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What's your excuse?

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A thread died for sakimichan..

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>posts a 4-5 yeard old screencap
>has the audacity to act smug

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I need sakimichan nudes bros

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Subscribe to her onlymefans :^)

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i'm a beg, but in a year i will be just as good and successful as her. two years, tops

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Fark you’re so lucky, any tips?

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she has like 3 times more patreons now lol

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I know. OP is still a faggot.

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My excuse is that I like to come up with original material and not just copy other people's work and characters in my "style" to get weeb retards to jerk off over it.

I also suck.

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I don't get the appeal of sakimichan. It's obvious she has an over reliance on reference and tracing, and not even an appealing surface style to make up for it. Do coomfags really?

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It’s nuts to me that she makes a million a year for her work.

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You first OP

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>nudes of the most basic-ass archetypical glasses wearing, pony-tailed asian woman

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I always wondered how does a dickbrain think? Like, can you do basic math and stuff? Can you figure out how much is 2 + 2 without help?

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i make more money with my current job

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Man, Sakimi used to at least try having variety in faces.

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I want to make it as an artist, but not a straight up porn artist. It feels like the artist equivalent of a little girl who wants to be a ballerina but grows up to be an exotic dancer as an adult. Yeah, there's money, but there is also shame.

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I'm 18 who did work for Netflix and Dreamworks, I don't need to draw porn, I'm not an e-thot

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>over reliance on reference
No such thing.

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