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Do you think I would be able to draw on one of these? Or is it marketing bullshit?

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100% marketing bullshit. Same with the Surface Pro - awful drawing experience. I got a Surface Pro 2017 and it's the worst thing I've ever bought.

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damn, I wish my wife came with that tagline
and yes, you can, but they’re bulky, heavy and hot compared for something you hold in your lap, so expect to be uncomfortable and sweaty
which reminds me of my wife

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Christ, get a decent desktop and a screenless tablet for that price.

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yogas use wacom mer or aes tech, depending on the model
surface line uses ntrig after the first 2 or three, which used emr
ntrig is notoriously shit

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> rechargeable pen

not wacom

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it’s wacom aes 2.0, check the specs

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actually, correction, I have no idea if it’s aes because their site is garbage, the buttons don’t work and they have a bunch of pens with the exact fucking name and I have no idea which one belongs to gen 5
that being said, wacom makes rechargeable pens for aes, the other gens had aes, and there’s this https://certification.ubuntu.com/catalog/component/056a:51b9

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>doesn’t know no

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I dunno, but since it's also a laptop you could always plug in a normal screenless tablet if change your mind later

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I have a surface pro. Not sure how much this applies to the yoga, but just in case: The wobble and tilt parallax bugs make it impossible to do any natural line drawing, you can only ever do smooth strokes if you move the pen really fast. I'm managing, since I've done art for a few decades, but a beginner would never develop normal hand eye coordination on this trash. Next device will be a Samsung tablet and no more Surfaces for me.

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rechargeable pen, lololol for $1300
to draw you need cheap $40 draw tablet. that's all you need

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idk none of the pc tablets have genuine wacom pen and display tech but only pen drivers... no idea what wacom/windows/samsung are doing but they could have created probably the best portable tablet a few years ago if any of them partnered up

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yo share your experience when you get the samsung one, genuinely interested which one would be a good pick up that isn't an ipad

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Cheers, I definitely will. It might be a while though. I'm still trying to manage with the surface, and also hoping that I could get a discounted S7+ whenever the next one comes out.

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Yogas have dogshit tier pens.
If you need a portable device the only good options are ipad or S7+
If you don't need a portable device then get a fucking desktop.

Seriously why the fuck is everyone getting laptops anyway? Are you all homeless? Are you forbidden from leaving Starbucks?

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uh because professional artists tend to be mobile and a good laptop with a tablet is pretty much all you need for both 2D, 3D and animation

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Yeah no lmao, if you were a professional you'd have a fucking workplace.

You're some little shit begging his mom for a laptop because you need it to study (fortnite)

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>Seriously why the fuck is everyone getting laptops anyway? Are you all homeless?
I've been travelling for ten years, built my business while living out of a backpack

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What kind of business and what kid of laptop, I need some affordable laptop that can run shit smoothly. Is a used macbook a bad idea?

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surface is great if you use it with a screenless tablet. if you want a portable setup that uses desktop software and works with your existing tablet, it's a pretty decent option. i got a surface pro 6 with my trumpbux and it's a great little plein air machine. i just take it to the skatepark and then play guilty gear on my breaks. easily worth the (free) money.
iirc the deco has android compatibility. but idk if the quality is good or if android drawing software is worth it. maybe a good option if you already have a galaxy
based and peredvizhniki pilled

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Don't get this for drawing. Just get a cheaper regular windows laptop and a ipad air or pro. One reason is because even though the windows drawing software is better, it's more awkward to use in tablet mode because the majority of art software on windows is designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard. It's not designed with a only touch interface in mind.

The second is that lenovo yogas have screen flickering issues that are unfixable. Just search on youtube for screen flickering lenovo.

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>What kind of business and what kind of laptop

Art commissions and Patreon + some freelance writing. Surface Pro 2017. It works brilliantly for everything apart from the wobbly, buggy pen that Microsoft will never fix (they just broke it with an update recently, and even rolling back the update does nothing).

For my next drawing device I want a Samsung Tab and a PC. The Samsung can act as both a screen for the PC and an independent drawing pad. The PC can be the existing Surface Pro while it lasts, and then the next one will be either a normal laptop or a mini PC of some sort. While the Surface Pro has been powerful enough to run Clip Studio Paint with up to hundreds of layers at 5K resolution as well as Blender, I'd certainly prefer something with more power and memory.

I use a bluetooth keyboard of normal thickness and full key travel, none of that irritating flat "type cover" trash. When I draw, the last thing I want is for the keyboard to be attached to the bottom of the screen. It's always to the side. I've even drawn commissions on park benches and train stations with my backpack standing on the ground between my legs and the surface propped on top, with the keyboard on the bench next to me. That's not often though, mostly I work either standing at a makeshift standing desk (AirBnb place or cheap hostel room, with a chair on top of a table and perhaps a few cardboard boxes from a grocery store), sitting in bed, or at a table.

Can't beat a lifestyle where everything you need fits into one fairly compact backpack, including full camping gear and a suit. You can do art commissions one day, jump onto a bus or a motorbike taxi and go wild camp at a beach the next, then check into a hostel, take a shower, put on the suit jacket and meet new people the third.

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cant beat a lifestyle where i get to sit at home all day
lack of permanent housing sounds like a hassle

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Why don't you just go to a shop in your area and try it out? If it's shit, don't buy it.
Generally think about why you would need it. Have you already a lot of experience with drawing? You can become a drawing god with literally only a pencil and a sheet of paper, or a watercolor paint box for children.

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I'm interested: How much do you earn, how much do you work?

Kind regards,

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Thats sounds quite interesting, a complete opposite of a studio experience. A HR guy at my workplace always said that a creative mind works much better in a constantly changing environment, maybe I should try that someday

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there was that whole thing about how rearranging office spaces caused in uptick in worker productivity, ime that's basically true. switch your shit up, go paint outside. put yourself in an environment that makes it easy to be creative

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I earn enough to live, work very sporadically, probably less than 20 hours a week. I'm trying to build a routine to work full time and earn enough to build savings. But so far it has been much more important to explore the world and develop myself in various ways, not just through work.

I used to have a well paying office job and there's no way I'm going to go back to that any more, ever.

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>maybe I should try that someday
You should. I don't even recognise the person that I used to be before I started travelling, nor do I have a desire to ever life in my country of birth any longer. It was never my place.

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I'm currently having a well paying office job and do art on the side, unironically thinking about going in your direction. Maybe also making a second online persona and getting some furry coombux. I know one furry guy personally, he is a nice person but pays ridiculous amounts of money for really shitty art I could pump out in 1-2 hours while still being /beg/

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Those are good ideas. I'm definitely considering a side persona/handle for niche nsfw stuff as well, for quick extra money. Do you have suggestions for a good site to reach the furry audience?

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>cant beat a lifestyle where i get to sit at home all day
>lack of permanent housing sounds like a hassle
It is a huge hassle and I certainly want to settle down soon. But first I need to find a place I like. I've abandoned the country I used to live, need to look for a new home.

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>1300 dollars
>no dGPU

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