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Get a science degree. Strap yourself to a rocket. You are now a rocket scientist.

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Ask Elon Musk

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play kerbal space program

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not using frogs to test said rockets, anon...really?

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Build a scaled down rocket.
Make a prediction about how it will perform
launch it
record the results

You are now a rocket scientist

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Is there anything I can do to prevent my COPD from becoming worse? I don't smoke. :(

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i was a pothead in high school, thats a big part of what attracted me to the sciences, i knew that there was important druggie information buried in there somewhere, getting at that and stealing a triple beam were both ambitions i achieved.
i learned a lot when we had drug education class, when they got to the part about pot they were teaching us about THC percentages and they told us regular pot had about 2%-5% THC, hash had about 10%-15% and hash oil had 30%-40%.
seeing that hash oil stat blew my mind, i'd gotten hash before and it was A+ high power stuff, so the possibility of something more than twice as good captured my imagination. eventually i learned how to make my own hash oil and educated myself about solvents and distilling in the process. i learned a lot that way and it was worth the effort because that hash oil was super strong, just like they promised in high school drug education class.

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Didn't read lol

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Those percentages must decades old by now.
Weed had actually advanced a lot, the good stuff is 20%+
Quality butane hash oils are around 90%. the /r/cannabisextracts wiki has a good guide on how to do it safely

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get in line with the other chemists buddy

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So did you graduate high school?

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"No one asked"

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>there are people on sci that read clock mod 12

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OP sucks cock mod 0

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this story is funny because you felt like you got destroyed over something totally trivial LOL

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so he sucks zero cocks? pretty based

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What are the root causes of pervasive sexual fetishism?

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either repression or overexposure to COOOOOOOM

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If the degeneracy is bad, then it's your job to bash it down now that you know.

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More privacy nowadays, better lube, toys, internet porn

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>overexposure to COOOOOOOM

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No. You're screwed

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Is urine therapy legit?
Someone told me they used piss to help treat themselves
“ I’ve been chewing for 20 years. Few months back I was in big trouble. Enflamed bleeding gums, cavities, plaque, tooth infection with swelling in my cheek and a loose tooth. Pain that wasn’t awful, but bad enough where I couldn’t think about doing anything else. I undoubtedly needed at least a route canal.

Started fishing around for what to do and I had done urine therapy before for other issues. But did not know that it will help all oral issues.


Held my urine in my mouth 15 mins at a time 3 times a day. And my mouth was basically healed in a week. Tooth firmed up, pain gone, no bleeding or enflamed gums, etc.”

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OK Satan I know you're baiting but on a more serious note there's more you can do with things that are not piss - for example onion juice mixtures. The onion has a lot of benefits like anti-inflammation properties, boosting the immune system, testosterone production and more.

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>the schizos and autists here are convincing each other to drink urine unironically
Wtf happened to /sci/

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>Consuming something that your body excretes so it has to re-excrete it
No, I don't think so

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Just antiseptic mouthwash, you can get stronger ones from your dentist. You should only use it for like a week, just once a night after brushing and flossing. Pic related is what I use. Every few months I'll use it for a week. I used to dip for almost a decade, so I had a very intensive cleaning that took two appointments to finish, and after that I've been very meticulous about my oral hygeine.
Don't drink piss bro

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There are likely some compounds in urine that have health benefits. The problems is they are in low concentration and mixed with things that have proven health non-benefits.

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This shit saved my life. The problem nobody realizes with mental health is it isn’t in your head but stress and trauma stored in your body. This is why talk therapy and meds don’t work.

The guy behind TRE David bercelli figured out two things. One was, wild animals never have long lasting effects of stress and anxiety after getting attacked by predators because they instantly tremor out the stress and trauma. So a croc snaps at a zebra, zebra freaks and gets away, tremors, then goes back to grazing 1 min later like nothing ever happened. He also noticed that in 3rd world countries when in bomb shelters that after a bomb went off the kids would naturally shake, but the adults wouldn’t. Because we have all been conditioned to think shaking is weakness. So the kids would shake and end up fine and the adults wouldn’t and would go on to develop PTSD.

