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>oodles of courses on drawing face, body, bones, skin, everything
>absolutely nothing good for hair
what the fuck?

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hair is just millions of lines lmao

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ribbons, thats all that matters

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The hair in OP picture is just hard round brush in Krita and PowerPoint '95

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Tell me about it

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you may doubt me but theres a pretty good proko video about hair on youtube, you should look it up. Basically the idea is treat it like any other form. A drawing doesn’t know the difference in density of objects. It’s just an illusion of form. The head fuck comes from your preconceived ideas about hair being floaty compared to your body’s actual mass so you try to treat it differently, when in fact you can just draw it as a block like any other mass and sculpt it to the shape you want. From there it’s layering and texture to create the illusion of depth. How you do this obviously depends on the hair type.

I think another problem lies in that you see people every day but never actually lay attention to hair. Look at hair styles and try to simplify them into shapes. Look how different peoples hairlines sit etc. Grab one of those big fashion haircut magazines in the front of a hairdressers and practice simplifying all the wild experimental haircuts

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god damn, begins with a solid minute of panic rambling about being inclusive

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yeah a woman made it

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She's was just trying to avoid getting #cancelled





She's one of my favorite cozy to watch youtube artists because of all the different mediums she uses.

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>god damn, begins with a solid minute of panic rambling about being inclusive
What did you expect, it's Sara Tepes

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She sounds cute and tiny, I just want to pinch her apple red cheeks and give her head pats

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bet she's a whale

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