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>sticking to your safe space color theory is basically just tracing
>I create my own color schemes in order to be original

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cool blogpost

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Color theory tells us what looks good and what doesn't. You'll never produce something appealing by just trying random combinations.

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>in order to be original
lol look at this nigger.
People have been creating their own color palettes for ages. You ain't special at all.

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artists made much better works before the color wheel and its postulations on color harmony was ever around. no pun intended.

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Rockhe's book is chock full of images like that. He goes through the different movements and stretch and compressions. I really hope his book gets more mainstream attention. Would buy in English in an instant.

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I'm interested but happy to wait since they mention there's a revised translation coming but have no indication that this second printing is it.

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yes it is that is why it's been delayed and we couldn't get it before christmas

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Sound, probably wont order it this time round since its only in the US shop but I'll keep an eye out for it.

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i found this and the rock he kim books to be vastly overrated because they're korean and somehow full of secret knowledge the west doesn't have. a lot of the bodies are really stylized and wonky drawings in the rockhe book, it's more like a how to draw shounen anatomy at times. stonehouse is filled with fluff that's never going to be useful to you. it's cool to have some of these drawings but i find them rather useless and crowded by extraneous drawings, especially when so much of it is internal structure you're never going to draw.

a flip through of stonehouse but there should be a pdf you can find too
https://www.facebook com/kimjunggius/videos/3469621889786248/

we already have amazing books in english you could be learning from. i'm not against learning from any culture's books but don't buy into the hype they get on this board from fetishization. these authors likely learned from the western masters and are regurgitating what they learned to their audience. check out bridgman, bammes, morpho, richer, peck's atlas of anatomy, anatomy for sculptors, goldfinger anatomy, etc. and you'll no doubt see the influence. a lot of people praise shit on here because they're not good and think a resource they don't have will be a shortcut to "making it".

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Has anyone used human z builder to make reference models for drawing/photobashing? Would it be worthless to actually buy it? None of the cracked versions work currently. Looks cool though

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While I don't recognize photobashing/3D tracing as art—this would be an amazing tool to learn anatomy

t. Am currently learning it

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It objectively is art, art isn’t about how hard something is. But that’s not the conversation I was trying to start there’s definitely enough of that. I don’t care either way by the way it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s art or not, the tool looks cool. Does anyone have a cgpeers to check if they’ve got a functioning version?

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenikkiart/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenikkiart
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/63951381
DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/thenikkiart
ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/thenikkiart
Tumblr: https://thenikkiart.tumblr.com
Blog: https://thenikkiart.blogspot.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbyhmxOMp_E&t=7s

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the schizophrenic has found the pattern in the numbers

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I actually just finished a drawe! Do you want to see?

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No, fuck off and go shoot up a school already, you fucking mongoloid.

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Nice dubs, and don't worry I'm not schizophrenic, the pattern is just pleasing.
That's awfully rude. :(

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...we've got some threads to kill

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>be you
>reading Loomis
>studying Vilppu
>7h grinding sessions
>nobody there to tell you your on the wrong path
>nobody there to tell you your doing the same mistakes over and over
>nobody there to tell you what makes more sense to learn
>nobody telling you you did great today
>300 Twitter Follower "aspiring self-taught artist"

>be me
>have professional teacher and mentor
>have class full of art friends
>healthy rivalty
>teacher tells me how to draw
>grinding together with friends after class
>never on the wrong path
2 years later
>50k Follower on Twitter
>fav artist liked my pic
>high paying jobs from big companys all the time
>cute art gf
>How does it feel self taugth fags?
>pic related

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Hey Op draw o meme of Garth Brooks is a looser commie fag.

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based and gmi

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This is sophisticated one, 5/5 bait

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Brian, you are an inspiration. Keep making the crabs seethe.

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i remember this post

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I need reference material to draw women. Physical media would be nice because always looking at the screen is tiring. I was looking for porn magazines because the softcore stuff might be good but the only magazine they still sell is penthouse and there probably isn't enough pictures in it. Any suggestions?

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Ask your girlfriend to pose for you

>> No.5145363

>be me
>be a woman (man)
>take photos of myself naked for reference
it's just that easy

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her core strength is amazing to hover over the toilet like that

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Haha I didn't even notice that

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Why can’t webcomic artists draw?

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Because webcomics are largely a practice endeavor.

