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There's a new class of refugees being proposed and allowed in many countries called 'climate refugees', that's what you have to watch out for.

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I do

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>We'll simply move north.

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of course, you are going to struggle to understand the math behind it, your iq is a measly 110

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>His blood tests have proprietary DRM
This is the future americans chose

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who said it does?

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A healthy, single guy moving to Sweden for a PhD wouldn't be able to take advantage of any of those.

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Pay Musk for landing your tonnage and people on the moon in 2024

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The latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) report estimates 6.5 percent of global GDP ($5.2 trillion) was spent on fossil fuel subsidies (including negative externalities) in 2017, a half trillion dollar increase since 2015. The largest subsidizers are China ($1.4 trillion in 2015), the United States ($649 billion) and Russia ($551 billion).
Most subsidies in the US are tax subsidies, for example 26 U.S. Code § 263, which allows the cost of drilling a new well to be deducted. That's about a billion or so a year in lost tax revenue. Plus many others, it adds up.

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not that other anon, but I gotta agree

Technology is a tool. Kinda like how a sword is a tool that can be used to murder people or chop wood. Like a sword you can think of technology as an extension of the person who wields it. Corrupt fucks who have tons of power feel threatened by technology because upsets the power balance of them being at the top. They feel compelled to consolidate all power and they see technology as a form of power. Just cause they're good at using power and technology to consolidate more power and technology doesn't mean it has to happen de facto.

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Buzzfeed and it's ilk are just as damaging as fox news and newsmax.
Kaczynski was not right about everything and he was a fucking loon but he was right about the industrial revolution being a disaster for man kind, but we can't put that genie back in the bottle.
If humanity wants to survive drastic action is unfortunately needed, but that is incapable of happening under capitalism. We are also never getting rid of capitalism at this point. So it is a catch 22.
Sure we may push off our expiry date by a couple of decades but we will never spread among the stars, we will never see the rise of a foreign sun, we will never even get to being a type one civilization.

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I just feel like we should build a base on the Moon before building one on Mars. It's good to practice things like that.

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A starship fully fueled in LEO has the delta V to go there and back

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Yes, but they obviously went there without a Geller field thus allowing chaos to influence the ship and drive everyone to insanity and suicide.

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>trust the siense bro
>usually more trustworthy than the scientists themselves
nowadays probably

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I never really understood where it fits into Elons timeline. If he plans to get people to Mars by 2026, does that mean that he'll just do the Moon landing as a checkmark and then immediately go back to planning the Mars mission?

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>Oh look, another thread about why anonymous, random, hidden, and otherwise unaccountable posters on social are always more trustworthy than science journalists, and usually more trustworthy than the scientists themselves. Guess I belong to the wrong cult.

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Is this sarcasm?

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This thread is sponsored by Buzzfeed

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whistleblow* not fucking whiteblox

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>too high an income to get socialism bucks
what's the point? Should I apply for a grant?

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recessive genes anon. Two brown-haired brown-eyed people can produce a blonde-haired blue-eyed child, so long as the gene exists in both their lineage. Both Drake and his baby-momma are Mutts of some description, so their child has a chance of showing a lighter phenotype

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