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what happens when science and politics disagree? do the scientists win or do the politicians?

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It's 2021, scientists are politicians.

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Eventually the politicians face reality. And when their beliefs don't match reality people die.

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When have politicians ever cared about people dying?

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People tend to wake up when politicians cause a bunch of deaths.

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My favorite political cartoonist, rockthrow

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pebble yeet

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He who cast the first stone

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No one is gonna die over ignoring IQ differences you delusional /pol/tard.

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>No one is gonna die over ignoring IQ differences
But it will affect the lives of people negatively.
Brainlets (usually Commies) will look at pure outcome statistics (e.g. gender distribution of CEO's isn't 50% women), think the problem is oppressive patriarchy or something, demand affirmative action, abolishing the merit based system in the process.
You are taking away the position from the most qualified candidate for this role because you want to fulfill your diversity quota.
Btw same doesn't just go for sex, but also race, culture and even class. (e.g. children of college grads are more likely to graduate college aswell, not just because the parents can invest more resources into the child, but because with two high IQ parents chances are the child's IQ is gonna be above average aswell)

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>Brainlets (usually Commies)
Stopped reading right here. If you support capitalism while being conservative you are braindead. At the very best I hope you're natsoc.

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>If you support capitalism while being conservative
I am neither capitalist nor conservative, and capitalism is a disease.
Natsoc as in true Nationalism + Socialism is fine, but Hitler and fascism sucks.

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No, not really.

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No, no, no! Women were only involved in that project if it succeeded. Since it failed, they weren't involved. The men did that!

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Btw do conservatives even exist on /sci/?
Even Ted knows:
>“The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can't make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.”
And I doubt /sci/ is a board for "reject technology, embrace monkey"- folks.

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you can't have a farm without cattle

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>And I doubt /sci/ is a board for "reject technology, embrace monkey"- folks.
/sci/ is a board for burned out workers of the /tech/ and /sci/ fields who's only relief is to larp as "reject technology, embrace monkey" types in their free time. Well, that and the occasional shill, and those incels who shill for AI/robo-waifus. It's been a very long time since /sci/'s was the place for unironic technophiles.

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No, they do not. Congress has been ordering the killing of towelheads and their own people as well.

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my beliefs are to embrace technology, reject globalism and endless growth societies.

I wanna go back to pre-industrial society but with an electrical grid. I don't want to live in a cubicle while my government imports tries to triple our population within 60 years, obliterating our cultural identities and turning us into a tower of babel, all because doing so will increase their tax income by 32%

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Isn't the last one somewhat more complicated? I'm not too clear on difference between medians, but iirc the male IQ curve is much flatter, which is why you see so many women working midwit jobs than anything else.

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Hey, that's not cool man, giving head and making dinner takes a lot of brain power for them.

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women have much less variety in their traits, they essentially represent the reproductive baseline. women have to grow a baby inside of them for 9 months, then raise it for a decade at minimum. there is no benefit to trying to stand out, because the amount of babies they can have is genetically defined; the only have something to lose by trying to move outside the box of their community.

a guy's reproductive situation is much different. a guy doesn't NEED to raise a child,a guy doesn't NEED to fit in, because he can knock up 5 women, get killed by a boar, and still have successfully reproduced. similarly, there is a huge potential reward for being different and standing out, because a single man can technically reproduce with dozens, if not hundreds of women. if the potential results of breaking the mold are 0, 1, ,12, etc. potential mates, there is a lot more to gain from individuality.

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They dont but it still happens. Fuck ups gonna fuck up.

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>end globalism
You mean also ending imports and exports? Not criticism btw. What i see is that people tend to reject only the most recent aspects of globalism but older globalism is seen as normal and desirable. Trade good, international travel good, international money and capital transfers good, international industrial standards good. So they go.

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If Communists can blame every death that has ever occurred since our ancestors left the ocean on "capitalism", I feel very confident I can blame every death that has occurred in recent times on diversity hires.

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Last one is wrong tho assuming it's referring to the median, but true when referring to variance.
As it stands there is information required in the last panel.

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International trade is as old as civilization itself, there's nothing conceptually wrong with it.

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>a guy doesn't NEED to raise a child
thats completely untrue because children raised by single mothers all end up as stupid faggots with little chance at creating a sustainable future generation. 75% of blacks grow up with no father, thats why they turn out the way they do.

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People (as in 99+% of population) have no means to affect politicians.

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>Please help me I can't read things challenging my worldview!
1) You're a fucking mong
2) Our current economic system is not capitalism, not by a long fucking shot. It's not straight up communism, but you're the one who's braindead if you think constant government interference in private business is really "capitalist"

Your post is correct it's a shame you outed yourself as an idiot >>12579466

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heavy brain is smarter because bigger is better

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The ones that literally write the laws, sadly.