But we have a built in mechanism to tremor and shake to release all this pent up stress and trauma and reset our nervous systems. So all these cops, vets, and tendie eating anime jerking off NEETS who want to kill themselves just need to tremor and they’ll be fine.

All of 2019 I wanted to kill myself from derealization and depersonalization brought on by anxiety and stress because of thyroid issues. Then I found somatic experiencing and the overlapping TRE exercises. SE didn’t really work but the TRE was magic and fixed me

Here are a few screenshots from /biz/ /x/ and /pol/ in the many threads I’ve made there over the months... with countless more people being helped almost instantly

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stop spamming this jewish scam, you made multiple threads in the last months and nobody gives a fuck, retard

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I see what you are saying. But why do animals do this??? Can you watch the first link provided in the 2nd post. Only 7 mins.

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Absolute nonsense pseudoscience. You're a gullible moron and if you felt ANY change at all it just means placebo worked well on you.

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i was thinking of the first animal example she mentions in vid 1.
>dogs thunderstorms and shaking.
i'll share an anecdote.
i have a wonderful young terrier, wouldnt trade him for the world. everything i could dream to be and more.
>persitantly shakes during thunderstorms and storm activity, in the wild he'd "shake it off" and move on with life, however, due to traumas in the past (see LOUD NOISES) and seeing this behavior as a coping release he now shakes as a communicative effort to express to me of his discomfort or fear so i now provide the comforting. This is defeating the purpose of the system and has cause long term behavior changes for the worse. (still a good boy, just shakes when scared the poor thing, he doesnt know any better)

this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the fight or flight reflex and its intellectually dishonest to try and apply it so sympathetic nervous reactions to traumatic or life-threatening situations.

do what, adrendal loading? the vid was basically a sales pitch for the therapy.. what did you want a comment on..? as was the prior vid, with a little more explanation.

reflexive muscle vibration.. look to put it bluntly. yeah, theres some shit here. in the same way reflexology and acupuncture has benefits to some patients, but requires skepticism and proper research for the same reasons.
you do you anon. i will not discourage what is working for you.

you broke me OP

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this is also not "totally" correct either, there is clearly some release of chemical messengers for some people at some times.
>horse and cart idiom doesn't matter when motion is the objective assessment..
im a dickhead interested in the mechanisms i guess.. maybe blinkist some books on the topic (haven't used it personally but I think it should work)

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Anon from a country with no college affirmative action, honestly you burgers don't make sense to me at all sometimes, i go to a pretty nice engineering university, and for me to not see female students on campus i would literally have to blindfold myself. Although yes i will admit that i don't see a lot of minorities, probably because i live in Europe. except this South Asian girl who i am friends with.

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where do I subscribe

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Who is the Professor Leonard of physics?

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i want to stick my whole head up his ass and sniff

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The only good schizo on this board

>> No.12615222

The only good schizo on this board is me, and I'm based because you don't hear much about me.

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At 9:21 tonight, it will be the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century

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kek surprised this post took so long

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>old memes
thank you
thank you
thank you

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There was no year 0, so the 20th century ended in 2000, and the 21st century began in 2001

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>at arbitrary measurement it will be arbitrary measurement

brainlet alert

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Assume a deep neural network. How does one compute the average processing power spent on each layer? Each node?

Papers or other studies on this are appreciated.

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>gary is tripfagging now

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I only know about logistic and linear regression right now,any idea as to when I can get acquainted with advanced neural networking stuff?(keep in mind that I'm great at maths)

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If you still want a real answer... God this board is a mess.

Assuming this is a simple MLP or simple Feed Forward, no drop out or skips or not an RNN. Nothing than would make it more complex.
Just take the power consumption (like via nvidia-smi if you are training via GPU), the training time and the number of total nodes and make a simple division.

