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He claims to be a super genius and that he understands the universe and God. But I’ve jever heard any academic talk about him.

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Nuh uh

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He also thinks 9/11 was staged by Bush to distract from his wacko theory of everything lol what a fuckin schizo

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Unironically kill yourself.

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Go fuck yourself

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Smart people actually prefer to have more humble lives, or less humble if they are really interested in something. It's only midwits who care about "muh success" "muh accomplishments" etc

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>21 years old
>never memorized multiplication tables
>prof sees me using a calculator for basic arithmetic
>"come on anon, really?"

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You need a calculator.

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It's not a site, but the PDF link at >>12582822
is very good. Minimal amount of rules to know
for different numbers with extremely fast results.
Contains practice questions, and anything else
is extended by you. Good for mental grinding.

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If doing the calculation yourself takes 10 seconds and calculator turns it into 5 seconds, then calculator is OK.

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Calculate or evaluate
Not a native speaker either
There is nothing to solve there

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Here's what you have to do anon:
>Learn the abacus
>Learn how to multiply 3 digit numbers together using the abacus
>Memorize the abacus so that you can visualize it in your head
>Ask for help on a problem that involves 3 digit multiplication
>When your professor pulls out his calculator
>"Come on prof, really? It's [answer]. Where did you get your degree from? I'm sorry but I don't think you're competent enough to help me."
>Take a second to appreciate the shocked look on his face
>Drop his class

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>starts spewing out hydrogen
>smells like shit

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what did he mean by this?

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what does your face hole?

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robot glory hole

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What's the scientific explanation behind the BMWF phenomenon?

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What will your contribution have been when you're 50?

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I'm thinking of all the people around me who do indeed get a wify and make babies at 33 and spend the next year transfering their wage to a house.
They end their life because they have no better idea what to do with it.

I'm not sure on needs to quite ones 40h job to do something with ones life, but I don't think "I am a software engineering" is a blocker at all.
No human is ever just that.

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>>12584113 not if you only really need to make them about 10 times but you're making them the 1000th time.

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Essential contributions to the theory and practice of online shitposting, with an emphasis on the enhanced effects of accompanying pictures of smug anime girls.

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fuck niggers and consumerism

that's what i want to be known for

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This shouldn't be undervalued, I praise you

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I weep for all those kids that actually still believe his story to this day


How much more do you need? Fucking hell.

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>There is nothing Bob can't do which is why it makes OP seethe in his own shortcomings and failures

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Physics is lodged so far up the anus of local maximums that it has completely stalled. This is actually a pretty good article on it https://lukesmith.xyz/articles/chess

An obvious example is Dork Matter being a cope for the 'laws of physics' not matching what we observe, and research on it is sucking up all the resources that should go toward exploring theories that might actually have predictive power.

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Quoted By: >>12585203

If dark matter is nothing more than flawed physics on our part, it should appear as a systematic error in all our observations. How can we then observe galaxies which appears to contain little or no dark matter?

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We do make consistently aberrant observations. In addition to needing arbitrary amounts of dark matter for each galaxy, there's a whole class of anomalies related to the fly-by anomaly, including a recent one with Oumuamua's acceleration. A lot of things could be possible if it turns out things that we assume are constants are not actually constants.

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He fills an interview really well but his book is awful. It sucks because I really want to believe him.

>Edward Teller got me to sit in a room with a floating metal ball and one other scientist. We weren't allowed to know anything about any previous pair of scientists, even the slightest aspect of their work so far, other work in the facility, each other or anyone else in the compound. We just had to brainstorm ideas to no one. One time i saw a child in there talking to an officer. I reckon he was an alien but i didn't actually get a look at him. They stopped calling me after I took my mates out to see the UFO flying. Whoops.

The late 90s/early 2000s will always be the peak of Conspiracy kino so Bob Lazar is immortalised anyway.

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>For me, it's graph theory.

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Whats the correct answer to this, /sci/?

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I meant see>>12581921

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there is only one real way of parsing it
3 * 2 / 6

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banning you

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I don't trust my intelligence enough to live my life. How do I scientifically increase it?

