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How do you start using Krita? It's my first digital drawing program.

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click on it to open the program

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There are tutorials on youtube on how to get adjusted to krita. Plus read the docs.

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literally only need to know the keys for undo,zoom, tilt canvas, and mirror canvas and youre set to go

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This kills 90% of /ic/

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Go to google, and search for something called "Clip studio paint." It's a really useful paid addon that makes using krita infinitely more bearable.

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I’m cursed, i have to draw the krita squirrel every time there is a krita thread

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Very nice, Anon, what did you use to draw and color it? I guess a pen with watercolor? Was it watercolor markers or real watercolors? The shading is really nice tho :)

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Your art style is pure edgy teenager cringe LMAO.
Stop hiding your bad anatomy behind stylization and become a good artist already, you fucking moron.

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>NOO stop making drawings that make me jealous because people like them despite not being boring photocopied anatomy studies that I also hate because those are popular on social media sites!!!! GRRR. (le mayo)

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Hey Mr.Krabs?

How does it feel knowing that this one shit post you made will get more attention than any art work you post online?

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He's right though, and apparently hit a sore spot.

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I just want my CS6 back. Photoshop CC is hot garbage and Krita feels alien and unintuitive still after zsing it for 6 months.

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No you aren't, stop samefagging.

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You style, soul and flow remind me of Toriyama, Mr table man

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>doesn't phw
like clockwork

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If you're still here op, download Krita 4.3.0. The 4.4.0+ releases are all buggy pieces of shit that almost made me ragequit the software

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imagine having enough money to afford a wacom tablet and choosing to keep using krita lmao

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>Krita? It's my first digital drawing program.
First... and last!

Honestly, if you want to keep your sanity and have a better chance at enjoying art enough to make it a beloved, lifelong hobby, use a program with an interface that doesn't make you go insane. Such as good old Photoshop, or even better, CSP. I've used all of them over a few decades and the one I hate with a passion is Krita. CSP is only 25$ on regular discounts, have a healthy one day fast and buy it.

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Not samefagging, just an observer.

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>If you're still here op, download Krita 4.3.0. The 4.4.0+ releases are all buggy pieces of shit that almost made me ragequit the software

May I ask, in a few words, what are the differences? I tried the latest version and did indeed ragequit (25 years experience in digital art so not a case of being a beginner) - what should I expect to be better in 4.3.0?

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appimage of 4.4.1 works fine for me

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Never realized it was a squirrel, and cute drawing!

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Are you 11 years old or do you REALLY not have 50$ for an art software?

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4.41 runs great for me, no issues no nothing.

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They don’t want my money. They don’t develop software that runs on Linux.

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where the fuck do I find the contrast slider in Krita?
this program is a joke

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Ok serious question, why the fuck would anyone want to use CSP? Genuinely. It sucks fucking dick at painting. The brushes lag like fuck on any sizable canvas. Theres no dual brush support. You cant use any blending brushes or youll get a powerpoint.

This is because CSP is a singlethreaded piece of bloatware that literally cannot use your computers resources.

The only thing its decent at is lineart, but SAI 2 does that far better because it doesnt have shittons of shitty features it cant even run smoothly like CSP does

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>hops into a Krita thread
>bro are you 11 years old bro why are you using Krita bro
You're a fucking moron. No one has to justify anything to you and your mongoloid sensibilities.

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I've been encountering a slew of bugs including but not limited to:
>gmic filters straight up not working, error codes galore
>freehand selection tool leaving trails of artifacts all over the screen
>basic hotkeys just straight up not working at all
>brush tags not applying properly and resetting after closing krita
Every single one of these issues I've noticed were fixed when I went back to 4.3.0. Some people are apparently fine with 4.4.0+ but I'm not one of them and that's what I did.

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they removed it because its part of the curve thingy

krita is fine for painting but the performance sucks so bad for image manipulation. stuff that makes your life so much easier in photoshop just isnt usable in krita currently.

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Did it hurt your feelings little brat?

