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How will a Biden presidency affect American research?

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Everything will be invested in sciences softer than brie

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Wasn't Trump the one that said something like; "if he Biden gets elected, he'll listen to the scientists!" ?

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lmao trump was such a fool

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Science that supports right-wing ideals will get less funding and science that supports left-wing ideals will get more. The vast majority of researchers will be unaffected, since there are relatively few fields that have any significant political charge. Although Democrats like to tout themselves as "the party of Science™," they're really no better that Republicans.

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more money, more weird grants for shit you'll do and wonder about the long term application and then two decades later realize it was part of some sort of killing machine

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>I love my wife. My wife is dead.

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Time to love God.

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Writing letters to dead people is schizo behavior

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its called catharsis, you brute.

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>t. faggot who thinks words are enough

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What can you actually do with a biology degree?

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Thats retarded. Most insects barely live over a couple of years anyway

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Is majoring in health science and minoring in biology a better idea then?

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>t. Sickle Cell Anemia

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You know what you can do, anon.

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I don't want a beard though

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what is colour, /sci/?

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Im sure you can see the reflection being bright white yes? Most people are too stupid to correctly communicate what they're thinking; it appears white due to the reflection but its clearly black fabric.

just my hot take

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I've never been able to see it as anything other than in shadow with a strong backlight

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>nobody posts the actual photograph

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That's impossible to tell form the picture. It could be a bright background instead.

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Does this actually work?

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>posting a wiki not a published peer-reviewed paper
into the >>>/trash/ it goes

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What is your least favorite branch of science or math?

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Statistics. Nothing gives researchers, and readers of their papers, delusions of omniscience like exacting treatment of data sets that leave out parameters found to be crucial later on, usually by someone else who doesn't abuse it as a crutch for making inferences.

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Two of them. Evolutionary biology and early universe astrophysics, including the Big Bang and universe evolution. They are both fairy tales for materialists.

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unclamped and uncut

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I love Math but hate stats with a passion but it turns out to be the branch of math I use the most.

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>warp field experiments
>EM drive
>reactionless drives
Is NASA's Advanced Propulsion Physics Lab a scam? Why are they spending money to test things that don't even have a well-established theoretical basis? Even if one of these things actually worked, it would take decades to fully understand WHY it worked.

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>Even if one of these things actually worked, it would take decades to fully understand WHY it worked.
And in the meantime we're spreading democracy to Alpha Centauri.

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>well-established theoretical basis
Needs to come from somewhere. Once things get too difficult to just think up (quantum shit and other seemingly illogical things) it's easier to just try and see the results.

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Previous: >>12606810


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Join my cult and prepare for the lunar rebellion

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help jim finish what he started

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new >>12612633

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On the plus side he won't have to deal with all the baggage and convoluted autism NASA has accumulated. I doubt he won't be part of space exploration or possibly even rocketry in the future after how well he did with how little he had available.

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Ah interesting. I'm not in the US so I didn't know it's like that over there.
Although I should have guessed. I know someone who went to Cornell and then half-way through decided not to go back because they hated how everyone in the US (especially their fellow uni students/friends) were so political and radical about everything.
You know people have a fucked up level of SJW-isms when even an Asian woman thinks it's over-the-top.

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I noticed something my master's in engineering and the same applies to many colleagues of mine.

Females in grad school are often below average in looks and i cannot think of one who can be considered attractive, this is in stark contrast with the undergrads.

Maybe some of you will say it's age since they are older but we are tallking like 25 year olds here so its still young.

Could it be that smarter females are uglier and cannot depend on a man or is there something else at play?

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Attractive women have 0 reasons to go to grad school

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Imo, most of the female TA's I've had in my engineering and math courses were probably prettier in their undergrad. I think it's just due to the general stress and the lack of time that comes with doing grad studies. When you're studying 8 hours a day plus doing TA/RA work another 2 to 3 hours, it doesn't leave a lot of time to do stuff that's superfluous. Plus I remember in my undergrad how little of a fuck I gave about my appearance when shit got busy. I can imagine it being worse in grad school.

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I guess it depends on your program. I'm in a history phd and there are few pretty girls in some other humanities departments that I interact with. None really in history, nor philosophy. Definitely not in stem. Male oriented subjects like stem, history, philosophy barely attracts woman, lowering the chance of a good looking female finding her way in that environment

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it's actually just aging
the stress and workhours fades in comparisson and anything except lethal dosage of methamphetamine-tier drug usage is relatively marginal compared to aging.

