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So what do you think Oumuamua actually is?

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Not aliens, that's for sure. Because nothing ever happens and we are here just to suffer.

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Why does it matter who's an expert and who's not, why can't we just look at the evidence itself?

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Because if you do, and in the off chance you actually manage to understand all the data correctly (you won't, and you'd give up after reading like 4 pages), you'd become an expert yourself. Thus you couldn't trust yourself, nor would anyone like you, trust anything you say. Because you don't trust experts.

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There's a lot of things wrong with your roast, also >>12619570 hasn't responded yet.

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>So their argument seems to be that comparing sub-saharan africa with high infectious disease burdens with rich western countries with low infectious disease burdens needs a reasonable correction
Yes and they they present as evidence the fact that african migrants in western countries seem to have a higher iq, to which Lynn replies by mentioning that there is a bias in the sample because the part of the population which would have an above average iq would tend to improve their living conditions by moving to western countries.

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no you don't become an expert by just understanding data and it's implications lmao

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>infinite chain of numbers

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Can someone give me a scientific strategy (not some nonsense from a blog) on how to strengthen my bones? specifically my shins.

I recently started running but man o man do my shins hurt all of a sudden. I don't know how to explain where but I found a good picture that shows the part of the shin I'm talking about (the arrowhead)

Someone said something about shin splints at the gym and I know shins are made of bone. so how do I make them stronger so they don't hurt?

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Do yer squats

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ok i will

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Well yes, also muscles. And in both cases by putting borderline damaging stress on them and making them heal over it. Thing is it takes years.

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Ariana Grande is a man look intothe light

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look mommy I posted the pic again!

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Why do mathematicians obscure their work with jargon? Why do they keep inventing new words for concepts that have been around for a thousand years? Why do they not care about making their work accessible? Why are they not able to express their work straigtforwardly? I mean, I know why. Clearly they either don't understand it that well or they don't want it to be easy to understand for the purpose of job security.

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that's what I wrote? Are you trolling?

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The tradition of having certain theorems named after specific individuals goes back to Thales of Miletus, who, when someone asked him what he would take for a certain discovery he made in astronomy, he said, 'It will be sufficient reward for me if, when telling it to others, you will not claim it as your own discovery but will say it was mine.' There is no reason to get so upset about attributing particular discoveries to individuals who first made them explicit and clear. It's like becoming upset that a writer would dare have his name on a book he has authored, or that an artist would sign a work he has created.

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>composite particles
>energy density
Good shitpost but holy shit.
It only takes a cursory glance and cond_mat or quant_ph on arxiv to know you’re wrong about Hamiltonians being referred to as energy density.

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>energy density
Nobody says this. Everyone tells you how to write down an explicit Hamiltonian.
Stop being stupid

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insecurity misunderstanding and misapplication.
basically scared dumb dumbs, dumbing everything with dumb.
it'd be nice if they followed a definition or provided one when they deviate.
just piss poor work covered by piss poor people who are disincentivized from providing decent work qualities.

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>be me
>do an exercise for my physics class
>my answer is not the same as the one at the back of the book
>spend an hour redoing the same problem 4 times
>suddenly teacher sends a message on the group class
>apparently the answer at the end of the book was wrong and mine was correct but our teacher forgot to mention this to us

does this happen to you in/sci/ects

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Nope. I'm confident in my answers. I've even frequently emailed the professor saying the answer in the back is wrong, and got bonus points for noticing it.

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>be blue eye fair skin mutt
>actually half arab
>say two or more races on job applications

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>Be Asian
>Put other on apps

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Not /sci/
Jannies clean this up

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Is it real, or just bullshit?

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That channel is pure pseudoscience, take no notice of their doomsday cult. Most of these ideas stem from a hack scifi writer Velikovsky, who conjured up cosmic catastrophes in order to "explain" biblical stories. It's not scientific at all.

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Basic statistics question: why doesn't the standard deviation use simple arithmetic mean? What's the need in using the average of squared numbers and square rooting the whole thing? Mixing addition and exponentiation doesn't seems right, also the denominator wasn't even squared and it is also inside that radicand.

How this thing works and outputs a result that makes sense?

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Same reason we use minimum squares to solve fitting problems in linear algebra: squares are easier to work with than absolute values.

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I thought we used minimum squares because of the inner product which induces the euclidean distance?

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serious answer, read the intro and first chapter in Risk and Asset Allocation by Meucci. if you think of any probability distribution (for instance, picking a random member from a population as in your example), then it should be obvious that we are interested in something like an "average" and something like a "width" of that distribution. it turns out that the mean and variance are very well behaved mathematically, so you can use them to do lots of nice things (means and variances sum when adding independent random variables, for instance). however, as others in the topic have noticed, sometimes squaring is an issue for outliers. one alternative would be using median/spread instead.