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False, those who are not lemmings are willing to give up on anything just for the sake of their ideals. Such people care not for comfort
See the revisionnists who went to jail just because they do not believe in the Holohoax and Jesus who went to the Cross for saying the truth.

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Right but then those are the overall 10% that aren't born lemmings right? You have just stated that they aren't lemmings and therefore they aren't, but only because you acknowledge they aren't - you 'otherize' them. If I were to reject lemming hood, I would never know if I was actually a non lemming or not. Someone else that wasn't me confirmed it. This implies that a non-lemming is just someone who does what they like, truly. One would surely know when they are truly doing something they like, but can we ever really be free from the pressures of existence? If I start doing everything the way I like it - I may still be called a lemming, am I then still a lemming? Maybe this is the case for all non-lemmings, or maybe not. Maybe a non-lemming knows they aren't a lemming, but how can you really know? They would have to be on an incomprehensible state of intelligence or knowing that I wouldn't be able to understand even with great effort.

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What a roundabout and shit counter argument.
>to be a lemming or not to be a lemming
The post you respond to wasnot so deep
I bet you are samefaging

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I understand being unsure, and that's okay. We all have much to learn.

Regardless, if you spend too much time being unable to define anything out of fear that it is not perfect enough, not good enough, then you won't do much of anything. Do what you can. That is what we all do.

How do I know what I do is right? How am I sure that my reality is reality? How do I know what I do is truly what I want? If you have such doubts, that is a good sign that something there is false or not true enough for you. In that case, gather information until they are dispelled.
The Christ is the most non lemming man possible, who went through excruciating pain for his beliefs.

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Follow this guide.

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>MIT professor Gang Chen charged with hiding work for China


BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor was arrested and charged Thursday with hiding work he did for the Chinese government while he was also receiving U.S. dollars for his nanotechnology research.

Gang Chen, 56, was arrested by federal agents at his home in Cambridge on charges including wire fraud, officials said. Agents executed search warrants at his home and his office at the university, said Joseph Bonavolonta, head of the Boston FBI office.

While working for MIT, Chen entered into undisclosed contracts and held appointments affiliated with the People’s Republic of China, including as an “overseas expert” for the Chinese government at the request of the PRC Consulate Office in New York, authorities said. Many of those roles were “expressly intended to further the PRC’s scientific and technological goals,” authorities in court documents.

Chen did not disclose his connections to China as is required on federal grant applications, authorities said. He and his research group collected about $29 million in foreign dollars, including millions from a Chinese government funded university funded, while getting $19 million in grants from U.S federal agencies for his work at MIT since 2013, authorities said

“It is not illegal to collaborate with foreign researchers. It is illegal to lie about it,” Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling told reporters.

An email seeking comment was sent to Chen’s attorney.

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why are chinese even allowed to hold position in sensitive sectors?
Any china man/woman is a potential spy, if the person has relatives back in China then its just a matter of time before he goes rogue.

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boomers and xoomers are retards

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Kill yourself kike

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Every single Chinese person in STEM is doing this, weird to single one guy out if you're not going to get rid of all of them.

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Calling out and purging subversives and traitors is simple self-defense. Get nationalist or learn to walk on air, those are your choices for survival

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I think that once the coronavirus hysteria dies down, teachers will demand we close schools because of the flu.

Considering that the flu kills something like 4 times as many kids under 18 in an average year as COVID-19 has, they'll argue that since we closed schools over COVID-19, we should close schools over the flu too.

And liberal governors will probably give in to the teachers.

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why the fuck are people even pushing for in loco classrooms anyway? why can't normies just fucking attend zoom lectures, they can play their shitty zoomer vidya staring at a screen all day long but when it comes to classes oh no it's all a hellish nightmare

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Some households (the poor households that Democrats claim to care about) can't afford the internet.

And younger kids aren't at all capable of learning online. Even older kids learn more effectively in person/

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Quoted By: >>12581994

Fuck off, shill. You're not fooling anyone.

