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Anons I can go to University of Ottawa or University of Toronto.uOttawa are trying to attract more french speaking students so You will pay just 5000$ instead of 30k$ for taking 3 out 7 courses in french.University of Toronto is also 30k a year.
I want to study Physics. Should I go to uOttawa and then u Toronto for graduate school when I get PR?
The ranking meme is bothering me so bad. Will my program be less rigorous?

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Most big universities in Canada are at a similar level. It's not like the US where you get shit schools where you're taking 'college algebra' in year 3. If you take Honours Physics at Ottawa you will learn the same material. Just make sure you do well and get to know professors for good references.

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Is there a chance that there will be a covid 20 in say 5 - 10 years? Pic unrelated

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Everybody will be poor, but product and housing are already there...

It's like there really won't be less to buy, but it'll be hyperexpensive.

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/sci/ sinned by not believing 0.999... = 1.

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Everything can reopen now. Well, five days from now. Turns out masks and lockdowns weren't effective. Now that our understanding has evolved, we can move on to other measures. Be sure to get your vaccination shots and your vaccination passport.
>A group of researchers at Stanford published a peer-reviewed study earlier this month assessing the impact of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders — what they refer to as non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) in early 2020. The study did not find evidence to support that NPIs were effective in preventing the spread.
>“In summary, we fail to find strong evidence supporting a role for more restrictive NPIs in the control of COVID in early 2020,” the study concludes. “We do not question the role of all public health interventions, or of coordinated communications about the epidemic, but we fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures. The data cannot fully exclude the possibility of some benefits. However, even if they exist, these benefits may not match the numerous harms of these aggressive measures. More targeted public health interventions that more effectively reduce transmissions may be important for future epidemic control without the harms of highly restrictive measures.”

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We'll probably get even worse. Just wait until some of the pathogens that have been dormant in permafrost for 10,000+ years start to be released by global warming.

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Why are humans hardwired to enjoy/create music, as opposed to other species?

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That doesn't make any sense.

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That makes sense if you know anything about sound-design

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OK, but you're suggesting human language somehow would predate music. That's nonsense.

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Gorillas beat their chest to create rythm while making moneysounds

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Humans have the biggest brains, but not the best sight, or smell/taste. If humans are the only ones who can perceive music, then they logically have the most developed sense of sound. I find that unlikely. Birds have better sight than humans. Is there no animal that has better sound perception?

If it is true, that humans have the most developed sense of sound, then it would follow that brain development and sound perception (i.e. music listening) are directly connected. They would have to be.

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On this day, onescore and zero years ago, Wikipedia was founded. What do you think about the state of Wikipedia today? Has it changed for the better, or for the worse? How has it shaped the way of academic discourse on the modern internet?

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basically anything slightly israel or jew critique like is defiled as anti semitism and trans stuff is praised highly.

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>some faggot coming to defend the mainstream opinion in 3..2..

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>Literally just random people editing articles for free and somehow it turns out great.
unfortunately most edits that stick are professional

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yes, absolutely correct anon

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For the worse. It's complete shit now for anything political. For technical subjects it's a bit better but still awful.

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STACC edition
Previous Thread: >>12579751

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There's probably some diamond in every bit of concrete in the world desu

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I'm not sure why you think I'm joking anon.
But jokes aside a fully-usable transparent raptor would look fucking incredible wouldn't it?

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>but are still able to perform a static fire without obvious issue
kinda wish elon was less vague

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top kek never gets old

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>Is there a word for this kind of BS
Isaac Arthur-ism

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In another thread discussing the warp drive some anon had what i thought was a neat idea.
If you had a mass and vanished it somehow, would there be any rebound in the distortion of spacetime? Think of how when a droplet strikes water, the surface first crators and then rushes back and spikes up.
Is this a thing? Wouldnt it need to be for gravitational waves to be a thing?

