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Did you draw today?
If yes you gmi
If not you ngmi

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does it hurt to have your breasts bouncing everywhere?

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Why do women do this?
Theres slight variations across all races and cultures but it all comes back to the same shit.

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I did draw, but everything turned out like crap so I got sad and came here.

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You can also find plenty of men doing weird shit semi-nude, but no one bothers to share it.

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3hours and i'll add 1h20 till the end of the day

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I did but I slept all day. It says I drew 3 hours but I didn’t draw shit...

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Why is it too much to ask white women to just not be fat? Asians can do it.

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Asians are skinny because they are poorfags and eat tons of healthy shit + KFC and Mc Donalds are hyper overpriced aka for megarichfags only

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I hate W*Men so fucking much.

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Why does japanese dancing consist of just striking a bunch of retarded sailor moon poses with no rhyme or reason?

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I'm sculpting faggot therefore I still GMI.

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Those days happen. You'll kill it later.

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so lonely and horny bros

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I drew for only 7 hours today because I was studying for exams but it feels good. I drew a shit of figures, hands, yordles, good mix of imagination and reference

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you tell us fatty

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I did draw today. The webm actually makes me sort of depressed. Isn't this demeaning for her? Or is this because I'm on nofap and my coomer brain is shut off right now?

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I did but I kept erasing it after because the figure kept getting positioned where I don't want it to be in my head and it ends up looking super weird the more I go into it. I probably just need to practice perspective more too have an easier time placing stuff in the drawing

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I did, but I'm still NGMI you liar

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i drew a lot comparatively but it was like all ms paint doodles

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tfw haven't done any quick gestures in so long i've fogotten natural ways to stand

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that only applies when you're a fucking beglet

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No, I haven't drawn today because I only just woke up, had a workout and then negotiated a $300 commission. Now I'll have my breakfast, then I'll start drawing. So unfortunately I ngmi as defined.

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I did.

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i did! drew my dog while she was sleeping :)

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Not like that

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