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What the fuck are you on about? Literally all four of those companies are pushing for lockdowns. Fuck off with your NWO.

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I have 2 questions regarding the mRNA vaccine:

If you happen to be infected with another virus that has reverse transcriptase activity while you get the vaccine, could the mRNA be integrated into your DNA?

2. The vaccine is made so that the mRNA resists getting destructed before it reaches the cell, will it not also resist getting destructed after it’s been translated?

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>The likelihood of this is close to zero.
You make this claim but how do you know? Just because you think it might not get transcribed doesn't mean thorough testing shouldn't happen before its released. It sounds risky AF. Inject at your own risk.

>> No.12583730

"is CLOSE to zero" not saying it's zero, but very unlikely. I can make this claim because there's many instances where we have tested for this, and often times things are not produced simply because they're introduced into the body. I'm not trying to claim the vaccine is safe, I'm simply saying that the mRNA notion of it integrating into your DNA is far-fetched, any person with a BS in biology can tell you this.

>> No.12583735

I also agree that not enough testing was done on these vaccines to warrant positive public sentiment, however, it's being pushed as something that is safe and effective given the headlines that are being pushed out. This technology isn't experimental (mRNA therapy), but the fact that it was rushed out and not fully tested for is what worries me. The only thing I am against are the ridiculous notions that are being spread on this site and other forums that can easily be denounced with simple biochemical understanding.

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>If you happen to be infected with another virus that has reverse transcriptase activity while you get the vaccine, could the mRNA be integrated into your DNA?
No. Retroviruses also use things like integrases to inject cDNA into a genome. It's just not so easy to take mRNA, reverse-transcribe it to cDNA, move that cDNA into a host cell nucleus, integrate it, and then have it transcribe back into functional RNA. We've been following HIV for almost 40 years, it's not like we haven't been looking for this.
Not only that, but mRNA vaccines are selectively taken up by dendritic cells, not CD4+

The vaccine is made so that the mRNA resists getting destructed before it reaches the cell, will it not also resist getting destructed after it’s been translated?
It does resist being deteriorated. The median half-life for mRNA is typically around 10 hours or so for humans. The mRNA delivered in the vaccine is far more stable - it lasts for a day or two. That's it. And in order to achieve that stability, it must be kept at -80 degrees with lipid nanoparticles. By the time your body's humoral response matures, the mRNA is long gone, and most of the spike protein is, too.

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why does the virus kill your sense of smell? I read something on rebbit about someone as young as 18 hasn't had it back for 3 months and this terrifies me. I think eating too much sugar creates a zinc deficiency, and many people who have it more severely are zinc deficient. I just don't know. At the very least I hope that nasal nerves are able to heal themselves and that it eventually comes back.

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>1. ask yourself what makes you able to smell things

>2. ask yourself how a viral infection works

>3. ask yourself what would happen if the viral infection pathogens you deduced from 2. targeted the cells you deduced from 1.

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He goes where he can. It enters your body through the respiratory tract, but along the way, it may very well end up somewhere else.

It does not choose to go into our lungs.

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Quoted By: >>12581855

4chan told me if you drink lots of milk at the first sign of losing your taste or smell those senses are saved.

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Quoted By: >>12583824

Race realism thread. In this thread you only post scientific fact

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Quoted By: >>12584209

>im just saying that real science has been discriminated upon. Biologists, neuroscientist and doctors can't say the truth in this climate.
Prove it. Only post scientific facts itt, remember? Scientific facts have proof.
>When I learned Biology at highschool, our teacher was extremely based, and taught us all about differences between mongoloids and negros. Race specific differences, like mongoloid being good at math statisticaly, and caucasians being good at language.
Sounds like a shitty bio teacher, since neither language nor math are biological concepts, and analyzing broad statistical data about human demographic groups is sociology.
>He also taught us about sunspots, and that when tempratures goes up, co2 gets released from the ocean. This is knowledge that will be lost in time. Real scientific value.
Did he ever get into actual biology?

