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Professor Brian J Morris of the University of Sydney states circumcision should be legally compulsory, in the same way that vaccination is required to attend public school.


The other issue is that currently the quality and character of a given cut can vary quite widely stemming from a number of factors. If circumcision is amde mandatory the tools and methods used need to be properly standardized, as we have with vaccination schedules and QC. I think a low and tight Gomco cut makes the most sense, although I suppose a higher cut can also reliably keep the glans sulcus exposed.

Thoughts /sci/? This is an exciting time in health care! IT's not every day you get to watch the trailblazing of the everday that's to come.

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These are the styles.

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Note the diagram for the mogen clamp is incomplete and misleading. Often a dorsal slit is made with scissors, however the foreskin is removed with a scalpel by cutting against the metal bell underneath and using the clamp as a guide.

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Notice the marks on pic related.

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Fuck off Omar

Your god doesn't exist, kys

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>mogen clamp
gomco rather

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Why are you getting a physics/math degree instead of going to medschool?

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As an engineer student what do you think about the biotech major (cell biology)

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Because i don't like niggers

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why aren't you getting a pilot's license?
>respected job
>pays really well
>utilize math skills during flights
take the pilotpill anon.

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I have a lot of respect for pilots, especially commercial pilots. Can you imagine how stressful that job must be. Hundreds of lives in your hands including your own. Don't mess up now.

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I have a lot respect for doctors as well. Imagine having to comfort families after their loved ones have died, or even perform procedures to save that person's life. Now don't get me started on surgeons, 14 years of school just to make one minor mistake and be ostracized from your job.

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I'm 28. I want to re-learn maths. I don't have a college degree and work full time as a sysadmin with lots of downtime. I realized I haven't done much math since high school and even forgot how to do long division until I looked it up.

Basically, if you were a brainlet that wanted to relearn math, how would you go about it? Should I just order some pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trig, and calc text books or is there a better way?

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Why do you want to learn some math?

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whats the point of studying something you dont need? You are just going to forget it all again.
YOu said yourself you forgot to do long division. For the simple reason that you didnt use it because you dont need it.

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Not the google site

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Use the wiki. The google site is bad

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This but only if OP is willing to be stumped by problems and spend time working them out and understanding them.

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where EXACTLY is the chip implanted? quickly, im getting dizzy

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It's the other arm, you fucked up OP.

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Wrong arm retard, it crawls into your neck

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nice try you cocksuckers

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In your testes obviously

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Is this the vivisection general?

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Does overthinking and depression cause physical damage to the brain? I get into this downward spiral of negative thinking sometimes and after a while my brain starts hurting and it's hard for me to perform basic functions like walking (I stumble and teeter), thinking (my mind just goes blank).

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Have you visitted a doctor?
If you think your brain might be a bit sick, then you should visit an appropriate doctor, just like you'd do for any other organ.

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I haven't visited anyone. I don't think it's a disease.
So the results are inconclusive?

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I would try to do breathwork and maybe exercise to snap yourself out of thinking. Additionally, you should deeply examine the thoughts that are producing negative emotion, see if those thoughts are true, and try to determine if a particular statement being true logically justifies a particular emotional reaction.

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>Identical particles in a box
>Mark the particles on the left as L
>Mark the particles on the right as R
>After a while, L particles and R particles mix evenly in the box
>Entropy doubles

So the entropy of this system increase exponetially?

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entropy hasn't changed unless you can physically mark the particles

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No. I think the thought experiment was the devils door or something.

You labeling and tracking information requires removing entropy from the system. That process is not closed system in terms of energy.

Information organization would be causing the increase in entropy.

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>So the entropy of this system increase exponentially?
increases by natural log by entropy equation

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Unless there is a physical way to tell L and R particles apart, the entropy will remain the same, because all microstates are equivalent.

Assuming L&R particles are different, you won't be able to magically change one into the other at will unless there is a physical process to do so, in which case it will be the source/sink of low entropy for the system to "reset" to the original partitioned state.

