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I made an app that let's you draw on a qr code, then it recalculates the error correction bits so it scans. I have no idea what to do with it

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It's never not scannable. It updates as you draw

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Why would you post this here? Seems like a decent advertisement thing for the normie market; now some 4chan kike will steal your idea

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Cool idea anon, I'd sell it to some companies and make a few quick bucks. QR codes are kinda popular again because of covid but it'll die down soon.

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Put it on the net for people to use, run a tiny ad to monetise, except for no ads when your friends come in from 4ch.

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Are you really autistic /sci/ frens ? Or is it just another /pol/ conspiracy ?

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>> No.12600167

While the beginning has some truth in it, the later part turns into schizo tier framing of the whole reality to fit authors own political narrative.

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thank god they have no evil nuclear power

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Weird how military spending correlates to lack of refugees

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Crimson Poland and Bordeaux: it's clearly a map of alcoholism rate.

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And O Porto as well. Missed that one.

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Is is air pollution? I think it is

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Is it possible for consciousness to overcome genetic imperatives through reason, or is that overcoming simply an overcoming of genetically instilled mental obstacles to overcome?

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Also I forgot to say: very good book, I recommend it.

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Imo they are primal in the sense that they are not conducive to maintaining a developed society. I wouldn’t say that they are useless or vestigal, however. Humans definitely do have an impulse to lie, cheat, manipulate, and backstab. These self serving impulses clearly benefit you, but harm society as a whole. I think on some level, everyone is aware of a sort of Kantian moral system. Thus, these moral frameworks are established. But so long as some benefit can be gained from shitting on others, these moral systems are bound to be broken. So no, I don’t think that primal instincts are instilled for the purpose of developing rationality or logic.

Sorry if this is poorly articulated, it’s 6am.

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No worries, my OP wasn't very well worded. I think you're right.
The society/environment that humans have evolved to build based on the Kantian moral system ultimately creates an environment of well intentioned well meaning people (or sheeple). This environment creates a new human substrate for energy extraction which a new kind of organism can then exploit through the sublimation, (in a different sense than psychoanalytical) disguising, or masking of the primal impulses. This is the very definition of a psychopath. Knowing this, it almost seems like the psychopath is a different species from homo sapiens in a way because they have access to the primal impulses in a way that homo sapiens doesn't. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it seems to to me

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I would like to know the relationship between the people who choose to not reproduce and their own reproductive capacity.

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Given the number of monks/priests who have taken a vow of celibacy in history, and given that a not insignificant number of them broke those vows, I would say that not reproducing does not mean that you could or could not reproduce if you wanted to. And clearly, vasectomies and tubal litigation would not exist if those who don’t want to reproduce did not often find themselves with the opportunity to do so.

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Viable lab grown organs when?

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What are these? I searched for it but nothing relevant came up.

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Adult Stem Cells.I would recomend reading the following. Human organoids: model systems for human biology and medicine Jihoon Kim, Bon-Kyoung Koo. If memory serves, its from 2020. a pretty good summary of organoids and stem cells.

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Very cool, thank you

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oh, i see now, i misspelled it. its suposed to be AdSC

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>Grow cock
>Attach it to female
Futabros... our time is soon...

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no, that would be me

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He's not alive. He's a philosophical zombie

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your mom

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No, but you might be.

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>go on /sci/
>everyone looks smart
>decide to get a degree so I too can be smug online
>almost graduated with Master's in applied physics
>not sure why I did it

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While you were getting a degree I fucked 28 women, and only 2 of them were prostitutes and had a threesome once. How many did you?

