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>A Russian farm has given its dairy cows virtual reality headsets in a bid to reduce their anxiety.

>The herd donned VR systems adapted for the "structural features of cow heads"and were shown a "unique summer field simulation program".

>Moscow's Ministry of Agriculture and Food cited research which they say has shown a link between a cow's emotional experience and its milk yield.

>Initial tests reportedly boosted "the overall emotional mood of the herd".


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>actually wanting to be like a herd of cows
cringe ????o/c?a?o

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Imagine living in a country so terrible that you have to put VR goggles on cows to make their life bearable.

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I wonder how long they were them at a time and where? Also if they get headphones.

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Better then forcing them to stare at the inside of a factory. Maybe not as good as actually giving them a field, but still better than nothing.

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Imagine getting a VR headset that has been used by 20 people prior to you, each of them living their entire life in it until they were eaten.

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I cared little for the lockdown at first but it's almost a year now and uni is still closed.
What do I do scientifically to not lose my mind.

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take walks in nature

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>Uni started again last friday
>still haven't touched anything
I hate this

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It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...It's only gonna get worse, its only gonna increase...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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The only reason you or anything exists, is because entropy increased.

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very locally, at the expense of a massive increase for the total universe.

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What kind of dumb, nonsense statement is this? Do you speak English?

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portuguese maybe

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JWST would've been launched a decade ago if black women were running NASA

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>I'm thinking you are under estimating just how stupid people are.

no i'm not you are alive proof.

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gr8 b8 m8

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people view history through b movies

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You mean by a group of white nazi scientists

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All I see are a bunch of aunt Jemimas kowtowing to Werner Von Braun.

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How can it be explained that American politicians have a strong desire to at least appear religious while the populations gets less religious?

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Biden is making a big deal out of being the second Catholic president, probably because the Pope is so popular with leftists. He does go to Mass sometimes and regularly gets denied Communion by based priests who know who he is. Think he does it for cred with the lapsed Catholic demographic.

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Example: wokism

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The fact that populations get less religious matter. It does.
But, what also matters is that religious people decides their vote based on the religious beliefs of candidates more often than non religious peoploe do that.

It is more common for a christian to care if the candidate is christian, or for a jew to care if the candidate is jew, or a muslim to care if the candidate is muslim (or whatever the religion) than it is for a non-religious person to care if the other guy is non-religious.

And that second effect still surpass the decline of religion beliefs in the population.

You can actually get elected just by being "the catholic/jew/muslim (or whatever) guy from that district".

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>populations gets less religious
it's not. normies are just replacing their dead cosmic hippie on a stick sky wizard shit with the state as a religion directly.

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As an actual catholic I find the commie priest a fucking revolting traitor and I really does hope he dies in some incredibly horrifying and humiliating way.
Christianity has always been a fierce enemy of communism and now the faggots pope is a commie. Fucking unbelievable.
Now biden says he's a catholic too, jesus fucking christ what a disgrace.
I blame this on the retards that started accepting faggotry and shit

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Why was my IPv6 -> Protocol 7 thread simply deleted? You couldn't have put in a slight bit of effort to move it to a board deemed more appropriate? What is preventing you from accepting that outright removal is just going to cause me to make it again, and there is very little you can do to alter my behavior?

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Bump for my nigga, they did you NAS-TEE

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Anyone experimented with Paul Stamets Neurogenesis stack?
Thinking of giving it a go, the only thing giving me pause is the niacin dosage.
100-200mg seems like a lot and the upper limit on niacin is generally 35mg in adults.
However adverse effects tend to manifest at 1000mg and up.
The dosage averages out to 71mg per day which is double the dose. Anyone have any insight as to whether this is safe? my intuition says yes.

Info on the stack

Info on the stack

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Let me get this straight- you could be on a ship reaching velocities close to the speed of light, but as long as you're going at 9.8m/s^2, you'll feel like you're on earth? Why?

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Because that is the inertial motion caused by the curvature of spacetime on Earth's surface.

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no, because of special relativity, and because the distance between you and the earth would increase to the point that the earth's gravity on you would change

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Then there's this guy, that missed the point of OP's question. While he has a correct statement in regards to something, it makes no sense in the context of what OP is actually asking.

simple and right

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Esophageal mucosal damage leading to carcinoma in the upper 2/3 of esophagus. More common in China and Iran where drinking very hot tea/chai is common

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Would excessive coughing have a similar effect?

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Excessive coughing is more likely to cause vocal cord nodules not laryngeal cancer or papilloma

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Mormons were right all along.

>> No.12578581

technically any time you have a division there is some probability of cancer. very low but repeatedly doing it like drinking blisteringly hot drinks increases the probability of at least one event.

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Is this safe?

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Quoted By: >>12580416

Depends on what is going on behind the patch

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I don't know. Is it?