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this but reversed

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What exactly is the bottleneck for producing more of the current COVID-19 vaccines? The availability of salmon sperm(source of nucleotides), that funky synthetic nucleotide, clean bottles, or just having fucking cold refrigerators?

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Limited amounts of trained staff to safely operate bioreactors

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Do you think there is a limit to how much knowledge can be gained, /sci/? Every year we have to have more and more background 'historical' science for students to learn. People like Euler were polymaths simply because of a lack of previous large fundamental knowledge about mathematics. Today a high schooler may be required to learn these concepts. I'm not saying inventing and learning a concept are comparable, but about a shear amount of background one has to go through today.

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this guy is literraly trying to say that f(8)="four multiple things"

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Quaternions are not unique factorization domains, so there would be infinite solutions.

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Just with the radicals

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based retard.

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what the fuck is this shit
just putting in a fuckign number is a MIT admission question?

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So ive been trying to wrap my head around how to project or make a sphere that has the pattern of the lower of life. can someone please explain to me how this work. im trying to make it in fusion 360.

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That sphere in the picture has at least 24 triangles on one hemisphere so it's probably a 60-hedron

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Yup colleague found one that is exactly how you said i would be

Im gona try to make this one i just have to figure out how to properly angle my patterns and i think i should be fine
will post results if this thread is gona be alive

Thank you for your input everyone :)

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This particular pattern seems constructible if you start from a trucated icosahedron, then triangulate all the faces.

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Got it down, made a truncated icosahedron and im gona go around and add rings where i need and pattern them around. its gona take a bit but it will get the job done

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This is what you are saving money for.

Whores who got fucked by other men and will divorce you in the future. Most of you are already cucks who kissed blowjob mouths

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Wrong board janny

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Iberia why?

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Yes goyim! Women are all whores goyim! Just go MGOTW and leave her with Tyrone goyim!

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What is x,you stupid bitch guys

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Your ass crack

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Just how common are study drugs and stimulants in academia. When I started my undergraduate lots of other undergrads were picking them up and now I'm a postgrad they're almost ubiquitous in my field (Physics). Do any of you anons take them and just how common are they actually?

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At the highest levels of sport, performance-enhancing drugs are banned. No matter how good your discipline, focus, and natural talent, modern pharmacology has the capacity to augment your abilities. Its up to you whether or not it is worth the toll on your body and your spirit.

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I see, but I think it's too late to do that and that mindset just prolongs the end

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Me >>12615272

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Dude moda is a trip.

I tried it once for exams and it just made me feel like a zombie. I didn't feel any smarter though.

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Modafinil makes my sweat smell weird

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>it's okay to cheat goy, your partner deserved it!
>now watch our funny golems dance for you on TV!

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The idea is you should leave scientific deduction to experts and blindly trust them. Basically telling people they are too stupid to figure things out on their own.

>> No.12612713

Yeah fuck conflict resolution, just throw people aside and replace them with some tinder fuck

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old people: relationships are hard. real hard. you gotta work even harder to maintain them.
zoomers: lol just dump them if they arent perfect every time

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>christians were responsible for ww2
This has to be bait

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>Srinivasa Ramanujan FRS (/?srJnJv??s r???m??n?d??n/;[1] born Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar; 22 December 1887 – 26 April 1920)[2][3] was an Indian mathematician who lived during the British Rule in India. Though he had almost no formal training in pure mathematics, he made substantial contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions, including solutions to mathematical problems then considered unsolvable. Ramanujan initially developed his own mathematical research in isolation: according to Hans Eysenck: "He tried to interest the leading professional mathematicians in his work, but failed for the most part. What he had to show them was too novel, too unfamiliar, and additionally presented in unusual ways; they could not be bothered".[4] Seeking mathematicians who could better understand his work, in 1913 he began a postal partnership with the English mathematician G. H. Hardy at the University of Cambridge, England. Recognizing Ramanujan's work as extraordinary, Hardy arranged for him to travel to Cambridge. In his notes, Hardy commented that Ramanujan had produced groundbreaking new theorems, including some that "defeated me completely; I had never seen anything in the least like them before",[5] and some recently proven but highly advanced results.

He would have been treated like trash in this board.

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>copy pasting a fuck-long excerpt from Wikipedia.
Next time you make a thread like this at least put some effort to greentexting it.

>> No.12609588

>He would have been treated like trash in this board.
no dumbass, many indians are very smart and have good genes

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Quoted By: >>12610863

He would have been anonymous you fucking retard

>> No.12610863

Why should we discriminate him?
He was already of the autism master race.

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Quoted By: >>12619537 >>12619878

Why is the academic community so against the idea of alien life?

