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Third-world poorfag artist here.
Where I can get Mitch Leeuwe's bundle? I don't have 105 USD.
None of the links of Google's worked, and I got trojans and spyware whilst I was downloading them.

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>Third-world poorfag
Nice try britbong. Teeth look like pic related?

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it's on cg and gfx.

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literally how to draw the fucking owl

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What? All the steps are laid out right there

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Then explain in simple words what each step means or suck a lemon anon.

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You don't think that there's text accompanying the image that hasn't been included? Do you think that this person made that process image without explaining each step?

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>draw some shapes
>draw more shapes on top of other shapes
>draw the rest of the fucking crocodile

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At which point does it become "draw the rest of the crocodile"? Between steps one and two? Two and three? The changes in between steps are fairly insignificant until all the flashy details are added around step 7 or 8. Where are you getting lost?

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I can sell it to you for 30 usd bro, I have it

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Mitch Leeuwe posts them here anonymously to bait eternal begcows

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Name the torrent friend

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>Mitch Leeuwe's bundle
You can find this shit really easily on duckduckgo, why do you have to ask here? I'm DLing a rar with it and I will let you know if I get aids

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draw something at that level using that guide, i bet you can't.

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I didn't get aids. here you go OP https://courseupload.com/the-complete-bundle-by-mitch-leeuwe/

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