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This is the correct answer, as you can think of it as the distance from the mean. You may notice that the standard deviation formula is very similar to the distance formula.

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Yes we could use that. My probability theory book tells about it. But we won't becouse GAUSSIAN YAY BELL CURvE WE LOVE SCIENCE

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>don't swallow toothpaste because the toxicity of fluoride
>but take these fluoride pills, though
just what the fuck was going on there? does indoctrination truly blind the victim to blatant surface-level contradictions? also fuck dentists.

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Why? Aren't you bored of it?

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no. i've been obsessing about it for two years already. there are some other topics too.

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What other topics?
Why are you obsessed with this topic?
Why do you enact your obsession through posting the same thread over and over?

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the other topic is untreated mouth breathing and retarctive orthodontics which left me an ugly and deformed freak. my life is shit and I blame doctors and negligent parents for it. I am prepetually unhappy and talking on the internet is one outlet for my rage.

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meds: not taken

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Okay so as I understand it, the current admixture model proposes that all modern non-africans have ~3% of their DNA from Neanderthals because they interbred with them after they left Africa. But doesn't this necessarily entail that ALL humans who left Africa interbred with Neanderthals, or that all those that didn't interbred died out? If the admixture model is correct some non-african populations should have significantly less to none Neanderthal DNA because their ancestral branch didn't interbred with them, BUT this isn't the case, ALL non-africans have the same amount Neanderthal DNA

Wouldn't this mean that the Neanderthal DNA is from a common ancestor between Neanderthals and modern non-africans, not admixture? That means modern Eurasians did not evolve in Africa, but in Eurasia, as sister taxa cannot be separated by place

>inb4 ancient population substructure

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It's impossible to get an accurate picture of the history of human DNA without considering the loops formed by time travelers breeding with earlier people.

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> that all modern "non-africans" have ~3% of their DNA from Neanderthals
Keep up with science. Modern Sub-Saharan Africans have Neanderthal admixture as well. Attributed to a later migration back to Africa a few ten thousands years ago.

>> No.12620798

>ALL non-africans have the same amount Neanderthal DNA
Case closed I guess? It varies and is far from being the same everywhere.

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The haplogroup R (Y-DNA) tribe of Africans always makes me laugh, cousin oil driller went on a paleo-safari (the Americans in picrel are post-Colombian).

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Where does the piece of "space" which surrounds a black hole come from? Relativity implicitly assumes that there is an infinite amount of space everywhere. otherwise the fabric of space would be constantly getting ripped apart by these holes.

Where is the proof of that the amount of space in the universe is infinitely elastic?

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Isnt the part your "seeing" just the area that light cant "get out of"? Past that point an observer wouldnt be able to see anything but at the center of that there is an extremely tiny object with "infinite" mass, right? im not a scientist. ive heard also, since stars have true surfaces and arent actually giant nuclear engines that at some point run out of their fuel they cant collapse (hypothetically). Ive ALSO heard stars repeatedly nova so how is black hole even formed assuming all of this?

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Smells like the 19th century in here. but hey not everyone can comprehend the intricacies of the theory of multidimensional reality

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Science is a religion
University is a temple
Academics are the priests

This is why atheism is a failure. Scientific realism is as retarded as judeo christian. I will let know that scientific realism implies that There is really a group called the ''Poincaré group'' outside the universe which governs your life.

A physics textbook is as retarded as the bible.

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kill yourself. please do it, I seriously mean it

>> No.12618478

scince isn't a religion
but universities are temples and academics are priests

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When OP says "science" I don't think he is actually referring to science.

Science is the method of making an assumption about something based on the most reasonable conclusion you can think of, and then testing your conclusion to truly confirm whether or not you were right or if you were wrong. And if you were wrong then you come up with a new conclusion based on that...

The scientific method is just when people actually try to prove their beliefs rather than spreading hot air around and lies and whatnot.

OP is probably referring to people like journalists who falsely claim that science supports their ideologies when it does not.

And he probably got stuck with some lazy professor who does a bad job teaching him in college so he is taking out his anger in this post I am guessing.

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Not science nor math
>>>/reddit/ is that way

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RIP anime bro edition

Formerly >>12592403

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>carreer advice?
>help with calculus?
>tables, properties and material selection?

General advice for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are best. Grab them from >>>/an/)
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>remember to check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it
>avoid arguing with Yukarifag
>do not tell us you came from whatever the fuck board, /pol/ in particular
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>If you use j for the complex unit, put a ¿ somewhere in your post or use emoticons I will automatically ignore your question. I don't actually know about everyone else, but you shouldn't assume they're too far off about whatever random things they dislike

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Have I answered this question the right way?
You rearrange the equation to and then simply you just have to recognize that the population will be double when the fraction in the log is equal to 2? it's the correct answer but i'm just wondering if my method is right

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Quoted By: >>12620989

Yeah you did it right

>> No.12620989
Quoted By: >>12620994


>> No.12620994

Np. Good job

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What causes pressure on my femoral nerves besides sitting?
I think I have early symptoms of femoral nerve entrapment ,makes sense to me as well because I'm the kind of nerd retard that sits on his ass for hours.
I want to know more activities that cause this so as to avoid them.
I've changed my laptop setup ,I stand up when using it now.

