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Have you ever wondered why there are no terrible beginner sketches from the great masters?

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>because I have not seen something, it does not exist

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I hope you suffer a fate worse than death. I hope your fingernails get peeled one by one and you can do nothing about it and just watch and scream in pain and agony.
I do not believe you deserve to breathe. You really should consider suicide. No one will miss you.

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>in all fields
care to explain the meaning behind this?

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if you are this wet behind the ears you really shouldn't be posting

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>Have you ever wondered why there are no terrible beginner sketches from the great masters?
Yes, they destroy them, like Michelangelo did

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Because they didn't broadcast their entire fucking lives on social media

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oh no no no
Sick burn, grandpa.

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>you don't know some esoteric reference, therefore you shouldn't be making a post asking about it
shit logic.

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it's called lurk more you braindead newfag.

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cry harder

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this leonardo dude is not gonna make it

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check how many drawings or paintings by actual “old masters” we know of
spoiler alert: a handful
even van gogh has thousands, and he literally killed himself less than 10 years after he started
meaning wonky the very best works of the renaissance masters were preserved through the centuries because art trading wasn’t what it is now, and nobody had incentive nor cared about the shitty ones enough to preserve them

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Turns out Leonardo was a coomer

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Stop being so embarrassingly easy to bait, all you loser american gummies.

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This is foundational chan culture, unchanged for almost 2 decades.
Literally lurk more

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...Because they threw them into the trash?

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Why are anime posters always stupid?

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they burned all of them

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ignore the OP and post more of these plox.

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