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>OP picture
what? I know it's supposed to be based but I don't get it

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While the FBI was recording MLK, it was discovered that he advised and encouraged a someone who was currently raping a woman. The tapes will be released in 2027

The reason why it's funny is that despite cancelling people over rap lyrics or rumors, they're very hesitant to cancel a person who was accused of assisting a rape. Likely because it assisted their own political camp. When those tapes release at 2027, you can guarantee that they'll use the same excuses that they ridiculed confederate sympathizers for. With conservatives continuing to whine about double standards instead of doing anything with their political power.

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You're completely misrepresenting the article. Standard practice for your lot.

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i dont know anon. why can't you draw?

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How well does the average person draw? (Non-artists?). Can you be below average even if you're trying to make it?

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>How well
Below beg tier. Until the day they die.
People who just happen to have affinity with arts and never develop, can be beg tier or medium tier, until the day they die.

>Can you be below average
of course, you can be literal zero tier, stick figures until the day you die.

>even if you're trying to make it?
subjective. An average definition of someone who is triyng to "make it", is someone who actually consider arts equal as any hard topic, with intense study, as in any other job like medicine or maths or a competitive sport. If your "trying to make it" is just watch youtube videos or draw for get attention in your current social media, then you are just a normie that find in arts a way to raise your ego. Same is if you're just trying to get simple commissions on internet to pay shitty things in the future, while you could do the same and more easy with any simple job.
If the question is serious, the answer is yes, any person can be professional in any form of art, the same as any person can be any type of job in the world if they study and develop enough.

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I always wonder this actually. Most people I know barely drew at all beyond compulsory art lessons that end at like 14.

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>How well does the average person draw? (Non-artists?).
Average people literally have zero ability to draw. Boxes and stick figures make their head hurt. Perspective and anatomy is fucking black magic to them
>Can you be below average even if you're trying to make it?
Sometimes yeah.

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>How well does the average person draw? (Non-artists?)
The average non-artist person simply don't know how to draw, they're only a bit better than a 5yo kid at drawing.
>Can you be below average even if you're trying to make it?
If you're really trying and with this I mean: studying, being critical with every drawing you make, drawing at the very least 1 hour per day (using your brain of course, not spending time doing lines mindlessly) then no, it's impossible to stay below average after 1 or 2 years. Now, if you're just """""trying"""""", and with this I mean: Seeing a 10 minute video about human figure and thinking you're ready to be a professional artist after two months then yes, it is totally possible to stay below average.

With this I'm not saying you have to be this kind of tryhard artist that spend 8 hours per day at drawing, but you have to be diligent, take your time to study and enjoy the trip. Also, don't be scared of studying like some people, it literally will do nothing but improve your skills.

>> No.5146829

>Can you be below average even if you're trying to make it?
basically impossible, normies with no interest in drawing make kindergarten tier drawings
but given how many teenagers now have an interest in drawing, the "average" is much higher than it used to be

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Sorry bros, you really should have gotten that STEM degree instead...

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crap i thought i thought of this first

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doob doo dodo doob

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I desperately need a new drawing program, but I'm pretty lost when it comes to why the most useful and basic features are so hard to find.

Microsoft paint is my go to, always has been but it lacks one or two features that'd make it seriously useable.

Rotation in degrees, not just 90. Ability to draw with pencil (pixels) resizing by determining values. I guess I need photoshop? seems like overkill. Paint is just so close to perfect.

hotkeys that let me switch between tools
drawing shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, is absolutely
I don't use paints to draw or anything, I use it as a drafting program for the art I make (painting) in real life, so gridlines and pixel adjustment is more important than gradients and weird brushes.

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sai was going to be my next download
I remember having gimp and hating it for some reason
I don't like it when things are too intuitive, brush strokes and blurs can be really useful basic tools for 'varnishing' or altering things but I'm more for

it's great but the brushes they give you seem like they're designed to be bad, you can't change the shape and size yourself. You also can't rotate by degree, which to me seems like the most basic thing in the universe every image softwares should come with automatically.

what I'll end up doing is downloading sai and using its rotate feature, and then copying things back into paint. There's got to be legal reasons for these programs being such garbage in the late year 2021

also when I transparent select something and then rotate it, literally 1/3rd the selection gets 'cut' and deleted, I have to make so many workarounds because of horrible programming.

example: using paint to predetermine cut space on plywood to make grounds for painting, why are pixels randomly missing? my demands on the software are too high. this program was literally better in 2004.

