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youre a retard if you take this jungle juice

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>some documents leaked
And? This has nothing to do with vaccine itself

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Okay ... So are you going to post the documents or not? Or am I supposed to trust this journalist to inform me about the technicals associated with this vaccine?

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are you typing this in china?
>So are you going to post the documents or not?
get a load of this guy haha thinks im his bitch. lmfao. try using the internet its useful. if you cant find this download your life has to suck..bad. sorry bud.

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Someone post the data please

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Alright must not be important enough for me to care.

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if your gonna buy medicine. buy russian.

heck might aswell move to russia if you stop want to live in fear of being poisened or experimented on by your gov.

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>heck might aswell move to russia if you stop want to live in fear of being poisened or experimented on by your gov.
Lol, quite the opposite. Russia has a rich history of poisoning it's own citizens and public officials are corrupt shitheads that couldnt give a fuck about their population as long as they can steal tax money.
But nice try, kremlinbot.

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Not my job to search for evidence that proves your point. >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/ >>>/pol/

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no one asked you to sperg

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volenti non fit iniuria

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Varying rna integrity

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Separate standards for clinical/commercial

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Password protected files.

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Is it confirmed that they're real? I was asleep.

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imagine thinking a vaccine isnt science. you have to be from china theres no other explanation. why is this board full of retards?

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yes they are real sleepyfag

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PAssword is Moses (capital M)

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ok let assume it's true leak, what compromising information does it have?

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See >>12580900
Maybe they already fixed it but if not it is a cause for concern.

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2020 it was Corona.
2021 it will be Anime.

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isn't it usual situatian ?

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Thank u, I trust Anon of course. You wouldn't go on the internet and tell lies.

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>isn't it usual situatian ?
It's the first rna vaccine for humans ever, so we don't know.

However, rna integrity being higher in clinical tests vs final product could mean that the commercial vaccine will underperform.

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None, apart from vaccine may be slightly less effective.
No microchips transmitting to Bill Gates via Israel found

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Stop expecting people to do the work for you.

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>imagine thinking a vaccine isnt science.
Dummy, that anon's point was that OP provided nothing, and then tells others to get the information themselves.

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>certifiers using proprietary file formats

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>It's the first rna vaccine for humans ever
How is it still not commonly known that we already have two mRNA vaccines that were tested on humans, results of which were published four years ago?
Also, RNA vaccines are almost all of them.

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Imagine you are running such an enterprise.
Would you want other people to be able to read your stuff in the first place?

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Wait are they saying that they are in fact performing human trials on Syrians and people that are Rhesus positive..?

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Go back you illiterate fucking /pol/cuck.

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It's just proteins in the end. Good thing I can build muscle. Vaccine will always be a plus for me.

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Sketchy yes, bill gates mind control chip no. But vaccine passports are already being tested.


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When you get emergency use authorization for your product, it is for the tested product. They then make a worse one for mass distribution

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Where does the pol come from its just data. Seems weird that anyone skeptical is lumped into a boogeyman group

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23 mRNA vaccinated norwegian persons are dead
Direct Source, norwegian state:


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What's ironic is that it may be contraindicated in the demographic it was supposed to protect (old and frail).

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Skimmed it. Odd that no newspapers have picked up on/reported it yet.
It's worth noting for those that either can't speak snownigger that this is only for the very weak elderly.

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either dont speak snownigger or can't be bothered to click*

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You'd think there'd be a massive outrage. Guess people just don't give a shit about old people after all.

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I'm finnish, so I know swedish, so I know little bit of norwish. Norwegian main news networks are direct propaganda to public (so are ours but not that much). They will belittle this so much you will possibly not see the outcome on other countries' news networks.

So, three options: /sci/ has to accept /pol/ was right all along, OR accept "dead elders is fire" is a moving goalpost OR then this will come to news networks around europe.

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I'll see when I wake up tomorrow. If they haven't covered it by then the media just doesn't give a shit about old people, which is ironic because taking care of the elderly has been one of the main pushing points for the pseudo lockdown since probably last march.
Given that NRK (essentially a government controlled broadcasting company) has reported on it, they've probably forced the hands of all other news agencies, I'm assuming.
Guess we'll just have to wait and see

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>>>/pol/ go back

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>first group to get the vaccine are 90yo+
>the more preexisting conditions the earlier

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All I'm seeing is that the RNA has low integrity, so presumably it will produce truncated viral proteins. Is this harmful or not?

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No no, there is like 50% intact mRNA which will work like normal. The rest is destroyed mRNA which is simply a bunch of proteins that does nothing. You won't produce half-spikes or anything from them.

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Not at all.

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Considering it's a matter of public health YEAH.

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Scientifically speaking, you will never be a real woman

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ok mr micropenis

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It’s retarded to waste limited supply on 90 year olds

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You WILL get the vaccine and die!

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Yes, from natural causes in an average of 60 years.

They're the most vulnerable.

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>The data LEAKED!! Pfizer doesn't want you to know about this!!
>What did the leaks say?
>Oh the exact same thing they said weeks ago but i still don't trust it how do you know they didn't put battery acid in the syringe or something

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>how do you know they didn't put battery acid in the syringe or something
We wont until blockchain integration permeates the supply chain

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Do you eat food you buy in a grocery store

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Learn to read:
>Imagine you are running such an enterprise.

That the public is interested is an entirely different matter, and there should be regulation to enforce access using libre file formats.

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And you will never be a real man.

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Corporations run your public health.

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No one claimed this you're retarded

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there's no such thing as PUBLIC health, only the PRIVATE health of INDIVIDUALS, COMMIE

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Eh, you need to learn to comprehend written word, Anon.

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