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Alright, instead of magical vanishing mass, you could gather an immense quantity of energy and then release it as an explosion or discharge it in a massive magnetically focused beam.
Use a laser infrometer on a craft intercepting the wake of a passing hypervelocity star to verify it.

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Negative mass means produces energy when moved... Therefore magnets got a little bit of negative mass added to normal mass.

Electromagnetism and ionization is key to warp, not negative mass.

Yes it produces energy, when you move it correctly, even charged ions by magnets.

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If you push ions by a huge electromagnet... It's sort of creating a lot of pressure highly electrified... If ions are also moving, it's really dense thing ... You can simply do magic in a good lab.

I cannot do stuff like that at home, psychiatrist will steal from me and mark me crazy.

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> If you had a mass and vanished it somehow, would there be any rebound in the distortion of spacetime?
Yes. But so what?
> Is this a thing? Wouldnt it need to be for gravitational waves to be a thing?
Yes that is precisely how gravitational waves work. Here was a thing, now its a thing is a slightly different location.

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>step 1: 7 years
send preliminary colonisation party to mercury to establish a base of operations
>step 2: 1 year
launch a steam of solar sails from 0.02 au to act as kinetic impactors to give hyperion enough velocity to be flung out of saturns orbit past jupiter and into the inner solar system to crash into mercury 15 years after ejection.
>step 3: 15 years
mine 75km^2 -750km^ (based on local Ti abundance) of titanium dioxide which range from 1% -5% to produce doped titanium dioxide photo-catalyst, this is 0.001-0.0001% of the total surface area of mercury and only ten times larger than the current 4-40 times larger than current large open pit mines. This will allow the entire surface of mercury to be covered in 0.1 mm of photo-catalyst.
>step 5 : 6 months
brace for impact
>step 6 : 5 years
cover the surface of mercury with photo-catalyst by launching cache's of it with a railgun launch system
>step 7: 68 years
wait. after 68 years the photocatalyst will have split the vast majority of water from hyperion into hydrogen and oxygen, with the hydrogen being lost immediately to space and the oxygen staying for another few thousand years. pressure will be 0.2-0.3 bars of 02 which is comfortable in both pressure and partial pressure of o2 (breathable)
>step 8: infinity
colonize the top and bottom 5-10% of mercury which has a temperature less than 50 celcius but greater than 0 Celsius, this habitable percentage can be expanded over the decades via the usage of solar shades as need be for expansion.
>step 9

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Leave it alone. I rather marvel at it. Than it be terraformed by geeks and nerds.

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You already have this shitpost up once.

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Simple as

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Mining colony?

Cannot that be automated?

Who would want to live there?

Or prison with no escape?

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The planet is trash, terraforming it would be a hell.
Stop trying to terraform everything so it suits your weak organic body, that's pathetic.
Organic life is not going to make it. Weak humans will be replaced by machines. Terraforming is pointless.


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The human brain is hardwired to detect and recognize human faces when looking at them, but why does it seem to be so sensitive? Semi-realistic faces such as that of a cartoon/anime character, 3D model, animal, or even a simple rock formation resembling a human still registers in our brains, and tell us alot about what we should think of them, whether they're likely to be friend or enemy, ect. On top of that, a simple drawing or artistic vision of a specific area or object can register as a recognizable place, even if it's not realistic. What is it about the human mind that makes it capable of such complex recognition? Are other species capable of this? Is our ability to visualize and use our imagination the basis of which art as a medium was created?

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Because our brains are wired to detect symmetry and familiar things.

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>see object has specific traits
>see different object with similar traits
>put two objects in same category

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Is cause and effect even real? If there is a superior being like God that lives outisde of time and space, that would mean he is not subject to cause and effect since he can build and see things happening in time both forward and in reverse

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My extensive Call of Duty experience tells me that is a Russian handgrenade.