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>go on /sci/
>everyone looks smart
>feel retarded but decide to work hard so I can be smart like /sci/
>almost done with applied math grad school
>no 300k starting
>no hot women
>developed paranoid schizophrenia
>still feel retarded despite everything

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shoulda gone to med school so you can be smug irl too

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should of just become a NEET

>> No.12600298

becoming a medfag fixed my introvert sperginess, because i was forced to learn to interact with strangers from a position of confidence/authority 24/7
now i'm still a weirdo, but an assertive sociable weirdo

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Daily reminder that it is impossible to build a convincing sophisticated computational circuit using point mutations in any reasonable time scale. This point was made intuitively by Pauli in the 1950s, when it was a response to modern synthesis evolution. It has been made by nonscientists as well, who find it hard to buy the idea of evolution happening by random point mutation. The reality that there is a learning mechanism for modifying the genome is obviously true. It’s a form of intelligent design, but the designer isn’t God. It’s RNA.

The mutations are controlled by RNA networks, and the result is much closer to intelligent design than to modern synthesis, because the mechanism of rewriting DNA is authorly, proceeding by inserting functional chunks into the genome, not by any random process. The random hypothesis is simply impossible, the IDers are right about this.

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>Daily reminder that it is impossible to build a convincing sophisticated computational circuit using point mutations in any reasonable time scale.

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The Bible.

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I just skinned through it and didn't see any mention of it.

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Some of the quotes on the right are actually pretty based. Take Neil's quote for example, he's pointing out how philosophers and scientists currently misunderstand each other.

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did they really need to put "nobel prize winning physicist" next to every person on the left column? I think we fucking know who Einstein is

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People who watch bill nye might not. Einstein winning a Nobel prize shouldn't be taken for granted either. Most don't know that he didn't win a Nobel prize for what he's most famous for.

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I've never even understood how this image is supposed to btfo le atheist popsci supporter. The quote from Bill Nye isn't even that popsci, it's a fair take to have. Likewise, the Richard Dawkins ones, they aren't really that popsci. Only the Neil Degrasse Tyson and Lawrence Krauss ones are pop sci.
When I first saw this image I was legit dumbfounded with how any of these quotes demonstrate the popsci søy that they purport to.
By all means, I think these "scientists" are idiot popscientists, but this image isn't the best at showing that. Someone needs to recreate it with better quotes.

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St John’s Wort is an example of an enzyme inducer, a substance that speeds up the breakdown of another substance. By encouraging the breakdown of the other drug at a faster rate than normal, this means that the other drug becomes less effective.

Does Sj Wort help to detox the liver acting in this way? Or is it the opposite?

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Which is more harmful, acidosis or alkalosis?

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Why has American scientific advancement stalled in recent years?

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That was womens day, also they censored the jannie on the left, Nasa is underfunded

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Why do i see this idea so often? Scientific advancement stalling in america, or stalling in the world etc. Why do people think this? Just look at the advancments of the past two decades. In my field alone: zinc finger -> crisper cas9 -> sleeping beauty tranzpozon system or ESC-> iPSC -> AdSC -> organoids -> organoid systems and all that good shit going on with protein folding etc. etc. Im sure its no different in other fields.

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i think people presuppose machine learning and ai will be our last real invention as a species and they feel we're on the cusp of it's exponential curve..
most of my field could be made redundant by the time programming trickles down to it..
>the "next" gen tech is always hard to forecast, by its nature real progress as it happens is only well known by the fringe.
people have said this cyclically through history with every leap forward.
there's 5 cents if you'll give me 3 in change?

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science is stalled/dying/dead in (z) day and age after (y) invention will change the way we live by (x).
it's never really been true except when attacked by outside influences seeking to corrupt it with stigma from some sort of parallel beleif system sometimes theistic and sometimes socio-politically. like the dark age regression or civ collapse.
>gets fucked up when science is anything but science.

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it still baffles me taht people older than 20 or 30 would say there isnt any progress. Perhaps they get so used to the persent they forget the past. Just imagine the 00-s or the 90-s. I remember owning a fax machine and thinking thats impressive. Computers and the internet became cheep and available and noone noticed. COMPUTERS. People dont seem to realise what a tecnologicla marvel that is. And now its tiny and in your pocket.

