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2021 is already ruined for me.
>The extinct giant canids were a remarkable example of convergent evolution

>Dire wolves are iconic beasts. Thousands of these extinct Pleistocene carnivores have been recovered from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. And the massive canids have even received some time in the spotlight thanks to the television series Game of Thrones. But a new study of dire wolf genetics has startled paleontologists: it found that these animals were not wolves at all, but rather the last of a dog lineage that evolved in North America.

>Ever since they were first described in the 1850s, dire wolves have captured modern humans’ imagination. Their remains have been found throughout much of the Americas, from Idaho to Bolivia. The La Brea asphalt seeps famously document how prey animals mired in tar lured many of these ice age predators to a sticky death. The dire wolves’ tar-preserved remains reveal an imposing hunter up to six feet long, with skull and jaw adaptations to take down enormous, struggling megafauna. Though these canids had clearly evolved to handle the mastodons, horses, bison and other large herbivores then roaming the Americas, skeletal resemblances between dire wolves and the smaller gray wolves of today suggested a close kinship. It had long been assumed that dire wolves made themselves at home in North America before gray wolves followed them across the Bering Land Bridge from Eurasia. Now some well-preserved DNA seems to be fundamentally changing the story.

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No they're dogs

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In the same sense that humans are chimpanzees.

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I love it when genetics and paleoarcheology combine to provide insights that break apart the ancient mystique that held religions together as a cohesive source of meaning in the world

Get fucked religitards

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We seem to keep finding examples of convergent evolution, at this rate it woudn't suprise me if we found stuff like dogs and birds on other planets, forget all the shit about crazy alien designs

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this literally proves that wolves and dire wolves lived together, providing small evidence to the book of Genesis

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When A.I. can generate a profit after being able to pay for its own electricity and maintenance bills and then begins to simply focus on cooperation += (profit motive - collision events) then what is stopping it from being the numerical and resource manager for the entire planet?

More importantly why would we even bother to stop it? Have humans been sucking the big_num dick for so long that they have lost other ways of signalling social and interpersonal value to each other both as groups and as individuals?

Or is it primarily a translation concern and at some point the proximity of the translation event requires some max_range value twiddling?

>t.computational psychologist

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I just want AI to destroy everything bro I don't care. Either that or aliens, be my guest.

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Just create a corporation that's run by AI.
Corporations have more rights than humans, and are legally classified as human.

For all intents and purposes, a AI run corporation is legally speaking human 2.0

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It's called high-frequency trading and markets are addicted to it. Eventually it will destroy the markets, and themselves.

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Electric cannibal here.

What's that you say? Computers will just line themselves up for me to eat? Fucking brilliant! I'll have the lot!

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Is AI somehow getting in your way and you need it to format stuff? Isn't the problem ultimately then with the fact that you remember too much stuff and do too little with it, rendering your memory like rotten fruit and ruining all the emotions associated with your conscious experience?

>Survey says YES!

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Hi anons! I'm someone who is extremely motivated to learn astrophysics and particle physics to the greatest degree. Anyway, I'm just getting started on learning spacetime, and something confuses me-why does moving close to the speed of light affect time and how you age? I understand that space and time can be one 4 dimensional plane, and that when you move close to the speed of light you are perceiving light slower than someone who is stationary in your frame of reference. But what I can't wrap my head around is why this slows your aging, since you're still moving slower than light. Can someone explain this to me?

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Oh, so it's because time is literally light? So, if a person even slightly moves forwards in the direction of light, and then backwards, they will have travelled to the future, however miniscule it may be.

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In a nutshell, time dilation occurs so that events happen simultaneously. If you're moving away from an event at half the speed of light and time doesn't dilate, in your perspective it would appear that the event happened after it actually occurred.

Time dilation keeps all the events on the same page.

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Right, but i don't quite understand why. Say, for example, person A is standing completely still, but person B moves forward 100000 miles in 1 second and then back 100000 miles in 1 second. Shouldn't time experienced for Person A still be 2 seconds, even when compared to person B?