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The interesting portion of constructive randomness is it paves way for the empirical discovery of "Divine Law" which is a precausality construction without entities versus a construction like prime movers. It has parallel the living in a simulation idea, where randomness limiting structure is the program.
Questions arise as to how the structure could exist. And the complementary conundrum is why should random events interact at all. The excuse was Locality( and now maybe non-locality) and ontology. Things are some way, but if their existence is like hurricanes of randomness with a lot of inertia - as a hurricane isn't a thing at all, but good luck wishing one away - then being is an event of randomness channeling randomness. Oddly enough, naming hurricanes turns out to be a striking example of the depth in human intuition as well as its blindness. My point is there are currently structures that exist everywhere with pretty much no reason for their particular existence and to arbitrarily ask more of a non-causality structure is merely duplicitous. Randomness acting upon itself is proof of the structure.
I am sure there is a lot I am missing, but it appeals to some. I haven't really dug into the Law solution and while fractal structures are extremely interesting to me, I am fully convinced of monads and the only way that will change is a lobotomy, but it is sexy compared to fickle gods and their tantrums. Hypothetically interactions of randomness will vary based upon the structure. This could be tested for, maybe like GCPdot but probably not as that follows the similar quackery of psychic phenomenon. Mental states would be just as swayed by the structure as any random event.

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RGD33 for sure.

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>Will quantum physics change that,
No. Problem of causality is a deeper question of nature. Whether substance monism or dualism is even coherent or not. Substance monism (either pure physicalism or pure God/spirit) or dualism (god/spirit and physical) are two of the most popular variants to deal with reality and both have problems with causality. There are others like non-dualism (buddhism) which do away with substance all together but even that has some causality issue with it being unintuitive.

Quantum mechanics wont solve it.

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No, there's just karma, endless wheel of time.
Sometimes effects happens without causes, and causes have no effect.

Wise man know which, how and super brahman also why.

I don't even know what is cause and what is effect. Is payment for vehicle cause you have it, or you payed because you wanted it and that's the cause?

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It's bull, it'll be on Monday

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they do it the 18th

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Does anyone know or any research on the topic of Herpetic Symptom Variability? I am unable to find anything along the lines of " why are some people asymtomatic and others not?" Is it genetics? Nature or location of infection? Viral strain? Age of infection?
There seems to be a knowledge gap here and such research could yield significant improvement in treatment options.
Seperate yet equally pressing question, why is there so little interest in finding a cure? Modern knowledge of genetics and Gene editing has put us closer than we've ever been before. Just imagine what people would be willing to pay to be cured. Theres no shortage of profit potential, especially given that 25% of us minimum are infected (because as we know, money is the the only thing that matters in american medicine)

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Does anyone have the study version of the coomer meme. I'm a 24 year old non traditional student pre-med trying to rage.

How did you flip the switch in to pure stoooody mode. Any tricks to repair my instant gratification brain before it's too late? I'm burning with the will to learn but keep getting distracted by everything so easily.

What strategies have you learned and how useful were they?

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wtf is this picture is that a real animal

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nice try OP

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Read Carr's The Shallows and then use website blocking apps
Turn off devices whenever you study
Turn off all your notifications
Read physical things if you can
Don't read online except with the router plugged out
Make it easier to open a book than to open your computer by storing your computer somewhere farther away

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Thank you anon.

I keep bouncing in between the fact that I might have undiagnosed ADD/ ADHD or that I just have the self control of a weak loser and that it is all just a cope. I will try this soon

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>yoghurt stuck on spoon
>i swing spoon really hard
>yoghurt unstuck from spoon

Is this escape velocity?

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How much force would a vagin need to have to create enough suction that there will be a gravitational pull from which dick can't escape?
(ignore friction)

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bump for knowing

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>> No.12585356

Yes, except escape velocity refers to a gradual decrease in attraction force since gravity works on long distances, while the yoghurt is stuck to the spoon through various intermolecular forces that cease functioning as soon as the molecules separate.

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Hello, /sci/. Tell me, where can I see good and referenced science papers, prety pleas

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Quoted By: >>12582723

What field?

>> No.12582723

A finite one.