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Information takes energy to store. A given particle can only hold so many "labels" .You keep doing the "labeling" one of two things will happen:
1) The mass/energy of the (particles + labels) stays constant, but you'll get a hard limit on how many labels you can place. In this case it's more accurate to say that you're "tattooing" the labels on the particles instead of applying separate labels. The process of labeling in this case causes a decrease of entropy prior to remixing.
2) You keep placing labels on the particles so they increase in mass/energy. Here the entropy will increase, but also the mass of the system. The limit is that your particles will eventually turn into black holes from absorbing and keeping all that information/energy from the labels.

Not a pleasant situation either way. Anyways, the connection between the entropy in thermodynamics and entropy in information theory is a fascinating topic.


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Explain this

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based and crowd control pilled

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you just described trump supporters

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>no you
look at the big brain on this retard

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The original reply was a JOKE you stupid autistic bitch

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>On 17 November 1917, while on convalescent leave from service in World War I, Bloch killed his brother Georges, and his aunt and uncle.
>Bloch told Baruk that the murders were a eugenic act, in order to eliminate branches of his family affected by mental illness.
>Bloch corresponded with several mathematicians, including Georges Valiron, George Pólya,[...]giving his return address as only "57 Grande rue, Saint-Maurice", never mentioning that this was a psychiatric hospital.
>According to Pólya, Bloch had the habit of dating his letters with 1 April, regardless of when they were written.
why the FUCK are mathematicians such schizos?

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All of this sounds based to me

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>1 April
Oh the murders were just an April Fools prank

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yuuuuuuuuung leannnnn

poppin pills like zits,
while someone vomits on your mosquito tits

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>Bloch told Baruk that the murders were a eugenic act, in order to eliminate branches of his family affected by mental illness.
imagine this: he was of the branch not affected by mental illness.

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Bloch spent most of his life in psychiatric hospital

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Is that what CuckIT is up to now?

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Imagine landing on Cupcake

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Cupcake is the name of the store prostitute.

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way to go, Quarteze

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way to go, Quarteze

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which one is better to use for a dentist drill and how to hook up a drill to either one if yall can link the valve/tools i need

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lmao imagine being a burger

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As a dentist, I can tell you to please go visit a dentist instead trying to fix it yourself. You can perforate into the pulp, damage a neighboring tooth etc etc if you don't know what you are doing, assuming you can even get the gear and set it up correctly.
For the love of God don't make the damage worse, go fix it now while you still can.

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/diy/ has a dentistry thread up. check there

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Anyway, if you do it yourself please stream it. For science of course.

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Fucking hell, Americans have it tough.

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everything I'm reading about attention is about perception and how we pay attention to visual details or selectively listen.

what I want to find out about is when we switch attention from perception to inner thoughts like memory, calculations etc. for example you will be trying to remember the name of someone you used to know, or you are working out something mathematical in your head and you kinda stare blankly and ignore immediate surroundings. that surely must be attention too.

but I can't figure out the name for that phenomenon. cognition and rumination don't seem to create the right search results.

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Maybe reflection?

>> No.12576974

Reflect, consider, ponder

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Can autism be cured or mitigated?

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What is your favorite generative model and why? For me it’s normalizing flows, for their theoretical properties, like creating transport maps between the target and reference distributions. Also a geodesic on target space (images) corresponds to a geodesic in reference space (standard normal). Although they can be a pain in the butt to train on anything larger than MNIST.

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while those fancy new generative models are nice from a theoretical perspective, I only care about real-world performance (de-novo drug design is what I do for the company I work for). RNN's are my favorite because they are extremely fast to train and generalize the best, from what I've produced. They're a little inflexible though for specific problems by themselves, but I more or less just stack RNNs to produce better results.
VAE perform well, my second favorite probs. GANs are still being figured out in my domain, and don't seem to perform amazingly well, but I'm definitely keeping my eye on them as they have potential (VAE + GAN on the latent space is an okay-performing model, but things like starGAN seem to be onto something with their abstraction of input labels into latent space)

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Are RNNs really a generative model? I would argue that they are discriminative... what would they be generating?

