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For any given person's discipline or profession their perspective is that their's is the most required, regardless of if they have been superseded by superior approaches made in other fields.

Why is that?

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Did you enjoy taking STEM-related subjects back in high school? What did you study/are you studying at uni?

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>Did you enjoy taking STEM-related subjects back in high school?
No, most teachers really sucked except for my last physics teacher. But he had to follow the idiotic standard book which sucked and wasn't rigorous so I didn't understand a whole lot and performed badly.
>What did you study
Physics. At university, they logically build everything up. That way, it's much easier to understand.
What about you, OP?

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>id you enjoy taking STEM-related subjects back in high school?
The math was taught like shit but the other classes had stellar teachers. I'm studying biochemistry

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Really only because I was told "women will flock to you" and I wanted to make money.

I'm not installing any farm fencing right now, but have over 400k net worth @ 27. Thank god for crypto lol

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So strange, something about memory creeps me the fuck out.

So imagine you take this drug that makes you lose a day of memory, and you spend the day doing cool shit.
As soon as you take the drug, you just skip to the next day. It’s like you weren’t even there.

If you do take the drug and go to a specific party, you will literally never experience it. No matter how hard you try you’ll just skip to the next day.
Of course to everyone else you’re fine, and there’s no way they could tell otherwise.

Let’s take this a step further, imagine you get sent to purgatory.
Let’s assume you have all your memories from before the purgatory, and you have memories gained during the purgatory, but you’ll lose those gained ones once you’re out.

Did you ever go to purgatory? What about spending a near infinite amount of time in there? You’ll never be there.

Is spending an infinite amount of time the only way to experience what that purgatory is actually like? Because any finite amount of time you’ll just skip through, like sleeping?

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Same could be said about death champ. You don't experience or retain life after death in modern death theories, so it's as if you never existed.

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If you have something in your memory, but don't think about it now, does it mean that it does not exist?

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um guys

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>the chinese are turning americans into their personal dancing monkeys

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>vaccine finally comes
>virus mutates and makes it worthless
>virus still raging all over the world
>no way out
have you people had enough yet or are you just laughing at everything as it collapses?

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>that title
Yeah sure, totally legit.

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Should the loser of a chess game be executed?

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Nah, just demoted to janitor, also best of 3.
CEOs have to be GM

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Yes. Period.

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That would make chess matches much more popular and interesting to watch. An intellectualized version of a gladiator game.

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I think I can give this Jew a pass

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go back

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you’re literally overweight op i don’t think it’s up to you to be distributing passes

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These fucking shills are trying to ruin every board
I’m not even sure anymore if it would be more pathetic if they were doing it for free

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>you’re literally overweight op
fuck, how did you know

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That excerpt is obviously talking about IQ and beneficial therefore specified in context, you west asian.

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Faulty JAK-STAT signaling can lead to enhanced neurogenesis during fetal development. However guessing from the genes you posted and the context you're probably not a big fan of the ethnic group these mutations are associated with.
Hint: big noses, curly hair.

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Damn the long nose tribe beats us at our own game

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Ridiculous, you revealed yourself as a pseudo.

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I want to improve my STM however i just find blog posts talking about chewing gum and eating less sugar, do you guys know any method to do this?

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just fucking use Anki
once an information is added to Anki you are guarenteed to never forget it again

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Avoid antipsychotics.

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i heard repetition works, like it's a life hack or something.

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Choline and piracetam

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sleep as much as you can, do cardio and eat whole foods. anything beyond this is just diminishing returns in terms of cognitive performance

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I was going to review Dr. Andrew Wakefield's vaccine-autism retracted article/study, but that was published way back in 1999 (was looking for something more recent). Maybe something that debunks or delegitimizes Covid-19 or the vaccine response to it, for example?...

I'm aware of Dr. Andrew Kaufman, but it seems like it is harder and harder for an established medical or science fields professional to go against the conventions of mainstream science or medicine, lest the find themselves pariahs and not able to find employment and pay back educational loans or recoup that investment, etc.


