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I'm not even at page 20 and I already want to kill myself. Fuck you /ic/, I'd rather draw background than these ugly ass faces. This artstyle is outdated and not fun at all.

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Then don't use FWAP you stupid fucking gorilla. Nobody said you had to use it and there are plenty of other ways to make cartoons.

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so take the processes it's teaching and apply it to somethng that you do find fun

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they’re not called cartoons mom they’re ANIME

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fwap is a dumb nigger meme for dumb niggers
do one of the retard books (edwards’ or the other one) if you are a retard (protip: you are) then do figure drawing for all it’s worth

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>he fell for the meme

lmao it never gets old

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nobody actually goes through that shit, its a fucking joke

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>Fresh of the boat and already missing the point.

Enjoy the time amongst the crabs, take your talent cue cards and get to making time wasting threads.

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>figure drawing for all it’s worth
Unlike FWAP, figure drawing for all it's worth is actually good.

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You take the construction methods in the book and apply it to what you want to actually draw. It's not a hard thing to grasp.

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You weren't supposed to draw the faces, you're supposed to learn what Loomis teaches and apply it with designs you enjoy.

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I did. Drew every single illustration in the book. Thanks to FWAP I have a much better grasp of construction.

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try "having fun with planar people" instead

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On later pages there are so many construction lines that my heads end looking a mess. I tried doing them with pencil and erase it but it smudges the ink (I'm a poorfag using ballpoint pen)

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Seriously people need to stop recommending Fun with a pencil.Its hot trash and a blatant noob trap. FWAP and head and hands are noob traps for begs, loomis head construction method is trash and creates an enormous amount of bad habits.So Avoid like the plague, or suffer the consequences.

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>It doesn't work for me, so it can't work for anyone.

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i dont get it where do i start

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buy shit in the video thread

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The Book is fine for learning construction. If you are complete beg U can read "keys to drawing", " 30 days to learn how to draw" or drawing on the right side of the brain.

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>to be tempered in a hundred battles
You should start by google searching what you want to draw and just drawing. Just straight up copy and get some mileage. Then maybe move onto some books and see how it goes. You'll know what to do once you get a little experienced

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I don't know why people try to learn with books from fucking 1920 these days. There are so many better options it's not even funny.

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>NOOOO you can't just call this style ugly! Loomis isn't a meme REEEEE

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Draw what you want to draw, not those fugly faces. If you're not having at least a bit of fun then you're ngmi. You could be using that will force for something more useful.

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I just started reading fwap and didn't think the head construction at the start wasn't that bad. As a beginner I'm wondering, should I really stop reading it? what's better for me if I want to do character creation of any style?

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Fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap

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Learn dynamic sketching first. Draw cylinders,boxes,elipses,circles,spheres ..etcc. Learn 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspective. You need to be able to rotate these objects in your mind.Learn the basics of light and shadow apply it to those forms as practice. Then once you understand the fundamentals.

Learn from steve huston, Vilppu or any New masters academy teacher. Schoolism also works. There is a Mega link still up for their courses.

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These books and others like them are simply a set of procedures that the author finds useful for creating human-like figures. Unlike, for example, math where you need to learn from first principles and build up, there is no such requirement for art.

Draw something, fail at it, look to see if there's a method in a book that helps you achieve the results you want, and if so, use it.

Perspective books, however, do contain some principles from math, since we're dealing with geometry. And these principles can be applied to figure drawing, which is why people say "learn the fundamentals". If you can draw a tall cube in perspective, then you can begin to replace it with a human that is in perspective.

But the whole "draw a circle and subdivide it to find the placement of the eyes" is just a trick that can be useful when sketching *a particular style* from imagination. Not all faces will adhere to the rule. Western and Eastern cartoons will have different "rules".

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wait read fwap was suppose to be a meme?

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Getting told to read fwap is a meme, but the book itself is okay. There are far better books to learn how to draw heads or cartoons like drawing the head and hands also by loomis.

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What stops you from drawing a catgirls over Lumis mannequins?

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explain what

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i hate it too, i don't know if it's worth it

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>he's unable to have fun with his pencils
kys seriously

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>fun with the pencil
>I'm using ballpoint pen
Who else is /devilish/?

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nah bro, finish it, and move on to perspective made easy. keep grinding. don't take EVERYTHING loomis says to heart. move on to other teachers so you don't get sick of andrew because he has other good books. read the sticky

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>fun with the pencil
>having 0 fun

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What other characters resemble FWTP toons?

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Yeah .im trying to do the same.although is taking some time i can see progress little by little

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I don't even think the blooks are that ugly. They're kinda aesthetic, ngl

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black pill

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Andy coomis

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did he REALLY draw that?

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wtf loomisbros

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What sketchbook/paper is that?