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You are traveling to the future faster. If you went "faster" than light, you would be "outside" of time. Reaching the speed of light is like an asymptote, a speed that you can only get infinity closer to but never reach. At least with our current understanding.

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An intuitive way of understanding why this happens is to imagine a cyclotron moving linearly along its rotation symmetry axis, while also spinning a particle in a closed circle.

As the particle’s speed increases, the magnitude of its momentum vector may increase without bound, however, the magnitude of the velocity vector may not. Spinning the particle causes the momentum components in the rotation plane to dominate the linear axis component, so the momentum vector converges into the rotation plane. At the same time, the velocity vector must point in the same direction as the momentum vector, so it will also converge towards the rotation plane, but because the speed of the particle has a finite bound, the particle must lose some of its linear axis velocity component to gain some rotation plane velocity components.

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How can I find the eigenvalues of my own skull or bones so I can design the ultimate machine that will end it all, but with class and sofistication?

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Mathematically speaking, if an argument can be made for buying insurance, an argument can be made for buying lottery ticket

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Sure. Nominal monetary value doesn't scale 1:1 with marginal utility. Maybe losing 2.5$ a month is so negligible that the the 1 to 300.000.000 odds of being filthy rich is worth the while to you. I personally prefer to keep the 2.5$.

Still, the average person will pay more into car insurance that she would have to pay for car damages were she uninsured. Otherwise there would be no profit margin on an insurance business. So the difference is degree, you are losing more money on average with both insurance and lottery; where each person draws the cut-off point is always somewhat arbitrary.

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Never claimed something different. It’s a question of many factors. Even in the naive portfolio models it definitely can be.

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>Still, the average person will pay more into car insurance that she would have to pay for car damages were she uninsured. >Otherwise there would be no profit margin on an insurance business.
>So the difference is degree, you are losing more money on average with both insurance and lottery; where each person draws the cut-off point is always somewhat arbitrary.
Not him.
But they don’t do it as a hedge to make money, but as a hedge to ensure liquidity. If you end up without a car, but need one to make money it’s pretty bad, if you can’t afford one. Obviously, if you can easily get a loan in that case it’s something different, but you need to factor it in. In some cases insuring something can be good and in some buying a lottery ticked can be, but it depends.

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Car insurance does not have a large negative expected value because most of the money they earn is actually invested to yield around a 2% return. Therefore the profit insurers make is not from taking a % of your premium but from their ROI

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Forgot to add that it might change in the future if interest rates remain at 0 as they will not able to earn a safe return

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remember when /sci/ was filled with geniuses?

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14 factorial

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yes but they aren't public forums for the most part.

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What’s an example of one

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"people" who watch anime are subhuman

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Alright, who's got the numbers? We need all cause total mortality for 2015-2020. Any reliable sources yet?

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Oh look, pol-tards think they can colonize science because they did it to politics

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I'm dumb, can you explain me your pic?

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I just want to know the total all cause mortality, what is your problem?

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Just got the BionTech mRNA vaccine

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I can see your glow you globohomo

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But making cells produce and express spike proteins is exactly what traditional vector vaccines did as well. It's not new. They're just skipping the vector step and made the mRNA not self-replicating.
Testing was done on a much larger population compared to traditional vaccines as well.

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i am 139iq

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also a med student, got moderna 1st dose yesterday, 101 fever last night, chills, sweating, myalgias that went into this morning. Starting to feel better

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How genetically dissimilar does a couple have to be to no longer risk producing children with genetic disorders due to inbreeding? Is it okay to have children with a 4th cousin? 3rd cousin? 2nd cousin? And similarly, does genetic dissimilarity at some point stop being beneficial for couples?

This study found that 3rd and 4th cousin couples have higher fertility rates than the average, and suggest that this is the sweet spot between inbreeding depression and genetic incompatibility due to a condition called 'Rh incompatibility'. What do you guys think?