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wow, sounds like a certain anime imageboard Ive been using for a long time

>> No.12619537

it would devalue conspiracy theories as a method to de-platform people

hot take

>> No.12619539

That’s my point

>> No.12619878

Talking about it is always nothing more than exercise in imagination so I'm not surprised they dont give a fuck if they are interested with some actual results of their work.

>> No.12619949

>Which we don't fully understand. We don't even have a working theory of quantum gravity.
That ambiguity cuts both ways. We might be able to improve our tech geometrically over the next 10,000 years, with new physics letting us do crazy shit, or we might start hitting the limits of what is physically possible in less than a century. If the latter is true, then there is no reason to assume aliens would be some incomprehensible, Lovecraftian entities floating beyond the ken of mere mortals. I think there's ample room to hope for fantastic technological advancement, but it will never reach the point of incomprehensible magic.
>Anyhow, my mention of gods wasn't literal, it was just a way of getting you to understand the scale of informational difference better, but you seem to have heard that many times given your bitter response.
I'm not bitter about it, but it's part of a broader trend of occult-izing science and technology as something only a select group of wizards can understand. This mentality locks people out of the field because, if they initially have trouble understanding the concepts, they immediately assume they are not among the chosen few born to wield science powers. It encourages that masturbatory faith in science, since only science prophets can grasp and communicate the Truth to, as another poster said, our primitive monkey brains. In reality, science is a system that makes the universe readily comprehensible to everyone who puts in enough time and effort. It doesn't matter if it's a quasar at the edge of our light cone, life that evolved in the stratosphere of a gas giant, or a baseball bunted on a rainy day, we--you, me, anyone--can determine the behavior that's possible, predict the behavior that's likely, and extrapolate how these systems will develop on timescales of a few seconds to billions of years, with high accuracy.

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There are countless vertical farming projects/concepts, yet none struck it big in decades. What's the hold up? Subsidies for traditional farming making it not as profitable?

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Quoted By: >>12609638

Please see ancient inca farming.

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I'm aware of terraced farms. I just don't see why you would have them in an indoor setting. Is the right side what you have in mind?

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Quoted By: >>12609648

Sun is free
(yeah land isn't, but pretty close)

>> No.12609648

>(yeah land isn't, but pretty close)

>> No.12610668

How much electricity do they consume? Are they actually greener?

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lasik cucks blown the fuck out

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Are there any chemists among you?
Can anyone tell me how a murder weapon capable of killing millions of people could exist with such poor equipment?

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there are standards and care for bodies and the process now
the nazis showed none of that towards the jews and other people they wrongfully killed

>> No.12610731

So nice of the nazis to build all those nice wooden coffins to burn them in individually, let the oven cool down, sweep their remains into a nice urn, then clean the oven completely to prevent mixing of ashes, then repeat the process.
Those nazis sure were swell fellas very respectful of the dead.

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Quoted By: >>12610742

Not a single nazi homicidal gas chamber has been shown in this thread.

>> No.12610742

you still haven't answered my question, dumb nazi wannabe

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the black quadruped had an accelerometer inside it, was meant to adjust its gait to the terrain. Obviously didn't work very well.


>> No.12609090

god damm it, i would love robot if they are not made by retardeds in the elite that just want to fuck up the world

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Quoted By: >>12610314

From where to learn about x86 microprocessors family, their architecture, programming, etc. Can you guys suggest some resources.

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>> No.12610222

Where does this myth come from that x86 is horrible. Especially when you then suggest avr as a better arch. x86 is not bad to program, x86 is nice to program, far better than fucking avr trash. x86 encoding is a disaster, but you do not see that, that is a problem for the assembler, not you.

>> No.12610303
Quoted By: >>12611406

terrible advice. you can look up the amtel data sheets and completely bypass arduino libraries if you need to. ultimately an arduino is a conveniently mounted microcontroller wired up with a USB port to make loading programs easy.

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File: 155KiB, 1080x1475, 1610923395415.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


and the companion MIT 6.004 lectures

thank me later

>> No.12611252

I have a college course where they are teaching about the basic microprocessors

>> No.12611406

Anon there are plenty of these exist before arduino. Basically every chip has a dev board and many are in the same or better form factor then an arduino only reason people use the arduino is for the bloated libraries.(around same cost too) What happens when a beginner wants to program their arduino they type “how to make arduino do...” they will be given a library and they just import library and boom it’s done. You learn literally nothing. If you force them to bitflip they will learn. Technically if you are a super beginner and never programmed ever before in your life then technically you will learn some basic scripting skills.

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