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painting with Krita feels nice, it's almost lag-free, but that's it.
CSP's brushes suck dick but the GUI works.
Krita lags even turning layers on/off, wand select/bucket fill take ages and doesn't have a close gap option
Want to change brightness/contrast?
Here's a retarded wobbly SVG curve instead of a simple slider, or a box that you have to type a fucking number and wait for the preview to render.
Sliders with different units, 0 to 100, 0 to 20, 0 to 1.00, 0 to 1.000, -1.000 to +1.000, 1 to 100.00, 1 to 10
brush presets that vanish from your tags when you save them, then multiple backups appear in the dock you open the program again
can't make presets with tools that aren't brushes. can't detatch the brush settings tool from the top.
Saves .psds with color settings that even Photoshop is unable to open

>noo dude wait for version 5 they'll fix all the problems
this program will NEVER be usable

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I used a 005 micron and copics. Been drawing really tiny recently for some reason

I have no artistic message. I’m not oppressed, i don’t want to project any beliefs on other people. I don’t know what I want to communicate with drawings so I just make them gross. What do you think i should draw that would be more artistic?

Ah i wish man. He’s got some childlike aesthetic that I can’t replicate.


I’ve never used krita, i just like the squirrel mascot


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I didn't know that people had such strong opinions on drawing software

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Post your sexy squirrels to the krita forum, do it!

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Agreed on everything you wrote.

>The brushes lag like fuck on any sizable canvas.
Krita does have much better brush performance, and I would be elated to have the same in CSP, but it's never been a deciding factor for me. I draw on huge canvases and it's only in the initial blockout that I need huge brushes, and those can be done perfectly well in CSP. After all they don't need tight spacing or fancy effects. All my detailing brushes work pristinely at the scale they're needed for.

>CSP's brushes suck dick
Depends on what you need. All my main CSP brushes use pen pressure to control flow and do subtle colour mixing - this is completely impossible in Krita, where the pathetic idiots, apparently none of them being artists, have chosen to separate the brushes into a bunch of different "engines" and the only engine that can do colour mixing forces the flow control to always be the same strength as the amount of colour mixing. The level of brain syphilis needed for this decision, I have no idea. But it does mean that you will never have a natural looking oil brush in Krita that gradually picks up colour from the canvas. Bye bye Krita.

Their interface choices feel about as skillful - a typical case of "Free Open Source Software" where geeks think they're so superior, being able to make a software "Better than all the paid ones" even though none of them apparently have any art skills. They'll omit essential features, such as the setting to disable docking of the brush panel, just because "we don't want to answer support questions about it". The result being that you can either have a tiny brush panel and spend all your time scrolling it, or float it and it goes spastic every time you touch it.

Other programs simply have a thumbtack button at the top to control the docking behaviour. In CSP, I touch one key, get a big palette of brushes, select one, touch the same key to close it.

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serious question, do you have autism? you always act in a very tripfaggy way

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How can i make flat airbrush in krita?
I made shape then settingflow but it also decrease opacity too basically it's like marker. Instead airbrush

Also hisbrush size is controled by penpressure

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its just an /g/ thread on /ic/

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how can I move only the selection in Krita?

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Do you have any medabots drawings?

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ctrl + t ?

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I mean move the selection, not the its contents

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you can move the selection by dragging it, not sure why you'd want to do this though, i have no idea why they added this and it's pretty annoying when i accidentally drag a selection around instead of adding to it.

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I agree. I am sick of seeing this edgy shit being spammed in every thread.

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hmm I have to click on the border.. I see now
Yeah, accidentaly moving a freehand selection is annoying. But it's useful when working with geometric selections.

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behold its power

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Are you drawing on a wall? What kinda paper texture is that?

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If you like Kiki (Krita mascot), then you should definitely check out TysonTan's other stuff.


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my most used keybinds:

b - brush tool
e - erase mode
ctrl+r - rectangle select
ctrl+(shift)+z - undo/redo
t / ctrl+t - move / transform

lasso tool wasn't keybound by default for me so i set that to w.

i also like the ten brushes script in tools>scripts menu. i put my 5 most common brushes there and you can switch to them with ctrl+alt+1-5.

i put my next 10 most commonly brushes in the palette, which is rightclick by default but i remap to q.

for canvas navigation:
space - pan
ctrl+space - zoom
shift+space - rotate
5 - reset rotation
2 - fit full canvas to screen
m - horizontal mirror toggle

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you post that in jest, but that's unironically what my first 2-3 weeks of drawfagging looked like

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