>> No.12577677

Has anyone tried experimenting with the diffeomorphism group w.r.t to flow based models?

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They're generative in the sense that it can recursively generate things like sentences or even images. They're currently overtaking by transformers though. It not really common to lump them in the same category though.

>> No.12578410

Thanks anon, makes sense. Transformers are so cool... I need to learn some more about them.

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Why the fuck do most 20 yo girls subscribe to this shit?

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Spot the femanon

>> No.12577198

are you a scorpio by any chance?

>> No.12579507

Most I know who are into star signs and shit were raised with traditional religious views, figured out it was bullshit like most young people, but still aren't comfortable living outside of that frame of thought that was burned in at such a young age.

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Like most whack-job beliefs it helps midwits feel more control over their meager lives.

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Because they all mistakenly believe they are one of my 12 divine daughters and keep fighting each other over which of their vessels gets to house the divine spirit of the 12 daughter's of time.

>Dey jelly, words written by Virgo

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Are all mathematical truths logically determinable (as in I can figure them out) or essentially purely discovered by coincidence or brute force (as in I treat them as arbitrary and find a book for my problem)?

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I think she's kind of cute. What is your ancestry? I think it is no coincidence part of mine is Russian and Northern European. Just a thought.

>> No.12582442

Back to the jungle with you, brainlet. Try surviving one day as a human being worthy of the name in a first-world civilization without the work laid by pedants and autists, without logic or math.

>> No.12582453

The former

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Christcuck schizos are the worst type of schizos, at least other schizos are funny

>> No.12582637

She's the kind of girl you crush on for years when you're a kid and then when you see her after graduating you decide to make a move and ask her out and she just laughs at you and makes something up like she's too busy or whatever and then you never see her again for years until one day you look her up on facebook out of curiosity and you realize she's a happy mom with a perfect family and you see her chad husband in her picture kissing her and so you go off to the bathroom and try to slit your wrists with some rusty razor blades you found underneath the sink but you keep leaving hesitation marks like you still want to live and you just cry and cry and cry as you look at your pathetic crying face staring back at you in the mirror in your shitty studio apartment that you have never had any guests over in and haven't gone out with friends in years because they all grew up and have families now and you just work your shit job at a boring office and never getting paid more or promoted and you just spend every night playing video games on your ancient computer alone in the dark and you have masturbated six times in a row already today and there's really no future at this point now that you're in your thirties and you see some beautiful broad's picture some dickhead posted on /biz/ that reminds you of this chick you crushed on so you dig that blade in a little deeper this time even though it hurts like a son of a bitch because death is the only way out of this nightmare

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>did MAT a couple months ago
>ran out of time before doing Q5
>didn't get interview
>just found out I got 58
>tried Q5
>it's so fucking easy
>I would 1000% have got all the marks of all the parts I did

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because you are a fag

>> No.12576739


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cause u are poisoned with mercury in your teeth the forbidden fruite

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Your brain happens to be wired differently

>> No.12576792

Why dont you have 35 tabs open on three different browsers on three different computers as well as a phone.

You aren't even trying.

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Never understood that. Does the way the universe works really interest you so much? Honestly, it seems like physics does more harm than good.

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Fellow tradesman here, I have a very similar interest stemming from my couple of years at tech school learning hvac. Its a casual interest but I am going back to school and taking as much math as I can because its fucking cool. I know i'll get soijacked for posting this but I don't care.

>> No.12576561

Who gives a shit what retards on here think, you do whatever interests you anon.

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Quoted By: >>12576582

lol I was the opposite
Got my PhD and then when I built my own computer fucking loved putting together all the hardware, started getting really interested in the trades

>> No.12576582

Yeah I remember that.

>> No.12576925

I'm very curious about the reality and the rules that govern it. What interests me are general rules that apply to everything and not the specific ones.

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/Sci/, i'm looking for a good paper to explain spacetime for me as someone who is extremely interested but relatively new to physics. Also, physicists who have papers to read regarding astrophysics and particle physics. Thanks anons.

