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I have this problem that is making me feel depressed, long story short, when I was born for a moment I was asphyxiated with the umbilical cord during childbirth, most likely due to being a large baby (and also thanks to Latin American doctors) and because of that I have brain damage and ADHD, I never had adequate treatment because the psychologists and neurologists of my country are only Jews who simply wanted money and never did any kind of exam and I did not know about this until I was 17. (And I got into a shitty treatment with ADHD pills like concerta and ritalin, that didn’t work)

I don’t know if I’m going to be like this forever or that is even a chance to recover, honestly I don’t even have the will to live and I can’t even concentrate.

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Why Computer science and Data science have not been approved by the Royal Swedish academy?

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Because it is not a science

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nobel prizes should be abolished entirely
no scientist should be granted "authority" in that manner
ideas and research must speak for themselves and anything should be open to challenge
I hope a terrorist group blows up the nobel ceremony in the name of feyerabend

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Would you recommend prestudying for med school? And if so, what resources would you recommend? I have like 8 months left until med school starts.

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Please tell me there aren't people who unironically takes that "alpha beta male" talk serious.

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Of course not, as a true sigma male I make my own rules and think in my own framework

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I don't, because alpha and beta is too narrow, clearly there are gamma, delta and so on all the way to omega.

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So women want Library of Ruina character?

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High and low status people exist

Get over it, beta

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What are your opinions on the subject?

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let me ask the other me

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I'm a HS science teacher and this module we are talking about diet and metabolism, including eating disorders. Last year some smartass kid tried correcting one of my exam questions. My example was an anorexic girl who weighed 85 pounds - calculate her todal daily energy expenditure. Well the kid said that the anorexic girl would have a lower TDEE because of a slowed metablism and that whatever equation I was teaching them was wrong. The whole class laughed at me and all the girls who used to flirt with me shunned me thereafter.
So I'm trying to avoid the same mistake this year.
Can anyone help scientifically and mathematically model the TDEE of an anorexic woman?
pic obviously related

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He is right. There are special formulas for things such as malnutrition, fever, cancer and other pathologies. However most people don't give a shit about them and use the general TDEE formula which was designed for normal people, and it tends to work in the end because in medicine nobody can be assed to know every single detailed shit. The special cases would be the work of a nutriologist, so if you really want them go look a book on Nutriology.

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lol, go back to school

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Imagine being an adult that is outsmarted by some high schooler.
Then imagine trying to get help online because you are too dumb to do your homework.

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How do you treat a mental illness at home effectively? Say something like Borderline Personality Disorder

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How does one inform social members of interpersonal signals instead of categorical labelling?

If that question though is unhelpful, one would ask how does one self-diagnose?

Are not all concerns ultimately between categories and signals, whether it be the individual or the system said individual is a part of?

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Does covid thrive on rectum juice?

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by rectum juice do you mean cum? you are the only one person i know who gets blasted with cum up his ass OP.

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when the chinese gov hears u cough

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Time to start wearing actual diapers in addition to facial diapers.

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How do acidity changes cause damage in the body, on a molecular level? If I separate NaCl ions through electrophoresis and injected chloride in a patient, would the pH decrease by the presence of the new ions alone? Do the protons and hydroxiles themselves interact with molecules and cause damage? How does getting rid of CO2 or bicarbonate prevent damage?

I am very aware of kidney and lung physiology, i'm aware that the goal is to keep the pH steady, I know proteins denature and shit, but how does this happen and what exactly causes it?

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Essentially, which is the thing that damages here? I know that CO2 represents exiting carbonic acid, I know that carbonic acid represents the presence of a proton and I know the proton represents the presence of an acid. But which one is the one that interacts with the molecules here, the protons or the mysterious acid? Likewise, the bicarbonate represents the presence of a base that causes lack of protons, but when the bicarbonate exits through the kidney, the base is still inside the body isn't it? How does it help, where does the proton come from, or the acid it represents?

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Bump. Do only midwits browse /sci/?

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What's the point of this simulation?