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How could the scientific knowledge of muscles be used to save a relationship? well let's find out
My gf is not that great when she is on top.
I hypothesize she is not activating the right muscles.
Could you help me design a scientific program to help her do the type of motion displayed here?

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Quoted By: >>12618610

>My gf is not that great when she is on top.

What do you mean by this? Is her pussy less juicy and sweet and warm when she is ontop?

>> No.12618610
Quoted By: >>12619026

thanks taking notes

no it means she cant move real fast up and down and left and right and side to side
very uncoordinated

>> No.12618719

sauce me up boss

>> No.12619026

what about backwards and forwards?

>> No.12619063

salsa por favor

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Hi /sci/ What is this hypothesis I am getting? I'm seeing a way to not simulate but physically alter particle "bases/foundations" in a way that a typical student can understand. Pic related is the way I am seeing. The computer uses its database of online codes for any particle based form in the real world. Using some crazy new way i saw in my head, that being using some sort of ray... I don't know, think gamma? It's all so confusing.
No matter, you use this ray to affix the DATA OF THE FORM into various ways, and through science, ease off the physical tension we see today in the world. I am part responsible for what I have listed here now as a flabbergasting new way to engrasp a new concept but I am happy for a new way to challenge life. What do you think of this design ?

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Quoted By: >>12618113

The whole system is gonna blow out because you're not dumping your entropy anywhere. You need a cold information reservoir.

>> No.12618113
Quoted By: >>12618136

Um, I would relax about that because all this data can be easily stored in an online library, and i'm not sure about the rest like rays and stuff

>> No.12618136
Quoted By: >>12618148

You are converting information into energy, you are going to generate both thermal and information entropy. That entropy needs to be dumped somewhere or else this won't work. You can use a normal heat exchanger for thermal entropy but you'll have to get creative with the information entropy.

>> No.12618148

You would shitbrix if I told you that this thing can turn shit to brix; it's not easily feasible to build (if we're using common core like now lol), but truth, it would take a lot of care to not royslly fuck everything too, i'm not sure what we would do with such a thing either

>> No.12618170

OP here, this is basically a babby-tier design for a Videogame-esque Transmogrifier Device. It takes the base code of a structure and reorganizes it.
If it ever hits us right we could, lets say the first thing that comes to mind is unhealthy sounding... but we can manage things like beating death.

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Was it always like this? I seem to remember it being less schizo. All it is now is race realism threads masquerading as IQ threads, COVID is just a flu bro threads, climate change denial, some religion threads and a bit of holocaust denial. I have no pronlems with all this, but the belong on /pol, not here. And all the alien shit should go on /x.

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Unironically we should leave 4chan. It's clamping our minds.
It's not like it used to be 10 years ago. It's now an experiment to soften our minds and make it more malleable to propaganda

>> No.12618907

If you think /sci/ is bad, try /his/
That board is literally dead now, just zoomers waging their commie v nazi culture war among roaming incoherent schizos

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Quoted By: >>12619149

people are waking up more and more to the fact they have been lied to by the mass media and main stream science in general.

For example, it is very obvious that the african race is not up to the levels of other races. ALL science and observation points to this, but for some reason the main stream science the media and other interests all seem to saying the exact opposite. Even sub par people are starting to have a hard time correlating observation with the mainstream thought.

For example, if the black race is truly as awe inspiring as the media claims, why is that EVERY race on the planet has dominated them? A truly powerful race would never have allowed that to happen. The reality does not match the main stream view

This is leading more to people to wonder what is actually going on. Why is the media lying?

>> No.12619149

if the white race is so great, why are they ruled by the jews? A truly powerful race would never have allowed that to happen

>> No.12619173

Samefag kike

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Quoted By: >>12618079 >>12618270

Is psychology the soft version of psychiatry?

>> No.12618079

Psychology is a meme

>> No.12618201
Quoted By: >>12618240

Psychology is real. Psychiatry is drug dealers.

>> No.12618240
Quoted By: >>12618329

>Psychiatry is drug dealers
You spelt pharmacy wrong

>> No.12618270

Those are the ugliest notes I have ever seen

>> No.12618329

Let me correct myself: Psychology is real, Psychiatry are the low level drug dealers who prescribes drugs for the pharmacy to fleece you for years over unclaimed "chemical imbalances". They mostly do this after 2 minutes of meeting them.