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I first finished steins;gate two years ago, but yes it is what first got me into physics lol. After watching it a second time i can't help but go out of my way to find good material to learn about this stuff.

>> No.12576599
Quoted By: >>12576629

learn linear algebra

>> No.12576616

I don't know anything specific, but you can try searching on ocw.mit.edu
it's MIT courses but without going to the college
mostly lectures

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This, linear algebra is the key. Then watch this series:
By the end you can get some kind of pictures of Riemannian geometry. Then you look at Einstein's work which finds some symmetries/imperfect symmetries in the full 4D picture.

>> No.12577359

You are at a level of a high school/college textbook, so read that
There are no shortcuts

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Quoted By: >>12577557

>be me, Sigismund Schlomo Freud (1856-1939)
>figure out that daughters unconsciously want to fuck their fathers and sons unconsciously want to fuck their mothers
>tell anyone asking for evidence that they're only asking because they're in denial and hiding own repressed urges

Does it get anymore based?

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That makes too much sense, anon. Hear me out. Black that crack, right? Well if black don't crack, blacks represent youthfulness. The ultimate representation of youthfulness are lolis. So your desire to fuck lolis represents your desire to fuck the ultimate form of your mother. Based and Freud-pilled.

>> No.12577499


How did you put the pieces together?

>> No.12577557
Quoted By: >>12577734

Sometimes when I'm jacking it, my mother's face pops up in my mind and I instantly go limp and stop out of disgust.

>> No.12577683

That was the only based thing he did

>> No.12577734


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Quoted By: >>12581050

I just remembered some years ago i watch some onions youtube video by numberphile that said that the vast majority of numbers is actually uncomputable and we only know a couple. Could anyone explain this better? also I'm not sure if what I said is exactly correct or what they said in the video as i can't find it anymore

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Quoted By: >>12581057 >>12581077

It’s a simple consequence of the fact that the set of all Turing machines is countable and the set of deals is not

>> No.12581057

The set of all reals* is not

>> No.12581077

The set of turing machines is countable but the set of turing machines for computable numbers is not.

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File: 50KiB, 563x564, b9845787a3a10f62bcfa5f126a4b1b3e.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>removing those that do not encode a Turing machine which produces a computable number
>just solve the halting problem bro!

>> No.12581113

Wrong. Just take any lexicographic ordering and list all of them. It's easy to determine whether a given string encodes a Turing machine.
That said, the collection of all Turing machines representing computable numbers is uncountable. It's impossible to enumerate them all.

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Quoted By: >>12577149 >>12577168

Are black people more closelly related to neanderthals?

15 posts omitted.
>> No.12577147

They do now. Over the past decade or so there's been a lot of talk about the superiority of Neanderthals in many of aspects that we currently hold to be desirable. And magically since that's happened, it has recently been discovered that Africans have lots of Neanderthal DNA, maybe more than other groups. Funny how scientific research works that way.

>> No.12577149

>Are black people more closelly related to neanderthals?
no, European people have the most neanderthal DNA

>> No.12577168

Is this a joke?

>> No.12577215

White people literally have Neanderthal DNA.
Also retards like OP don't know Neanderthals had up to 1600mL whereas Homo sapiens has only 1400mL

>> No.12577276

Black people are the only humans that dont have neanderthal DNA.

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Why do different races have different skull sizes?

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Prove this, /sci/

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Quoted By: >>12582334

don't know if it's actually periodic but this is a good start at least

>> No.12582334

Why would you think its periodic?
arcsin(x) can be extended to the imaginary plane. because sin(x)=-isinh(ix), and making arcsin(x)= -i*ln(iy+sqrt(1-y^2))

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Heres the graph of the real component from x>-1.
x<-1 is a total pain in the ass

>> No.12582474

1. draw graph
2. fill in graph
3. count pixels

Doing a basic fucking calculation within an acceptable error-bar is not a "proof" and, guess what faggot, it doesn't have to be.

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File: 75KiB, 822x615, Real component.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Heres the full graph of the positive component
make the upper bound on the integrals larger for more accuracy.

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