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I am trying to understand abs but I don't know how many rows of abs people are supposed to have

Please highlight the individual abs on these pictures so I can see them clearly

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Unironically different. Rectus abdominis develops divisions depending on work, its one big muscule, not 6 different.
A weak untrained shit naturallu only has two, left and right ( picrelated)

Swartzenegger only ever had a 4 pack, his genetics refused to make more packs, most people get 6, some get 8, there are legends of a 10 pack, but i havent seen one.

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Some thin girl

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>Rectus abdominis develops divisions depending on work

Do fitoids actually

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8 but different muscle insertions give different looks, like with any other muscle

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I'm not even at page 20 and I already want to kill myself. Fuck you /ic/, I'd rather draw background than these ugly ass faces. This artstyle is outdated and not fun at all.

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Piccadilly dot grid (in their larger 7.4 x 9.7 size, not sure if they still offer it)

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This. Fuck FWAP, but FDFAIW is based.

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where can some man to find the mega wega wahaha mega

give wega link now give me now pigggg

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I'd rather have fun with my cock n balls

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made me laugh so hard my chest hurts, fucking hell

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Third-world poorfag artist here.
Where I can get Mitch Leeuwe's bundle? I don't have 105 USD.
None of the links of Google's worked, and I got trojans and spyware whilst I was downloading them.

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Name the torrent friend

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>Mitch Leeuwe's bundle
You can find this shit really easily on duckduckgo, why do you have to ask here? I'm DLing a rar with it and I will let you know if I get aids

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draw something at that level using that guide, i bet you can't.

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I didn't get aids. here you go OP https://courseupload.com/the-complete-bundle-by-mitch-leeuwe/

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This thread is dedicated to the most important fundie: gesture.

I'm looking for a good resource to work on improving my gesture, I'm thinking of picking up something by Mike Mattesi but not sure where to start. I'd also like an alternative resource because I make the most gains comparing and analyzing different methods.

Post anything gesture related.

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Hi, I'm Mike Mattesi and this is how you use the Force method to draw like the old masters

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Gesture is everything

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I suck at arms and legs. How do I do it like vilppu?

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You start with drawing the head. You can either use an oval or another fitting shape to represent it. I've started doing loomis method of drawing a circle then filling the jaw since I drew these and posted them
because it works with my brain/current drawing skill better. Draw a dot on the top of the head if you need to to help show its orientation. Drawing an axis can help orient the head too. Draw a line coming down from the head in the direction the neck/spine is flowing. This doesn't have to necessarily be the contour of the neck.

From there find curves or lines on the subject's body you can use to "flow" down the body and alternate them. Women with hourglass figures are really easy to do this on. Do this for the body then the subject's legs. Then place some lines on your gesture to represent their arms. Fill in something to represent their feet and hands and you're done. From there you move on to the next stage which is using circles to round out the bits of the body.

I find Vilppu is pretty dreadful at explaining his own method most of the time and rambles on a lot rather than getting straight to the point. I had to piece this all together using various bits of information from him from various sources. Here's some things that helped me understand it:

Watching him draw something from imagination (When you know the process watching him draw is really helpful):

Watching the process from someone else:

Vilppu himself explains it a convention or some kind of show:

I'm by no means an expert but I understand the basic process. I'm producing "okay" to "bad" gestures at the moment but not amazing ones.

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Why doesn't his method work on "natural" poses?

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If so, could you link your page?

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I do. twitter: theranubis.

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lmao this nigga does commissions

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have you ever seen a human anus before?

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Post bad art only

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Not really bad

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>"post bad art"
>posts good art

baka senpai

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Does anybody have the emo character with the long bangs and gray hoodie? Furthermore, does anybody know its origins?

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This is a great exercise even if when using the line tool. It will help train your eye. Then you can take that experience and apply it to hand drawn boxes. You'll have a much better eye for what looks right.

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This shit artist i know started posting again.

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major dan

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I'm assuming they're actually just the same 'person', and it's all a charade for a art related thesis about posting on an Outer Mongolian meme board, or else they're one multifaceted schizo dude.

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Would be an insane plottwist

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Have you ever wondered why there are no terrible beginner sketches from the great masters?

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This is foundational chan culture, unchanged for almost 2 decades.
Literally lurk more

>> No.5134119

...Because they threw them into the trash?

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Why are anime posters always stupid?

>> No.5134312

they burned all of them

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ignore the OP and post more of these plox.

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Name 5 well known professional artists that use gesture drawing regularly. I'll wait. And no, you can't use vilppu, hampton, or proko as an answer.

