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How do I get this good?

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I am male and I like cow costume anime tiddies.
I think it is ok to like boobs and cow cosplay.
If you draw these things I will like your drawings, too.

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That would explain why this board is so full of shit and crabs.

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Then why don't polls on other boards give those results? Not like there is more of an incentive to lie on /ic/

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Everyone‘s saying hard round brush, but how tf do you use the hard round brush to make it look like that?

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>this shit again
We need another coomer purge.

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/ic/, are artists born or made? I've been struggling with art lately and recently just come to this question. What's your opinion?

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someone wants to put down an idea visually. not through words but art. and thats how an artist is made.

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>regularly visit /ic/ about a year ago
>daily "does talent exist/are artists born?" threads
>talent fags always get btfo'd when they realize >pic related and the evidence that backs it up
>FF to now
>still the same threads posted everyday
We need a "does talent exist" sticky at this point

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Araki is proof that you can make it even if you have zero natural talent but work hard to improve.

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everyone is made
some people just have different upbringings and brain chemicals that react differently to different upbringings that could give them an edge in certain things
the only certainty in life is that not everyone was born to be an athlete--creative and intelligent pursuits are far less understood and far more accessible by everyone

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I jut drew this angel.
Her name is Ava.She is an innocent & pure angel from Heaven.Despite being 2 billion years old,she still looks like a little girl.
She loves seeing people happy,smiling and getting along.
People suffering or fighting makes her cry.She' s very sensitive.
She ha the ability to make people nicer/kinder by wiggling her toes at them.
When she is happy,she also wiggle her toes (all complete with the classic sounds effect and all).

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>Despite being 2 billion years old,she still looks like a little girl.

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>I jut drew this angel.
You did not draw this image.

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what's with these posts, is it one schizo?
yeah sure you drew this heavily artifacted promotional art for an 00s eroge

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>The question:
How far can a complete /beg/ with zero experience go with just the absolute, barebones fundamentals, the rest being completely self-taught.
>The experiment:
/ic/ gives me five books to work with. I am not allowed to obtain information and/or lessons from any other source. All critique must be from myself. I am allowed to use reference. It's as minimalistic as it can get.

I haven't sorted out the details of this challenge. Feel free to give suggestions.

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hahahaha looks like you came to your senses.
Now stop coming up with retarded ideas and get drawing.

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I swear I've seen this same exact post before except OP was trying to get as good as cutesexyrobutts

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I suppose the idea isn't overly unique or creative, though I can't say my interest in cutesexyrobutts is overly high.

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It only takes 3 months to get good if you just fucking draw..

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How many times do I need to cum each day to get coom art gains

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I watch this from time to time, just to ground myself in reality. it's like a memento mori. idk

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Don't, channel hightened arousal into hightened focus on the stuff that makes coom art coom.

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the bigger the dickbrain you are, the greater the chances you are NGMI

if you are a dumb caveman, you can't do art, sorry.

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I don't like this

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I thought this was a meme, but I was honstly way more productive after I went a week without nutting.

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Looking for an art community or seeking one to join? Post your links here.

We are looking to start an art server for people interested in practicing fundamentals as well as posting their own art (novice or professional) in addition to a chill spot for those looking for a social circle with likeminded individuals. (We ourselves are /BEG/) https://discord.gg/JfXjwy95JQ

Image: The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh (1889)

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Comfy server made for people striving to make it. Healthy mix of /beg/, /int/ and pros. Above all we're looking for people who work hard and are serious about going pro eventually.


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Avoid discord at all cost.

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>making it

They never learn

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Why realistic noses are so freaking complicated, no wonder cartoons simplified it to just 1-2 lines. If only we had gorilla's nose, life would be so much easier

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Eww gross

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Hi, Proko.

>> No.5133750

I'm not Prokopenko, but feel free to buy our courses

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Get a free account on Skillshare and watch the Asaro head by Marco Bucci

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any discords with /int/ artists? i feel like most of the people on here are /beg/ as fuck

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good artists don‘t waste their time on discord, ngmi

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you failed sorry

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dunning kruger

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/int/ is knowing the fundamentals by heart

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I'll wait

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Best in the thread.