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>what do you mean you cant get a job son, dont you have a masters degree? and dont you know english? how many people are there in the world like you? youre a catch! walk in there, shake the managers hand and ask if theyre hiring! who would say no to a handsome man like you?

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Quoted By: >>12619127

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that's why he picked blowjob for vice, same as trump picking pence: you figure out who's most likely to try and put a bullet in you, then put their worst nightmare as your replacement.

>> No.12619127

>get forced into humanities classes that tell you you're worse than garbage


>> No.12619153

Yeah, those mail-in IQ tests sure are a reliable metric.

>> No.12619167

>Did you post this >>12618159 then it should be trivial for you to find out.
I did not, and the poll you provided actually seems to support the other anon. College nongraduates supported Trump at a much higher rate than white college graduates.

>> No.12619176

I never claimed they were. Show me where in
>Define 'educated'. Also note that OP mentioned STEM, not simply 'degree holders'.
that claim was made.

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Quoted By: >>12617918

need recipe for random sodas
>it would be cool

>> No.12617918

ginger juice, lime juice, sugar, soda water

variations: substitute lemon juice, add cardamom, orange peel, lavender

>> No.12618053

quince and rhubarb
quince and peach
add demerera sugar to both. boil for 20 mins then strain, that's it.

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Quoted By: >>12621106

This one person I know
>Perfect SAT
>Perfect ACT
>Got into Stanford with a 2.8 from rural Arkansas
>3 Published papers (2 neurology and 1 entomology from an insect farm she ran by herself)
>Won a national spelling bee
>Physics degree at 18
It's kind of terrifying how dizzyingly smart this person is in everyday conversation. They never stutter, swear, or make any kind of errors in their speech while discussing unbelievably complex stuff. They also seem a bit forlorn and don't know what to do with their life. Thoughts?

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>> No.12621011

Kek, touché

>> No.12621023
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Off the top of your head, what would you say someone with extreme intellect in the sciences should do with their life (assuming they would enjoy a serious job)? I'm honestly not sure and hope this person doesn't do something retarded and squander their intellect. I feel like it would be a loss for humanity and my duty as a decently smart midwit is to help them find a proper outlet for their intelligence

>> No.12621031
Quoted By: >>12621052

She has a lot to say about perception and philosophical stuff along those lines. Also carries a notebook everywhere she goes and is always writing stuff down

>> No.12621052

is she socially liberal or not

>> No.12621106

Crazy, I was just about to make a thread on this topic. I just found out that I work with a kid who got a 1600 SAT and 526 MCAT. He has 4 Bachelor's including a BSN, and is in pharmacy school while working a full time job. He fits the forlorn description well, as if he has more brain power than he knows what to do with. I've never felt like such a brainlet, he's only 21.

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Quoted By: >>12618393 >>12619991

Anyone know what this is?

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>> No.12618393

Your ancestor

>> No.12618406

the ocean is filled with so much weird crap

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Quoted By: >>12620901

Hello my baby, hello my honey
Hello my ragtime, summertime gal
Send me a kiss by wire

>> No.12619991

They took this from you.

>> No.12620901

well deserved dubs

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He’s right you know

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rip smallsat launchers edition

Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSIcspDHbu0
Launch window: Saturday January 23 9:40 AM EST / 14:40 UTC (42 minute window)

Probability of violating weather constraints: 40% (https://www.patrick.spaceforce.mil/Portals/14/Weather/Falcon%209%20Transporter-1%20L-1%20Forecast%20-%2023%20Jan%20Launch.pdf?ver=vDML9LPMuePSfBFWx6WTzA%3d%3d)
Backup launch window: ?
Launch vehicle: SpaceX Falcon 9 with first stage B1058.5 (prior launches: DEMO-2, ANASIS-II, Starlink-L12, CRS-21)
Launch pad: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida
Fairings: New
Fairing recovery: On fairing recovery vessels 'Ms. Tree' & 'Ms. Chief'
First stage landing: On autonomous spaceport droneship ‘Of Course I Still Love You’
Payload: 133 commercial satellites & 10 Starlink satellites
Payload mass & deployment orbit: Unknown mass but roughly 5000 kg total; ~500 km sun-synchronous orbit

Launch viewing guide for Florida: http://www.launchphotography.com/Delta_4_Atlas_5_Falcon_9_Launch_Viewing.html
SpaceX twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceX

F9 stats: 105th launch, 66th landing, 48th core reuse. This is the most satellites ever deployed in a single launch, and the first polar launch of Starlink satellites.

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saving the thread for tomorrow's attempt

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i prefer the oc seth/summer
or emily in paris
or cinderella with lily james or rapunzel
or sleeping beauty or beauty & the beast

i can't stand the sight of blood

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or blair waldorf and chuck

or before sunset/sunrise
or the theory of everything
or mr. and mrs. smith
or any james bond film
and talented mr. ripley for the fashion

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or roman holiday :)

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