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This but unironically

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You know you're allowed to pick and choose right? I think nuclear energy and space travel technology is cool, ubiquitous surveillance and machine learning using personal data is not.

You don't have to be a small brain and put yourself in a box just because you're only considering the examples presented to you

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Its still globalism and there have been periods of time when it was eschewed by empires, i.e you need some resource you conquer it.
It just proves my point that people are comfortable with whatever situation they were born into.

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Not him but a economy lefty that hates globalism.
I would subsidize local production and tax imported good to encourage an independant economy that doesn't fall apart when trade relations sour.
I don't care if we have to import some things but I see so much production moving off shore I think my nation won't be able to function under trade embargoes making the nation as a whole subject to the wills of other nations.

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Trade and politics are not independent. Anyone calling for free trade and shilling for political sovereignty simultaneously is not thinking coherently, i.e the subset of brexiters that expect business as usual with the EU.

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When did I say I supported free trade?
I explicitly said I would tax imports and subsidize local production.
There is a huge range between free trade and a closed economy, I simply lean slightly toward the latter.

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>You know you're allowed to pick and choose right?
You are actually not allowed to choose anything.

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If only modern women were capable of making food. Most chicks 18-28 yo are morons who browse social media all day and can't cook for shit

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This guy gets it. Capitalism is a tool. Can be used by both sides. But capitalist "state" would be decentralized state with private armies, schools, health insurance etc. Once the government start meddling with peoples businesses with the use of guns it is no longer capitalist.

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Every nation has a mixed market economy with the mix of capitalism and socialism being the only difference.
You also have nations change over time, the UK, US and Australia were all more socialist only a few decades ago but have now all adopted neoliberalism which is basically worst case for the working class as they don't get government economic support while banks and large coporations do.

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Solution is not having centralized government at all.

But not destroying banks completely. One has to understand that central banks are backed by the state. And workers are fucked up also because of the state, which, as I said, starts meddling with private persons businessess.

Centralized powers will always attract psychopathic people who will always try to use the state aparatus to enrich themselves first. Then maybe they can give scraps to people.

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Without a centralized command structure your military is going to get deleted fast in any near peer war.
There is no simple solution because a nations government needs to be powerful enough to command and fund a military to deal with external threats without being powerful enough to become a domestic threat to the people.
Honestly I think our current liberal democracies work pretty well with the major issues being the legalization of buying politicians and the political elite being above the law.

Make campaign donations illegal and make corruption a capital offence that is actually enforced and I think we would at least see improvement.

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You are wrong. Socialism kills.

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>he said in a nation with socialized police, fire brigades and military
As I said here >>12580449 every nation has a mixed market and the balance of that mix is the only real difference.
If you go full laissez-faire capitalism most people get fucked and the extremely rich get anything they want. Personally I don't want Bidens private military hold me back while he sniffs my daughter.
>inb4 NAP
Ok in this situation Joe violated the NAP, now what can I do about it without socialised police and legal system?

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There is no “politics” on male-versus-female intelligence.

Go back to >>>/pol/.

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you know he's talking on an evolutionary perspective, stop baiting

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what is affirmative action?

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change the last one to have a flatter blue curve with approximately equal average

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>approximately equal average

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Humans have gotten along for hundreds of thousands of years believing in religion and folk tales.
There's no correlation between being incorrect about the nature of reality and suffering.

Technology and science improving peoples lives =/= Lack of science makes peoples lives worse.

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well bill nye did a tv show when I was a kid about 2 genders then did one in 2018 about gender being a spectrum. You tell me

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IQ is one of the most damaging pieces of information that reks 90 percent of leftist ideology and oppression narratives which is why they attack it so vehemently

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>Ok in this situation Joe violated the NAP
How do you know? What if your daughter wanted to be sniffed by a rich fuck who could have her set for life?

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And what if she didn't?
My world view doesn't allow such a situation under law, his does.

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It's not just IQ, intelligence is just one of the most important factors which determine your socio-economic position.
Leftist ideologies get recked by every metric that displays "different humans have INHERENTLY (Nature) different capabilities, which can not be completely alleviated by upbringing (Nurture), that inherently make them superior or inferior at a given task."
Because these different capabilities will inevitably lead to establishing hierarchy.
Even if you'd live in a completely consents based direct democratic commune where everyone starts with equal social power, one individual is going to be more charismatic than others, increasing his power in society by merely existing and interacting with others.

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>What is Title IX
>What are separate male and female chess leagues
>What is the proportion of male to female Fields medalists/Nobel Laureates and the outcry about that

>What are all these politically-motivated movements geared towards giving women technical skills that all seem to be failing for some reason (obviously because we didn't give those underprivileged individuals more money, right?)

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Yes the entire leftist cult is predicated on the blank slate hypothesis which every metric ever recorded shows is false. Of course any data showing any people are better than whites in any way is perfectly fine however

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yes there will be blood

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