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>fr*nch dogs

May your deaths be slow and horrible

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The espadas were cool af

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fucking weeb develop some taste

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>I am unironically racist towards the french
Congratulations, you are the French.

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previous thread >>5109002

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Two now*

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it actually looks like you've overexagerrated some of the soft edges, I would reevaluate which fall-offs in value can go more intense, for example the curvature of the nostril can probably be darker, faster. It's almost like you're closer to an even 0-10 value scale across the face instead of going more intense. https://www.dorian-iten.com/shading-mistakes/ this article explains this better

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thanks ill read that article

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what does this mean? i see jp artists post it all the time

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it's short for rakugaki, means sketch or doodle

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Can you draw this guy?

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As always, very disturbing.

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This is a thread for right wing art and art by right wing artists. Post work by yourself or others.

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watermarks are gigacringe. if your work isnt recognizable just off style alone your ngmi

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coloured it ,i dont know how to shade guns or other metalic objects so the fn fal turned out muddy

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That's some tism bro
Have sex you tard

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>You don't silence an opponent you know you can best.
>You silence people because they could unravel your lies.

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>5089205

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rollll l

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Quoted By: >>5133349

Describe what is happening in this image. Please give me feedback as well.

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You forgot your meds.

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The /beg/ who spent 4 hours polishing a turd so he's throwing a temper tantrum and fixing to jerk off afterwards

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Take your time, you can do it.
Previous Thread: >>5129419

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Genuine question.
Why should I construct a face when I can just use my own as a reference?

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Loomis doesn't bring up gesture because his book was released before gesture became mainstream thanks to Nicholades. The mannequin IS still gesture related, it's just more emphasis on construction.

>> No.5137246

Construction is not an end in itself, it's a way for you to better understand your references.

>> No.5137270

yes. you could try applying that study to something more meaningful by doing this

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Made a new thread

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I don't like the anime style and absolutly love this dudes art, only problem he is korean so he mostly draws asians.

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This looks gross.

This is great.

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seriously though, what is shinkiro's process? Does he trace over models? when i look back at his snk work, the characters are in a irl photograph. what is that called?

>> No.5135132

As thos fella suggested here .at the begining he sufered from same face sindrome .but later on his work we can se he clearly evolved and surpased that problem.and even could mix that style whit different shading techniques that looked in between realistic-animeish/cartoonish.
If you are intrested look at his work trough the years

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Alex Ross is semi-realistic and literally never draws Asians

>> No.5135326

Don't think he does, he did have a naver blog but hasn't uploaded in years.

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Hi /ic/, I've been drawing, idk what to call it, surrealist gore? for quite a few years now, its has all sat untouched in the deepest darkest corners of my hard drive but now im interested in sharing it, but honestly, I have no idea where the fuck this kind of art would be acceptable or even gain a bit of a following, can you guys point me into some direction.

picrel a sketch i did for the thread.

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Quoted By: >>5133784

>I have no idea where the fuck this kind of art would be acceptable or even gain a bit of a following
there are tons of gore fetishist fujoshi on mainstream social media
expect that people who will like your art will be fetishists

>> No.5133779

Twitter forebade gore

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You’re probably right, I actually got in “trouble” for drawing weird shit when I was younger so im scared of more backlash

Im fine with fetishists, but probably wouldn’t roll with fujo crowd since i mostly draw women

Here’s a wip for you anon...

>> No.5134362

Instagram, seriously

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Quoted By: >>5133196 >>5133236

Why most of the anime artists are rl depressed losses who has zero experience with woman?

Also kinda mentally ill because they have some serious problems communicating with others.

I'm an artist for more than 15 years now, I know a lot of fellow artists, most of them are ok, but when it comes to anime, there's tons of problematic personalities, I'm starting to think that maybe its the anime that influences them?

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Even the biggest moe mangaka are married...

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Quoted By: >>5133236

Even the ones that make harem manga.

>> No.5133213

Can we please get some mods for these bait threads? Thanks.

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I'm saying anime artist because not all the people know the term mangaka, plus I'm speaking English not Japanese.
Mangaka is a Japanese word

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Even the ones with a long career making wish fulfillment romance manga, anime and games.

