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>art is actually pretty easy to learn once you have all the right resources, motivation, time and place and life
>you wasted so much time being a retard

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Art's difficulty depends on ambition

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i don't know dude
if i had support when i was younger
if i didn't spent my college studying for a job and trying to spend time with friends
if i didn't waste so much time struggling with family issues
if i was smart enough to look for the right resources and spend the money for them

maybe i would be a good artist now

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Once you have all that it's still hard, but doable

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yeah, and if I was borne to the rothschilds maybe I would be subverting a democratic government somewhere instead of shitposting, but here I am

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i don't want to be born into wealth, just born in a position where my destiny isn't to die as nothing

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>another self-pitying thread

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There are dozens of billionaires, pick another one for fucks sake. Do you have this same concern for the Waltons or Sacklers?

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Me, unfortunately.

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What the shit
Work hard retard
Literally pick anything and work really hard at it
Art isnt a good choice honestly because youre competing with millions of other autists who are going to work harder than you
Go exercise and learn a lucrative trade like welding or carpentry

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being skillful at anything is not easy, sorry but youre going to have to work hard

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>Work hard retard
>Literally pick anything and work really hard at it
Ugh I don’t want to. It’s just not fair

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ok shill

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Lol your only other options is to sit around and be depressed with no skills
Learning skills will make you happier and more disciplined
Again I think starting with exercising/lifting is the best place to start

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>drawing during the day when there's a fuck ton of outside noise and distractions
>art is fucking terrible and my arm and brain refuse to listen to me
>get discouraged and want to give up
>keep going regardless after much headache
>draw during the night when everything is quiet and no one is bothering me
>suddenly can draw anything I want with ease

So many small things can add up to hold you back, having someone to push you is incredibly valuable. I could've made it by now if I didn't have to power through these fake hurdles and learn everything for the first time on my own. Just having the right environment and resources can save you years of fuckups.

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Look up the parable of 4 horses
Sometimes encountering struggle like you have makes you stronger
Dont dwell on time you supposedly wasted
It didnt sound wasted to me
It sounds like you spent it working hard at something you care about

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This. Dwelling on wasted time has held me back.
Just dwelling on “oh I would be so much better if only I had spent 8 hours a day doing all these studies” is silly because you just want to be suddenly “good,” but you only get “good” if you put in the practice and work.
Frankly the truth is that if you were suddenly “good” or even a master tomorrow morning, you would still do shit with your skill and just mope around here all day.
The key is to actually draw and keep working towards it every day, little by little and sometimes by a lot. People who are “good” don’t draw all the time because they’ve “made it;” they draw all the time because that’s what they did to get to that point. They’re always making the effort.
Stop being frustrated with yourself and actually go out and do it.

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>Work hard retard
>Literally pick anything and work really hard at it
wow never thought about that
>Art isnt a good choice honestly because youre competing with millions of other autists who are going to work harder than you
why do richfags get to be artists and i don't
>Go exercise and learn a lucrative trade like welding or carpentry
i have a decent paying job but i need to sacrifice what i worked for to just get half decent
no foolin?

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Use ear protectors during the day?

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If I knew working hard meant doing hard work I would have never gotten into it in the first place.

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im not complainign that its hard, i'm saying its actually easy once everything in your life seems to be going right for it, but you're still basically held behind people who never had to suffer as much as i did. not by choice at least

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>wow never thought about that
Yeah I mean you must not have if you’re posting this defeatist bullshit
Also i don’t know a single rich person who has pursued art
Every rich person I know has been a blue collared hard worker who built their business from nothing
If you have a decent paying job then you have nothing to worry about
Just practice art consistently when you get home from work
I dont see the problem

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Read the parable of 4 horses
Youre just torturing yourself with regrets for things that are out of your control instead of moving forward

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>Also i don’t know a single rich person who has pursued art
>Every rich person I know has been a blue collared hard worker who built their business from nothing
yeah thats why. Blue collar people don't get to pursue art because they're not "meant" for it
the best we can hope for is "Just practice art consistently when you get home from work"

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support is the only thing you need. There are plenty of "bad" artists that have the support of family and friends who appreciate their cute little drawings. Even if you draw well, if nobody likes your art, you'll have no reason to create it.