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Quoted By: >>12584069

Use a science hubble to view these

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Thank you

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>There has never been any widescale testing for prions jumping to humans in rural communities
>Rural communities have a 35% greater prevalence of "alzheimers like" illnesses with an earlier onset than urban communities
brb getting my chair at harvard

>> No.12582628

jordan peterson already solved the alzheimer problem.
Clean your room
Clean your penis
Brush your teeth

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Quoted By: >>12583092

Probably because ruralcels tend to be poor and uneducated genetic trash.

>> No.12583092

I dunno I can't hear you over my nobel

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Imagine being a 20 something engineering student, you did good in school and got an internship and a job offer contingent on your graduation. You go to see your counciler and he informs you that you have not met your diversity studies requirement, and the only thing you can take next term is this.

Imagine losing 10 weeks of your life, a job offer, and $1000+ because our education system decided you need fat studies to be an engineer.

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Quoted By: >>12583025

a) never happened
b) if you can't learn to parrot bullshit you'll never make it anyway.
c) your fault for not knowing is exactly right, the "counciler" is training wheels for retards that can't figure out how to schedule courses on their own.
what a shit thread

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Quoted By: >>12583175

It's a shit post I'm not even an engineering major

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>you have not met your diversity studies requirement
Sorry but I took Japanese + weeaboo media studies and they are fulfilled
>and the only thing you can take next term is this.
There should be a list of hundreds of courses. You only have yourself to blame if you don't dodge the commie shit.

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Quoted By: >>12583190

Damn you got me excited to be taking to a fellow OSU alumn
Go fuck yourself faggot this thread is not /sci/. Go to /g/, /biz/, or /pol/ please

>> No.12583190

I go to EOU, considered OSU but I'm broke

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I read Lang's basic mathematics and did the exercises but still can't solve 75% of the problems in this book. I feel like a brainlet. Any recommendations to get ready for these types of problems?

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Olympiad problems are hard and tricky, Anon.
Solving them requires a high level of sophistication and training.

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Or IQ. It's sad, but even the hardest work cant substitute for raw intelligence in math competitions.
t. 120 who burnt out in HS

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None of these are rigorous enough to serve as preparation for the USSR problem book.

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Quoted By: >>12584883

What's your IQ?

>> No.12584883

Thanks. How to Solve It seems to be what I'm looking for.

I've never taken an IQ test. I got 1520 on the SAT but that's basically just remedial math

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I propose a simple test: treat everyone around you well for three weeks and you will see how good it is. Even those people you don't like. Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you saw any positive results, share that behavior with more people.

It seems difficult for some to know what it is to love, but see how the world today is chaotic for lack of love and we will all be elucidated about it. If we loved more, there would be no envy, greed, defamation, humiliation and so many other things that pollute our social life. Have you ever thought how horrible it would be if your mom and dad didn't love you when you were a kid? Reflects. To love is to accept your neighbor as he is and direct him to the path of truth!

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no account of wrongs. Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails" - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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Quoted By: >>12582853

there are no failures, there are only learning experiences.
Remember I love you even if God doesn't.

>> No.12582785

Everybody needs a cope and Christianity isn't a bad or self destructive one.

>> No.12582853

God loves me, just as he loves all living beings. Thank you so much for your compassion, I wish you find the way to the truth, which is Jesus Christ!

>> No.12582872


>> No.12582877

I would embrace christianity if their followers didn’t kill tens of thousands of my people.
There is no God or forgiveness in this life.

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Hi my /sci/ peeps
Tomorrow. I got a math exam.
Just as I was heading into my final 2 weeks of getting prepared, I got covid. Fever, fatigue, all that.
I just couldn't study, I tried, but my head was a fog and aching. So now I am really anxious. I really really need to pass this exam. I have managed to squeeze in about 3 days of studying, but to be honest, I'm still tired and there is no way you can really cement that knowledge in 3 days.

Anyways, my question is, how do you ease your anxiety before and during a test?