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to weed out shitheels, you don't make it out if you're not a Great

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>super advanced aliens who can create universes at will care about profit

do you honestly think that if there were a type 4 civilization out there, there would be denizens of such a civilization working at an equivalent mcdonalds so the boss man could make profit?

they can create anything and everything they want. they are probably communists

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>they can create anything and everything they want.

>they are probably communists

then how would the party extract taxes to continue to exist?

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by communist i mean communist utopia prescribed by marx where there are no parties or states after a glorious transition from socialism.

oh wait you are probably just a /pol/tard nvm

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>by communist i mean communist utopia

they always do.

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Scientifically speaking what is the value or virtue of mockery for the individual or group?

My best guess so far is that it is a type of probe language but have never seen it really result in anything productive.

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your mom a gay.

nice numerals tho.

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You don’t know how productive it is, because there is only one timeline so comparison is impossible. But any time something is ridiculed and does not happen, suppose it might have happened otherwise. Also consider things you might do but don’t out of fear of ridicule.
PC culture has banned mocking certain people and now 17 year old boys wearing skirts can use the same bathrooms as 12 year old girls.
Also mocking nasal swabs for covid didn’t happen and now there are anal swabs for covid.
There are way to disarm humor, it is not invincible.

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Is there science to back up the 13/52 meme?

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>Hence we are alone!

Where did this dumb fuck idea come from that the lack of Dyson spheres means there's no aliens?

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>>Hence we are alone!
there is no need to talk about dyson spheres to debunk aliens. why no alien TV? their TV and radio stations should have reached us by now. that technology comes hundreds or thousands (or more) of years before dyson spheres. in other words we should detect alien “i love lucy” way before seeing them build a crazy solar structure

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Have you looked at every fucking star or something? A Dyson sphere wouldn't emit light, you'd have to see it be build to notice it.

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Good post OP. Unfortunately by being correct this thread will die. The civilization type measure of "all energy from a planet" star or whatever is wank from some writer's idea.

If you could build a Dyson Sphere you would not have.

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It would radiate heat, assuming entropy held true. It would be a conversion of light to infrared, same energy over a larger surface area.

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No one uses Dyson spheres as an argument for searching life, though

Buuuuuut we can use the fact that we haven't found any radio cloud as a supporting argument that there are no advanced enough intelligent life in our horizon.

Earth has 200 light years of radiosignals
If aliens exists, and advanced enough, they should have something similar and in bigger range that would stick out like a sore thumb as it react with cosmic radiation

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What's your opinion on quantum immortality (which is probably bullshit)?
Or the death of concioussness in general?
Since you can't perceive your own death, then you can't perceive the end of your own subjective experience. Doesn't that mean that from your subjective point of view you'll never die and continue to exist somehow, while being dead to others?

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I was under general anesthesia and nothing happened because it's a light switch.
There wasn't even any darkness, just a time skip. From my point of view it was basically an uninterrupted stream of conscioussness. The only way I knew something was amiss and I missed something was because others told me. If I didn't skip to that moment, I wouldn't even know that.

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>I am now believing more and more in super determinism and accepting that interpretations of QM have been little more than memes
Please elaborate if you don't mind.

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What does quantum immortality say happens here?

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I would imagine that you would take the "path of least resistance"? Similar to electricity.

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resistance to what

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more like Based theorem, am i right?

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Why does this kill the biologist?

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Mathematically speaking, why would an investor decide that shorting 140% of a company's shares is a good idea? I get the concept of shorts, but wouldn't the advantage be completely maximized at 100%?
Also, should I buy GME?

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I don't like this soyjak Sven. Try again.

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dont you think the main idea here isn't whether
shorting 140% is bad
but how much power the media and shiteddit has to make up absolute lies?
Retail investors aren't doing this, the media is just feeding off the insecurities of plebbitors.
This media frenzy is parallel construction.

This is really a battle between hedgefunds behind the scenes.
Id buy more puts for the aftermath but even i dont know how this will end up.

Thats the scary part, hedgefunds can change reality.

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And yes there are still gains to be had for sure

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Hi /sci/! I came from another board and wanted to discuss a sort of lesson here. What exactly are the function of eyes? What is this glossy area over the eyes? Why is it so slick, I want to yank it off. Haha I guess
The lens of the corona, tell me a little more about it if you please.

