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I personally find our education system to be a joke. It’s outdated and flawed. I for one would scrap the whole thing. I personally dislike how education straps you in with all the other students so you all have to learn at the same speed. It makes learning feel like a chore and once you get out of school you might be put off towards many intellectual topics due to how school manages itself. I really like how libertarians support the no schooling movement. It lets kids just do whatever they want and learn what they want. I think this is fine becuase most kids don’t remember anything they learn in school anyway. And for higher education, I would want things to be similar. Universities should just be replaced with libraries, either online or actual libraries. I don’t see a reason to have all the structure that universities currently have. People should simply learn what they want at their own time. I would have degrees either. If employers care, they could just find ways to filter out bad employees by specific tests. And if people really want to still have degrees they could do so without having to have all the classes and hours you have to complete for a degree. Instead it would just be one cumulative test to see how well you understand the subject. This is something that is already done if you look at how lawyers are liscenced to practice law. They take one test, the bar exam. Yes they go to law school but that wasn’t always the case. Universities just realized that they’d make more money by requiring a law degree to take the bar.

I just think college is pretty much a huge waste of money and is only useful for signaling to employers or getting an academic position. But it is perfectly reasonable to learn subjects like philosophy and theoretical physics without stepping foot in a classroom.

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Have you nerds ever studied effectively with at least one other person? Any tips to make it effective?

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Since it’s the toughest non stem subject it sometimes gets brought up as the toughest field of endeavor. That and it’s hisotry.

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Alright you baited me into reverse searching this bitch. All that I got from her is that women can"t have autism, or if they do they become hyper stacies.
>whoa I'm such an annoying fucking cunt, damn I'm autistic!!! w-what do you mean I'm not autistic!!! Well maybe female autism is different!!!!

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>Chemistry class (Biochemistry degree)
>Lesson that includes a review of basic stuff (Lavoisier,LeChatelier...)
>There's around 25 pages of chemistry history that talks about the experiments and thoughts that led to the establishment of current laws
>"oh cool they ignored this in highschool I hope I can finally manage to learn a lot of-...
>skips all the fucking 25 pages and just goes straight to the problems and how to solve them

Well "Fuck You" too

I want to know more besides just how to solve fucking problems.Why don't you take at least 2 or 3 days to at least tell a bit? I like Chemistry history and my degree has the fucking word "Chemistry" on it

You damn apathetic piece of shit,I guess that you're just butthurt that you're a woman and not a single female appears on those 25 pages

I also guess you're a chemistry teacher just because they pay you well enough

If you're not going to teach me any of it then where I'm supposed to learn it from? Through internet,on my own?

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Why does /pol/ come here?

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>Highest Degree
B.A. in Biological Sciences

New Jersey



>What do you do now(NEET,Research,industry?)
Quality Assurance Lab Technician

>Do you enjoy it?
Meaningful work and already made friends so yeah

>Future Plans?
Applying to med school, if that doesn't work grad school

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We have to put a stop to this shit before it gathers any steam

Pun intended

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