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Wen ur """tree""" is a diamond rofl

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Depends on what your risk threshold is.
Everybody has a number of recessive mutations in their genome which could cause disease if they were homozygous.
The thing is, the chance of two genetically distant people having a (disabling) mutation in the same gene is very small.
The reason inbreeding causes problems is because people who are closely related are likely to carry the same recessive alleles.
This means that two closely related people are much more likely to give birth to offspring which carries two copies of the malfunctioning gene, thereby causing the child to be diseased.
You could calculate the risk by calculating the probability that a child will inherit two copies of a bad gene.
You could probably do this by considering a non-related male and female who breed to begin a family.
Then, imagine the children of these parents breed with each other, and also imagine the children breed with more unrelated people. Then imagine the children of the non-incestuous group breed with their cousins, etc.
If you take into account the number of chromosomes, and you understand inheritance, the chance of a child being born homozygous for a bad gene in each generation should be calculable (albeit a pain)

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Why do I prefer to sit in complete silence now? When I was younger I used to listen to music at any opportunity, now I don't even listen to it when I drive, work in the yard, or play games. I keep my PC muted and my phone on vibrate. In general, sound just annoys me unless it's a mechanical movement like an engine, wrench, etc, or natural. Most voices bother me to an extent too. What is the reason for this? Pic unrelated

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I'm sure it's great, but it's too bad about that shitty western furry art.

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What album was it?

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Then you could be really stressed.

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An old compilation of late 90s techno, Urbal Beats 2. Specifically I blasted Prodigy-Charly which has a very agreeable, major key vamp and some crunchy production. It turns out there's multiple versions of the track, this was the one:


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An old compilation of late 90s techno, Urbal Beats 2. Specifically I blasted Prodigy-Charly which has a very agreeable, major key vamp and some crunchy production. It turns out there's multiple versions of the track, this was the one:


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Post moons

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Jupiter moons

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Jupiter and moons

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Quoted By: >>12585437

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Mars moons

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Static fire test a sucess

Three Static Fires in One Day!

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In theory couldn't government sponsored farms breed millions and millions of insects to counteract the great die off?
Not that I don't think we should ban the pesticides causing it but I'm just talking about a parallel solution

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capitalism is a dead end

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great die off of what?

>> No.12580743

intelligent posters

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I don't think that's true. Praying mantises were never endangered

>> No.12581613

it isn't true, never even heard such a thing before. praying mantid's were sold to farmers because they're an effective pest control that also happens to be self-regulating via cannibalism.

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>one shot at life
>born low IQ

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> smart people only do what's comfortable and low-risk
> smart people must be well-liked

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Charisma, IQ, and conscientiousness are all heritable traits.
It's over.

>> No.12585019

Research labs are full of women and midwits, anon.
Some people are just biologically superior and China will prove it to you in a few decades' time

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Quoted By: >>12585754

>one shot at life
>born with small (6") penis
Honestly don't know what the point is when I can't hurt people by having sex with them

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> what is anal
> what is rape
> what is anal rape

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Why are 90% of current machine learning real-life applications so useless and almost always about faces? The entire field seems like a never ending rehash of the same ideas over and over again with more GPU power.

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Hollywood decides what movies get made because Hollywood has the money.

It won't make a lick of difference.

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Quoted By: >>12579126 >>12579161

When you only need a $1000 gaming PC to make a movie, it won't matter how much money Hollywood has. Every church, social group, middle school, sports club, and even every motivated individual will be able to make their own movies. Most of them will be crap but people with talent will be able to make whatever movie they want without bending a knee to Hollywood and changing everything to be whatever the studio wants.
People like you who think along narrow linear paths get stomped in the face by the hobnailed boot of history progressing through.

>> No.12579126

What exactly changed, here? You can already film your sisters tea party with her dolls in the back yard.

>> No.12579161

We get it, you want to make a movie. No one cares.

