quoted By: >>5137503

Because you keep spamming them

>> No.5137503

threads are not finite you mongo, now fuck off

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who this?

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Quoted By: >>5137827

larry birkhead

>> No.5137501

I remember this meme

>> No.5137827

Sometimes i wonder if that's actually an accurate selfdepiction and the artist just has a very unfortunate face.

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Quoted By: >>5138639 >>5139459

Good morning fellas. I wanted to know what/ic/s opinion is on e-courses? I keep getting them advertised to me and wanted to know if you think its worth spending money on or if I'm just as well off using free resources. Beyond that, if you find them acceptable please share your recommendations in this thread

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Just work on the fundamentals. Loomis isn't just for heads. Proko isn't just for whatever you've been using them for. Vilppu isn't just for gesture. That's all a very small part of their repetoire.

Use what they teach you to draw anything. Then go and study the world. Use the principle s and fundamentals to make paintings, draw landscapes, make animations, write comics, etc.

>> No.5138639

While we're at it, any opinions on this school? Been considering FZD due to the conciseness and apparent industry focus, but I'm put off by the fact that Feng is only managing the place and has FZD grads doing the instruction. Looked up work history and said grads have skill, but not a lot of time in the field, mostly the type that could never find a way out of academics and into the real world. So this coupled with the mostly-heard-about-through-shills thing is giving me a scammy vibe. Still, I'd like a year where my only concern is drawing and improving, so I'm torn.

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File: 42KiB, 255x275, mpc-hc64_16vEJGzMuE.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Trying to do an anatomy course where the guy tends to sketch more often than not. He's a good illustrator but someone said I'm not going to learn anything from sketching a sketch, which makes sense. How can I get the most out of this course? I'm doing the first lesson and he's drawing a basic skeleton. There's more skeleton later in the video but the skull he drew is pic rel. Should I just like, look up a real skeleton to use as reference? I could also watch the video through and then do my own sketches afterwards? I don't really know how to go about doing this so any help would be appreciated

>> No.5139459

You only need a few good tutorials and the rest is just practice. Stay the fuck away from memes like new masters academy or watts atelier if you just want to draw anime. It’s designed to keep you beg.

>> No.5139467

i mean, i'd understand a tutorial to help you get up-to-speed with a large software package, but everything else you can pick up from a few short sentences from a book

perspective, color theory, these are worth learning
but an entire course/book on figure drawing? you're just creating volumes. what really needs to be said?

they want you to believe the course will teach you some secret that you can't get elsewhere, but it's a lie

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