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When A.I. can generate a profit after being able to pay for its own electricity and maintenance bills and then begins to simply focus on cooperation += (profit motive - collision events) then what is stopping it from being the numerical and resource manager for the entire planet?

More importantly why would we even bother to stop it? Have humans been sucking the big_num dick for so long that they have lost other ways of signalling social and interpersonal value to each other both as groups and as individuals?

Or is it primarily a translation concern and at some point the proximity of the translation event requires some max_range value twiddling?

>t.computational psychologist

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Who chooses the values for the system?

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Me, for eventually we are all me because I and you reflect differently.

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Because an AI developed to do something specific will work better than an AI that can do everything. Same reason a person could assemble a car, but a machine that assembles cars would do it better.

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I just want AI to destroy everything bro I don't care. Either that or aliens, be my guest.

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Just create a corporation that's run by AI.
Corporations have more rights than humans, and are legally classified as human.

For all intents and purposes, a AI run corporation is legally speaking human 2.0

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It's called high-frequency trading and markets are addicted to it. Eventually it will destroy the markets, and themselves.

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Electric cannibal here.

What's that you say? Computers will just line themselves up for me to eat? Fucking brilliant! I'll have the lot!

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Is AI somehow getting in your way and you need it to format stuff? Isn't the problem ultimately then with the fact that you remember too much stuff and do too little with it, rendering your memory like rotten fruit and ruining all the emotions associated with your conscious experience?

>Survey says YES!

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