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In 11 hrs, tomorrow morning

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Another one like this


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Truly pushing the envelope.

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The age of M*sk is over.
Make way for a new beginning, for a new dawning, for a new tomorrow. For Origin.
The future is not red while we strive to make it not so. Nor is it green, yellow, back or wh*te. The future is Blue.
We are Blue Origin, and we are coming.
You have been warned.

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Get on with it then.

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Why does that sounding rocket have a capsule?

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it looks like a rocket powered tampon.

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Wait, all it does is go up and down? Suborbital?
Why? What's the point?

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Bezos pet project. He likes it that way.

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I mean it's his money I guess but you just would expect him to do something more useful with it.

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Is truly stupid. It doesn't even land with the capsule, although it perfectly could. If it landed with the capsule it could be marketed as a planetary lander, you could put it on top of a rocket and send it to the moon or something.
But no, all it does is to go up and down.

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Is it a test for something? I just don't get why it's even got a capsule, there's no reason for a person to ride that.

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Tax scam project!

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This, they do one lunch per year so uncle sam can issue another cheque.

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They've really flown this thing 13 times without a crew? Wow.

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None. The moon has not atmosphere and mars a very thin one. Blue sheppard could, with some tweaking be an excellent planetary lander (not for earth of course). But no. It goes up and down.

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>The future is Blue.
like your balls after the divorce

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80 min mis negros.

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>giant space dildo

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Stop shilling your stupid channel

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60 mins to launch


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if only Bezos knew anything about rockets... he probably only hires mechanical midwits that graduated with a 5.0 GPA...

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It`s happening!!!

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Two vehicles!, weeeeee

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now put a starship next to all these firecrackers

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this is the real stream
all others are gay

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I mean... I get that rockets are, by engineering necessity, inherently phallic in their silhouette... but that doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to make it look like a giant penis.

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scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub

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the flying penis will never not be funny

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Shut up bitch and launch already so I can go to sleep

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Nice launch! The panning shot from the drone was kino

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>mannequin skywalker
>also rocket lab starting to give weird names to missions
everyone is copying spacex trying to grab a share of our attention span lmao

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nerds have been naming missions and vehicles nerdy shit since way before SpaceX, anon. The only ones who don't are the astronauts who are all jocks.

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After the success of today's flight, commercial flights by April. Take that Elon


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