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i think the best possible link to autism is the possibilty of the mercury poisoning.
dont remember why but very few people are unable to remove thimerosal from their body.
this video is makes a pretty good, albeit anecdotal argument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZnCLPq40gY&t=0

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>Any good scientific articles that buck the mainstream narratives
Confirmation bias much?

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>Maybe something that debunks or delegitimizes Covid-19 or the vaccine response to it
So it's about a one-sided treatment of biomedical research in support of your anti-vax movement?
>to go against the conventions of mainstream science or medicine
It's easier to claim that some people are conspiring against you rather than admitting to yourself and others that your research was simply sloppy.

In case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield's article, the methology was flawed, the same method would have yielded in similar correlations between vaccines and any X without proof of any causal relationship between the two, the study couldn't be reproduced etc.

Regardless of Dr. Andrew Kaufman's actual research. The vaccine-autism link was and still is a convenient excuse for parents to explain away their children's bizarre or stupid behavior instead of admitting that they suck at parenting, have emotionally abused the child or simply have shitty genes.

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But you're already diseased.

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>he'd rather die of the COOF
"Call it evolution in action"
>too stupid to live

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>he needs artificial immunitiy to survive
Oh no no no. I was born in AIDS. Modeled by it. Became it.

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Of course you will, once everybody else does. Conspiratards wouldn't be conspiratards if they weren't sensitive to peer pressure.

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Would anyone be able to join a discord call with me and help me with my math exam, its due in like 4 hours and im fucked if i dont do it. The exam includes differentiation, integration, matrices and a bit of imaginary numbers.

Discord: SNB#0324

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kys brainlet

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maybe you should've studied instead of fucking around.

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I know that this is what i should have done but depression and sleep disorder made it impossible to keep up, it is entirely my fault and i keep telling myself that i need to do something about it. i should probably just drop out and work at mcdonalds or some shit

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Switch your major to something you're actually interested in. 99% chance it doesn't require this class.

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Do your own work, useless faggot.
Also you will never be a woman
>likely discord tranny trying to trick innocent anons

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What's the best book for someone wanting to get into quantum mechanics/physics? I have solid base in most areas of physics, specially electromagnetism

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Forgot to say that I have all of springers library downloaded so preferably one of those. Reading the introductions I can't which one to use

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>I have solid base in most areas of physics, specially electromagnetism
What have you studied?

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holy shit what a meme list
why the fuck are there 4 books on quantum mechanics where presumably 80% of content would be repeated
this list couldve been twice as short and better for it by not boring whoever decides to follow this (lol) to death by repetition
there's a reason no university in existence does this
as for OP I'd suggest just googling a curriculum of a top10 university of your choice and going off suggested reading from there, or just read the lecture notes if they're available
as a masters student of said top10 university i don't think there's much value in repetition of material until you've actually done some research and seen how all of this applies to actual cutting-edge problems, you'll find very quickly that you still need to look stuff up constantly because almost no sane human being can hold this entire array of knowledge in their working memory

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holy shit what a lelditter

>why the fuck are there 4 books on quantum mechanics where presumably 80% of content would be repeated
>there's a reason no university in existence does this
It's called freshman quantum mechanics (physics 3), undergrad quantum mechanics, grad quantum mechanics, and quantum field theory. Every university does that.

>follow this (lol) to death by repetition
Physics education is iterative with each iteration using more math. It's normal to repeat Mechanics, EM, and Quantum 3 three times.

>as for OP I'd suggest just googling a curriculum of a top10 university of your choice and going off suggested reading from there
Spoiler: Those are. There are 2 or 3 books for each mainline subject in physics that are canonical and used in practically every school. You can find the substitutions here.

>as a masters student of said top10 university i
Says the Zoomer that still can't figure out how to use a shift key let alone figure out that next to nobody does physics master degrees. Also for your information, the enter key is not an acceptable substitution for a period.

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Is a boyfriend bopping my head up and down on his dick in a fast motion going to increase my chances of forming or popping aneurysms?

>> No.12583650

it's probably more likely to increase your chances of HIV

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Could a manned space shuttle mission to the moon be possible? If landing and refueling infrastructure was on the moon could the shuttle take off from the lunar surface and escape its gravitational pull with its integrated boosters alone? Could the shuttle stop on a lunar runway without atmospheric brake chutes?

