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Name 5 well known professional artists that use gesture drawing regularly. I'll wait. And no, you can't use vilppu, hampton, or proko as an answer.

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You must be joking.

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do you... do you think that everything one does to learn to draw is a specific thing that will show up in the exact same way in their actual artwork?

do you not understand the definition of an *exercise*? the idea that you can do something that itself exists primarily to help develop your underlying skillset, not to be reflected as-is in your portfolio?

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lmao animators can’t paint for shit, are replaced by tweening and gooks, and their entire fucking industry (that amounted to making children’s toys even at its height) is fucking dead
animators are the typesetters of art

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>must be a painter

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cope, joblet

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bait thread but academic painters made gesture drawings regularly
they were not xeroxfags like today

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What's your job?

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There's been an influx of genuinely malicious crabs on this board. /ic/ is no longer a place for beginners to learn. Everyone should just get the resources and learn on their own. Stop taking advice from anonymous posts, especially if they're whiny, angry, and contrarian.

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that’s standard croquis
you stupid niggers just claim everything is gesture

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yep it's a bait thread
pretty bad one too

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Any quick sketch that captures the essence of an object's shapes is a gesture drawing

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Will you ever get tired of making bait threads?

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>contour drawing is now gesture
gesturefags are truly pathetic

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Keep moving the goalposts.

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jeff watts
steve huston
david finch
craig mullins
karl kopinski

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