I am just about to go to sleep. Had a few cl of whisky to calm down and will hopefully end up with around 7 hours of sleep.

I always feel like I know a lot more than I am able to show during exams because my stress levels are through the roof.

>> No.12582472
Quoted By: >>12582560

Just talk to your professor and tell him you got covid and you need more time. They'll probably grant you the extension even if they are hardasses because of the chinaflu.

>> No.12582560

I think not. Everyone writes it at the same time and I know one person who got even worse in covid during last year and all they told her was "OH, that's a shame. Better luck next year!"

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Quoted By: >>12585503 >>12585788

What caused the big bang?
Also, what caused the thing that caused the big bang?
Also, what caused the thing that caused the thing that caused the big bang?
Also, what caused the thing that caused the thing that caused the thing that caused the big bang?
Also, what caused the thing that caused the thing that caused the thing that caused the thing that caused the big bang?

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Your brain is the motherboard of your personality. After that, you just sparkle juice in the ether

>> No.12584590

You worship God, you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (God) and accept the Holy Spirit (God). Even if you worshipped all of them it doesn't matter since they all refer to the same God in this context, your question is pointless.

>> No.12585493

>The initial singularity is rounded off in inflation.
>Follows from answer to previous question.
You didn't answer where the singularity came from.
Or where the thing that caused the singularity came from.
Or where the thing that caused the thing that caused the singularity came from.

>> No.12585503

Awareness was a thing before the universe.

>> No.12585788

a) Nobody ever seen it happened.
b) It's christian fairytale, so you should thing that god made it, therefore he's some unknown matter or have no will over where we are, but they want just that it exist so they can base their intrusive propaganda on it.
c) It didn't have to happened, all proofs are kindergarden level fraud.
d) Proove it existed.
e) If it existed, it happened out of chance and fun, like everything in universe.

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Quoted By: >>12585793 >>12585929

post results

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>when in a relationship

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Mathematically, am I based?

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does this mean I'm an incel retard?

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How bad?

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Quoted By: >>12582416

Does it deserve its reputation?

>> No.12582416
Quoted By: >>12582420 >>12582451

Outside groups organize rallies at Berkeley. They are separate from the institution.

>> No.12582420

I'm talking about academic prestige.

>> No.12582429

They have a pretty good football team.

>> No.12582451

The chemistry department has been and is really good.
True, but there was also a lot of protesting by students and unionized staff in wake of the great financial crisis when tuition was going up 8 or 9 percent every term and lots of people were getting laid off.

>> No.12582477

For graduate school, sure. But your probably better off at a smaller school for undergrad and not to mention the absolute state of California.

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How do /sci/ nerds cope with me being a technical artist that do CS + arts in my job.

I'm literally /hu/ + /sci/ superhuman.

>> No.12582439

>not being a professional bioinformatician and amateur mathematician, whom does art commissions and produces music as a side-gigs
Why live?

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Quoted By: >>12586432

But seriously, what was her problem?

I'm surprised she didn't do irreparable damage to women in STEM after what happened.

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OP is trying to have a discussion that requires knowing a fair amount of what happened with Theranos and Elizabeth's spiral, if you don't know who she is you have nothing to contribute. This thread isn't here to spoon feed you history because you feel left out

>> No.12586388
Quoted By: >>12586394 >>12586422

i guess this thread is here for the same reason as all threads. for you to speak for everyone and act like a total cunt so you can feel some sort of power over someone else because you cant do that irl.

>> No.12586394

This is real life. Nazi cuntbag.

>> No.12586422

>The retard is mad an internet stranger wanted to have a discussion on a topic you need to know about in order to contribute, and got his feelings hurt when he was told to shut up since he asked to be spoon fed information that he is too lazy to find even though it's as easy as going to the Wiki page for Theranos
Do you go onto /sci/ threads and ask them to explain all the math you don't understand, or go onto threads about shows or movies and ask for a synopsis of the plot?

>> No.12586432

should have been barefoot in the kitchen, perpetually knocked-up

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