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I am trying to understand abs but I don't know how many rows of abs people are supposed to have

Please highlight the individual abs on these pictures so I can see them clearly

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There are 8 of them but usually the two under belly button went fully visible because fat

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Download Proko Anatomy

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For example, this is my attempt

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dubs say how many

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Depends on genes. It's possible to have a 10 pack

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trick question, there’s only one

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>7 posts
>no correct answers

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four rows of two abs
you got it buddy!

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There are 6 "abs" maximum as well as the big 40 oz that reaches down to the groin. Some people appear to have only 4 because the other two are tucked underneath the pectorals. This is purely genetic and can't be changed without surgery probably. Some people just can't achieve a "6 pack" because their body isn't built like that. In your bottom left picture you can almost see an example of this with the models first two abdomen muscles being snug underneath his pecs.

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Only the sky is your limit my friend

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It can really either be 6 or 8, its gemetics and fat.
Some can cut to low BF and still only have 6, some can be higher BF and have 8.
6 is a classic, 8 is generally used for heroic types and super athletic types.

You pick anon, its up to you

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To the best of my knowledge there are 6 ab muscles above the navel, two elongated muscles beneath the navel that reach down to the groin, and depending on the artist, they may stylize the tips of the ribcage to resemble another pair of ab muscles. Which may cause confusion to aspiring artist's alike.
Pic related is hastily made chart because i spent a lot of time trying understand this myself

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Ignore the retards on /ic/ giving you shit information. /fit/ here, it's literally all genetics. Some people are born with perfect genetics and perfect insertions. It gives them symmetrical abs that can be 8 or 10 pack. Then there are normal people who have 4 pack or 6 pack. Arnold Swarznigger only could achieve a 4 pack because of his genetics. Pic related

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he was just asking how many abs people have bro

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yeah and he gave the answer bro

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i can get behind that bro

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Abs are genetic some people have a 4 pack, some people have 6 packs, and some 8 packs.
Generally, you will always have 2 on the top, even if you have nothing on the bottom, sometimes the bottom will be more developed, and sometimes it will be developed enough that it will divide in two making an 8 pack.
Some people can get a real crazy one in a billion genetic thing and have crazy deformed looking abs like a 5 pack

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Why do people keep posting the same answer to threads like this

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What are you talking about? You can clearly see 8 abs in the picture you just posted. Some are more or less visible depending on gentics and body fat but everyone has 8. Yes, even women. Just open up an anatomy book sometime.

This guy has it right

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5/6 (7/8) actually lie o top of ribs.

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Checked based anon with 1000-pack

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Unironically different. Rectus abdominis develops divisions depending on work, its one big muscule, not 6 different.
A weak untrained shit naturallu only has two, left and right ( picrelated)

Swartzenegger only ever had a 4 pack, his genetics refused to make more packs, most people get 6, some get 8, there are legends of a 10 pack, but i havent seen one.

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Some thin girl

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>Rectus abdominis develops divisions depending on work

Do fitoids actually

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8 but different muscle insertions give different looks, like with any other muscle

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It's called a 6-pack for a reason.

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This post would make it 8

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Stop looking at fitness photos and look at medical/anatomical diagrams

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Holy shit there’s a lot of retardation itt. There’s no such thing as a fucking 4 pack, jesus christ, the muscle doesnt fucking disappear or cease impacting the form just because you can’t see it. Might as well argue that no one has a skull because hurr can’t see it.
How the fuck is this a thread?

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>retarded beglet dyel talking about anatomy

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and just because I know you stupid niggers smugly stating hurrr 4 pack not real hurrr everybody same don’t actually read, here’s the tl;dr for stupid niggers

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based scott eaton pupil

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it's one paired muscle crossed by tendons. go six to ten, whatever makes you happy, and the tendons are not always symetrical.

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