Which leads us to think... is OP a childless woman in her 30s or just a virgin tradtard larper?

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I want to try chiaroscuro drawings. Do you guys have any tips on what kind of white pen and tone paper to buy

>> No.5133102

printer paper and mechanical pencil

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How does it have so much soul?

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because it looks like shit

>> No.5133161

again with the soul meme??

>> No.5133182
Quoted By: >>5133200

Loomis hadn’t been invented yet

>> No.5133194

everyone looks so bored in these paintings

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Quoted By: >>5133064

What‘s the best way to become really good at arts? How does your daily grind look like to become a /pro/ who gets like 100k followers after drawing for year?

>> No.5133062

Practice for 10 hours a day for 20 years

>> No.5133064

It's not about grinding. If you have this mentality, you will never make it. Getting good at art is all about dedication and enjoyment. There is no short cut to getting good. All you need is a consistent workflow towards your goals.

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Do you use an iPad to create wonderful masterpieces of art? Or even just use your iPad to doodle? Do you have a brush hoarding disorder? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're in the right thread!

Use this thread to discuss iPad art apps like Procreate, ArtStudio Pro, and other apps, as well as the iPad itself and related subjects.

Previously >>5099841

The last thread either died prematurely, or interest is waning.

>Procreate Brushes

>Photoshop Brushes (can be used in ArtStudio Pro)

>Clip Studio Paint Brushes

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Quoted By: >>5137583

Thank you dude!

Does anyone have the Nikolai Lockertsen brushes that got uploaded a little while ago? I missed them before they expired.

>> No.5137180
Quoted By: >>5137591

Does anyone have any of these by RetroSupply? I have their Mid-Century Brush Pack but not these.

The Mid-Century Liner Brush Pack for Procreate
The Mid-Century Dry Brush Pack for Procreate
The Mid-Century Texture Brush Pack for Procreate

>> No.5137583

I just uploaded all the Nikolai Lockertsen brushes I have to the Mega. The Bleed, Eggs and Greens brushsets are in there.

There are some duplicates of some of his older brushes, which I think are a result of him either making some alterations or maybe re-saving them in different versions of Procreate. I haven't had a chance to examine them all to see what differences there are, if any.

>> No.5137591
Quoted By: >>5137601

I’m surprised their complete Mid-Century pack hasn’t been shared around yet- maybe in a couple days it might pop up since they had like a random hourish-long 30% off sale Thursday.

>> No.5137601

It's still running now (code IMBACK); tempted to get it myself if I can split the cost with someone

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For those of you here who hate western comics and cartoons, show me a western art style that you actually like

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Quoted By: >>5136348

That's not Winsor McCay, that's T.M. Bevans.
Pic is Winsor McCay.

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Quoted By: >>5136343


>> No.5136343
File: 264KiB, 1041x1600, bs.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't like most of these Marvel prints. The Elektra one in the OP is a lesser version of a splash page by Sienkiewicz. Moebius is one of my favorites regardless.

>> No.5136348

hehe, im dumb. thanks.

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File: 74KiB, 980x718, 1543858380_455176_1543861177_sumario_normal.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


File: 346KiB, 2047x1713, 7dbf294817779eed910ea9a4d3f19ca0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>5133867

Ever since I saw this character design,I fell in love with it.
I'm the director in chief of a fashion magazine and I'm constantly looking up on character outfits that would pique my interest.

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>> No.5133648

>Why do people think that just because a male character dresses in an over-the-top fashion,they must be gay?
Unless they're k-pop stars or Dennis Rodman, androgynous men usually prefer the dick over bobs & vagene.

>> No.5133867

Start by simplifying the outfit.Some of the best designs are the simplest ones.Keep the basis but get rid of the excess stuff like the furred poncho on his tunic or the ridiculous wings.
And why two pairs of rings? Make up your mind.It's the hoops or the tassels,not both.
Other than this,I think it looks great.It definitely give off that cunning ,devious and dangerous vibe.

>> No.5133899

garbage anime shit

>> No.5136388
Quoted By: >>5136519

Women seem to judge character designs with their vaginas rather than with their brain.

>> No.5136519

>implying women have brains

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