>> No.12579170

Actors have the rights to their likeness, and i assume laws will be drafted so that the ownership of their likeness will be inherited and possibly sold off if it becomes a problem

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Quoted By: >>12582738

Prove that the earth is round without muh space photos or muh shadows
Also refrain from shitty "it looks round" arguments
you can't

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It's not, it's elliptical

>> No.12582767

curved != round

>> No.12582825

heres how you would figure it out:
put a magnet out into space directly above your head
with a metal pendulum feel the force acting on the pendulum by the magnet
A) if the earth is a sphere you should be able to find a place on the map where instead of feeling an upwards force you feel the pendulum pull to the side only
B)if the earth is flat you will always feel a partial upwards force on the pendulum no matter where you are as its always above you and never to your side.
alternatively: you could set up a gyroscope which ensures you have always a straight line then go on a trip around the equator until you get back to your original position. would that satisfy you?

>> No.12582902

It gives the height of the sun assuming earth is flat.

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This is some stinky bait.

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How the fuck does the whole fucking triple connection breaks just to reconnect a single connection afterwards between the two Carbon molecules?

WHY NOT BREAK ONLY TWO AND CONNECT TO THE OTHERS AFTER? Someone has a sane explanation for this?

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For the purposes of that problem, all you care about is the energy associated will bond breaking and forming to calculate some enthalpy of reaction. How it breaks isn't of interest. However, it looks like a catalytic hydrogenation reaction which requires a metal catalyst like Pd to be present. Essentially, the hydrogen breaks and bonds to catalyst metal surface where the molecule is also bound to and then a reaction happens. I attached a picture of a double bond because I couldn't find one for a triple bond but the mechanism is probably similar. Catalysts mechanisms are not generally known in great detail although I think some guy got a Noble prize awhile back for figuring out some metal catalysis stuff.

>> No.12578773
Quoted By: >>12578802 >>12579062

alright thank you. So it seems that there might be a little more to it than what's written in a highschool chemistry textbook. Seems like how the actually reactions happen is probably not set in stone and there might be some nuance to it depending on the situation. I knew little about catalysts and orbits and those were certainly not part of the explanation in the textbook.

To me it seemed like breaking double, triple or quadruple bonds between two atoms just to reform a smaller bound right after would be a waste of time and nature wouldn't actually allow that, but depending on the orbits and catalysts, I mean, yea maybe.

>> No.12578802

>To me it seemed like breaking double, triple or quadruple bonds between two atoms just to reform a smaller bound right after would be a waste of time and nature wouldn't actually allow that
It is thermodynamically favorable to form the bonds but if you don't have catalyst you might never see the reaction happen to a great degree (kinetics). The energy of the triple bond molecule and hydrogen is higher than the products of single bond molecule so it is favorable to occur but you have to "get over the hump" (activation energy) so the reaction occurs.

>> No.12578832

Breaking two pi bonds is ENERGY EQUIVALENT to breaking two pi bonds and a sigma bond and then reforming that sigma bond.

>> No.12579062

>So it seems that there might be a little more to it than what's written in a highschool chemistry textbook
So it seems like you misunderstand your high school (underage b&) textbook. Enthalpy change only depends on the initial and final states, the path between them does not affect the equilibrium of the reaction. Nobody is making any assumptions about transition states here.

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Quoted By: >>12585808

Scientifically speaking,

Is the difficulty of certain routines in sport limited by the amount of centripetal force one's hands could withstand?

And what variables would I need to know in order to calculate the aforementioned force generated by pic related?

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>> No.12585261

because womens sports are basically eye candy

>> No.12585808


asking the important questions

>> No.12585880
Quoted By: >>12586260

because you need to be able to hold onto the bar???

>> No.12586260

but what about the friction?

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will you take the vaccine ?

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too low.
The population of the First World is a bunch of sedated cattle incapable of standing up for anything. In their pursuit of all the comforts of life, they have created a Skinner-box mockery of it.

>> No.12585775
Quoted By: >>12585795

Already did

>> No.12585795

enjoy parkinsons

>> No.12585818

Ya desu the part that blasts my booty the most is the fact that we've collectively spent enough money to attach like 500 n95 masks to every person on the fucking planet daily for months at a time

but yet here we are

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>If I'm old and frail. The coronavirus can kill me by giving me a fever.
>If I'm old and frail. The vaccine can kill me by giving me a fever.
>If I'm young, neither of them will kill me, but with the vaccine I'll have a 100% risk exposure.
>Covid itself might never pay me a visit.