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yeah i guess i'll just get a supportive family...

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Blue collar people dont pursue art because blue collar people are practical
They dont waste their time with childish “dream jobs” like being an artist
They know it isnt lucrative and they know they could more easily achieve a substantially greater salary by pursuing something else like carpentry or welding
Do carpenters/welders sound like artsy types to you?

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You dont even need support my dude
You need a better attitude and practice
Your attitude is hot garbage and everyone here has told you to improve it and you just keep whining
If you want to keep whining go ahead my dude but 5 years from now you’re going to wish you took our advice and just buckled down and worked harder
But you wont
I know your type

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you think someone practical can't have dreams?
why can't someone who HAD to think practically not want to be an artist?
oh they don't "get to"
they don't "deserve" that

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i'm spending 6 horus a day drawing after work. and all i can think about is that this is something i should have done 5 years ago, but i was to busy not getting to do that in life

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Yeah and while you were busy “not getting to draw” millions of other kids were busy “not getting to eat” so stop fucking whining about the hand you were dealt and keep working hard and improve your still-garbage attitude
If you’ve gotten this far in life without realizing life isnt fair then you need to learn that harsh lesson before your poor attitude destroys you

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Practical peoples’ “dream” is to have a lot of money
And they achieve it with hard work
If your “dream” is to be a good artist then take a blue collar approach, stop bitching and work hard

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what i've learned is not just life isn't fair, but there's also things you can't change no matter how hard you work for it
practical people only get to dream about stability because its always out of reach
its just a never-ending rat race
if i want to become an artist i need to risk stability while most others never had to make sacrifices that threatend their future. they always have someone to bail them out in the end

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I dont know what youre saying at this point
At this point it sounds less like youre looking for advice and more like you want to bitch about things you regret being out of your control
Ive already advised you to stop doing that because its a pointless form of self-torture that does nothing but hurt your mental health, but youre still making the active decision to indulge in your self-flagellation
If thats what you want to do I cant stop you, but your mindset is hurting your progress so it would behoove you to adjust it in a positive way
Thats all I have to say
I refuse to argue with you about how unfair you think your life was while thousands of children are currently dying from cancer

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Its funny to me that you’ve achieved stability
Something that only maybe the top 5% of people in the entire world ever get to experience
And you come here to complain about how your life is unfair because you cant draw super good

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define art first

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having skills at all

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never met an artist that even considers how good they have it
so why should i care if someone has a worse life than me, not like people with better lives think of me either

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Yeah thats a great attitude dude
Just keep crying that’ll help
Being such a repugnant self-pitying vagina will undoubtedly provide you nothing but benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing so i recommend you double down and become an even more toxic shithead
Just for funzy wunzies

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The parable is nice but doesn't apply to me, I used to spend months not drawing anything after being discouraged and had to work up the willpower to start back again over and over, all that time could've been spent drawing if I had someone to tell me these hurdles were normal and how to overcome them.

They just muffle the sound and there's still the problem of people showing up in my room or messaging me wanting me to do something, even when I know I'm going to say no, the expectation and mental preparation for it to happen takes a toll and doesn't let me focus. Drawing at night is fantastic because I know I have 5+ hours of completely uninterrupted drawing ahead of me guaranteed.

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stop responding to this r9k tier thread, you fucking retards

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It does apply to you though
You said it yourself, you had to push through a lack of motivation and depression in order to get yourself working
You have experienced something that a naturally energetic/driven person has not experienced
As life progresses many of these naturally driven people will encounter hardship they havent before and falter, whereas you have already experienced these things and should have learned from them
Instead though it seems that youve allowed yourself to become spiteful of the world around you
Which is unfortunate
I bet you could become an incredible artist, but with your mindset I have my doubts

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if if if if if if.... if you were 4 years into the future and you spent those 4 years drawing without burning yourself out starting today you would be a much greater artist.

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you know what happens in real life?
the first horse gets put out to stud
and the last horse gets turned into dog food

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I love natural selection. You are pathetic. You should die soon.

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Take notebook and a pencil, go innawoods, return home only when the sun's setting down anon.

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