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If you want to make pixel art, grafx2.

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Quoted By: >>5147434

>to make pixel art, grafx2.

dude I live under a rock this is life changing
I didn't think there were pixel art specific programs, I hope there is a line/square/circle various shape functions.

>> No.5147434

there's aseprite, libresprite and graphicsgale too
some have cool features like automatic dithering and animation

>> No.5147449

CSP has all of those. Zoom is also smooth instead of in blocks like SAI. Shapes come in the form of lasso tools that you can lock aspect ratio of, so for example you could select out a perfect circle with 1:1 on, then fill it in with a color.

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How can I get work for DC and Marvel as a comic artist?

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In the past I heard the best way was to go to conventions and show your portfolio to editors at company booths.

Recently I have heard of artists being contacted through social media when they post stuff companies like.

>> No.5146236

Now she looks less like Shrek and more like a hooker

>> No.5146250

The first option is still possible, but I've noticed it's mostly the House style artists (Jim Lee - David Finch types) who get contacted after reviews.

>> No.5147648

>it's a private business, it's not censorship and they can do what they want
>what's wrong, I thought you liked the free market :^)

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dont be a weird seething incel with no social skills who blames minorities for your own utter failure as a human being. that will put you ahead of everyone in this thread. remember, its all about being a great person to work with, friendly who is professional and can meet a deadline.

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How do you draw something scary, creepy, or unnerving? I can't recall any moments where I was legitimately disturbed looking at a piece of art like I have been looking at just an actual picture with maybe some photo editing. Is it even possible? Do I have to draw realistically?

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Quoted By: >>5148905

I like this guy's art.

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What was the magic trick that made you good at drawing? No Loomis please

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Because they couldn't find a good expression with that angle to bash in.

>> No.5146766


>> No.5146925

Harsh self criticism, realizing that it if it doesn't look right you gotta fix it or roll with it, you can't power thru
Imo atleast

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is anyone interested in learning on here, I see a bunch of edgy commentary and no fundamentals,anime faggotry is not a good starting point

reddit-tier shit

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I only come here to troll in between sessions of making money with my art.

>> No.5145216

you should lurk on /r/art more to see how awful their art community really is

>> No.5145217
Quoted By: >>5145567

I come here to file noteworthy competition, cross-reference any work that pops up on social media, and then build profiles of anything bad they say and all the actions they do to gas them like the Jews did a year or two down the road. Why do you think so many of "our guys" end up beleting their accounts?

It's about who you know, not who you blow. >:)

>> No.5145560

You say it's full of anime faggotry, and yet you posted this useless fucking thread and consequently proceeded to drown out one of my 2 threads that are about fundies and drawing techniques. Congrats, you're a fucking retard. Search the whole damn catalog before crying your fee fees out. Still not satisfied then? Back to 9gag you go

>> No.5145567

kek porn gangsters

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Quoted By: >>5146790

all of the following are by JMG https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/12636439

what are some western girls that i could draw thicc ?

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>"i decide how you feel, checkmate bigot"

>> No.5146762

holy shit my dick

>> No.5146790

that's obv a westerner

>> No.5147063

what are you, five?

>> No.5147116

why are cartoon moms always so hot

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Learn a trade

>> No.5145759

If he's wearing a cape don't forget to make it fall from behind him. I think he's cute! what's his name and what does he do?

>> No.5146898
Quoted By: >>5147075

He looks like a chibi version of Beheaded

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>> No.5147080

Animate him

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Quoted By: >>5146812

Anyone tried unconventional methods to make drawing more enjoyable? To link drawing with reward I tried masturbating to pencils

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>> No.5146710

man, if you gotta do shit like this, just quit. you shouldn't have to try and force yourself to enjoy art.

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Fap to the abyss.

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>> No.5146813

The abyss gets everyone eventually. Its pointless to resist.

>> No.5146828

Ah I see, well my point still stands.

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Quoted By: >>5145219

Hello, I made this animation.. esta en español lol, espero les guste.