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>smelling burnt toast
>there is no toast

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Just your neurons being burned

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- Sinus infection
- Migraines
- Allergies
- Nasal polyps
- Upper respiratory infection
- Dental issues
- Exposure to neurotoxins
- Radiation treatment for throat or brain cancer


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Nevermind, I forgot I made toast

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You dummy. Clean your toaster out.

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The theory is as follows:

- If time is infinite, doesn't that technically mean that odds are also infinite?
For example, if something happens once, and time is infinitely long,
wouldn't that suggest that whatever happened is bound to happen again? Because the odds are infinite.

- Moving on-to the second part of the theory, if the odds of something are infinite,
doesn't that mean that whatever has already happened,
has a 100% chance of happening again at some point in the infinite future?

- Now, the third part of the theory. The fact that we're all alive, conscious, breathing,
thinking, means we now know for a fact that the odds of being alive are ATLEAST 1.
Each one of us are living proof of this fact. So, back to the theory of infinite time.
If time is infinite, and the odds of something that has already happened
happening again in the infinity plane of time are 100:0, doesn't that technically mean that
we are bound to live again? Be it a different body, consciousness, soul, whatever you'd like to call it.
But you'd still feel alive, no? You most likely wouldn't recognise your previous life of course, because it isn't technically "you" anymore,
but perhaps it was once?

This ties in with death. So, as you all are aware before you were born, billions of years passed.
The same will happen after we all die, too. I ask myself the question, why now? Why was I born now?
I get that there most definitely isn't a specific reason as to why I was born now,
but I can't fathom how time has passed before, and will pass after I'm gone.

I understand this may sound literally insane to many people, which is fair enough,
because it does; but I'm eager to learn about it and would love some thoughts on it.

- Dom

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Quoted By: >>12633388

Why do you assume time is infinite?

>> No.12633388 [DELETED]

Cause he's a masochist who gets off on arrogance of his own intristic values of his fat shape

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If time is infinite.

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What the fuck do I have to do to understand this? Where do you even begin? It's like star trek talk, I have no idea what the fuck I'm reading.

Please enlighten me. I want to learn.

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Quoted By: >>12633442


>> No.12633442

This is like trying to teach a caveman english by giving him The Canterbury Tales

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What happened before this and what caused it?

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Why does anything have to have happened before it? At that singularity, time doesn't exist the way we know it, so cause-and-effect doesn't exist.

>> No.12633506

Someone ran the program and started the simulation

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Time is a concept understand as movement of particles. That means concept like "before", "after", and "now" are concepts of time. Before bigbang, there were no particles. So there wasn't any time, there wasn't any before.

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there was a cloud of gas and dust before. The explosion of a distant star sent a shock wave and collapsed the cloud of gas and dust

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What is your end goal in your math (or physics) studies? As in the field you think you'd want to specialize in.
For me, it's probably 4-manifolds.

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SpaceX job

>> No.12633389

Quantum computing

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just want to work at a university. really into group theory. hopefully i can get published.

maybe ill wander off into the woods if that doesnt work out so well

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No idea
I finished undergraduate with bad grades, just moving alone without learning too much
Now I'm on graduate and I still don't take it seriously
Obviously I won't be able to do anything in academia

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Any uni fags willing to help? I'm trying to get into undergraduate research in mathematics, and I have no idea what to do. Do I just email some math professor?

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Quoted By: >>12633365

Just talk to a professor in a class you're doing very well in and ask him what options you have

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Quoted By: >>12633357

Are those bombs and why r u in isis is the pay grade good and are they still using mainframes for comms

>> No.12633357

I think they're potato batteries.

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>Do I just email some math professor?
Pretty much yeah. Start with profs you know as >>12633315 suggests. Ask them about their research; the'll be more than happy to talk about what they do. Look at the department webpage for info about which profs are doing things that sound interesting. They all understand where you're at in your career and don't expect you to have any experience. They will expect that you are eager to learn, which you can demonstrate by asking questions. Good luck Anon!

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Leave the research position to someone who actually wants to research something?

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Is telegony real? https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/ele.12373

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