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You would still need down facing engines to keep it the vertical velocity from getting too high. Trying to skim the surface at a shallow enough angle to land in a runway with no descent engines you'd still be moving at something like mach 3 or higher.

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SpaceX is literally led by an ethnic(go google it) woman

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Quoted By: >>12586297

>ethnic woman

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>Okay this would be a real challenge, we'd probably need to put an assload of new thrusters on the Shuttle's nose
Just get it to stop moving on orbit having placed thrusters atop of it and it'll just come falling down gently, and when it's near the ground just ignite a couple boosters below
Simple as

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a nigger you nigger

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Is placing a sheet between each page a bad idea when it comes to long-term preservation?

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>placing a sheet between each page
Why? What would be the point of that? The notebook would double in thickness, wouldn't that weaken the pages at the spine?

besides, the notebook pages are already made of paper, so how is adding blank pages supposed to preserve anything?

The thing won't be falling apart for several decades at least, how long do you want it to last, op?

If you want to preserve the content for the long-term, your best bet is to scan the whole thing digitally and copy to a bunch of digital archives, in addition to keeping good care of the original physical notebook.

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I’m a /biz/raeli and I want to discover novel cryptanalysis against the SHA-256 hash function. Any tips?

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Quoted By: >>12583546

You are almost assuredly wrong, but do continue.

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then prove it, im waiting

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What are the chances of the earth getting hit by a coronal mass injection? What would happen?

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Nothing happens, we've been hit by them before.

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What happens if you get hit by my mass erection?

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so /sci/, what exactly is "magnetic flux" ?

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Quoted By: >>12586020

Flux has no physical meaning, it's just a mathematical trick to exploit symmetries in a system.

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Quoted By: >>12586020


[ \mathrm{rot} B = \mu_0 j + \frac{ \partial B}{ \partial t} [/math] right ?

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Quoted By: >>12586020

just a math object BdA

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Quoted By: >>12586020

>mfw uncovering the grand unified theory of the cosmos

>> No.12586020





All me

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>Almost certainly a message from another civilization in the universe
>Still can't be debunked
>Still not talked about

Why? Comets, FRB, everything has been thrown at this thing...and really only a narrow band message from another civ is left. We have heard a message from another civilization and it's never talked about

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Quoted By: >>12585962

>We have no idea if it was continuous or not
Yes we do, read the wiki article again before replying. It was stated as a continuous wave, and I just posted why.

>A continuous extraterrestrial signal, therefore, would be expected to register for exactly 72 seconds, and the recorded intensity of such signal would display a gradual increase for the first 36 seconds—peaking at the center of the observation window—and then a gradual decrease as the telescope moved away from it. All these characteristics are present in the Wow! signal.

>> No.12585962


Perhaps you should read the wiki article again. From the same page.

>The signal itself appeared to be an unmodulated continuous wave, although any modulation with a period of less than 10 seconds or longer than 72 seconds would not have been detectable

Once again, we have no idea it was continuous or not...or if it was modulated. The equipment limited our ability to detect it.

The Big Ear, due to design and technological limitations at the time, caused this limitation.

But if you don't believe me, listen to this interview with Dr. Jerry Ehman (the guy that discovered it and wrote Wow!) where he explains (in detail) this very thing. He also laments in this interview that they lacked the ability to discern modulation.


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Quoted By: >>12586010

why haven't they sent us anymore messages OP/

>> No.12586010


well unfortunately, if it was an alien civilization sending out signals, it won't send here again (more than likely) or not for a long time...unless we gave them a reason to or they figured out we have a sun/goldilocks zone/etc.

For example, we've sent our own 'wow!' signals but never sent another one. So alien anons could be discussing our signal right now and arguing about the origins and asking why we don't send another signal too.

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how do i effectively self-teach /sci/ things I'm interested in? i've seen the book guides but i really want to make sure i remember what i learned and improve my critical thinking so I'm less retarded.