>> No.12619134

But that would give an average distribution of the power consumption. Shouldn't there be a difference between layers?

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Does it matter?
Anyway even if you reduce the network with regularition,you still need to start with as large network aspossible.

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Where does /sci/ fall

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>The point of the image is that the left and right demographics think the nigger word is funny, and the middle demographic does not and would like to see his career ended in the name of moral justice.
My take is the left demographic liked pewdiepie for the gaming and didn't really care that he used the gamer word since it is not representative of his content.
The middle demographic freaked out and wanted him banned for using the gamer word because they fell for the media gaslighting.
The right demographic started to like pewdiepie because they thought he was secretly based and redpilled and /ourguy.

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Oh ok. Thanks. Would've never guessed that.

>> No.12618748

Is this bait?

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>what's the difference between C and C++
C++ has more bells. This triggers asspies who can't stand change.

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Why do people say CO2 causes global warming, but firestorms releasing carbon in a nuclear war makes a nuclear winter?

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dust =/= CO2

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imagine the smell

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>billions of tonnes of pajeet fecal matter vapourized and released into the atmosphere

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Nuclear winter is another dumb unscientific retarded idea cooked by Carl Sagan. The dumb bastard thought he would die before he could be proven wrong, but he was EXPERIMENTALLY proven wrong.

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I can't figure out how to isolate Phi to one side. I'm making a serious error, and I can't figure out why.

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the curse of the inverted slash for /math claims another victim

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Thanks, anon. I remember watching this video that features a geometric proof for the quadratic formula.


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>How did you go from (phi^2 - phi - 1 = 0) to (phi = (-(-1) + sqrt(((-1)^2) - 4 * 1 * (-1))) / (2 * 1))?

Isn't it obvious for you that that is just a second order equation? Maybe if you change phi by "x" it should be clear to you.

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>was 5"7' in the 6th grade enjoying privileges of being the tallest in the classroom
>Now 5"8 at age 22
What the fuck went wrong? Aren't pre-pubescent kids supposed to get idk a growth spurt in their high school years?

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You're a coomer aren't you?

>> No.12612460

Everyone has a different experience. My grandpa got five centimeters taller in the army when he was 20.

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Quoted By: >>12612735

I came gallons from age 11 to 16, and I'm 6'3". Masturbation isn't bad for you my man.

>> No.12612735

Same. If anything at all, it helped growing.

>> No.12612987

Yes actually. I'm pretty sure I cooked more gallons then anyone on this board. I was into dirty smut back in the 6th grade because my mom's celebrity magazines got my dick hard. I pretty much have masturbated every day if not every other day since puberty. I have never gone a month without masturbating since I was 13.

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calculos 10
algebra 9
kinematics 10
chemistry 10

>> No.12612027

Good job

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Don't stimulate your prostate anons... I get immense pleasure now just by walking. Basically when I am not on the toilet I have to stimulate my prostate. Also my butt leaks mucus now and I shart in my pants often LOL!

>> No.12612003
Quoted By: >>12612011

This is the gay agenda

>> No.12612011

Funny I don't swing that way. I think it's the same as eating your cum, as long as it's your own cum or anal stimulation it's not gay. I don't eat my cum though.

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What great technologies truly altered the way people lived their lives?

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I would like genetic engineering materials, biotechnology and homemade protocols. Please indicate references and links

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can /sci/ solve this

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>had my fun

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Quoted By: >>12620071


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If were playing that game, you're not digging a mile long well and its not moving fast enough to have an hour difference at either end.


>> No.12620071

imperial is dlc for metric, you primitive creature

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>can /sci/ solve this
the movie Time-Trap, released 2017

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What is the possibility that the number "8" would appear AT LEAST ONCE in minesweeper?

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1 - P(at least one 8)

>> No.12612189
Quoted By: >>12613556 >>12613651

Has anyone seen an 8 tile while playing Minesweeper? While I'm not a huge Minesweeper player, I have been playing it since the 1980s and have never seen an 8 tile. Does the algorithm even allow mines to be clustered so dense?