If you're interested in what it says, I could make English subtitles for you guys...
I'll check back later since comments are prohibited in youtube :<

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>> No.5145219
Quoted By: >>5145237

Me da miedo :(

>> No.5145236

>>knows something

>> No.5145237
Quoted By: >>5145248

Porque te da miedooo? :(

>> No.5145248
Quoted By: >>5145253

It hits my uncanny valley sensor pretty hard. But i think you did it on purpose desu

>> No.5145253

I hope I did (?) I don't really know, it's supposed to be human-like but not so much, also round because it's for kids haha.

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Quoted By: >>5145112

I noticed that my main issue seems to be spending so much time trying to figure out what to draw, that I waste what time I could be spent actually drawing on being indecisive. I know there are a lot of websites for poses and I'm fine with those, but I really want to practice the head. This might sound dumb but are there any sites like posemaniacs or line of action or quickposes, but for busts?

>inb4 just use those sources and only draw the head.

I'm talking about close-ups. I really just want to zero in on grinding out different head angles, constructing them, so I beat the bad habit of "draw a circle and a cross and do the 3/4 view" that I keep defaulting to because I have no big visual library of how to draw different angles. Thanks in advance.

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>> No.5145057
Quoted By: >>5145063

1) Draw a head from one angle
2) Construct the same head from another angle
3) Rotate the model to match your drawing
4) Check for mistakes and fix them
5) Repeat

>> No.5145063
Quoted By: >>5145091

Holy fuck this is perfect thank you

>> No.5145091

Also, these videos really helped me with rendering faces from various angles:


>> No.5145112

your not using basic forms as a base, there's no structure, kys

>> No.5145117

Google images
Yandex images
Bing images

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Quoted By: >>5146711

What is the point of a display tablet if you're going to be using a monitor to draw anyway?

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>> No.5146660

my tablets at the same height as in op picture, my neck just gets tired quick

>> No.5146711
Quoted By: >>5146749

what's up with the cat

>> No.5146749
Quoted By: >>5146771

the cat knows it owns that anime pussy

>> No.5146771

based little fucker

>> No.5146773

You can play Osu! on it

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Quoted By: >>5145241 >>5145277

Am I being retarded or is this a real problem?

How do I skillfully handle the dreaded red and yellow pal?

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>> No.5145241

MacDonald's has forever ruined the red and yellow color scheme. I'm pissed the trans flag stole blue pink and white because that was a cool combo.

>> No.5145268
Quoted By: >>5145274

Like every other color scheme, colors have value, saturation and different hues. Not everything has to be 100% fully saturated "red" and "yellow" like you've posted in the OP. You can push and pull them in different ways to create a composition. What you're referring to as "red" and "yellow" are just one particular slice of what could be considered red or yellow. You could have a dark red with a lighter yellow, or a muted, lower value yellow with a striking, fully saturated red. You could have a red that is leaning towards magenta, you could have a yellow that is leaning towards orange, etc. etc. - all while still being considered 'red' or 'yellow'.

>> No.5145274

Ty, sir.

I'll try to free myself from this RY curse.

>> No.5145277
Quoted By: >>5145285

What are you trying to draw using this scheme?

>> No.5145285

Nothing... I've been avoiding it for a long time

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Quoted By: >>5146928 >>5146999

>be fan of vivziepop
>draw nsfw
>makes incestual pedo artwork
>shit gets outta hand
>Vivzie fucking had enough
>Instagram profiles get deleted

Why does this shit happen? How can they have to power to shut down fan art now?

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>> No.5146897
Quoted By: >>5146913

I'm going to need a link.

>> No.5146913
Quoted By: >>5146922

Just do a search for "vivziepop twitter." You'll know it's hers because it has a blue check mark

>> No.5146922

Oh disregard me I'm stupid. I thought you were talking about the artist who drew the OP fanart. I'm looking for sauce on that.

>> No.5146928

>>Vivzie fucking had enough
BASED vivzie
>How can they have to power to shut down fan art now?
You never had any right to your "fan" art, parasitic faggot

>> No.5146999

Because fuck anyone who draws pedo shit.

I never thought I'd hate something more than furries, but here we are.

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can anyone tell me the name of the work in he background or link me to a better pic of it? it’s really shady looking. seems like a pedo dog whistle to me

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democrat harold ford on fox had mao on his wall, they made him tilt the camera so no one catches on too soon

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seriously why even bother to move it out of view at this point.

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Kim Noble painting

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OP is a photoshop. It was Warhol's print of Mao.

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