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Buy a punching bag and beat the fucking shit out of it every time you get frustrated from spamming audiobooks at 2x speed while reading books

this is what I do 16 hours per day

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Quoted By: >>12584093

Almost 80% of Americans are overweight or obese, a trend reflected in the rest of the Western World. No single chronic health condition had ever been so prevalent in human history before. With the obesity epidemic be the driving force that ultimately leads to the collapse of The West?

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If being overweight is a serious health problem and affects the overwhelming majority of the population then it is a serious societal problem, a health problem unparalleled in human history.

Untreated major societal issues lead to severe negative consequences

>> No.12583487

put metformin in the drinking water
obesity is caused by blood insulin levels

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Quoted By: >>12583524

Most those affected in the US are niggers and spics.

>> No.12583524

> Combined data for 2015 through 2017 allowed for assessment by major racial/ethnic categories and found that non-Hispanic black adults had the highest prevalence of obesity (38.4%) overall, followed by Hispanic adults (32.6%) and non-Hispanic white adults (28.6%).

>> No.12584093

Hyperinflation and lack of production will lead to economic collapse in the west. Fatties are responsible for the healthcare crisis. It's a leading risk factor for heart disease and many forms of cancer, which predominantly make up the causes of death here in the us. If fat people stopped being fat, it would lead to decreased demand for healthcare services, which, under a normal system where healthcare providers weren't working with insurance providers to rail the backside of the average consumer for the most amount of money, would mean lower prices. However, that's not going to happen anytime soon, meaning that the industry is going to continue reaming people's wallets and people are going to continue being fat.
The good news is that if and when hyperinflation hits, most people will lose a ton of weight. Communism is one of the most effective weight loss diets.

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Quoted By: >>12583541

Thoughts on a 26 year old with an inferiority complex starting uni to study physics to feel superior to other people?

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>> No.12583541

only study something because you like it

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Quoted By: >>12583924 >>12583942

i'm almost 30 and living with my parents and there's nothing wrong with that

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File: 8KiB, 281x180, qwertyfuli.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.12583942

Theres nothing wrong with that. Living with your parents is fine if you have no reason to move (for a job, studying or marrying). Imagine renting a room just to sleep away from your free real home.

>> No.12583949

Only freshmen think in such childish terms. As a student you will feel intimidated by all professors off every subject. An undergrad math or physics student is nothing but larvae.

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Quoted By: >>12585195 >>12585244

Good episode. Not gonna lie bros Avi makes some good arguments about >Oumuamuamuamuamua being artificially made and probably from another civilization.


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>> No.12584829

this desu, but at least he brings attention to it

>> No.12584911

>here's an article about the guy
>about the guy

>> No.12584980

>Podcasts are shill central
Who would 've thought

>> No.12585195

>it is probably thin so IT HAS TO BE ARTIFICIALLY MADE
imagine being this much of a fucking brainlet.

>> No.12585244

He’s also a like from shekelistan

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Quoted By: >>12583711 >>12583727

Suppose every other class of complex multicellular animal other than insects were suddenly wiped from the earth.
How long would it take for one of em to evolve into current megafauna sizes? e.g. the size of deers and oxen.

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>> No.12583498
Quoted By: >>12583504

>Unless ants and bees and locusts outcompeted everything and it became a swarm-based ecology. That'd be a sight.


>> No.12583504


We would see the rise of hive-beings. Cellular-cellular life.

>> No.12583711

I would bet that the insects would fill their niches, constrained in size by the oxygen levels of the atmosphere, and that it would take as long as bacteria took to evolve to dinosaurs/mammals for their to be anything the size of deer or oxen.

>> No.12583727

They wouldn't, they'd die out quickly due to the entire global ecosystem being suddenly fucked in the ass.

>> No.12585436

Wouldn't matter. Sentience wouldn't evolve for another 800 million years, by which time the sun will be going red giant. Even if sentience evolved before that happened it would find all the economically extricable energy and mineral reserves so severely depleted that they wouldn't be able to build an advanced technological civilization. They would probably have enough time to discover our fossils, piece together what happened, and roundly curse us before being swallowed by the expanding sphere of the Sun.

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