>> No.12613556

I have.

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Quoted By: >>12615278

Minesweeper was first released in 1990.

>> No.12615278

Yeah the computer version

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What future tech will we see in our lifetime dominate the world?

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Quoted By: >>12613721

>Battery powered cars are expensive and inconvenient.
>We aren't anywhere near true autonomous driving.
>Driving involves making decisions that require human input.
>Elon Musk is an idiot.
Tesla alone already btfo all your arguments and tech will get many times better in your lifetime. Go be a doomer somewhere else chud faggot.

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>First of all, can we not use the f-word.
You were doing well but that is a bit too overt.

>> No.12613721

>Tesla alone already btfo all your arguments
Um actually sweetie the existence of Tesla supports the claim that battery powered vehicles are expensive and inconvenient.
>tech will get many times better in your lifetime
Oh you naive zoomer, drank too much of Elon Musk's kool aid didn'tcha. Reality check: stop trusting strange old men and the lies they try to sell.

>> No.12614021

replacement of human drivers will happen, but grand kids won't think it was retarded, it will just be seen as a hobby or work related activity (driving a car through a construction site / quarry, going off roading, people who own cottages probably need manual, heavy snow/mud areas, etc)

>> No.12614054

fusion plants as primary power source supplemented by renewables & batteries to handle short term fluctuations in the grid. also as long as you're not a boomer you'll get to fly in a solid state plane

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I ate a small boiled potato. It was bitter and part of the skin burned my tongue to the point I had to spit it out (this was after I had eaten the rest). Supposedly, this means it was highly toxic and I could potentially die.

I tried to ignore it but started feeling some symptoms 10 minutes later. I feel better now so I don't believe it was really enough to kill me but just in case I want others to know about this.

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Quoted By: >>12613418

>When potato tubers are exposed to light, they turn green and increase glycoalkaloid production. This is a natural defense to help prevent the uncovered tuber from being eaten. The green colour is from chlorophyll, and is itself harmless. However, it is an indication that increased level of solanine and chaconine may be present. In potato tubers, 30–80% of the solanine develops in and close to the skin, and some potato varieties have high levels of solanine.
>Home processing methods (boiling, cooking, frying) have small and variable effects on glycoalkaloids. For example, boiling potatoes reduces the ?-chaconine and ?-solanine levels by only 3.5% and 1.2% respectively, though microwaving causes a reduction by 15%. Deep-frying at 150 °C (302 °F) does not result in any measurable change
Wait, so when Arthur told me green sunburned potato chips are safe to eat they were actually lying??? What the fuck???

>> No.12613034
Quoted By: >>12613418

Boiling reduces a lot toxicity and to die you need to eat a huge amount of almost rotten potatoes.
So no, you don't die that easily.
Why would eat even a small one like that is beyond me though.

>> No.12613040
Quoted By: >>12613418

Oh, I didn't read that. That's why.
Well I guess your neighbors are not that friendly as you thought.

>> No.12613047

That's very interesting, thanks

>> No.12613418

Eating a single one like D.W. did won't kill you. But yeah, it's stupid to make children believe those are completely fine.

Boiling doesn't diminish solanine in a significant amount and the potato wasn't rotten, it was toxic for a different reason.
>eat even a small one like that
I'm used to bitter food. My mother was a terrible cook and she also believed in the properties of horribly bitter tea.

The potato LOOKED fine. They couldn't have known.

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Quoted By: >>12616322

Scientifically speaking, what should you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wanted to live a long time?

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>> No.12616322

anyone here can redpill me on black ant powder and if you tested it what are the results?

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>> No.12618166

Based Alejandro poster.
Rip :(

>> No.12618181

23 yo guy from a sperm bank. Was smart but sadly mentally ill living in a mentally ill inducing culture and society. Stopped taking his drugs and killed himself. Thought he lived in a simulation and no one was real.

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