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I've been looking for research for this but haven't found much at all.

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Rephrase your question, no one knows what you're talking about. Prevalence of what exactly?

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Genes responsible for intelligence and what percentage of Europeans vs Sub Saharans have them

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We only have specific genes explaining around 20-25% of the variance of racial IQ difference, and there hasn't been a comprehensive analysis on the prevalence for all of these genes published yet. However there is information about the prevalence of a given gene most of the time

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being an autist helps i think

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intelligence is like 80% genetic, 20% environment.
Caucasians differ in intelligence even though they're close, group wise. Whites, Arabs and Jews all live in different environments and cultures so while their limits may be closely related their IQ will differ because of environment and culture.
People in Africa can have pretty low average IQ scores but when put into America they have an average IQ of I don't know honestly, I think I remember it being around 85? Which makes sense I think, African Americans all have some caucasian in them and they're in a better environment, some of their ghetto black environments are a problem though and as it gets fixed they probably move up to like 90.
I'd safely bet that American caucasian IQ scores are smaller compared to other times too.
IQ is mostly genetic but an environmental change is significant, those 20% can move 100 to 80 or 120

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That's not really how it works. First, heritibilty is the proportion of the variance that can be explained be genetics. IQ is a bit more genetic than 80% (a bit under 90%), but that doesn't mean that you could add a bit over 10 IQ point if the environment was perfect. It is the explanation for variance in a population, which is determined by the environment to begin with: a country with equal opportunity will have a greater genetic component to IQ than a country that is unequal, even with the same population genetics.

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Also black Americans are getting smarter due to the Flynn effect, but white Americans are too, so the b/w gap is not changing much at all. IQ is normed to the average of a population, therefore someone with 110 IQ now might only have a 98 IQ in the future because the average IQ has changed for everybody.

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