>> No.12583824

If I got to be honest here, it probably is socioeconomic factors based on this graph cause niggers and hispanics underperform about the same even though they are not related at all as races. Btw the socioeconomic factors are likely the stimulus checks they recieve that do the opposite of motivating them to actually perform well cause they know they always have this "failsafe" so it's not a problem if they don't get a job or do well academically. Do asians also get srimulis checks? If not then we have an answer to what causes this, if yes then it could be the asian culture that pushes them (asian parrents requiring a degree from their kids often in medicine or law to get a well paying job, in other words the exact opposite of niggers and hispanics). I should stress out that this stance could also be a cope with their genetics, if they see they fail when they try due to lower intelligence they will stop trying to not be reminded of the fact they are uncapable to do well. If that's the case considering data from africa, then I would say only hispanics can improve. Also an interesting graph would be the iq distributions of post graduate degree categorised by race. This would basically focus more on the genes cause it eliminate the possibility of a race having a large amount of people unwilling to use their intelligence to do things (for example black crimminals that get caught, which are much more than any other race). I know post grad reduces the population size but many niggers and the likes get in college much easier than whites and asians, without actually deserving it from an intelligence pov and this would probably mess up our sample.

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Like I give a fuck about actual biology. All I know is that he was based (racist)

>> No.12584746

Science has no agenda. And the data clearly suggests racial differences and the strong relation between genes and intelligence.
I dont think any race deserves better or worse treatment indivdually but there are some flaws you just can't ignore that are well represented within populations. And you/we have to act accordingly by either separating or changing the way we interact.

>> No.12584750

>stop believing what some random says
>doesn't go into anything said in the blog
>proceeds to post the ramblings of an obviously shattered psych major facing realitiy and trying to scramble together weak concepts like "race is social"

sure my skin is a social construct, my fat nose too, my big brain answell.

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>one shot at life
>gets chronic pain as a young adult

The worst part is that there will never be a cure because there are so much money to make from chronic patients.

There is no hope. Gene Therapy, Stem Cells, CRISPR, nothing will work.

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Even normies have pain the first few days on any proper exercise regimen (esp. lifts).

>> No.12585828

Maybe there's a cure, but it's not sold, because they make more money of chronic patients.

Try to dive into pubmed about your cause....

What pains you? Maybe just nerves are damaged and needs to regrowth...

There's ad in TV about that. I don't know if it's abroad.

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Get tested for borreliosis.

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I'm really sorry anon. Just rotten luck. Chronic pain is hell. Talk to doctors and try to find out more about your condition. exercise doesn't have to be big--do things at the edge of what you can. Find things that help, and start keeping track of your life: everyday, write down (at least) your pain level 1-10, one thing that helped, one thing that made it worse. That alone will add up. Talk to priests in your area; Faith helps many.

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Quoted By: >>12581604 >>12581619

What are some of your theories about the cosmos? What is something that you believe but it’s maybe not proven yet?

>> No.12581604

Perhaps our universe is just a fluctuation in an uni/multiverse that is larger by an extraordinarily large magnitude.

>> No.12581619

I believe the warp is evil, and the emperor of mankind will protect us.

>> No.12581625

Black holes are the doors to the Afterlife:

>Intense light
>Irresistible attraction
> literally opens up to another universe where space and time do not exist.

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Unpopular scientific opionions thread:
>correct edition

All forms of art should be banned, removed from teaching curricula.

All artists should be rounded up and severely beaten, then put into concentration camps.

All entertainers and entertainment workers should be beaten then put into work camps.

Businesses supporting arts or for purely entertainment purposes should be looted and then burned. Their owners executed.

Teachers and proponents of the arts should be executed by firing squad. Art form inventors should have their entire families rounded up and all males over 12 executed.

Persons wearing body art or displaying overt artistic displays should be burned at the stake. Body piercers should be raped then executed.

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Quoted By: >>12581906

>t. failed an entrance exam to an art college.

>> No.12581756

thats a big 14 years old smart ass opinion
please end your life

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It's for you

>> No.12581816

Some alt girl with tattoos and piercings just rejected you and it's obvious.