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I need 10 irrefutable facts from credible and scholarly sources that prove without a shadow of a doubt that man evolved from ape. I have a debate that is a test grade tomorrow and I am supposed argue from an evolutionist point of view against a creationist. Could /sci/ help a nigga out?

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t. will end up a 45 year old alcoholic working a dead end job that doesn't have the balls to rope

>> No.12599762

you dont know me irl. im not as retarded irl as on 4quan im very smart

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do people here really not believe in evolution? I thought that this board would at least be a little smarter than /fit/

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get the fuck off /sci/, don't come back

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why, I wanna see more schizoposts

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How many of you are majoring in something related to science or math? Do you like your current major? What are your plans after graduation?

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majoring in chem eng, but master project is shit and almost nothing works

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>I whistled
that's quite autistic anon, don't do it

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I get that reference in your pic OP
Science is so cool

>> No.12600479

Only us scientists. Glad that gifted people like us can hear this dog whistle ;)

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>She ddin't :), of course.
Women in STEM was a mistake

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>We are sitting on a rock flying through space surrounded in a cloud of other rocks, all of which could be on a collision course and we might not even know it. Even if we did know there isnt shit we could do about it realistically.
>Nuclear war is a real threat. Billions of people could be instantly vaporized because a few retards in offices hate each other.
>Any real attempt at a superintelligent AI always has the potential of going all skynet on us.
>A million species are currently at risk of extinction due to humanity's impact on the enviornment.
>Everything on this fucking rock and outside of this rock wants to kill us and will one day.

What the fuck is the point.

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Time to love God and Jesus.
Don't let those who have brainwashed you into hating religion and Christ do the thinking for you.
Despite being "rational" and "objective", they sure are full of hate for anything remotely connected to belief and faith, despite being full of faith in the cult of science.

>> No.12600456

The separation of humans and fauna is arbitrary bullshit.

>> No.12600461
Quoted By: >>12600466

Do animals go to heaven?

>> No.12600466

Don't reply to that retard, he's trolling.
He posted that pic in like 3 different threads and also posted 10 schizo chemtrails pics in another.

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I can feel the 5g. My aunt also is going crazy supposedly because of 'covid'. I recently got back to America from a third world country the end of 2020 and so far I feel this negative air looming over me constantly changing my emotions and attitudes toward refugees and God. I notice the moods of those around me change in a similar fashion. please tell my this is valid and how to stop it. Yes, this is science related.

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you know what to do

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Quoted By: >>12599676

Is radicalizing schizos the best way to make our country take mental health seriously?

>> No.12599676

this is why I am against treating trannies. If enough of them turn out as based as uncle ted (who was a repressor btw) then maybe something will actually change and people will take stuff like this seriously. Probably not though.

>> No.12600160

this is schizo related so you are in the right place actually

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Read this and rise above fear and being controlled by others. Become similar to the Christ, who went to the Cross for what he believed in.

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What do you do for a living? Is it /sci/? Is it fun?

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Quoted By: >>12599554

I live in my mum's basement. I'm an unstable human being. However, I did get a 20 dollar amazon gift card for my 19th year but I don't know what to get kek.
I'm learning to solve the millennium problems so I can put racist words in them and post it on 4chins.

>> No.12599554

is it fun?

>> No.12599565

EE chad here. I code monkey.

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What's the evolutionary advantage to ignoring your zoom classes to instead browse 4chan and not take any notes?

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Quoted By: >>12599621

Socialising is more likely to get you sex so you prefer to socialise on 4chan instead of sit and concentrate on a zoom lecture.

>> No.12599621

>implying 4chan gets you sex
This is a joke, right?
Going outside to public places is how you get it.

>> No.12599640
Quoted By: >>12599669

>listening to lectures
I can read by myself just fine, thanks.