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spend money

buy the proper materials

fix your mess

don't be a faggot and leave your house looking like shit

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gay sex

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Now that the dust has settled, should we begin sterilizing carriers of autism?

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I’m a /pol/ack at heart and the idea of unleashing that level of tyranny against people makes me erect

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We made it reddit!!!
Post a paper next time you filthy retard.

Also this >>12577567

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CPTSD is just a compassionate way to diagnose someone with borderline or histrionic personality disorder without attaching a stigma to their records

>> No.12580808

This. Any "autists" on this board are larping to rationalize social awkwardness and poor people skills, not to mention they're poor victims of high expectations

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what's your field
what are you working on
etc etc

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Discipline: atmospheric chemistry and physics
Working on: chemistry/climate model development
Do you want my orcid too?

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Quoted By: >>12577658

tell me more about what you're working on right now, anon

>> No.12577658

I am evaluating parameterizations of photochemical cross sections using different aspects of radiative transfer theory

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Shitposting, hardest PhD to come by

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When will humans finally cure chronic pain and pain of all kinds?

What kind of technology or innovation will be needed to give people relief from pain? Will it happen within 20-30 years?

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>pinched nerves
How do you check that?

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It will take at least 30 years before CRISPR or any other innovation can save us
>t. in pain since 2011

>> No.12577647
Quoted By: >>12577810

A lot of ways to test. Standard xray alongside posture to infer if the bone position is necessarily causing a pinch. Range of motion stuff can be used. Cone beam CT to visualize soft tissues themselves. Specific tests like pushing down on the head and rotating to check for poor blood flow.

Checking for forward head carriage and overt spinal issues is the easiest. Lopsided pelvis or anterior tilt can cause sciatica, hunchback posture to cause arm and shoulder issues, scoliosis and twists can cause issues. Etc. Otherwise there are specific tests that in an ideal world a doctor would be trained and competent to perform for your specific complaints.

No, don't drink the koolaid. Pain is not a genetic problem, you don't need gene therapy.

>> No.12577810

Thanks, I'll contact an orthopedics doc and let him check my posture and I will ask for an X-ray or CT

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Study neuroscience if you want to cure it

- god

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macron will starve brézil negers to death for disseminating anti-climate hoaxes on their public schools metaphorically and literally ruining the world for all of the human race

thoughts ?

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Isnt that the advantage of Argentina and Brazil (and Colombia and Venezuela)? Large steppes for grazing?

>> No.12582068

The appeal of cattle out of argentina is their cheap price and the fact you can treat them like shit because nobody cares about animals in these shitholes and they get fed this genetically engineered onions. Maybe what you are speaking of (I as an European have never heard of it) is how it used to be in Argentina - but big companies are buying out all the small farmers lands and shit to produce this literal shitfood that cats wont even eat


Google it. Argentina + cattle + onions + gene for example

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But /pol/ told me he is rothschilds puppet. How come he is anti-soi then?

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Based non OP reader

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would learning the math then working through this book provide me in a substantial understanding of what the universe is?

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You don't need to understand the universe.

>> No.12577802
Quoted By: >>12578264

i want to.

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nobody understands what the universe is, not in the slightest. physicists are just as clueless, all they have is mathematical formulas to make predictions, but those are not really answers to truly fundamental questions such as "what is the universe".
the book is good though, read it.

>> No.12578264

much like during the early 1900's, physicists taught they had discovered everything until something new showed up like relativity & qm. Physicists understand very little about the universe, we have yet to unify relativity & the rest of physics and we dont even know what dark matter & energy is despite making up around 90% of the universe.

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yes, but I don't know why you added the second requirement ?

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Looking for someone to study pic related with me and discuss it over vc.


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Come chat about neuroscience


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Just posted a bit in there. Unfortunately have work so can’t post that much but might actually use that board over /sci/.
Do you know if there are iro boards for medicine, physiology, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, pharmacology?

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Quoted By: >>12579590

You can easily make them

Click the create board button and I’ll share them next time I make the thread

This has been one of the most useful times I’ve had on this website.

>> No.12579517
Quoted By: >>12579590

None of those exist yet, there are less than 3k posts on the whole chan

>> No.12579590

Here discuss medicine all fields, physiology, pharmacology, pathology

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Quoted By: >>12577409

Reminder that Lain mentioned a point when IPv6 was saturated and they were kicking over to protocol 7. This is exactly what us 5G schizos have told you the plan is, 6 and 7G will turn you into the transceiver and like the twoer of babel, we will again be as one mind, and under one language. Georgia Guidestones come to mind.

Have a nice day.

>> No.12577409
Quoted By: >>12577419

That's a good thing not a bad thing.
That's what makes them schizos.

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What makes it so clearly good?

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Quoted By: >>12577538


>> No.12577538


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how do u remove 1 proton from mercury?

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Quoted By: >>12579928

I will never stop finding that quite curious

>> No.12577664

Bombard with cathode ray. I already told you. Why are you asking again? Did it work, or not?

