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How do things exist in and of themselves? Like, what happens when you don't observe something? It's there, but how is it there?

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life is an enema

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God wills it. Also, >>>/his/ >>>/lit/ are that way.

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They just do. Life isn't just about us.

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Objective reality is something you construct out of the regularities in your experiences and to make predictions about your observations. You can think of it as a set of counterfactual observations. If I set an explosive with a timer in my house, go somewhere else before it explodes, what it means for the explosion to happen despite nobody observing it (I live in some hut in the middle of nowhere let's assume) is that it tells what I would observe IF I were there when it happens, and also I can use these counterfactual observations to predict what I will observe when I go back to check after the explosion.

Objective reality that has literally nothing to do with anyone's observations or subjective experience is a meaningless idea.

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Probably everyone is a NPC. And the environment just appear when it is actually needed for you.

This is god's way to conserve memory data space. We do this in our simulations also.. games or whatever.

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