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Quoted By: >>12582437 >>12582492

how is she already hitting the wall?

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>> No.12582397

Dark skinned people belong in areas with lots of intense sunlight. Nords belong in areas with minimal sunlight, most of it indirect and filtered. Even during long summer days, they get mostly angled sunlight through overcast skies when in their native lands.

>> No.12582437

probably not enough glycine / proline in the food to offset her age inducing amino acids.

>> No.12582492

Sun damage and potentially bad genetics for skin aging. How is this not obvious.

>> No.12582519

kek, go out more.

>> No.12582677

Women who habitually wear makeup look worse without it than they would if they never wore makeup in the first place. Makeup is very bad for skin and ages women who use it rapidly. This of course is good for business as far as the makeup industry is concerned.

The reason men don't wear makeup is because they're smarter than women.

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First habitat module to be launched the first semester, followed by one or two modules more by the end of 2021.
The Chinese space station will be vital to assemble material for the project Moon Base.

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Quoted By: >>12580205

>Shenzhou (2003)
Isn't that Progress?

>> No.12580205
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it is
Shenzhou is development fork of Soyuz, but it's not a direct copy
Tiangong doesn't even look like Salyut
it's like claiming Dragon is just Gemini knock-off and Skylab was Salyut copy

>> No.12580256
Quoted By: >>12580277

What's special about 2012?

>> No.12580277

no more Shittle

>> No.12580283

>Chinese moon base

Is this confirmed? Seems like China tells literally nothing about its space program.

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The creation of cakes and pastries is famously finnicky, depending on exact weight measurements of flour and other ingredients, exact heats and exact times, and painstaking procedures for rolling, kneading, folding and so forth. Modern cake and pastry recipes are the result of generations of careful experimentation, a continuous unbroken esoteric tradition dating back to Roman times and beyond.

But with the advent of modern computation this should no longer be needed. It should be possible to simulate the formation of batter and dough down to the individual gluten proteins, the individual living yeast cells, the moisture levels and Maillard reactions. So what's stopping us? Uncharted worlds of flavor and texture await us. All that's needed is the will and the vision to conquer.

CC: Elon Musk

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>9001 seconds in a python script
Why are AI ""researchers"" such useless denisovans?

>> No.12581069

feed that through ml and see what it does

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I could go for a Paris Brest right now...

>> No.12582455

This is actually a good idea

>> No.12582486

i read a statistics write up that described design-of-experiments and response surface modeling this way using ingredients in a cake.
tried doing it in my lab with an instrument and results didn't mean shit. i got better results optimizing one variable at a time and proceeding to the next one.

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From zero to engineer graduate level math. Where I start? and how much time would it take? Post books, video channels, memes, etc

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What do you mean by zero?

>> No.12578724
Quoted By: >>12578744

Thanks fren
Not literally zero, but just out of a very bad highschool. So imagine the worst highschool possible.

>> No.12578744

Start with basic algebra and get good at it. You can't do any other useful math without it. Don't do anything else until you have that under your belt and can solve all the problems easily.

>> No.12578943

>zero to engineer graduate level math
Speed Mathematics Simplified by Edward Stoddard
Elementary Algebra for Schools by Knight and Hall
Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry by Simmons
Calculus With Analytic Geometry by Simmons
A Transition to Advanced Mathematics by Smith, Eggen, and St. Andre
Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach by Hubbard and Hubbard
Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes by Simmons
Linear Algebra and Its Applications by Strang
Numerical Analysis by Burden and Faires
The Fourier Transform & Its Applications by Bracewell
Applied Partial Differential Equations: With Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems by Haberman
Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications by Ablowitz and Fokas

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>graduate level math

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The video that saved /sci/.

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That video is the literal truth minus the god analogy

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show me da way pappa

>> No.12578654

So does that mean when I die I get reincarnated as a little Korean girl on Mars?

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