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Piccadilly dot grid (in their larger 7.4 x 9.7 size, not sure if they still offer it)

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This. Fuck FWAP, but FDFAIW is based.

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where can some man to find the mega wega wahaha mega

give wega link now give me now pigggg

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I'd rather have fun with my cock n balls

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made me laugh so hard my chest hurts, fucking hell

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sooooo.... I should just skip FWAP?

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Download the famous artist cartoon course. Its leaps and bounds better than loomis and most modern instruction.

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So ...i took one of the practice drawings and put some color on it to make it more appealing...did i made a decent job or i murdered it?

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skipping FWAP was my biggest mistake. Stick with it, if only to learn the drawing method. FDFAIW doesn't walk you through any of the process of drawing or constructing or anything.

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good job!

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I’m thinking of just doing Keys to Drawing, then DrawABox, then FWAP, then FDFAIW

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Honestly, just do FWAP then start doing studies. Studies of whatever you want, humans, animals, clothes, etc. FWAP teaches a method, and you have to take that method and run with it. Drawabox honestly won't give you anything FWAP won't. Keys might be really useful to go along with FWAP, because it teaches proper obseration and accurate drawing, which will help you construct better

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FWAP is a noob trap stoooop telling people to study it its fcking retarded.

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good job anon! keep up the good work.

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The traditional cartoon style is a good way to learn construction because most cartoon figures are made of simple shapes.
It's good to be open to older art styles. If you break down whatever you're into (including anime) it's often built on these older forms of drawing/cartooning (for example Anime/tradition is rooted in classic American animation and comics).
Also, a lot of fundamental texts might seem boring and pointless while in the process of learning, only later you absorb the value of them. Art is a job, it takes discipline.

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The traditional cartoon style is a good way to learn construction because most cartoon figures are made of simple shapes.
It's good to be open to older art styles. If you break down whatever you're into (including anime) it's often built on these older forms of drawing/cartooning (for example Anime/manga is rooted in classic American animation and comics).
Also, a lot of fundamental texts might seem boring and pointless while in the process of learning, only later you absorb the value of them. Art is a job, it takes discipline.

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Thanks to both of you!!!
Congrats from fellas is encouraging.i just bought FDFAIW and want to finish FWAP first to beging that one.im on page 89 .and to be honest i too struggle whit the dated cartoon style ..but im gonna finish thos damn exercise before jumping to the others books of loomis.i started almost a year ago practicing daily and i know im slow .so i picked FWAP to see if i coild learn faster than using videos and internet in gral..i am currently on my 3 month since inpicked this book
Sorry for the long post
Was for context

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Sorry the pic was rotated

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this isnt fun at all, this is the least fun thing ive done with a pencil. this style is gay as fuck and i dont want to draw crap like this, i think ill just go back to drawing stuff i like.

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Aaaand who is this artist?

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The avengers of the art world came together and made a guide to teach new artist.one of those artists being norman rockwell.

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multiple artists. including norman rockwell

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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret


Idk how popular the drawing database is on this board, but they have a lot of great videos that cover pretty much everything from basic shapes to anatomy

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Heres another one ..btw im having fun whit a pencil

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Keep perservering, anon. This is the quickest way to improve. You're on the right track.

Take what you learned and repeat it with other objects. Draw things you like from google images. The point is to repeat that drawing process so much that its a habit. Then whenever you pick up a pencil to draw, you are automatically drawing in that way. Repeat it ad-infinitum and train your neurons to think this way. Move onto his figure drawing manual next, using this method of drawing.

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Take a hampton pill bro
Loomis is 20th century seriousfag

>> No.5140527

Thanks anon
I was getting the same boredom whit it like other ppl said.but im realising is not about the style that he made but the formula .and it became actually fun .so..
The title is not clickbait after all..and yes i got figure drawing as well .so im impatient to start whit that and make some "fan art" of my favourite characters form time to time whit the formula 5o add some variety .thanks again dude

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what is the anime equivalent of loomis?

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I see what you did there

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needs a bigger penis

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it's loomis. there is no equivalent. only loomis

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>it was yoomis, it was always yoomis

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But there has to be some faggot out there that has made a loomis construction book but with anime characters, no?

Fun with a pencil has the most goblin looking misfits I've ever seen and the only thing I could pull from it was map the eyes, nose and mouth like this and create the head from a circle... the rest of the book is, well, useless for someone who wants to draw not western.

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Hitokaku and he's better

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Can this be used as gesture (ch.2 p.12)? As I understood gesture is a fast sketch which shows a key features of pose and figure, so pic is a sort of gesture? I found that construct a good pose using a bare FWAP mannequin is difficult.

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uh... why not just read the concept, apply to anime girl, on to the next topic?
I really like how its dumb down for retards like me to be honest.

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