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File: 36KiB, 227x328, Adolf_Hitler_Berghof-1936.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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I understand time
In order to remain still in space an object spends all of its energy in time. It is moving through time, but not through space. If it starts to move, the closer it reaches the speed of light the slower time will seem, until it eventually stops (which is why photons experience no time.)
So in order to move through time there must be a place that sends and receives the time we experience.
There is an infinitely small realm somewhere beneath a Planck length where an infinite amount of time is being sent to and from, which is why it never stops, but our perception of it can change depending on our velocity.
It's like a quantum field, but for spacetime
I'm high af btw

>> No.12582860

You misunderstand energy. Energy is a mathematical construct used to understand momentum in spacetime.
Particles don’t spend energy, they just have momentum.

>> No.12583672

Einstein declared axiomatically that for all observers regardless of their motion the speed of light remains the same. Therefore, time must depend mathematically on both light and distance. It's a mathematical relationship.

>> No.12583797

>I'm high af btw
I'm glad to hear. Enjoy.

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cringe and basedpilled

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Quoted By: >>12583388 >>12584048

Advanced sexbots have already been invented, the elites are just hiding them to stop society cooming to death

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I guess it must be the US flag on the jacket.

>> No.12583386
Quoted By: >>12584068

Her figure may not age well.

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>> No.12584048

>élites care about society cooming to death
L0Lno fgt pls

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Quoted By: >>12581581 >>12581614

help me with doing my friends homework please :D
first answer i got glycolysis and 2 atp

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Glycolysis + 2 ATP
2* pyruvates
2* Krebs cycles +2*1 ATP
2*(3 NADH + 1 FADH)
2* electron transport chains +2*1 ATP
Last is pic related

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Quoted By: >>12585569


This guy is 100% right.

School exists to make you a good goy that knows how to pay taxes and vote. NOTHING else. When are you ever gonna need to use calculus in real life? What does knowing about isotopes help you in life?
FUCK school.

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Quoted By: >>12585241


>> No.12585241

I don't get why you guys hate sheep. They're really cool and cute animals

>> No.12585547

This is pretty much Classical Elitism. Look up Mosca and Pareto for more info.

>> No.12585569

Have fun being under the rules of people who use Calculus in real life. Not to say knowing calculus will make you a ruler of course. It's necessary but not sufficient.

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appreciate the effort, but here is the actual fix

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Quoted By: >>12582789

How come most universities offer PhD students a stipend and work but these two don't bother? My assessment is that they have so many wealthy pajeets and changs that are willing to pay for a PhD at Oxford or Cambridge that they don't bother trying to entice international talent. What do you think?

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What subject are you applying for? Also are you a UK resident?

>> No.12582331
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Engineering, and no, international.

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The research councils have changed since I went through the system. As I understand Engineering PhDs are typically funded by the research council, in this case EPSRC. It seems that they do offer places for international students, but there's less places for them than UK resident students.


When I applied I didn't actually do any of the funding myself, the department will pick who they like and then worry about money. You could contract the departments (or specific groups) to see if they are aware of other funding that you may have to specifically apply for or staff who have existing grants and are looking to hire.

Note these are often called studentships rather than scholarships. If it is funded that means you will get a stipend.

>> No.12582450

Cool, thanks a lot anon.

>> No.12582789

The fuck you talking about? You get funded at these schools unless you're in a nonce program like gender studies

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I've just realized that the likely reason why people are confused by is that your brain naturally wants to split equations along the operator symbols, except multiplication isn't expressed by a symbol at all, it's expressed by concatenation, so it seems intuitive that multiplication should just be done first.
Which really makes me think that PEMDAS was a fucking stupid idea.

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Guys! I know how to save the world. Just do measurements with this thing every day.

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Where can I buy one that is accurate and don't break my bank? I unironically want one and looked for it a few years back, but didn't find anything

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don't buy chinkshit

>> No.12582432
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Doesn't detect asymptomatic carriers...

>> No.12582469

It does

>> No.12582470

ok now I know what not to buy, but what do you recommend I buy?

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