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I don’t see schools in any of these pictures. Here’s a vid of an old school painting.

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Now that's a piece of art that I'd love to see the youtube "environment concept artists" do with their lasso selections, free transform tool, canned "edgy" brush strokes, hue wheel spinning and photobashing. Not to mention "hard round brush". Man.

Digital is so far behind real paints when it comes to unified, natural looking detail.

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Compare the detail with that of the revered Craig Mullins. From afar his art is nice, but close up it looks like horrendous digital trash.

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anyone know the artist?

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le rebbit posting is cringe, bro

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I know you might be trolling but I can't tell anymore on this board lol. Its a photobashed digital painting by Vilius Petrauskas

its just concept art so who the fuck cares

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