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Any quick sketch that captures the essence of an object's shapes is a gesture drawing

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Will you ever get tired of making bait threads?

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>contour drawing is now gesture
gesturefags are truly pathetic

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Keep moving the goalposts.

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jeff watts
steve huston
david finch
craig mullins
karl kopinski

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>art is actually pretty easy to learn once you have all the right resources, motivation, time and place and life
>you wasted so much time being a retard

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It does apply to you though
You said it yourself, you had to push through a lack of motivation and depression in order to get yourself working
You have experienced something that a naturally energetic/driven person has not experienced
As life progresses many of these naturally driven people will encounter hardship they havent before and falter, whereas you have already experienced these things and should have learned from them
Instead though it seems that youve allowed yourself to become spiteful of the world around you
Which is unfortunate
I bet you could become an incredible artist, but with your mindset I have my doubts

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if if if if if if.... if you were 4 years into the future and you spent those 4 years drawing without burning yourself out starting today you would be a much greater artist.

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you know what happens in real life?
the first horse gets put out to stud
and the last horse gets turned into dog food

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I love natural selection. You are pathetic. You should die soon.

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Take notebook and a pencil, go innawoods, return home only when the sun's setting down anon.

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Anyone's got LeraPi's timelapses?

>> No.5132175

this isn't even unappealing

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Previous Thread: >>5094786

1. Don't post nudity or too revealing works.
When in doubt, post a censored copy here and link to the original off-site (e.g. catbox, imgur, etc).

2. **No Porn**.
No, not the retarded "anything with a body in it is porn" standard or "I see her underwear, MODSSS!!!" Use common sense.

3. Do not post sexualized child photo references.

4. Due to the PPH (posts per hour versus the ratio of artists posting work) of this general, please wait until page 9 or 10 to remake a new thread or let the general fall off the board entirely before making a new one. Use warosu.org to retrieve the old threads.
Q/A Backup:https://pastebin.com/QibnZTPs


>/lsg/ Specific Resources:
>Monthly Prompt Template

>General Resources:

Any other resources/references you are willing to share will be added. Especially any material that focuses more on this general's subject matter.

Notice: Gomennasai but the pastebin links probably aren't working. We are working diligently behind the scenes to bring them back online. We thank you for your patience and your returned commitment to LSG.

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>hand not around the boys neck

Missed opportunity

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Loli fags. Kill urselfs plz, thx

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The one in the middle, is that supposed to Ganyu?

>> No.5137768

shit, I'm getting hard looking at my drawings

>> No.5137853

I'd say its an improvement, Its less lumpy then your previous work.

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Quoted By: >>5132520

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>> No.5132520

anyone know the artist?

>> No.5132537

le rebbit posting is cringe, bro

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I know you might be trolling but I can't tell anymore on this board lol. Its a photobashed digital painting by Vilius Petrauskas

its just concept art so who the fuck cares

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File: 694KiB, 1949x1326, Alexandre Cabanel - Death of Moses 1850.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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Post your favorite coomer artists

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>retard talking about things he has no clue about

>> No.5133137

Dangerous based.

>> No.5133234

I kinda wonder what you think good art looks like.

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Quoted By: >>5133892

How do you render or shade anime hair? Whatever I do it looks like shit.

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Quoted By: >>5131640

yep, I mesured it and it's a bit short

>> No.5130583

yeah learn from someone that barely does anime hair

this is how you get shoddy ripoff anime art

>> No.5131640
Quoted By: >>5131646

Its not just fucking short its flat, the kind of cartoon arm you doodle on the back of your math test

>> No.5131646

no it's not

>> No.5133892

Girls with tiny noses like that drive me WILD, little princesses they are. And no I'm not a pedo, I only like it on adult-aged women.

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Quoted By: >>5132920

>talent is just a me-

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Quoted By: >>5132171

>everything i don't agree with is incel
bro go get fucked in the mouth, you can't argue anything without immediately backing down onto using buzzwords like the subhuman you are. all i said is exactly what she behaves like, everything from the way she words things and advertises her shitty tumblr art style makes her sound like some obnoxious piece of shit trying to show off for validation. you're a subhuman lacking in any sort of observation skill

>> No.5132171

You're obviously describing yourself there incel

read it again >>5131846 for more self reflection and stop blaming others for being an obnoxious beglet

>> No.5132523

based anon, very based

>> No.5132920

Bitch is 18-19 and people probably have like 15 in mind

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>vendetta thread
>no one report it
just make more thread bros, jannies are on our side.

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No progress whatsoever has been experienced.