>> No.12599669
Quoted By: >>12599678

I feel like I’m retarded, I can’t learn at all through lectures 95%of what the prof says never makes it to my memory

>> No.12599678

Same for me. I only ever visit the first 3 or so lectures to see if the prof will be dropping some lecture exclusive secret tech. if not I just work through the material myself while working on practice problems.

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Quoted By: >>12599459 >>12599528

What would you ask him /sci/?

>> No.12599459
Quoted By: >>12599463

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?
EDIT: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

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I see awesom joke, I updoot :DD

>> No.12599528

How deep seated is your inferiority complex about being a mentally impaired midget?
How do your parents feel about their son beeing a failure that can only get degrees via nepotism and misleads people about "being from MIT"?

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Do adrenochrome injections actually work /sci/?

>> No.12599440
Quoted By: >>12599461

Has it been proven to be injected?

Just curious if there are other delivery methods

>> No.12599461

I'm not sure but there is a company called Ambrosia in California that does transfusions for older people.

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ITT universities that are still racist / have racist departments.

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>> No.12599432

Race is a biological construct. Get over it. Facts don't care about your feelings.

>> No.12599717

>t.didnt get accepted where he wanted
if you didnt enter is probably because you are a brainlet or you cant pay stop blaming everyone for your failures but you

>> No.12599883

Unfortunately none that I know of. If anyone does know any though, please let me know, I'm looking for a postgraduate research position in particle physics.

>> No.12599891

It would be such a shame to see the left destroy Caltech for being almost entirely white and Asian

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File: 7KiB, 204x250, fat funny pepe.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>wah wah that university is wacist! wah wah defund and gib free gibs to melanated americans
Do redditors really?

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Quoted By: >>12599625

Thank you Jim. Godspeed.

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Thank you Mountain Dew man

>> No.12599573

Miss him already bros.

>> No.12599595

WIDE JIM will be missed.

>> No.12599625

Qtard-tier redneck crackpot.
Hopefully his successor will direct NASA to focus on its original mission, climate science and racial equity.

>> No.12599913

Thank you Jim

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Quoted By: >>12599607

I find my argument hard to explain to simpletons. For I come from a long line of nobleman, privately educated in the best schools of England, and so few can match my excellency. So bring forth any arguments contesting that of my own and we can settle the score, like good sports.

>> No.12599397

My main thesis, If I may add, is that the theory of evolution is false. Why you may ask? Because it is just a theory, which means it is a guess. Thus, it is not factual.

>> No.12599414

Thank you OP, very cool!

>> No.12599417
Quoted By: >>12599586

Rawr X3 *nuzzles* How are you? *pounces on you* you're so warm o3o *notices youhavea bulge* someone'shappy! *nuzzles your necky wecky* ~murr~hehe ;) *rubbies your bulgy wolgy* you're so big! *rubbies more on your bulgy wolgy* it doesn't stop growing .///. *kisses you and licks your neck* daddy likes ;) *nuzzle wuzzle* I hope daddy likes *wiggles butt and squirms* I wanna see your big daddy meat! *wiggles butt* I have a little itch o3o *wags tails* can you please get my itch? *put paws on your chest* nyea~ it's a seven inch itch *rubs your chest* can you pwease? *squirms* pwetty pwease? :(

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File: 141KiB, 824x767, furfagremoval.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

we deserve not to make it

>> No.12599607

hon hon I am a Frenchman, I spit on you English dog.

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Quoted By: >>12599419

i'm surprised that people get upset when told that pink isn't a color

there's no light frequency for pink.

when told this, graphic design people try to argue that pink is a distinct color because it's a mix of white and red.

it's kind of funny and sad.

>> No.12599396

Imagine being so retarded you don't know what additive and subtractive colors are

>> No.12599400


>> No.12599401

when told this, physicists smile, nod, and politely walk away.

>> No.12599419

every color is a mix of red, green and blue
the primary colors our eyes see
are you implying everything else is a fake color?
what makes pink, a mix of red and blue, any different from yellow, a mix of red and green? (additive, because light is additive)

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