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>> No.12579928

heavy soft metals are heavy soft metals. also, they tried to turn lead, not mercury, into gold, where the relationship is even more apparent.

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Quoted By: >>12578220 >>12578383

Despite better knowledge I made an online IQ test, and came across this matrix. After an hour I came up with a somewhat reasonable answer, but I am still unsure if there is a better solution. Maybe you guys can help me out.

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Quoted By: >>12578610


rows going from top to bottom and left to right

row a1 + b1 = c1 where c1 contains what a1 and b1 both contain

row a2 + b2 = c2 where c2 contains what a2 and b2 both contain


row a3 + b3 = c3 where c3 contains what a3 and b3 both contain

aka, answer = C

>> No.12578313

can you draw what you are describing because you've fuckin' lost me m8

>> No.12578383
Quoted By: >>12578648

Just put both on top of each other, and remove any sticks that aren't on both images

>> No.12578610
Quoted By: >>12578648

looked at it for five minutes and came to the same conclusion of C if I had to pick the answer right now. I don't like C because it lacks certain symmetrical solution properties. I also used a different method where.
B2 is a filter applied to column two. I was expecting to see it to also apply on A2 and C2. I have a couple more ideas I am going to try after I eat.
Btw your method isn't consistent on row 1. There is a left pointer missing on C1

>> No.12578648

No wrong, my solution is the exact same as >>12578383

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Quoted By: >>12579955 >>12579974

how is voltage measured? Its like there some little goey bits on this side, and an absense of gooey bits on that side, how does it know?

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Quoted By: >>12579974 >>12580083

You can think of Voltage as a form of potential. Remember how you can lift a ball away from the ground and it gains potential energy due to gravity? It's kind of like that but with electrons as the projectile and voltage as the force. It's not exactly like that, but that should get the point across. The key is remembering differences in potential. Potential is relative. Conventional current (opposite of electron flow) goes from a high potential to a low potential. Usually, that low potential is 0v (Ground, GND).

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As for ways to measure Voltage, remember V = I*R. If you have measurements of at least two of the following: Resistance, Current, or Power, you can mathematically determine Voltage with conventional circuit theory. If you're asking how a device like a microcontroller or multimeter measures voltage, they use built in Analog to Digital converters.

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Quoted By: >>12580247

this has been the most helpful, thank you!

Here's a taco in gratitude.

>> No.12580247

This isn't 9fag
Go back

>> No.12580511

With a small current

Every potential is a non physical object.

Potentials are e.g

-electrical tension (as known as voltage to RETARDED AMERICANS)
-electric current vector potential

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Quoted By: >>12580924 >>12581952

How do functional organisms exist if everything is dissipating and tending to ruin? How does DNA coding and preservation of ancient genetic information make sense in an entropic system? Was Heisenberg right?

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>> No.12578978

>He doesn't understand what entropy is

>> No.12579839

Laughed hard at your particular style of writing, weaving serious points with detours of pure expletives. Good day to you.

>> No.12579867

>Things become more ordered, not less.
Bravo, sir. Your refutation of the second law of thermodynamics will surely shake the foundations of Physics

>> No.12580924

>Does biological life negate entropy?

Life is an entropy delay. The goal of decision making is to make choices that will delay the rise of entropy longer. This is why we do not engage in mindless destruction but rather channel the energy we consume via food into building things.

>> No.12581952

Max tegmark (i think) has a theory that the creation of life is a way for the universe to increase entropy even quicker.

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Quoted By: >>12585288 >>12586368

Why are you getting a physics/math degree instead of going for CS degree?

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>> No.12585288

Because coding is fucking easy, to coders who are self taught. College professors won't teach you how to code. https://blog.codinghorror.com/please-dont-learn-to-code/
The same is true of physics and maths, but at least you'll be glossing over subjects that make you feel superior to everyone else.

>> No.12585467

I am doing a CS degree and taking as many math classes as I can. Afterwards I am going for an applied math masters.

>> No.12586057
Quoted By: >>12586064

how do you get a physics degree without doing any programming? Havent you ever had to do data processing for experiments, or run simulations, solve differential equations numerically ect?

>> No.12586064

god damnit why do i keep writing ect like a fucking retard

>> No.12586368

It's wrothless to have skills for calculator, if you don't know what to compute.

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Quoted By: >>12578892 >>12580128

uh, guys
what's the answer to this math problem

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Quoted By: >>12579201


>> No.12579201

Only correct answer.

>> No.12579228

i don't even understand the question

>> No.12580128
Quoted By: >>12581685

If the answers are chosen completely random each one will be picked as often as the others. So there isn't an answer to this question because the fewest number of participants choosing one answer isn't even possible

>> No.12581685

Yet people aren't random..thus this is a questions for sociologists since math has such rigid limitations to the real world.

*Sigh*...such is life.

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