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My doctor said I'm going blind, this is it /ic/ I'm ngmi now

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>> No.5130504

damn anon, i'm really sorry for you, i would probably kill myself if i loose mi sight.

>> No.5130690

Just throw paint around like Jackson Pollock and use your disability to make it sell

>> No.5130799

didn't stop Wyndham Lewis you pussy (okay so it did stop his drawing career, but he kept writing and creating art in other avenues which is something u might want to pursue OP, im sorry for your eyesight, hope you manage regardless)

you just gotta want it

>> No.5130875

I've lost a lot of my sight in a short time. I think I have some kind of illness and I'm getting checked but I expect it to be bad. Honestly I'm just going to accept it, this will at least bring me closure. I will finally be able to stop chasing impossible dreams and false hopes.

>> No.5131090

Post that on /fit/ and get laughed off the board.

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This is how you create art with soul. Be loose and free, gives it life. A little order, a little chaos. Not too much, not too little, just about right.

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>> No.5130307


>> No.5130373

Be loose and free. Most of you are autistic or have legit issues, and can't.

>> No.5130400
Quoted By: >>5131239

No soul detected

>> No.5130663

If you don't belive in the subject you are drawing you can never portray soul.

>> No.5131239

Pyw nigger

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Quoted By: >>5137725 >>5137832

Post to show how you improved over 2020.

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little bit over an year

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>> No.5137798

Not really, I prefer his stuff over yours, but that's my opinion.

>> No.5137832

>tfw no Lucifer bf

>> No.5137894

Is the one on the left a boy or a girl?

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Thoughts on using 3D tours for help with backgrounds?

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>> No.5130429

Thank you for the fantastic tip! What's a good place to find Zillow 3D listings? Google gives mostly sales pages for the app.

>> No.5130451
Quoted By: >>5130481

if youre drawing from the heart, no, if its just illustrating some shit and its not important, go for it

>> No.5130481
Quoted By: >>5130532

Even if you draw from the heart, you still need to build a visual reference library by drawing and studying things. And I've always had trouble finding quality reference for everyday things like homes. So for me this was the best tip in a long time. I'm a good draftsman, but drawing something like a believable home from imagination is ten times harder for me than drawing a person from imagination.

>> No.5130532
Quoted By: >>5131926

i enjoy adding to my visual library through things like this, but copying an interior in front of you isnt the same.

i recommend trying to decorate your homes/bases in games that allow it (fallout, skyrim, mc, terraria, etc) from the mindset of "if i lived here where would i place this, what would i leave out for use often", etc, as well as compare with other creators since theres an endless amount of people who like to interior decorate

these things have helped me with imagination based stuff

>> No.5131926

Great ideas, thank you! I build interiors in Blender for my more detailed work, however for quick sketches it's always nice to have plenty of reference of other people's imagination as well.

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Quoted By: >>5137249

what is the secret of Asian artists

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>> No.5137249


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File: 16KiB, 206x250, NEOBK-448066.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Post work I wanna see

>> No.5137307

I think you're level for /int/ is incredibly low if you think one figure drawing class is enough to get there.

Imo /int/ is good fanart tier. Beyond that means you're a pro.

>> No.5137821

>I coached most of my /beg friends to /int through one figure drawing class, even the one's that "cant draw" can do it
Could you please post said figure drawing class. Going from beg to int that fast sounds too good to be true.

Also post an example of your work. I want to see what the art of a self-proclaimed "pro level artist" looks like.

>> No.5137849

And if you can't post your work, at least post art that's similar to yours so we can get an idea of what the art of a "pro level artist" that posts on /ic/ is like.

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Quoted By: >>5130459

Which anime (or non-anime) artist has the best, most unique and interesting poses and compositions?

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>> No.5130402


>> No.5130430

Pic not related to post of course. Fucking hideous stuff right there

>> No.5130459
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Quoted By: >>5130482

this anime artist

>> No.5130482
Quoted By: >>5130489


>> No.5130489
File: 111KiB, 728x1296, 1609830831087.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

you jealous?

File: 414KiB, 550x992, F619D751-CCFE-4D66-B39C-5FC288884DF1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>5135060

Why do you go on, /ic?

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>> No.5132773

me 2

>> No.5132780
Quoted By: >>5137356

I've been drawing since I was a child. if I quit art, I would feel like a big piece of me was gone. I have other interests, but art has always been part of me

>> No.5135060

to laugh at you niggers procrastinating instead of actually drawing

>> No.5137356


>> No.5137377

ITT: people who don't understand commas.

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